Couchtuner Alternatives – Top 20 Sites Like Couchtuner For Free Streaming


When it comes to watching a movie or TV programme online, there are several free and paid online streaming services accessible, including CouchTuner alternatives.

Moreover, on universal streaming websites like Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Hulu, etc., you need to pay subscription-free fees at regular intervals of time. Yet, as previously said, there are several free internet streaming providers accessible.

Also, if you enjoy watching TV shows and movies in your spare time, I have something for you. In this essay, I will explore CouchTuner alternatives for watching TV series and movies online without spending a dime.

Therefore, let’s get started and learn about websites like CouchTuner.

What exactly is CouchTuner?

CouchTuner is a free streaming service that provides users with a wide range of material. The website allows users to view and explore a large collection of TV episodes and movies without paying anything or registering.

CouchTuner has a large inventory of TV shows and movies, including documentaries, cartoons, science fiction, biographies, and animation series. It is well-known among internet users due to its user-friendly UI. CouchTuner, on the other hand, is unlawful and outlawed in many places throughout the world. The site does not obtain authorization from copyright holders to display the material and does not purchase the copyrighting rights for airing TV programs.

Is CouchTuner still available?

No, it does not. CouchTuner is no longer available since it was shut down for violating the law on copyright infringement.

Mirror sites for CouchTuner

Despite the fact that there are countless clone and fraudulent CouchTuner websites, certain mirror and proxy websites provide a flawless and uninterrupted service.

Just a few of the most popular mirror websites to examine are,,, and

Is it legal to watch CouchTuner?

CouchTuner is illegal in several countries. The service does not obtain permission from copyright holders to broadcast their material and does not pay fees to screen television programs. As a result, its behavior is considered piracy, which is unlawful in most jurisdictions. Movie studios and television networks continue to try to shut down CouchTuner, but as soon as the main site is blocked, a plethora of other ones with a different domain name surface to take its place.

If piracy is prohibited in your country, watching CouchTuner might result in serious penalties. Legal consequences vary by country, although they frequently involve a significant fine and, in certain cases, up to five years in prison. Even if your jurisdiction allows you to access unlicensed content, visiting pirated websites will irritate your ISP. It will use throttling to degrade internet speed and interfere with your streaming experience.

Is it safe to watch CouchTuner?

CouchTuner is dangerous to use since it streams unauthorized content, and pirate websites are highly likely to infect your device with malware. CoinTuner makes money in another way because there is no membership charge and no cost to watch the movies it provides. Advertisers pay CouchTuner to broadcast their ads to viewers. These banners are undoubtedly annoying, but they are considerably more hazardous than you know.

Some of these advertisements may lead you to malicious websites that may infect your device with dangerous viruses or malware. Some apps are designed to monitor your online activities, while others might ruin your system and require money to recover access. CouchTuner doesn’t care about the advertisements it posts as long as it gets paid. As a result, even accidentally clicking on an advertisement might have severe consequences.

Not just advertising but also video files published to CouchTuner have the potential to be harmful. They might be potentially infected with malware. The website accepts hundreds of titles without being able to check them for safety. You can report a harmful file, but it will be too late.

Alternatives to Couchtuner in 2023

Here are some of the best sites like couchtuner where you can watch movies online for free

#1. SolarMovie


SolarMovie is a free online streaming service that lets you view any movie or TV show without registering. This is one of the greatest CouchTuner alternatives since users may filter movies based on IMDB ratings.

The most popular section of the streaming website might help you learn what other people are interested in. This keeps you up to date on all of the newest trends and helps you stay up to date on everything for your convenience and ease of viewing.

The streaming service provides a wide range of free movies and television shows, as well as series from Hollywood, Bollywood, and other sorts of media.

The site has a simple, user-friendly layout, and viewing the videos does not require you to establish an account.


  • Streaming material does not necessitate the creation of an account.
  • Thousands of Movies, TV Shows, and More Content
  • User-friendly interface
  • The streaming service is completely free to use.
  • A wide range of devices is available.
  • Both downloading and streaming are unrestricted.


