What is DigitalOcean? 10 Best DigitalOcean Alternatives In 2023

The manner in which companies and lone developers host applications and other web development projects has changed thanks to DigitalOcean. Via robust and dependable cloud hosting, this special type of hosting eliminates the need to maintain your own development infrastructure. This distinctive style of hosting is now more affordable thanks to DigitalOcean. Why would anybody need alternatives to DigitalOcean then?

Yet, some consumers, like the majority of technology-based systems, demand even cheaper prices, more storage, or special features. We created a list of the top DigitalOcean alternatives accessible right now as a result.

What is cloud hosting with DigitalOcean?

DigitalOcean, one of the top cloud hosting companies worldwide, provides websites with incredibly scalable cloud computing services. It goes without saying that businesses may grow their operations by spreading DO applications over several parallel cloud servers without sacrificing performance.

Below is a brief summary of DigitalOcean’s standout advantages:

  • An easy-to-use interface with extensive features that promote usability and scalability without being cluttered is one of DO’s strongest points. Small-scale developers and organizations may easily automate and integrate third-party solutions with the help of one-click applications, which complete the picture.
  • Amazing performance: DigitalOcean, a supplier of SSD-based virtual machines, delivers blazingly quick boot times with its droplets (55 seconds!). It also helps that their cloud servers are powered by potent hex-core computers for outstanding performance.
  • Affordability: DigitalOcean offers hourly and monthly payment options that provide developers and organizations flexibility and scalability, starting with a basic plan priced at $5 per month.

10 Best alternatives to DigitalOcean

Here we make a list of the best Digitalocean alternatives for cloud hosting.

1. Vultr


Vultr’s capability to create projects locally and deploy them globally makes it a great DigitalOcean substitute. The cloud computing service starts at $2.50 per month and has over 17 sites worldwide.

For the best SSD-backed storage solution, Vultr offers solutions including cloud computing, bare metal dedicated servers, and block storage. The business is well-known for its enterprise-class security and performance, and it offers a clear dashboard with helpful customer service.

2. Kamatera


Kamatera provides robust cloud hosting services, including completely scalable and adaptable cloud VPS hosting. Kamatera lets you build a VPS that’s ideal for your requirements by defining exactly what resources you want, in contrast to many comparable providers, like DigitalOcean, which offer fixed plans with several VPS configurations.

Two managed services are also offered. While the Managed Cloud Extended plan goes much further, offering database support and the installation of server-side development tools upon request, the Managed Cloud Basic plan just covers the essential maintenance of your server. The managed services are very expensive, but it’s wonderful to have the choice.

When it came to assessing Kamatera’s general performance and dependability, I was impressed. Kamatera’s performance is comparable to that of DigitalOcean, with typical page loading times of slightly over one second. While Kamatera offers far greater customization and dependability than DigitalOcean, technical assistance is restricted unless you pay for a managed service.

3. InMotion


If cost is not an issue for you, consider InMotion for amazing speed, SSD-powered cloud hosting, unlocked CPU cores, great uptime, and a free cPanel/WHM interface. While being more expensive than DigitalOcean, it is still a good investment. Free access to the popular and well-known WHM and cPanel control panels is provided. Some hosts charge $10 per month for it.

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With the use of servers with SSDs instead of conventional disks, you may speed up your website and applications by a factor of 20. To ensure maximum availability, all of their designs are constructed using cutting-edge technology and top-class hardware (uptime).

Incredible server performance, root access, free backups, eCommerce compatibility, Max Speed Zones, live stat snapshots, and email accounts are additional features.

If you’re switching hosts, InMotion also assists you in relocating your website without charging you anything because they provide free site migration.

4.  Google Cloud

Google Cloud

With access to its top-notch infrastructure, Google is also a player in the cloud hosting market. Several managed hosting companies also use Google Cloud and bundle or resell it to hundreds of additional clients. As one might expect, Google Cloud provides a high-performance solution as well as assistance with significant migrations and demanding workloads. It safeguards your data with anti-malware, many layers of protection, and ongoing threat detection.

5. Liquid Web

Liquid Web

Liquid Web can be the host for you if you’re seeking more organized, user-friendly hosting than what DigitalOcean provides.

Each Cloud VPS plan is core managed, which means Liquid Web will take care of installing your server’s core software, keeping your OS up to date and patched, offering security improvements, and more. A fully managed solution, which includes additional security and complete control panel assistance, is available for a small additional fee.

