Top 15 Enterprise Risk Management Software in 2022

enterprise risk management software

Enterprise risk management software (also known as ERM software) is a form of enterprise risk management software designed to assist large businesses in identifying and balancing possible risks against business possibilities. It’s also known as enterprise risk management software information systems (RMIS), and it’s meant to combat emerging technology threats like DNS and DDoS assaults, which can bring entire businesses down.

Top 15 Enterprise Risk Management Software in 2022

Project and financial managers and analysts often use enterprise risk management software because it can be used in a lot of different places.

  • Institutions of banking
  • Insurance companies for retailers
  • Healthcare establishments

Enterprise risk management software ensures that these organisations run as securely and efficiently as feasible. enterprise risk management software processes that have been developed by an enterprise risk management software system can help you avoid or prepare for major threats to your business goals.

ERM Software Features:

  • Forecasting based on risk analysis: Determine how much it will cost to deal with different risks over the life of your business and set aside money for these worst-case scenarios. Predictive analytics is a term that refers to the study of patterns in To be ready for the unknown, use data from the past and the present to come up with new business models.
  • Management of incident response: Create and implement strategies to reduce the impact of events like power outages, cyber-attacks, and supply shortages, among others.
  • Cybersecurity and IT governance: To prevent DNS and DDoS assaults, set up secure data networks.
  • Notifications and alerts: Receive automated alerts for real-time project updates during risk scenarios; send notifications to employees or customers when scheduled service interruptions or accidental outages occur. Save and review historical risk data related to previous incidents in order to continually assess new risks and potential response tactics.

Advantages of ERM Software

An ERM platform may assist your firm in the following ways by strengthening enterprise risk management software practices:

Prepare for mishaps, accidents, and terrorist attacks

enterprise risk management software’s key feature is that it protects and prepares your firm for all sorts of calamities. The first step in the enterprise risk management software process is to figure out what kinds of risks your business faces, where it does business, how much competition there is, and other things. By learning about your industry, you can improve your management system with this specialised risk assessment.

DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks, for example, are targeted attempts to disrupt online services. If you manage an online store, you must keep your website up and function at all times. An enterprise risk management software adds to the cyber security mechanisms in place to protect your domain from these types of threats.

Enterprise risk management software solutions give incident response tools in the event that risk materialises. If you plan out your crisis response methods ahead of time, you’ll be able to put them in place swiftly when calamity strikes. You may avoid potential losses by preventing service delays. Emergency response to a technical attack on an eCommerce website might be to move to a backup server so that customers don’t have to wait for service.

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Enhancing Business Processes

Another benefit of identifying risk is that it lets you stop doing things that cause operational risk. An ERM programme contains tools for identifying whether competitive factors in your business may result in a decrease in market hunger for certain goods and services. Road work near your warehouse, for example, might cause transportation delays.

In order to prioritise departing shipments, you may assess the consequences of these delays. When the work is over, you may evaluate these risk mitigation measures to see if they’re worth preserving in order to improve your services in the future.

Be prepared for service interruptions

As a result, being aware of all possible risks and planning ahead helps you keep your clients happy. Customers can be notified far in advance of expected outages or disruptions by using automatic alerts from ERM software. You may use alerts in a variety of ways to improve your company’s communications.

Are your shipments being held up? Send an alert to your partners so they are aware of the situation ahead of time. Is there a power outage? With push notification, summon your incident response team. Maintain Compliance with Changing Regulations ERM also offers compliance management as a useful tool.

Regulatory bodies and governments all over the world are always changing rules to make it easier for people to work in a safe way. Regulator compliance that is done through an ERM platform can help you avoid lawsuits, fines, and penalties. Governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) programme can keep track of changing legislation and keep you compliant in every jurisdiction. Information systems in the United States are safeguarded by a six-step risk framework, or enterprise risk management software framework (RMF):

  • Categories
  • Selects
  • Implements
  • Assess
  • Authorizes
  • Monitor

An ERM can assist you in implementing these measures for your own network security.

Rates of credit and insurance should be improved

Businesses that are less risky are rewarded financially more than those that are riskier. Revenue could be lost if there are problems with the supply chain, like a staff shortage. Employees who are hurt on the job are entitled to costly worker’s compensation benefits. All of these hidden dangers might easily mount up. Instead of paying for medical bills or losing money because of accidents that could have been prevented, use enterprise risk management software techniques to plan for all possible outcomes and avoid these big costs.

In addition, using an ERM to measure your risks can help you save money on insurance and enhance your credit score. Your company’s dedication to risk reduction procedures is demonstrated by incident management plans.

