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Cotomovies Apk

We dream about watching movies or TV shows if we have free time. While there are important players in the game, they are all compensated.
What if I told you that you might enjoy free HD movies and TV shows? One such movie download app is Cotomovies Apk. Free movie download app for android mobile.

Cotomovies allow you to watch the new full HD quality movies and TV shows for free. It is one of the best applications for streaming that you can get right now. We will show you in detail how to download and install CotoMovies APK on a list of devices here. The new version of the widely successful Bobby movie download app is Cotomovies android.

What Happened to Cotomovies?

The software for CotoMovies is like the king of streaming applications. From its huge library, you can watch the new movies and TV shows in high definition. All strong platforms are natively provided by Cotomovies apk. You can install it on Android or iOS. With it, you can watch streaming content using the built-in features of the movie download app on Android TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, Windows PC, and Mac, Firestick. Often, you can download items to watch later. So many functions, and forever, all this for free.

CotoMovies features

  1. High-Quality Movies and TV Shows
  2. Content Variety
  3. User-friendly, it is.
  4. You will stream thousands of tv shows and movies.
  5. Supported by just about every operating system.
  6. CotoMovies android is free of charge and is freely available for download.
  7. A fast movie download app.
  8. Searching is quick since it is grouped into various categories.
  9. It includes an auto-download feature.
  10. Download the new films and television shows
  11. Tailored Subtitles
  12. Easy Configuration and Design

CotoMovies APK Download

This software contains proprietary content without the authorization of the original owners of the tv channels. This application is not on the Google Play Store because of that, so now you have to download this movie download app from our official site. But we assure you that this programme is safe to use in all respects and is free of any kind of malware.

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How to Install the Android CotoMovies app?

You require to modify some settings on your Android phone to start installing CotoMovies; follow the steps as outlined below if you don’t know how to do that.

Enable Unknown Sources

  1. To allow the Unknown. Sources Alternative, follow these steps.
  2. Go to your Android device’s Settings page.
  3. “Scroll and find “Additional configuration.
  4. Tap on “Option for Security and Privacy.”
  5. There, you will see an option called “Unknown Sources,” which is disabled by default.
  6. Enable the Unknown Sources option and agree to the pop-up, you will get after that.
  7. Click the download button below after you’re finished.
  8. You’re going to get a pop-up.
  9. Click the Download button here.
  10. Go to the app wherever it was downloaded and tap on it once the file is downloaded.
  11. Or just tap on that one,
  12. You see a window that requires you to install it or cancel it.
  13. Only click Install.
  14. Let the installation phase end, and in your app drawer, you’ll find CotoMovies android.
  15. Also, for recent movies and TV shows, search MediaBox HD or CyberFlix APK.
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CotoMovies Download Apk for ios

Click the download button below. You should see a pop-up telling you to install or cancel it after pressing the download button.

Tap the install button, and the installation will start. Somewhere in your app drawer, you can check your progress.

You need to trust the profile of the developer in your settings to use the app.

Go to Configuration > General > Profiles & System Management > [Name of Profile] > Trust

How to Download Pc/Macbook CotoMovies?

The larger the frame, the better the experience is when it comes to watching movies. That’s why on PC, you’d like to install cotomovies. Well, with the CotoMovies app, you’ll be happy to know that you won’t need an emulator or something to watch movies on your PC. The app has an in-built function that lets you watch movies without much hassle on your PC computer. Just let’s see how.

Only follow these steps, and on your PC you will be able to enjoy films and TV shows:

  1. Download the CotoMovies app from above on your iOS or Android smartphone.
  2. Find movies or TV shows you want to watch with the Search feature
  3. Play it on your smartphone and in the top-right corner, press the direct WiFi button on your screen.
  4. Open any browser on a PC now.
  5. The address that is shown on the Cotomovies app must be typed.
  6. Hit Enter and the movie will start playing on the screen of your PC.
  7. See, it’s so easy.

