Human Resources: 25 Best Human Resources (HR) Services

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Human Resources Services: There is no denying the value of a company’s human resources department. However, managing human resources may be exceedingly difficult, especially for small organizations.

For your evaluation, we have compiled a list of the top HR services. To locate the firm that is the perfect fit for your business, go through company profiles, previous clients, and significant projects.

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25 Best Human Resources (HR) Services

#1. RemoDevs

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In Gdask, Poland, RemoDevs was established in 2020 as an IT staffing firm. Their five-person team’s primary areas of concentration include Human Resources services and IT staff augmentation for clients in the business and IT sectors that are small businesses, mid-sized companies, and enterprises. A period tracking app received assistance from RemoDevs in locating and hiring capable Scala backend engineers. After each examination of CVs and interview, they put up a Trello board to monitor the flow of applicants.

#2. DevsData LLC

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An IT consulting firm with headquarters in New York City and a branch in San Francisco is called DevsData LLC. More than 30 people work for the 2016-founded business, which offers Human Resources services to midmarket and enterprise-level businesses and organizations including bespoke software development, BI & big data consultancy, and SI.

#3. FlairHub

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A New York-based machine learning consultancy company called Sigmoidal also has locations in Warsaw, Poland. Around 20 people work at Sigmoidal, a 2016 startup that offers Human Resources (HR) services in AI, BI/SI, and big data. To assist a cryptocurrency trading platform with the development of their main product, Sigmoidal added more software developers to their team. They want to efficiently connect its deep learning elements with other AI-based technology.

#4. Alcor

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Established in 2007, Alcor is a Kiev, Ukraine-based provider of IT outsourcing services. Their 33-person workforce specializes in setting up business-specific R&D facilities in Ukraine that provide their clients outsourcing for finance and accounting, Human Resources ((HR) services, and IT staff augmentation. They mostly work with customers in the telecoms sector. An idea and innovation management firm received recruitment assistance from Talent Place. They allocated a group of recruiters to the project, and they found, screened, and verified IT applicants.

#5. DNA325

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Austin, Texas-based DNA325 is a supplier of business process outsourcing services with a second location in Odessa, Texas. Since their establishment in 2016, they have grown to a workforce of about 10 people who mostly offer non-voice BPO/back office services, IT strategy consulting, IT staff augmentation, HR consulting and outsourcing, and business consulting services to mid-market enterprises.

#6. Gini Talent

gini talents


An Human Resources firm is Gini Talent. Istanbul, Turkey, is home to their little squad. The business focuses on providing HR services. The business debuted in 2019. A consulting firm received assistance from Gini Talent in locating and filling all of the open roles at the organization. They developed and carried out a recruiting strategy following a discussion of the criteria and candidate profiles.

#7. Piscosoft

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Psicosoft is a human resources organization with offices in Madrid and Barcelona. The little business began operations in 1986. Their group is an expert in business consulting, corporate training, and Human Resources services. Psicosoft was engaged by a pharmaceutical business to supply HR services. To improve their training procedures, they created a tool.

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#8. DotLinkers


DotLinkers – IT Recruitment, a human resources organization and staff augmentation business, was founded in 2016. Their modest crew, which is based in Kraków, Poland, focuses on HR services and IT staff augmentation. For a technology hub, the greatest development personnel needed to be found and employed. For the project, they mainly sought for Java and Frontend experts.

#9. Up IT Recruitment

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The Human Resources services provider Team Up IT is situated in the Polish city of ód. More than 10 members of their team assist clients of various sizes in a variety of sectors, including IT, financial services, business services, and gaming. They started in 2019. A software development company received recruitment assistance from Team Up IT Recruitment. Interviewing potential candidates entailed submitting their profiles. They needed to employ mobile and full stack developers.

#10. AboutHR

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A human resources company called AboutHR has offices in Kyiv, Ukraine and Wroclaw, Poland. The little company was started in 2012. Their group offers executive search and IT hiring services. An IT business received recruitment assistance from AboutHR. English language fluency and IT knowledge were among the qualifications the customer specified for AboutHR to employ in their hiring process.

#11. Soshace


An organization called Soshace recruits IT professionals from all across the world. Soshace, a platform established in 2015, links businesses with Angular, React.js, Node.js, Python, and Java engineers. A trading platform’s current crew was expanded by Soshace. Two key Java engineers were hired, and they actively assisted with project needs.

#12. A – HR

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A-HR is a 2016-founded human resources firm with offices in Kyiv, Ukraine. For clients that work in the IT, healthcare, and advertising industries, they offer HR services, business consultancy, and corporate training solutions. They have more than 10 workers. For a business that specializes in software engineering, A-HR offers recruiting services. For the vacant roles with the client, they are looking for qualified people.

