16 Best Paying Jobs in Electric Utilities Central in 2023

Lets talk about 16 Best Paying Jobs in Electric Utilities Central in 2023. You only need to be aware of them and choose which field to concentrate on. There are many well-paying jobs in the electric utility industry. And even in the years to come, the industry will keep improving.

If you want to study for an electrical engineering degree or merely concentrate on some of the happiest jobs in America, there are several jobs that complement this need. Additionally, some of these occupations don’t demand a lot of labour to begin your career, and certain degrees make it simple to find employment.

We are both living in a time when technology is making big leaps forward. Businesses and homes are becoming more technologically advanced, and even cars are following this trend. Every year, processes that were once carried out manually are developing swiftly, and Electric Utilities Central is heavily involved in all of them. Without further ado, let’s list these top-paying jobs in the central office of electric utilities.

16 Best Paying Jobs in Electric Utilities Central

Here is a list of the resources we used to create this list: CareerExplorer,, Zippia, and ZipRecruiter;

Best Paying Jobs in Electric Utilities Central Annual Average Salary
1. Nuclear Engineering $120,380
2. Senior Electrical Engineer $116,684
3. Senior Application Analyst $112,315
4. Radiation Engineer $104,520
5. Software Engineer $109,020
6. Pipeline Controller $95,042
7. Utilities Manager $86,929
8. Electrical Project Manager $87,000
9. Transmission Engineer $91,215
16. Electrical Lineman $77,257
10. Substation Engineer $109,357
11. Power Distribution Engineer $89,724
12. Electrical and Electronics Engineering $101,780
13. Hydrogeologist $83,680
14. Power System Dispatcher $83,000
15. Hydroelectric Plant Operator $80,850

#1. Power System Dispatcher

The Power System Dispatcher is in charge of planning, organising, and controlling the distribution of electricity from transmission lines to customers. (ZipRecruiter) Annual Average Salary: $83,000. Pay per hour: $40

#2. Nuclear Engineering

With only a bachelor’s degree, you may begin a career in nuclear engineering, one of the highest-paid jobs in the central sector of electric utilities. A nuclear engineer is in charge of developing, testing, designing, and safely operating nuclear energy or materials. A nuclear engineer, for example, would be in charge of building nuclear batteries, fast reactors, fuel reactors, and nuclear cores, as well as keeping an eye on nuclear facilities.

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Therefore, there is a very high demand for your career as a nuclear engineer throughout a wide range of industries, including the military, utility power generation, and even the medical industry. Annual Median Salary: $120,380 (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) 13,900 jobs are available.

#3. Electrical Lineman

Lineman or Journeyman in Electrical. For utility operations, linemen are in charge of constructing and installing electrical wires. You can start your job as an electrical lineman if you have a bachelor’s degree. Zippia’s average yearly wage is $77,257.

#4. Power Distribution Engineer

Researching, testing, developing, and maintaining electrical distribution networks are all part of one of the highest-paying jobs in the electric utility industry. They will be in charge of ensuring that all wiring systems are linked correctly and that all electrical components work as they should. ZipRecruiter’s average annual salary is $89,724. Pay per hour: $43

#5. Hydrogeologist

A specialist in how groundwater travels over soil and rock is known as a hydrogeologist. Your duties therefore include managing groundwater supplies, keeping an eye on underwater activity, creating legislation pertaining to subsurface water, etc. $83,680 is the median annual salary ( Jobs count in 2021: 24,900

#6. Senior Electrical Engineer

The duties of a senior electrical engineer go beyond creating and improving electrical components. They must also oversee and manage other engineers on staff and create the required finances for projects. $112,315 on average per year (ZipRecruiter). Pay per hour: $54

#7. Utilities Manager

A utilities manager oversees, coordinates, and administers the utility services offered to local populations in various areas. The average annual salary at ZippedRecruiter is $86,929. Pay per hour: $42

#8. Hydroelectric Plant Operator

This position, which focuses on producing energy for hydroelectric power plants, is among the highest-paying jobs in the central office of electric utilities. They are in charge of producing generators and turbines as well as making sure a lot of other equipment in power plants functions properly.  $80,850 as the average annual salary (CareerExplorer)

#9. Electrical Project Manager

The installation of electrical systems and several other electrical projects are under the control of an electrical project manager. Therefore, they are in charge of delegating duties to other engineers and establishing analytical project budgets. One of the reasons they are among the highest-paid jobs in electric utilities central is that their responsibilities extend beyond typical electrical labor.  (Zippia) Average Annual Salary: $87,000

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#10. Pipeline Controller

You are in charge of all pipeline operations as a pipeline controller, including preventing leaks in the pipeline, guaranteeing a steady flow of oil, and even preparing for crises. $95,042 on average per year (ZipRecruiter). Pay per hour: $45.69

#11. Transmission Engineer

Transmission engineers do tasks that are essentially identical to those of electrical engineers, although they are primarily concerned with the broadcast that is being transmitted. They can operate in a variety of fields, including the television and power generation industries, among others. The median annual wage in Zippia is $91,215. Pay per hour: $43.85

#12. Radiation Engineer

A radiation engineer examines how equipment performs both before and after radiation exposure. Additionally, they carry out testing and produce theoretical analyses. They may also be responsible for managing staff employees or other engineers who report to them. ZipRecruiter) median annual salary: $104,520. Pay per hour: $50

#13. Software Engineer

A software developer is in charge of planning and building computer programmes and systems that address practical issues.
You can see that this vocation is not only among the finest-paid jobs in the central electric utilities industry, but it is also among the fastest-expanding. Annual Average Salary: $109,020 ( Pay per hour: $52.41. There are 1,622,200 jobs.

#14. Electrical and Electronics Engineering

They are experts in constructing, testing, and managing electrical systems, as suggested by their name.Because their labour is required in so many industries, they can work in aerospace, communications, automotive, construction, oil and gas, information technology, and so on. Pay per hour: $48.93. 2021 Job Forecast: 303,800. ( Median Annual Wage: $101,780

#15. Substation Engineer

You are in charge of developing and making plans for power plants as a substation engineer. They must collaborate with other teams to provide design drawings, determine the right cable size, and even enhance their work using application software. $109,357 on average per year (ZipRecruiter). Pay per hour: $53

#16. Senior Application Analyst

You manage the complexities of information technology in your capacity as a senior application analyst. That implies that you must handle software development difficulties, whether by testing them or instructing staff members on how to utilise them appropriately. Glassdoor Average Annual Salary: $116,684


As you can see, electric utilities central has a tonne of high-paying jobs available; all you have to do is browse them to decide which one to concentrate on. And the good news is that while some of them may not require a master’s degree, possessing one offers several benefits.

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