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Lara Croft is a character in the video game Lara CroftGo is an odd name for a game in which you assess your progress in thousands of tiny stages.Swipe-swipe-swipe runs my finger across the iPad screen, each one causing a miniature potato-textured depiction of Lara Croft to leap or tumble between nodes weaved across various environments.She comes to a standstill at each diamond-marked location, a passing statue among endless forest and underground scenes.The title Lara Croft Stops a Lot feels more appropriate.I joke because I adore the fact that this version of Lara is more thinker than combatant.It’s full of intriguing puzzles that demand some lateral thinking.Also, who else these days is creating addictive turn-based games based on well-known action franchises?That’s Square Enix Montreal, and the fact that a $4.99 iOS game that resembles chess seems so fast and fluid is a credit to the people behind it.It’s also far more than a rehash of last fall’s similarly turn-based Hitman Go. Lara Croft Go has a lot of DNA in common with the latter, but it’s a lot more action-oriented.

It was all about directing real miniatures representing the dramatis personae of the Hitman franchise around small boards in Hitman Go.Because the characters weren’t animated, the layout resembled that of a boardgame, which seemed unusual for such a respected stealth brand.However, its boards were deceptively simple: small spaces that allowed a variety of victory situations, some of which could be measured in terms of how many turns it took to empty a board.

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Lara Croft Go, on the other hand, arrives fully animated, allowing 1996-era Lara (in tee and paradoxical short-shorts) to dash athletically through tropical jungles, Mesoamerican ruins, and unfathomable labyrinths on room-for-one-only passageways that range in straight lines or intersecting groups.Snakes, lizards, and spiders gradually appear, as well as inanimate hazards like as stones, sawblades, and broken floors or walls that collapse if stepped on more than once.

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Those adversaries and things, like you, must move one node at a time, and only when you do.Finding your way through a board’s brain-twisters requires figuring out how to properly sequence things while avoiding plays that stalemate, if not checkmate, your progress.”There was a young lady who swallowed the lever to control the platform that pushed off the boulder to flatten the spider,” you may imagine.

Square Enix does an excellent job of giving each obstacle its own personality.Snakes will kill you instantly if you approach them head-on, therefore you must flank them or shoot them from behind.Lizards can see you from two steps away and will chase you indefinitely, but only in your footsteps.Spiders travel back and forth along set pathways, and slipping past uninjured requires precise planning.When you add in single-use weapons like spears for distance strikes and torches to force your adversaries back, the sequencing challenges become much more challenging.There’s only one issue.Whereas Hitman Go allowed you many board solutions, Lara Croft Go only allows for one.flaw made worse by the game’s short length and the fact that once you’ve figured out a board, terra incognito becomes terra firma.You can clear all of the boards in a few hours if you’re moderately skilled, and while you can go back to stages to look for missing treasures, the puzzles are all the same.I was also perplexed by the collector game, which relied too heavily on object-environment colour similarity and atmospheric trickery—a Where’s Waldo screen search where you just look about and tap objects.

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What do all the valuable jewels and jumbled objects mean?

Alternative Lara costumes, which may be intriguing if there were reasons to revisit cleared places.If you accept Lara Croft, though,Put it this way: “Go for what it is,” which means “something you’ll only play a couple of times.”It’s a shoe-in for “greatest turn-based action puzzler in 2015 that I just wish had more to do.Let’s pretend you’re creating a new game based on an old classic.Is it preferable to replicate that old game as it was, or to develop something new that recreates the experience you had when you first played it all those years ago?That was a conundrum faced by Square Enix Montreal developers when developing Lara Croft Go, which received a lot of positive feedback when it was released on several app stores last month.The concerns it posed about what actually defines a Go game and how developers may approach the problem of transferring old game principles to current platforms were more fascinating, at least from a design standpoint.

Lara Croft Go is a turn-based smartphone game based on the iconic Eidos brand, similar to its predecessor Hitman Go.Both games were developed over the course of a year, were created in Unity by a small team, and were released for $5 with the opportunity to pay in-game for more suggestions.

However, the games stand out when it comes to core design:Levels in Hitman Go feel more like mechanised puzzle boards, where enemies and assassination targets move in lockstep with the player, whereas Lara Croft Go levels feel more like sliding block puzzles, where players must carefully slide Lara through a level to pull the right switches and climb the right walls without colliding with environmental hazards.Square Enix Montreal has basically built its own Go brand of classic games reinterpreted on mobile devices by publishing the game, and Lara Croft has become a part of it.Antoine Routon, Go’s technical director, says the firm, which was intended to develop big-budget Hitman games, has embraced the notion of producing mobile games by “distilling” game design to its bare essentials.\

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To make a stronger product, distil game design like liquor.”We’re attempting to create games that make you feel the same way you did when you were younger and playing those classic games.”He tells me over the phone, “A Go game is a process of attempting to boil down those ancient games.””I like to visualise it like this: you have a gigantic engine, and you tear it apart, put all the components on a workbench, and attempt to rebuild the leanest engine you can out of it.”In some ways, creating a Go game is a riddle in and of itself.”That challenge presented itself in the instance of Lara Croft Go as a wall covered in Post-It notes, each with a memorable mechanism or scene from earlier Tomb Raider games put down by a developer.Everything that wasn’t feasible from a production standpoint (the team started with 5 people and never grew larger than 15) was dumped (or rather, stuck) in a Post-It note graveyard over the course of the game’s development cycle, and the surviving ideas — ancient traps, for example — were adapted to fit a turn-based mobile game framework.

“So we have all these human characters in Hitman Go.”But, as Routon points out, Lara wasn’t killing swarms of faceless henchmen in the early Tomb Raider games.”Because she was an explorer in a dangerous environment, her adversaries were mainly animals and the universe.”So we used animals and traps for our mechanics, and traps are both iconic and simple to build because there’s no fancy animation or anything.That’s an example of a concept that made it into the game since it fit our production demands well.”

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