What is the difference between ERM and risk management?

Both ERM and risk management systems are designed to keep organisations safe from danger by recognising, measuring, and reducing dangerous circumstances. ERM, on the other hand, is a sort of risk management software designed for larger organisations in the banking, healthcare, retail, and insurance industries.

For all other industries, a broad risk management system is better suited. A smaller healthcare institution, on the other hand, may benefit from risk management software, but a bigger corporation might profit from an ERM. Energy trading risk management tools are also available (ETRM). This sort of software is designed to mitigate the risks of trading assets in financial markets.

1. Essential ERM

enterprise risk management software

Essential ERM is a purpose-built enterprise risk management software by Tracker Network. Using a simple drag-and-drop system, this solution makes it easy to manage your risks by the goal, business sector, and more, so you can keep an eye on them at all times.

2. LogicManager


LogicManager is a enterprise risk management software software that comes with a full set of solutions that can help you improve and speed up your GRC work. LogicManager will assist your company in developing risk mitigation and monitoring operations.

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3. Protecht.ERM


Protecht.ERM is an enterprise risk management platform that can be used to manage risks, compliance, health and safety, internal audits, incidents, and key performance indicators (KRIs). It has everything you need to do this. This software allows you to conduct a centralised group risk assessment for your whole organisation.

4. Onspring


Onspring is a no-code GC platform for managing, automating, and reporting business processes. You may analyse and track initiatives to enhance your company’s processes, such as business continuity and recovery, corporate reorganization, etc., as a customizable, cloud-based platform.

5. Enterprise Risk Management App

Enterprise Risk Management App

MetricStream’s Enterprise Risk Management App can help you improve the efficiency of your ERM programme. This software helps businesses take a more structured and methodical approach toenterprise risk management software.

6. MasterControl Qx

enterprise risk management software

People learn how to use MasterControl’s software platform through training and documents. Risk assessment, audits and preventative action are also part of the software. Control quality all the way through the product’s lifespan.

7. Quantivate ERM

enterprise risk management software

This software helps you improve the effectiveness of your organization’s risk assessment and mitigation strategies. Quantivate ERM Software The user-friendly application works hand-in-hand with other important GRC software solutions to provide strategic, enterprise-wide

8. Intelex



The Intelex Platform is a set of web-based management technologies designed to help businesses run more efficiently. EHS and Quality Management, Environmental Solutions, Health and Safety, Quality Management, and Supplier Management are all included in this modular software.

9. Fusion Framework System

A System of Fusion Frameworks

enterprise risk management software

The Fusion Framework System delivers risk, business continuity, and IT disaster recovery management solutions. Make this software the foundation of your risk and continuity plan to get a better job. Break down barriers, automate operations, and gain a competitive advantage.

10. Xactium GRC Cloud

Xactium GRC Cloud

Xactium GRC Cloud is a cloud-based version of Xactium GRC. To make their risk and compliance operations easier to see, Xactium’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solutions are being used by companies all over the world. enterprise risk management software, KRI management, policy management, etc.

11. Scarlet ERM System

Scarlet ERM System

Scarlet ERM System

Scarlet ERM is a business management solution for small and medium-sized organisations that goes beyond accounting software and gives you more control over your finances, inventories, and operations. The capacity to obtain business-critical data and information in real-time.

12. Coupa Risk Aware

Coupa Aware of the Risks

Coupa Risk Aware

Coupa Risk Aware assists your company in tracking risky spending across all vendors. In order to make the best use of your supply base, you can use disruptors and suppliers with supply chain renterprise risk management software. Coupa Risk Aware combines financial, legal, and news information into a single location.

13. iRely Trading & Risk Management

iRely Trading & Risk Management

iRely Trading & enterprise risk management software is a company that specialises in trading and risk management. IRely Trading & enterprise risk management software is a single, integrated system that incorporates the physical supply chain and hedging components of commodity enterprises. Customers of iRely may control operational and financial risk in real-time, ensuring improved service.

14. Primavera Risk Analysis

Primavera Risk Analysis

Primavera Risk Analysis from Oracle is a risk analytics solution that covers the entire lifecycle of a project. It includes enterprise risk management software for both costs and schedules. Primavera Risk Analysis is a thorough way to figure out how confident you are that your project will go well, as well as quick and easy.

15. DoubleCheck Audit Essentials

DoubleCheck Audit Essentials

Plan and carry out yearly or multi-year audit programmes, including personnel, local and remote fieldwork, management of observations, problems, conclusions, and other corrective activities. Connect audit plans and/or submit audit results.

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