Top 15 Equipment Maintenance Software in 2022

equipment maintenance software

Equipment maintenance software that prepares work orders for preventative maintenance chores and predictive maintenance scheduling is known as equipment maintenance software. Machines and other equipment run more efficiently and last longer when these systems track maintenance procedures in real-time. A well-implemented system will automate all maintenance job management and scheduling while minimising maintenance expenses and providing a full maintenance history record. Equipment maintenance software will track maintenance operations and asset care in the same way that CMMS software does.

Top 15 Equipment Maintenance Software in 2022

This makes it easier to keep track of the work’s expenses, with the ultimate objective of extending an asset’s life at a low cost. Enterprise asset management software (EAM software) can help you keep track of how your assets move around your business, how well they work, and how much it costs to keep them going. It can also help you keep track of how much money it costs to keep your assets going.

Due to their identical features, equipment maintenance software are sometimes regarded as a subset of asset tracking software, which is an equal element of EAM software. Both choices will keep track of broad information about the company’s assets (buildings, cars, technology, and so on), such as how often they’re used, any problems that arise, ongoing expenses, and asset specs. Repair history, work orders linked with each asset, photos and warranty information, metre readings, and floor plan management will all be included in both.

What Kinds of Businesses Make Use of Equipment Maintenance Software?

Equipment maintenance software may be beneficial to any company wanting to reduce overhead expenditures. On a regular basis, industries like manufacturing and construction require pricey equipment. Any downtime with these devices indicates that your company is not running at full capacity. When you follow service procedures for your tools and equipment, you can be sure that your company’s performance and production will not be harmed.

Consider the following scenario

Equipment maintenance software in the manufacturing industry will assist in avoiding machine downtime through preventative maintenance functions and improved spare parts inventories, resulting in enhanced machine uptime.

Facility managers can use equipment maintenance software to help them better coordinate the activities and reactions of their maintenance departments, which can lead to faster response times. This ensures that your facilities are always available and operational. Equipment maintenance software helps restaurants and hotels keep their elevators running and their dishwashing machines running even when there are a lot of people at the restaurant or hotel.

A computer programme called aircraft MRO software is used by people in the aviation industry to make it easier for them to keep their planes in good shape and make sure they get the parts they need when they need them, schedule flights, and dispatch them.

Features of Equipment Maintenance Software

Real-time monitoring of the health, risk, and performance of your assets is possible with software asset management. Create parent categories and child assets to display assets in a hierarchical framework. View the history of maintenance performed on individual assets, as well as the expenses and warranty information linked to them.

  • Maintain OSHA, EPA, GMP, ISO, and/or FDA regulatory compliance. Employees can use this portal to make maintenance requests, which are then sent to management for approval or rejection. This ensures that all requests are examined and prioritised according to their priority.
  • Orders of Work: Make a trackable document that outlines the work that needs to be done and how it should be done.
  • Assists maintenance supervisors in ensuring that jobs are completed on time. Rules-based approval management, schedule management, change orders, and reporting are among the widgets included.
  • Spare Parts Inventory Management: Keep track of the materials you’ll need for your repairs. Inventory may be managed using barcodes or QR codes; parts can be reduced from inventory when tied to work orders; and inventory can be restocked using integrated buy order capabilities.
  • Predictive Maintenance through Condition Monitoring: Looks at equipment data for trends in performance and uses condition-based monitoring to alert the right people if there are problems.
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Define the allowable operating parameters for each asset

When readings fall outside of your settings, you’ll be notified, and a work order will be generated automatically. Chores and Schedules for Preventative Maintenance: These are scheduled tasks to guarantee that resources may be used by or on a certain date.

To guarantee the task is done on schedule, gather the necessary information from employees, supplies, equipment, and more. It aids in the reduction of production mistakes, workplace injuries, and asset damage. It creates timetables, keeps track of processes, establishes maintenance routines, and more. Inspection rounds are made easier by planned maintenance schedules.

Equipment Maintenance Software Advantages

Equipment maintenance systems are continually evolving in terms of technology. Software suppliers are continually providing great advantages to any firm trying to improve their asset management, whether they’re employing SaaS solutions, cellphones, GPS technology, and more.

The following are some of the most significant advantages of equipment maintenance software:

Extend the life of your assets

Simply put, regular maintenance and repairs will extend the life of your equipment. Being able to operate a piece of machinery for a longer period of time reduces the frequency with which your company has to replace it, which may result in significant equipment savings over time. Alternatively, if your equipment is starting to show signs of wear and tear and isn’t performing as well as it did previously, it may be more cost-effective to replace it.

Lifecycle management software can help you figure out if an asset is in good working order and should be kept or if it needs to be replaced. If not, you’ll be able to prepare the item for sale, which will reduce the expenses involved. Many business owners don’t realise they may save money by discontinuing equipment and reselling it (even if only for scrap value) until it’s too late.

Depreciation tracking is sometimes built into equipment maintenance software, so there’s no need for separate fixed asset management software. If you figure out the value of a business’s depreciating assets, you may be able to figure out the best ways to manage assets and file taxes. As a result of this, Reduce asset expenses through better asset retirement planning and “purchase vs. lease” decisions. Reduce labour expenses for calculating asset depreciation as compared to manual techniques. Improve tax planning based on the capacity to depreciate assets over time.

