15 Best Field Service Management Software Platforms

Field Service Management Software

Field service management software (FSM) is a fast-paced job that requires careful coordination between employees, clients, and corporate resources. Small businesses that offer services like plumbing and HVAC contracting need to be able to control costs and keep their businesses running well. Many of these businesses could really set their products apart from those of their competitors if they used effective solutions for advanced technology. Best field service management software for small business do a wide range of business tasks. From task orders to employee management, payment collection, fleet monitoring, and more.

By saving time and money, Field Service Management Software improves cooperation between the corporate office, the warehouse, and the field workers. Simply put, they help to improve activities, automate more while reducing mistakes and manual work, and collect data in a useful way. Field service management software might help your small business advance if you provide in-home or office services to consumers or clients. In addition to helping utility firms, Field Service Management Software is useful for the health sector, plumbers, pest controllers, cleaners, and other service industries.

15 Best Field Service Management Software Platforms

In this article, we list 15 of the top software platforms for the best field service management software companies systems that seamlessly interact with asset and equipment tags for Field Service Management Software free to simplify field service documentation choices that are appropriate for both small businesses and large corporations. A few utilities that provide customized functionality for particular circumstances are also offered. The list is provided alphabetically without any sort of ranking.

What is field service management software?

The majority of big cloud-based businesses charge differently for their services depending on how many administrators and staff there are. You will receive additional features and services if you pay a higher amount. You can make your life easier by getting rid of paperwork and automating your tasks with these field service management software open source. To make it easier for administrators to access services when they are away from their offices, several of these programs provide mobile apps. The most important feature of field service management software Gartner is security.

For the best protection, they provide each user of the business with a login account. To deliver comprehensive summaries of information, the application synchronizes data across all devices. Employees can be monitored by administrators even when they are at work. The organization’s instruments and other inventory are all kept track of with the use of inventory management.

#1. AT&T Workforce Manager

AT&T Workforce Manager

Field service management app Customers will get an all-in-one solution for managing their field service activities and customer information with AT&T Workforce Management. Through an easy-to-use cloud-based interface, this software offers solutions for keeping an eye on your fleet, employees, and assets. Users are guided through the setup procedure via the AT & T registration wizard, and this solution may be quickly and affordably adopted.


  • Tools for the asset, labor, and fleet management.
  • Quick configuration using a registration wizard
  • A Workforce Manager app for iOS and Android
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#2. Bella FSM

Bella FSM

Any industry may use Bella FSM, an intuitive online free field service management software for small businesses. Users can use a computer or a mobile device to check for real-time updates for all service operations that the system is monitoring. Bella FSM has many parts that can be changed to fit your workflows and customer service processes.


  • data fields and forms that have been customized
  • eSignature recording
  • Complete management of job orders

#3. Dispatch


Dispatch adopts a distinctive approach to service management with a platform that links companies with service providers. This software not only puts all of your service activities in one place, but also gives you more options because it gives you access to a large network of service providers all over the U.S. The built-in data analysis tools make it easy to keep track of important metrics and service performance.


  • There are integrations and an API.
  • Service visibility in real time
  • Modern tools for data visualization

#4. EyeOnTask


EyeOnTask is a complete field service management software that gives you real-time data and a mobile app that works with everything else. The program’s main panel has simple action buttons for frequent actions like adding jobs, users, and bills. There is also an offline mode so that service professionals can work with the system from afar even if they don’t have a good connection.


  • An interactive service scheduler
  • Location information for work orders
  • Custom forms with several levels

#5. Field Force Tracker

Field Force Tracker

An enterprise-level Field Service Management Softwarecalled Field Force Tracker can manage clients, schedule service requests, and keep an eye on both people and assets. With just a few clicks, the user-friendly planner makes it simple to browse and adjust schedules. This software is also very scalable, with a modular architecture that can be modified to accommodate a single facility or a number of sites.


  • Technicians should be assigned branches, jobs, and skills.
  • Contemporary inventory management
  • Keep a thorough client history.

