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Extratorrents alternatives

The Extratorrent platform is now one of the most popular Torrent sites globally, which provides free downloads of videos, TV shows, and other fantastic content. The unexpected shutdown of extratorrents (ET) by Kickass Torrents showed up on the Internet.Extratorrents Proxy/Mirrors, Working 100% Sites Like Extratorrent.

Extratorrents has hosted a broad range of magnet links and torrent links with a wide range of content. Visitors to may upload a BitTorrent tracker to the website. Any of the biggest reasons that you can visit is that they contain high-quality torrents and a very welcoming website, and a lively community. It made consuming tons of material of diverse genres covering films, music, Tv shows, tech, video games, web series, eBooks, and video applications convenient for most people. The advanced search interface was one of the highlights of the Torrent Forum.

Extratorrents is not with us anymore, one of the most common torrent sites. Torrent developers began to get wild and flocked to the search engines to find the right solution for extra torrents.

What is Extratorrent?

Extratorrent was shut down by its owners officially in May 2017. Also, the https domain name:/ was taken down by its owners indefinitely. By typing into the extra torrents search box, you could not find anything. Finally, they started finding alternative methods of circumventing those websites, but they did not work. However, fantastic news came from extratorrents’ proxy and mirror pages to open the torrent platform.

The outstanding search capability of this torrent website was one of its primary characteristics. There are several categories of movies on this website. Animation, Crime, Politics, Latino, Health & Food, Comedy, Drama, Biography, Faith, Sports, & Spirituality, Kids & Family, Thrillers, Romance, Documentary, and much more But because these websites encourage piracy, several ISPs and localities block them from accessing the internet. Your reason for seeing this page must be related to the fact that you are experiencing difficulties using ExtraTorrent on its primary domain and are looking for alternate ways to access your favorite torrent website.

What Happened to Extratorrent? Is it Legal And  Safe to Use?

It was only in 2006 that extratorrents made its existence known, as torrent sites such as Mininova and Torrent Spy dominated the ground. It was the 2nd biggest Torrent website only after Pirate Bay a few years ago, and it drew millions of users per day. There were movies and TV shows on the website. Consequently, several concerns were made about the website being excluded from registration for hosting firms and domain name providers.

However, the legal problem leading to the death of the torrent giant is not yet visible. Here, though, are the perfect alternatives and proxies for ExtraTorrents to keep you entertained.

Extratorrents Proxy and Mirrors Sites

You don’t know the definition of a mirror link, let’s say it. Thus, a mirror site is merely a clone that behaves and works in the same way as the original ExtraTorrent website hosted on another platform and is often controlled by those that run the official site and their team a little bit.

Perhaps the locations of Mirror are mistaken with proxies, but each could not have the least. ExtraTorrent proxy sites also serve as messages that allow you to access material on a specific website without ever needing any direct contact with the site. Both mirror pages and proxies may be used to circumvent censorship, but only if the original site operates. The latter performs. The ExtraTorrent original site is no longer available since it doesn’t work on all ExtraTorrents Proxies. Therefore, we are all left at ExtraTorrents Mirror pages.

Extratorrents Mirror Sites






Few ExtraTorrents Proxies and Unblock ExtraTorrents Mirror Domains

When browsing for ExtraTorreent Proxy and Mirror Websites, you are in the right location. After checking, I find the following list of 100% functional ExtraTorrents Proxy and Mirror websites, so you don’t waste your time searching for Mirror sites.

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  ExtraTorrents Mirror Sites


100% Working Extratorrent Proxy Sites, Extratorrent Alternatives 2023. I frequently use the well-known torrent website ExtraTorrent to get high-quality stuff for free. A vast collection of magnet and torrent links for all kinds of entertainment was stored by ExtraTorrents.

100% Working Extratorrent Proxy Sites 2023

Extratorrent Proxy/Mirror

Speed Very Fast Very Fast Very Fast Fast Normal Fast Very Fast Slow Very Fast Fast Normal Very Fast Fast Normal
ExtraTorrent Alt. Proxy 3 Very Fast Slow
ExtraTorrent Alt. Proxy 1 Normal
ExtraTorrent Alt. Proxy 2 Fast Very Fast
ExtraTorrent Alt. Proxy 4 Normal
ExtraTorrent Alt. Proxy 5 Fast
ExtraTorrent Alt. Proxy 6 Slow
ExtraTorrent Alt. Proxy 7 Very Fast
ExtraTorrent Alt. Proxy 9 Fast
ExtraTorrent Alt. Proxy 8 Fast

Extratorrent Alternatives 2023

Extratorrent Alternatives

Sites Like extratorrent

The Pirate Bay
YTS Torrent
Seed Peer
Fast Torrent
Sumo Torrent
Desi Torrents
Kickass Torrents
Torrent Bit
ISO Hunt
Academic Torrents
Extra Torrent
Sky Torrent
Torrent Project
Worldwide Torrents
Torrent Downloads
Torrent CD

Best Sites Like Extratorrent 2023

#1 The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

As it is usually called, Pirate Bay or TPB is a database that contains a searchable torrent archive. The Pirate Bay is, without any hesitation, the Torrent’s undisputed leader. Now that KAT, Torrentz, and ExtraTorrents are down, users can be found to comfort themselves in Pirate Bay. These files can be used to access a wide range of media, including music, videos, ebooks, and applications with the correct program.

In recent years this alternative to ExtraTorrents has experienced many ups and downs, but the website appears healthy. The Pirate Bay is one of the key options for ExtraTorrents.

Torrentz 2 has announced and shut down “farewell” to millions of users as one of the world’s biggest torrent sites. Millions of users have downloaded Torrentz for views, sports, displays, and other media.