  • limited access in some countries; a VPN is necessary.
  • Watching movies is against the law.


#2. Watch Series


This is an excellent site for individuals that enjoy viewing drama, anime, movies, and the most recent popular TV shows. This website’s database is vast, with endless TV shows, web series, and the most recent episodes.

Despite this, the Watch Series website’s layout is user-friendly and simple to navigate. You may also look for your favorite movies or TV shows online by putting your name into the search box. Furthermore, the information available on this CouchTuner option is in high definition.

Furthermore, the entire information provided is free of charge; you may register on the website or log in using your Facebook account to create your own list. You can also subscribe to your favourite streams to ensure that you never miss a show in the future.


  • large content database.
  • Provide the most recently released movies and TV series.


  • There are several advertisements and pop-up windows.


#3. Project Free TV

Project Free TV

Project Free TV was one of the most popular streaming websites in the world. The website has a large collection of free movies and TV series of all genres. If you enjoy watching the most recent movies and TV episodes, Project Free TV provides free online streaming of all premium material.

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The original website of Project Free TV, like CouchTuner, was taken down in 2017 owing to legal difficulties. Nonetheless, a few mirror websites have sprouted from the original domain. Project Free TV offers a clean user experience that allows site users to browse effortlessly, and the website has no security difficulties.


  • To view movies and TV series, you do not need an account.
  • The internet streaming service is completely free to use.
  • There are no delays in the stream.
  • streams in high definition.
  • library of current material.
  • A straightforward and user-friendly UI
  • There are no geographical limitations.


  • Too many advertisements and pop-up windows
  • Just keep an eye on it.
  • This is an excellent website with a lovely, well-structured user experience. The material is limitless, and popular movies and TV series are streamed worldwide.
  • The movies and TV shows are divided into two categories: new and popular. Release year, genres, price, ratings, and age ratings are additional criteria.


#4. Just Watch

Just Watch

Just watch as the website streams all CouchTuner movies and TV shows online at all times. Nonetheless, you may look for your favorite program by going to the search tab. The complete material is in HD quality, and you can also build your own viewing by joining up on the internet.


  • There is never a shortage of content.
  • well-organized and incredibly user-friendly UI.


  • A little sluggish and displays advertisements.


#5. Vumoo


Vumoo is one of the best free online streaming services for watching movies and TV episodes. Its design gives the impression of a high-end website. Large movie and TV programme posters are shown on the home page, allowing you to do a rapid search and begin viewing your favourite movies in only a few clicks. Vumoo is recognized for its compliance and correctness, and it will not keep any files on the server.

The high-definition material quality is unmatched for free CouchTuner movies and TV episodes. You may receive the hottest trending programmes, newly released movies, and classic old movies here, and you can quickly select one using the search feature at the top of the page.


  • well-integrated and user-friendly UI.
  • The database is continuously updated to include the most recent release.


  • a little sluggish and may cause buffering.


#6. LookMovie


Without creating an account you can watch thousands of movies online. You can limit the selection of movies by year, genre, rating, release date, or IMDb rating, among other parameters, by using the filter option.

Furthermore, the video streaming quality is great, and in addition to known TV shows, you can view series through premium websites. There is also a dedicated forum for support and discussion.


  • Movies are mentioned with their streaming quality and IMDB rating.
  • The website is constantly updated.
  • Viewing through a mobile phone is possible.
  • A Vast Variety of Films


  • Outdated online content
  • Advertising in the form of pop-up windows and a plethora of 18+ adverts


#7. PopcornFlix


PopcornFlix is a highly advanced online streaming website. This is without a doubt one of the most astounding sites like CouchTuner, and the greatest thing is that you can not only visit it through a web browser, but you can also download the app on your Android and iOS devices.

This also streams movies, TV series, and viral videos; simply go to the categories to pick the one you want to watch. Various genres are accessible, so you can conveniently select your favorite from the many genres listed there.

A broad selection of genres is offered, including mystery, romance, thriller, horror, action, foreign films, documentaries, stand-up comedy, and many others.