#6. High5 SME

High5 SME

Service Management Enterprise (SME) from High 5 Software is an all-in-one service management system that can be used to make employees more productive and make things run more smoothly. The platform’s most recent version (8.0) includes a number of modules, including those for project management, contract management, and CRM. An SME may track sales possibilities and client leads in addition to these basic competencies.


  • Automate routine processes.
  • Simple return tracking (RMA) for several locations
  • support intricate billing.

#7. Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro

A complete platform called Housecall Pro can handle the corporate work, sales, and Field Service Management Software required to run a service company. The drag-and-drop calendar, together with the options to update and view jobs, are all part of the scheduling and dispatching interface. The mobile app lets technicians accept and process payments and print automatic receipts at the same time.


  • a safe mechanism for handling payments.
  • Simple arrival window communication with client’s
  • electronic notifications

#8. Kickserv


The Kickserv field service management software is easy to use and has great tools for running a business that provides services. From the left side of the main user interface, employees can access all of the most important features, such as billing, reporting, and scheduling. It is simple to transmit significant information to consumers directly thanks to invoice generation and task estimation tools.

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  • Xero and QuickBooks interface allow you to process live signatures in the field.
  • An effective mobile application

#9. IFS Field Service Management

IFS Field Service Management

The IFS Cloud is a platform that combines FSM, EAM, and ERP capabilities. Workforce planning, remote help, and mobile field service support are some of the main features of the service management module. IFS Cloud can take care of the whole contract lifecycle management process, from quotes to structured service agreements with specific clients.


  • Tools for project management
  • assistance with reverse logistics.
  • Management warranties and claims

#10. Jobber


Jobber is a simplified platform for Field Service Management Software that makes it possible to schedule jobs efficiently. This software was created by the creators to serve many different kinds of service industries, such as cleaning, HVAC, and gardening. A self-service customer center and online booking are two more great things that could improve how you interact with your customers.


  • powerful dispatching and scheduling tools.
  • A CRM is integrated
  • A certain client hub

#11. MarginPoint FieldPlus

MarginPoint FieldPlus

One of the best things about the MarginPoint FieldPlus service Field Service Management Software is that it has a full inventory management module. This makes it easier for businesses to keep track of their total operating costs and keep an eye on field service activity. Through FieldPlus, you can get a full set of tools for managing service, customer, and inventory data.


  • Price book administration
  • Secure payment processing
  • Management of materials and inventories

#12. MSI ServicePro

MSI ServicePro

For medium and large organizations that need a reliable solution for managing field service professionals, MSI Service Pro was created. Service Pro is a package that includes everything a business needs to manage all of its service operations. This software also includes a number of automation features to simplify work scheduling and customer contact.


  • Instantaneous inventory reports
  • Integrations with Viewpoint, NetSuite, and QuickBooks for automated service scheduling

#13. Oracle Field Service

Oracle Field Service

Oracle Field Service is a part of the Oracle Customer Experience (CX) ecosystem, which also includes B2B and B2C service products. It is a large platform for managing field service. This entirely cloud-based system includes a field service scheduler and a dashboard. One of Oracle Field Service’s key competencies is improving client experiences with several AI-enabled automation solutions.


  • Combining AI technology
  • Customer self-service alternatives
  • Monitoring linked assets with IoT

#14. Protean ServiceSight

Protean ServiceSight

Protean Software created the ServiceSight platform, which offers total labor management for small enterprises. With this Field Service Management Software, all service-related tasks can be put in one place that all staff can get to. With Protean’s free plan, you can have up to five unique users, and larger organizations can choose from other plans.


  • A system that is entirely cloud-based
  • a customer portal on the internet.
  • simple access to Quickbooks.

#15. RazorSync


QuickBooks may be readily connected with the bookkeeping and Field Service Management Software RazorSync. Additionally, effective methods for scheduling technicians include time monitoring, real-time maps, and GSP visibility. For large-scale implementations, the software offers an enterprise package that includes automatic invoicing.


  • Comprehensive customer management.
  • One-click client payments
  • Integration with Quickbooks
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