#13. CNA International IT

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Founded in 2014, CNA International IT is a business process Human Resources outsourcing firm with its headquarters in Kyiv, Ukraine. The 22 members of their staff are experts in market analysis, payroll processing, and human resources services. CNA International IT was contracted by a software development business to handle its recruitment needs. The team was entrusted with finding candidates and obtaining information on employment offers and wages.

#14. JobTiger LTD

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The headquarters of the human resources company JobTiger Ltd. are in Sofia, Bulgaria. The little business was started in 2000. They offer business consultancy as well as HR services. JobTiger Ltd. has teamed with a software development business to provide human resources services. They have been handling the set up, tools, and necessary resources and provide consulting on issues related to hiring.

#15. Remote CoWorker

remote coworker

A virtual assistant outsourcing business called Remote CoWorker was established in 2013 and is based in Hollywood, Florida. In addition to voice, finance and accounting outsourcing, and HR services, they also provide non-voice BPO/back office services with a staff of roughly 10 individuals. Small businesses in the real estate, business services, information technology, and telecommunications sectors make up their clientele.


#16. Prialto



A mid-sized provider of back office and non-voice support services is Prialto. The business was established in 2008 and has offices in Portland, Oregon, Guatemala City, Guatemala, and Manila, Philippines. They provide voice services as well as non-voice back office and bpo services. For a software company, Prialto built a virtual assistant. The assistant manages office duties, updates the company’s CRM, and supports sales activities.


#17. Bee Talents

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An HR firm called Bee Talents was established in Poznan, Poland, and is managed by more than ten experts. Since 2015, they have mostly worked in the IT services sector to provide corporate training and HR services to clients ranging from small businesses to major corporations. A training curriculum specifically designed for an IT services firm was created by BeeTalents. This platform was to be conducted in English and should meet the demands of the customer.

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#18. Chatterkick

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Sioux City, Iowa-based Chatterkick is a social media marketing firm. The tiny agency specializes in site design, social media marketing, digital strategy, pay per click, and other services. The organization was founded in 2012. A mortgage lending company’s social media profiles are handled by Chatterkick. Additionally, they are responsible for guiding planning sessions and geo-targeting to find the greatest social media audiences.


#19. Agile Recruitment


Agile Recruitment is a 2017 startup that offers both HR services and business advice. The company has a modest staff and provides business consultancy in addition to HR services. Located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, is the agency. For its booking system, Agile Recruitment supplemented a hotel company’s temporary developers. Additionally, they engaged permanent financial and administrative professionals.

#20. Global Brand Works

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San Francisco-based Global Brand Works is a branding firm. They have roughly 6 staff who are also experts in market research and logo design. Global Brand Works collaborates with a number of business customers. A multinational talent acquisition company received branding assistance from Global Brand Works. The group developed brand identities, oversaw a best practices assessment, and carried out a quantitative survey of external candidates.

#21. Uplers

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Uplers is a multinational outsourcing firm with offices in Sydney that specializes in web development, SEO, PPC, and digital strategy. With approximately 500 staff members and additional sites in San Diego, Amsterdam, and Ahmedabad, India, they offer services to businesses of all sizes. They started out in 2012. HTML5 banners were produced by Uplers for a branding and marketing firm. After being given text and photos, participants helped create the final product, which had loops, fades, and hover states.


#22. Horizons

new horizons

PEO and recruitment firm New Horizons Global Partners is situated in Shanghai, China. Their staff of about 25 people, which was founded in 2018, focuses on HR, tax preparation, and business counseling. A firm that exports food received HR support from New Horizons Global Partners. A multilingual sales manager was found and employed by the team to serve as a consultant.

#23. Echo.UA


A digital technology partner in Lviv, Ukraine, named Echo was established in 2013. Its workforce of 600+ offers custom software development services, IT strategy consulting, and staff augmentation to their predominantly midmarket and small company clients. Software development business receives staff augmentation services from Echo. They have given the customer exactly what they need in the form of an experienced CTO.

#24. OneDeck Recruiting

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Halstad, Minnesota-based OnDeck Recruiting is a staffing firm that was established in 2017. They provide small and medium-sized agencies with IT staff augmentation, HR services, and business consulting solutions with no more than 10 people. An employee-owned holding firm received recruitment assistance from OnDeck Recruiting. For a controller, HR manager, and ERP manager, among other positions, they looked for and hired applicants.

#25. Talent Place

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More than 50 professionals work for the HR firm Talent Place, which was established in 2016. From its Polish branch in Krakow, they offer HR services. They collaborate with clients in the business, IT, and financial services sectors. An idea and innovation management firm received recruitment assistance from Talent Place. They allocated a group of recruiters to the project, and they found, screened, and verified IT applicants.

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