Despite its enormous database, it also has its own media player and allows users to generate gifs as well as comment on and share videos from movies and TV series.


  • User interface that is simple to use.
  • endless content collection


  • Advertisement is supported


#8. Soap2day


Soap2day has become one of the most popular sites for watching movies, earning it the distinction of being my favorite CouchTuner alternative.

The website has a well-organized library with a user-friendly and visually appealing design. Action, thrillers, romance, science fiction, and a variety of other genres are featured.

You may locate any movie or television show you want on Soap2Day. One of the most essential features of Soap2day is their search feature, which, together with their well-organized categories, makes navigating a snap.

On the website, you may search by a variety of factors, including what’s popular, what’s most popular, and what’s been highly rated by people.

Sports enthusiasts may catch up on any activity they may have missed during the NBA Finals, NFL Super Bowl, and football games under the sports category.

The website also offers a wide range of classic and new movies, as well as a great number of TV shows.


  • The user interface is straightforward.
  • There is no need for membership.
  • VPN-friendly site material is updated often.
  • Smooth playback and streaming in HD resolution


  • Advertising and pop-ups may be bothersome.


#9. Show Box

Show Box

Show Box is another of the greatest online movie and TV series streaming services with a large content database. It is the greatest website for watching HB movies online. The website’s design is cutting-edge and user-friendly. The information in this is wonderfully organized and attracts a large number of people.

This is a free service that broadcasts stuff in HD quality. You can also download movies and subtitles to watch later. Its material is divided into several categories, including genre, year, and top IMBD ratings.


  • user-friendly UI that is free to use.
  • Videos in full HD
  • Support quick downloading.
  • No advertisements.


  • a little sluggish.


#10. Yidio


All you have to do is register with the required details, and you may start seeing results right away. The streaming client not only offers the most recent releases but also a live TV option.

Viewers may also watch recent episodes of popular series that have aired on television.


  • You do not need to create an account to use the site.
  • There is a wide range of free movies and television series to pick from.
  • Frequently updated content library


  • not without advertisements.


#11. Xfinity


Xfinity is an excellent platform for binge-watchers, with an abundance of material ranging from romance to action. One of the finest features of the website is that it not only broadcasts online material but also allows you to download your favourite movies to watch later. This is a popular and secure free online movie streaming website.

The advertisements on this CouchTuner alternative are likewise quite limited, and the user interface is appealing and user-friendly. It features a distinct area for entertainment-related news, so you may slip into the movie world with a few clicks, in addition to the most recent movies and TV episodes.


  • The user interface is well-integrated.
  • huge library of content.
  • Support HD streaming quality.
  • Support both Android and iOS systems.
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  • To access its content, you must first create an account.


#12. 123Movies


One of the most popular CouchTuner alternatives is 123Movies. The original domain of 123Movies was taken down; however, there are a few clones and duplicate sites that operate just fine. The website has one of the greatest search engines accessible, allowing you to easily navigate through the enormous selection of movies available on this website.


  • up-to-date material library


  • There are too many different streaming platforms.


#13. Prime wire


It was a fantastic site that was really popular among users. The original PrimeWire site has been taken down due to copyright difficulties; however, there are several sister sites on the web that provide the same content, layout, and experience.

This PrimeWire site has a large collection of movies and TV shows that you can view online for free. Their movie selection is fantastic, including titles from all over the world. For ease of navigation, the information is divided into categories.

In terms of material, the complete collection is available in HD resolution. However, you may search for your favourite movies by genre, country, and release date, or by using the Search option.


  • Huge content.
  • High-quality streaming.
  • Everything is free to use.
  • No registration is necessary.


  • Too many pop-up windows and advertisements
  • redirections that are deceptive.


#14. Crackle



Crackle has a large selection of television series and free movies. Crackle is a great resource since it is one of the few free streaming clients that delivers high-quality original scripted entertainment. They have developed a lot of original television series.

Establishing a free Crackle account allows you to pick up where you left off with your favourite shows and movies while also keeping track of your viewing history. Nevertheless, because it is an advertising-supported network, there are several ads interspersed throughout the broadcast.