Amazingly, Liquid Web offers a 100% uptime rate. Even quick first replies to help queries are guaranteed. While Liquid Web’s pricing is fairly costly, their dedication to giving you simple, dependable hosting can readily heal any residual problems with DigitalOcean.

6. DreamHost


DreamHost now manages more than 1.5 million websites and has decades of hosting management experience. One of the greatest alternatives to DigitalOcean is their lower-cost SSD-driven cloud server solutions. To use your cloud server’s resources without restrictions, DreamHost offers you complete root access.

The fantastic news is that you can deploy your Linux-based cloud server with SSH access in less than 30 seconds. That indicates that you won’t have to wait several hours or days to use cloud hosting. You may use the command line to automatically establish a server based on your needs thanks to the OpenStack-compatible API. Other programming languages can also use it.

All plans include a whopping 100 GB of block storage and unlimited free bandwidth as a gift from DreamHost. Live chat, phone, and a dedicated forum are all accessible 24/7 to assist you in resolving problems. You may either go to the support service or post your inquiries in the community forum to receive responses.

7. Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

As a method to access the existing reliable and secure Amazon server farms, Amazon Web Services, or AWS, has grown in popularity. There is a vast range of items available, each with a unique name. For instance, the cloud hosting service is known as Amazon EC2, while the cloud storage service is known as S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service).

8. Cloudways 


Cloudways isn’t your typical web host. It is a third-party hosting management service that enables even total newbies to have access to cloud hosting’s top-tier performance.

Cloudways will handle the rest when you select your hosting service from some of the biggest cloud platforms in the world, including DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, Google Cloud, and AWS (Amazon Web Services). As Cloudways will manage your hosting, offer security patches and upgrades, provide 24/7 server monitoring, and perform automated backups, you won’t ever need to contact your real host.

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Cloudways also offers a straightforward control panel and 24/7 assistance with guaranteed response times. Even better, you might decide to host your website with DigitalOcean via Cloudways, combining its robust infrastructure with first-rate administration and support.

9. BlueHost 


Another excellent option for scalable and fully managed cloud hosting is BlueHost, which is a competitor of DigitalOcean. Also, it is a well-known WordPress host and one of the top 10 web hosting companies in the world.

Even without restarting your server, you can easily expand server resources with a few clicks. The dashboard’s many features are highly useful for keeping track of traffic, load times, global reach, resource analysis, and automated failover.

Cloud servers from BlueHost are blazingly quick, safe, and dependable, and they have a built-in local caching system that speeds up the loading of both static and dynamic content to less than 151 milliseconds. In addition, to reduce the chance of data loss and provide you with peace of mind, your website’s data is replicated across three distinct devices.

Comparatively speaking to DigitalOcean, they also provide a monthly subscription option, which is ideal for evaluating the quality of their cloud hosting services for one or two months prior to purchasing an annual plan.

10. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Another significant player in the cloud computing market is Microsoft Azure. While smaller than Amazon, it offers certain distinctive features that make it stand out from DigitalOcean. With a wide range of setup options, you may choose between Linux and Windows.

Regrettably, my testing showed that performance was a tad underwhelming, with Azure ultimately outperforming DigitalOcean. It’s also not a simple host to use if you’re just starting out with website hosting, since navigating around its backend may be pretty difficult.

Yet, Microsoft Azure excels in terms of security. It provides a variety of free security tools, like server monitoring, a web application firewall, and the Azure Security Center, which helps you with avoiding, detecting, and respond to attacks. Microsoft Azure might be your host if you’re seeking a more secure option than DigitalOcean.


What is the purpose of DigitalOcean?

Cloud hosting company DigitalOcean provides infrastructure as a service and cloud computing services (IaaS). Teams can deploy on DigitalOcean in seconds, and plans start at just $5 per month. It is well-known for its affordability and scalability. Anyone may rapidly get up and running in the cloud with the aid of this setup.

Does Digital Ocean utilize AWS?

Yet, Amazon has almost everything that DigitalOcean provides. The following are a few of DigitalOcean’s best-selling items: Droplets are quick and adaptable cloud computing resources. Kubernetes is a simple, user-friendly, managed service provided by DigitalOcean.

Is it free to use DigitalOcean?

All the tools you need to create and scale your apps are available at no additional cost. Use DigitalOcean functions for free for 90,000 gigabytes per second per month. Function invocations do not incur extra fees.

DigitalOcean: Is it a VPN?

You can quickly set up and use a DigitalOcean Marketplace VPN with OpenVPN Access Server. You utilize Droplets, which are Linux-based virtual computers operating on virtualized hardware, while working with DigitalOcean.

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