Preventing the Need for Major Repairs

Preventive maintenance software makes it easier to make sure that production mistakes, job injuries, and damage to assets don’t happen. The maintenance scheduling part of an equipment maintenance management system is very important, because it makes sure that maintenance is done before there are problems with the equipment. This is in contrast to “reactive maintenance,” which only takes care of things that have already broken down.

When maintenance concerns are overlooked, they can get worse over time, causing additional harm to your equipment. It may be tempting to follow reactive maintenance practises, but this may result in your equipment breaking down at inconvenient periods and perhaps necessitating expensive repairs. Small problems that are fixed over time will keep bigger problems from happening and will cost less over the life of the car.

Reduce your maintenance costs and save money in the long run

As previously said, discovering equipment problems early and often would result in less frequent asset turnover and lower labour expenses associated with maintenance. There is a common misconception that preventative maintenance charges are an unnecessary expense in the near term. Small problems, on the other hand, can be caught early enough to avoid expensive repairs.

Increased productivity throughout your firm is an advantage that is sometimes overlooked. When equipment fails, it may not run at the intended speeds, which means your employees will take longer to complete their tasks, increasing labour costs. This will also reduce output, which means that orders won’t be finished as quickly as they should be, which could lead to lost business or a longer turnaround time for the company.

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1. B2W Maintain

equipment maintenance software

B2W Maintain simplifies maintenance operations and adopts a more automated, proactive, and preventative approach to help contractors cut down on equipment costs and downtime. The software connects the shop, field, and management teams, and it’s easy to use.

2. EZOfficeInventory

equipment maintenance software

EZOfficeInventory is an asset monitoring software with management and maintenance tracking capabilities. With the cloud-based solution, you can track, manage, and report on your company’s equipment from anywhere. When it comes to keeping track of an asset’s whole existence.

3. eMaint CMMS

equipment maintenance software

EMaint is a cutting-edge CMMS solution from Fluke Corporation that can be customised to match the particular needs of any maintenance, facilities, or operations department, saving time and money by better organising, planning, and

4. Fiix Software

equipment maintenance software

Fiix Software is a company that specialises in software development. Fiix, Inc. develops intuitive maintenance management software that helps companies organise their maintenance teams and transform data into actionable insights. Its multi-tenant cloud-based CMMS makes maintenance more mobile.

5. Hippo CMMS

equipment maintenance software

Hippo CMMS is an easy-to-use maintenance software for businesses in manufacturing, healthcare, hotels, and schools, as well as other businesses. Hippo is a market leader in the CMMS industry because of its ease of use, simple interface design, and customer-first attitude.


equipment maintenance software

MAPCON has a long history in the field of computerised maintenance management software. The solution is simple to use, powerful, and cost-effective for your company. In about 10 minutes, the user-friendly setup process will have your software up and running.

7. Maintenance Pro

Maintenance Pro

Maintenance Pro is a facility, plant, machinery, and other asset maintenance software. It has tools for asset tracking, repair maintenance, and history recording, and it can perform preventative maintenance on any type of asset in any business.

8. UpKeep


UpKeep is a CMMS software with excellent mobile features to keep your technicians and maintenance teams on the job. Work requests, inventory management, checklists, work orders, PM scheduling, and QR codes are all available on the UpKeeps mobile app. You can also use the app to scan QR codes.

9. FaciliWorks 8i CMMS

FaciliWorks 8i CMMS

The work order and preventative maintenance software is FaciliWorks CMMS (computerised maintenance management software). FaciliWorks CMMS is a powerful, user-friendly, and cost-effective CMMS. FaciliWorks has been chosen by over 15,000 facilities across the world to: maximise.

10. Equipment360

Equipment360HCSS’s Equipment360 gives you a 360-degree picture of your office, field, and workshop. Keep an eye out for things like time cards, work orders, and more when you use this software to keep your equipment in good shape. Work Orders, Preventative Maintenance Alerts, etc.

11. Fleetio

FleetioFleetio is a cutting-edge web-based fleet management software that allows fleet managers, drivers, technicians, parts managers, and other people to manage cars and equipment from the time they’re bought to when they’re sold. Fleetio will automate fleet maintenance and ensure.

12. Asset Panda

Asset Panda

Asset Panda is a highly customisable, no-code asset monitoring platform that can be accessed from both mobile and desktop devices at any time and from anywhere. Cloud-based technology aids businesses of all sizes in tracking, managing, and maintaining their fixed assets.

13. Gensuite


Gensuite is an environmental, health, and safety (EHS) software system for boosting quality, protecting your company’s future, sourcing your workforce, product stewardship, and regulated asset and equipment management. Equipment Maintenance Management software from Gensuite allows you.

14. Maintenance Care

Maintenance Care

Maintenance Care, a free CMMS maintenance management software, is used to keep track of work orders, preventative maintenance, and assets. Requests for work, Preventive Maintenance, and Asset Management are the three most important parts of the system. When these tools are integrated.


CHEQROOMCHEQROOM is an inventory management software that uses a web-based method to make inventory simple. The solution makes it easy to check out your equipment, so you always know where your equipment is. This will assist in giving you complete control over your.



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