How To Do Transitions On Tiktok 2021 – Best Way To Make A Tik Tok Transition

how to do transitions on tiktok 2021

While how to do transitions on tiktok 2021 allows you to add a variety of effects and tunes, there’s one more thing you’re missing. It’s because of the Transition Effects. As a TikTok, you can apply dozens of transition effects using TikTok Video, whether you’ve filmed the video or uploaded the photos/video. The TikTok transitions should be implemented in such a manner that they do not detract from the overall aesthetic of the video; rather, the TikTok video should look fantastic. If you’re new to this, try a few times to get a feel for how this feature works, then add the best combination of transition effects and only then submit it. If your solution is not addressed in this article, please fill out this form and we would be pleased to assist you.

Plus, you may use many transitions in a single how to do transitions on tiktok 2021 movie to create the perfect shot and momentum. It won’t be tough to pick amongst the many effects once you start generating transition videos on TikTok. Save as a Draft or Post to your TikTok account whenever you’ve completed all of the editing requirements.

If you’re unfamiliar with TikTok, it’s an algorithm-driven video software that allows users to film, edit, post, and share one- to 60-second movies. You may either follow individuals for a curated feed or go to the For You Page to see a random selection of videos how to do transitions on tiktok 2021 has prepared for you based on your involvement with content (FYP).

What started out as a lip-syncing and dancing app has evolved into a video Tumblr, according to some.
Cooking how-to videos, comedy challenges, intricate community in-jokes, a venue for political activity, mental health help, and more can all be found on the site.

If you’re bored at home and want to participate in the fun, the good news is that making your own movies on TikTok is really simple. Using the app’s built-in effects, like as transitions, to modify the appearance and feel of your videos, as well as to add dimension and interaction, is part of the process. Turn on TV, Turn off TV, Slip, Scroll, Horizon, Vertical, Rotate, and Circle are the eight transitions accessible on TikTok. The Scroll transition, for example, mimics the appearance of scrolling across a feed by displaying a scene change using that graphic.

What is the best way to make a Tik Tok transition?

  • Now go ahead and shoot your second clip.
  • Business Insider/Vivian McCall
  • Tap “Effects” at the bottom of your screen.
  • Select “Transition” from the drop-down menu.
  • Move the slider tool to the desired location for your transition.
  • I’m going to put it precisely in the middle of the gap between the two clips.
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How to do a Tik Tok transition 3

Drag the slider tool to the desired spot. Business Insider/Vivian McCall Adjust the positioning for a smooth transition. You might want to position the transition towards the conclusion of the first clip and just before the second, depending on how long it is. This guarantees that the transition happens in the middle of the cut, rather than on top of it. Decide on a transition. From the start of the transition through the completion of the clip, the app will automatically play your video.Press the back arrow if you don’t like where the transition is placed.To add another transition, tap the transition indicator multiple times.

How to do a Tik Tok transition

When you’re finished, press play to see the entire video.When you’re satisfied with your transition, hit “Save” in the upper right corner, and your video is ready to upload to TikTok. You may also use a third-party software to add transitions to your how to do transitions on tiktok 2021 video, which gives you more extensive editing choices and flexibility (like “jumping” into an outfit change). BeeCut, Inshot, Videoshop, and Magisto, among many others, are some of the most popular. One may be preferred over the other depending on the level of customisation you want. When you’re finished editing the video, save it to your camera roll before uploading it to TikTok.

How to Make a TikTok Video with Transition Effects

  • Go to your phone’s TikTok app.
  • Now you must make a TikTok video by tapping on the Plus (+) symbol as normal.
  • To begin recording, press and hold the Red Record button until the TikTok video is finished.
  • Right-click on the tick.
  • Then, in the lower-left corner, pick the Effects option.
  • Select a Transition.
  • Now you must drag the slider to the video frame where you want the transition effects to appear.
  • Touch and hold the Transition effect after positioning the slider to see if the video frame is highlighted or not.
    You’ve applied the transition to that area of the video, as indicated by the highlighted video frame.
  • To undo the changes, press Cancel.
  • TikTok allows you to add as many transitions as you like to your TikTok Video.
  • Save may be found in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Once you’ve finished, add a caption or hashtags, tag your friends, and post or save the TikTok video as a draught.

TikTok, being one of the most popular and well-known video-sharing platforms, is constantly adding new tools and capabilities for video editing. The transition feature is one of them. Additional features include the ability to alter video speed, add stickers, text, filters, special effects, and more.

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Transitions can now take numerous forms. It might be as basic as finger-snapping transitions or a mixture of methods for fine-tuning the editing between segments. As a result, some transitions are simple and just involve a few steps, while others need substantial planning. Regardless, each transition effect has a purpose. And that goal is to keep the narrative or music moving at a constant tempo as the film progresses. In addition, the transition function is important for showing things like a change in appearance or alerting when the topic changes.


With social media taking the world by storm, now is the moment to step up your game and enter the TikTok universe. If you’re already a social media influencer, you may use TikTok to get money by making excellent videos.
So why not include some transitions?

First and foremost, let’s go over the fundamentals of transitioning on TikTok:

Step 1: Open the TikTok app on your phone and hit the ‘+’ button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: To record a video, tap the ‘Record’ button, or tap the ‘Upload’ icon to add one from your phone gallery.
If you don’t want to make a video, you may make a slideshow by mixing many photographs.

Step 3: When you’re finished, tap ‘Next.’ Then, at the bottom of your screen, you’ll notice ‘Effects.’
After that, click ‘Transitions.’

Step 4: Let’s finish off by adding some transition effects to your video.
Choose your chosen effect, and it will be applied immediately.

Step 5: Once you’ve completed, view your movie and then press ‘Save.’

Step 6: To share the video on the app, select ‘Next’ followed by ‘Post.

Now that you’ve mastered the essentials, you may branch out and explore new things. Timing and where and how you put your camera are important factors in creating effective transitions.If your transition needs many frames, bear in mind that your body and phone must remain in the same place throughout. When it comes to transitions involving motions or things, the timing must be precise while editing the video. You must ensure that the movements are in sync with one another in order for the transition to be seamless. This section explains how to use TikTok to directly add transitions to your videos. In addition, you may utilise third-party video editing tools like InShot, Splice, Filmmaker Pro, FilmoraGo, Glitch, and others.More transition effects are available in these applications.

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