No need for some kind of program to be installed on your PC. Still, if you want to have on your PC a total Cotomovies programme. You can go to our article How to install Cotomovies on your Computer, where we discussed two ways to install Cotomovies on your PC.

How to Download Firestick/FireTV CotoMovies?

On your firestick TV, setting up the Cotomovies app is a child’s play. Perform the measures as written below in the exact order.

  1. Link your TV with your firestick and turn it ON.
  2. Open the Downloader and type in the address bar with the following URL.
  3. Click on Download Cotomovies APK using the mouse.
  4. The apk download will start, and you will get the Install option when the download is done.
  5. Click Done, and click Delete the apk file.
  6. On your remote, Click the Home button.
  7. Scroll to the right under Your Software and Platforms.
  8. In the end, CotoMovies android will find you. Open it and enjoy yourself!

It was, as you can do, reasonably simple. Suppose you’re new to applications for side loading and don’t know how to configure the app for the Downloader. Please go to our in-depth guide to discuss in detail each move with related images of how to install the firestick app here.

CotoMovies APK features

Build Elegant & Material: The design is simple & user-friendly. The easy Design will help you quickly find your favourite material.

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Compatibility: all Android and Apple devices, including phones, tablets, Smart TVs, Playstations & Firestick, AppleTV are compatible with CotoMovies.

No Registration: To use CotoMovies APK, you don’t need to register or login.

Download: CotoMovies gives you the ability to either watch or download the material so that you can enjoy it later.

Accessible in many languages: the CotoMovies software is available in several languages, including English, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Spanish, Swedish, Bokmal, Norwegian.

Subtitles: You can add subtitles in several different ways to movies or TV shows inside the app. Offline, Online, or from the External file.
Feel free to watch your favourite films from all over the world in over 255 languages.

Trakt: Help Trakt login from Cotomovies. This way, the movies and TV shows you watch can be monitored.

Bookmarking: Bookmark your favourite channel with ease. From a favourite tab, you can play your favourite channel easily.

Casting: Casting is effectively enabled by the software. The content you are watching can be distributed to the supported devices on your network.

What’s a Movie Box for Bobby?

Earlier, CotoMovies was known by another name,’ Bobby Movies,’ which was later modified to ‘CotoMovies android.’ This change resulted from the version 2.2.5 innovation. Not to worry, however! With new surprising features like pace, HD movie representation, and many more, this transformed app is the same app. Coto movies are everything one needs to stream the movies or show you want to watch on one platform, as its initial version, ‘Bobby Movies box.’

How do I get CotoMovies to download?

Scroll to the top of this site to download CotoMovies and find the Download CotoMovies button on your smartphone to download the game. Fortunately, the app is available for several different devices, i.e. Android, iOS, Firestick, PC. We have in-depth guides for each of these devices for downloading cotomovies. To get the app, feel free to browse and follow the steps.

Is it Legal for CotoMovies?

Yeah, it’s legal for CotoMovies; let us clarify how. CotoMovies is an internet-scraping software that offers connections to watch movies and TV shows. In fact, CotoMovies does not have anything to download or stream on its own. It basically gives you access to streaming links that
are already accessible from other sites on the internet. Lawmakers argue, however, that it is unethical to provide the public with their copyrighted works for free. To deem CotoMovies to be legal or illegal is a matter of personal preference.

Shutdown CotoMovies?

CotoMovies was confronted by politicians with serious legal issues and was forced to shut down. The writers of the Hell Boy and Angel Fallen movies were the ones that caused all the trouble. In addition, some other applications, namely, ShowBox, MediaBox HD, Popcorn Time, was also involved.


One of the best apps you can go to watch movies and TV shows online is cotomovies android. APK. Honestly, we personally use this app, and I’m in love with the app. Other than that, it is unique because of the ability to stream videos and many other features. I don’t believe you can avoid this one and download it right away. So hope you can download it and enjoy it instantly with the above measures.

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