  • There is a large selection of movies and TV series to choose from.
  • Frequently updated content library
  • High-quality videos are freely available online.


  • Pop-up advertisements are almost everywhere.


#15. LookMovies


This is not a particularly popular website like the ones mentioned in the article. We put it on the list of sites like CouchTuner because of its popularity and vast content library.

On the site, you can locate its massive movie library as well as numerous filters such as Trending, Top IMBD, Genre, Ratings, and Request Category, as well as the alphabetical catalogue. Not only that, but its TV show selection is also rather impressive.

Its video streaming quality is very high, and in addition to major TV episodes, you may view prominent web series on online streaming premium websites. The user interface is simple and straightforward enough for new users to use.


  • A straightforward and easy-to-use user interface
  • The most recent movies, TV episodes, and online series are available for free.


  • There are much too many advertisements and false redirections.


#16. Tubi TV

Tubi TV

Tubi TV has witnessed a substantial surge in recent years, with over 312,000 monthly visits. The website has over 100 local and live news channels, as well as over 200 partners. You may effortlessly navigate around the website in search of your favourite episodes or movies thanks to its incredibly user-friendly layout.

The website, like Popcorndlix, is an ad-supported video on demand (AVOD) service that allows users to watch their favourite movies and TV shows for free. TubiTv’s network of programmes available for numerous platforms, including Android, iOS, and TVs, enables it to support a wide range of devices.

Also, by signing up for the platform, you will be able to enjoy fantastic material without interruptions from commercials.

The website provides a wealth of content in a wide range of genres and allows users to select whatever movie they want from categories such as comedy, documentaries, action, horror, and so on.

It also has a search tool, which saves you the time and effort of scrolling through endless pages to find your favourite TV show or movie.

I think this is a great alternative to CouchTuner, and you should give it a shot if you want to get hours of free entertainment.


  • Online movie libraries are good.
  • The user interface is straightforward.
  • The service does not require a membership to use.
  • The site does not require a sign-in to use.
  • available on TV and other devices.
  • streaming in HD quality with no latency.


  • Before you can begin seeing, you must first register.
  • Due to geographical limitations, you may need to use a VPN service to access the site.
  • not without advertisements.


#17. Crave



With an easy-to-use interface, you may see almost all of the popular shows on our website. All episodes are posted instantly and without any lag time.

As a result, you’ll be able to keep up with your favourite TV shows as soon as a new episode is available. Also, the streaming quality offered by this service is just outstanding. It allows you to view all of your favourite television shows.


  • consistently updated material collection.
  • High-quality videos are freely available online.


  • not without advertisements.


#18. Putlocker


The streaming service was recognised for its large selection of content and was a pleasure for movie enthusiasts. On a daily basis, the website attracted over a million visitors and was listed among the top 250 websites in the world.

Putlocker is one of my favourite CouchTuner alternatives since it offers over 23,000 movies and television series to select from.

Putlocker’s original website was forced to shut down due to legal difficulties. Due to piracy issues, the website is constantly setting up proxies or mirror websites on a temporary basis.,,,,, and are some of the proxy URLs.

Aside from Hollywood blockbusters, PutLocker also provides films and television programmes from Japan, Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, China, France, and other countries.

There is also a search tool, which reduces the need to go through countless pages in search of your favourite movies, TV episodes, and documentaries.


  • content that is current.
  • There are many filtering options.
  • The platform does not require a membership to use.
  • streaming video in high definition.
  • content that is current.


  • The background is unappealingly bright.



Hence, here is a list of the best CouchTuner alternatives. All of the websites listed are life and provide a wealth of free information. Each website included is the result of a thorough investigation on our part. But, though every site is free to access, you may not be able to view it if you do not use a VPN service connection.

Furthermore, because every site supports ads and offers deceptive redirection, it is strongly advised to use a VPN network connection to be safe and secure. Furthermore, I made every effort to list every piece of significant information. And I hope you enjoyed the story.

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