Nevertheless, after the torrent shutdown, people continued hunting for their Mirrors, proxies, and pages. Although ExtraTrents has been shut down, most people select Torrentz 2 to stream movies on this website.

#2 1337x Proxy

unblocked torrenting sites

Launched in 2007, 1337x is now one of the most popular websites for torrenting. The website has an attractive user interface making content browsing fast. The website has recently been updated, and an improved interface is available. Via 1337x, videos, films, anime plays, and TV shows are torrential.

#3 Kickass

Popular Torrent Sites of 2020

Kickass Torrents has since been banned from service close to ExtraTorrent and has been replaced by several mirror pages. You do not need a specialist in file share to know KickassTorrents and this famous website, which has created a directory for torrent files and magnet links.

In ExtraTorrents, these alternate mirror pages are at least one way or another as the original ones. There will be plenty of Torrent for songs, videos, sports, etc., but one thing is assured.



RARBG is one of Torrent’s first internet-based websites. The web is very cool and quite friendly; Rarbg has a great content preview option. The best thing about this ExtraTorrents option is the truthful statement on the torrents. RARBG, the king of all torrent websites and homes, makes it easy for users to scan the content sample without viewing the web page.

Despite the massive surveillance of the platform, it could take the third position on the list. It also includes magnet links to the Torrent, allowing connecting to torrents simpler for consumers.

#5 Similar torrent alternatives websites

The best option for ExtraTorrent is TorrentDownloads of television programs, videos, songs, sports, apps, cartoons, books, etc. The website does not feature angry advertising, and the rest of its content can be accessed and securely given.

You are temporarily routed to, a free online hosting site for torrent files if you download a torrent from TorrentDownloads. After all, any torrent website has its share of bad apples, but TorrentDownloads display a malicious torrent among famous torrents that is exceptionally uncommon. It is what TorrentDownloads is trying to safeguard against future copyright litigation. Many other torrent sites do the same, some of which don’t encourage their users to download torrents with only Magnet connexions.

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#6 Torlock


Torlock is one of the torrent locations if you are searching for the perfect site for Torrent. You can browse the website effortlessly and have an immense content shop to reach. The best features you can expect on the market are that you don’t have to go anywhere today. You have over 5 million torrents, which means you get the files you are looking for.

TorLock has an extensive directory to make sure you find what you want. It has an extensive collection of new films, media, ebooks, software, videos, and more.


Popular Torrent Sites of 2020

It is the descendant to the YIFY torrents and the same as the parent. When they realized that they had become popular, they started their torrenting site, and YTS was established. has YIFy Torrents display. The site has been attracted on various occasions by the authorities, especially in New Zealand, where an anti-piracy complaint has been filed. The Mirror websites of Extratorrent have been the websites and torrent websites most popular.

Nonetheless, it is popular with users because of its content coherence. YTS uses an x264 encoding format, which gives users higher quality files than many other torrent sites.

#8 Lime Torrents Proxy

Popular Torrent Sites of 2020

It is known to become a general torrent platform, which expands during deflation in a file-sharing network and becomes a vast website. LimeTorrent also launched its home page with a creative design and large buttons, and a search bar.

Lime torrent offers you the best materials but has no decent built website, as the material is far more relevant than the user interface. It contains several animations, toys, and animation shows.

#9 is a helpful torrent platform that provides an active feedback community for broken connexions. EZTV has lost some credibility in the last few years because of stability and privacy concerns. Note that the platform warns users to use a VPN before accessing the service.

#10 Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time does not have a torrent web site per se; however, it can briefly download the Torrent on your computer. You can still import it. It helps you to download directly from the Torrent your favourite films and TV shows. But to fight to buffer, you have to have a decent internet speed.

The alternate ExtraTorrent uses the BitTorrent Protocol, which splits the file into tiny parts to allow continuous loading. But be warned, because it is almost the same as a torrent, for Popcorn Time, you’ll take a VPN to keep out of the radar. 

#11 Zooqle

Popular Torrent Sites of 2021

Zooqle has more than 3.5 M of torrents and 2200 trackers to support one of the biggest torrent site network. Zooqle has no doubt several solutions for those who want movies and TV shows, but what makes it better for gamers is it is the perfect solution for ExtraTorrents. Anything from this location, you can get quickly. It would be best if you had a BitTorrent client such as uTorrent on your computer. It has an easy-to-use GUI, which anyone can quickly use.

Why did you block extra Torrent?

ExtraTorrents has a tremendous amount of copyright; content is powerful and requires access to it to be controlled. Often, because of where you live, you might get blocked geo from the site. Instead of wasting the bandwidth on request, some ISPs block your path or delay it. It’s a website, which might only be down for whatever reason.

In this case, it’s not blocked but still unavailable. You want to add some new music, but you don’t want to hear a tale.

Is it illegal to Torrent?

Torrenting is a popular way of uploading the most recent movies, television shows, songs, books, and games.

The popularity of Torrenting is primarily attributed to its stability. The Internet and a laptop is everything you need to view and exchange information. The Torrent is not, in principle, unconstitutional. It requires ideal seeding and download of the copyrighted content in compliance with the statute.

These restrictions sadly also invade legal torrenting. If you wish to browse torrent sites in a country where they were blocked, you may have to use a VPN.


ExtraTorrent is certainly not anymore, but you might find from the list, as mentioned above, an option to ExtraTorrent. And if the ExtraTorrents Proxy Mirror Sites are 100 percent running, you don’t need to go anywhere to use VPN everywhere.

There are unofficial mirror pages of ExtraTorrents, but you should be vigilant as a lot of them have been able to spread ransomware, crypto-monetary mining, and malicious software.

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