15 Best Contract Management Software in 2022

Contract Management Software

Contract management software lets its users organize and keep track of contracts at any point in their lives. Organizations may benefit from this kind of software in a number of ways, such as renewal alerts, compliance management, gathering verification, managing contract designs, records management, and version control. Business agreements are made simpler for all parties thanks to top contract management software. While establishing payment schedules and roles for all parties involved, you may do away with written signatures and convoluted email chains. This article provides a solution for you, whether your company writes contracts on a regular basis or you only need assistance with a specific use case. In the sections below, I discuss the top qualities of each Contract management software CMS, why they are the most appropriate for each category, and how much they cost.

15 Best Contract Management Software in 2022

Find out which contract management software free is ideal for you by reading on. To help you choose the best Contract management software salesforce, we compared fifteen top products based on their key features: digitalization, personalization, workflow, privacy, compliance measures, templates, pricing plans, and standard connections.

Things To Consider While Selecting A Contract Management Software

1. Usability

Absolutely no one wants a platform that is difficult to use. The most important factor affecting your Contract management software for small business effectiveness is whether team members are eager to use it. The system’s simplicity, ease of use, and positive user experience will encourage both trial use and long-term use. Whatever you decide should be simple for all teams to use and, ideally, work with the technologies your business now routinely uses. When the enrollment and deployment processes are easier, the sales and HR teams may be less likely to be stopped and may be able to move more quickly.

Organizations should look for a solution with features like the capacity to batch send from a single screen, personalization options, computer-controlled approval routing based on workflows, and a common, searchable repository to shop for contracts if they want to guarantee a convenient experience for all teams. With these skills, you’ll be able to streamline an already complicated contract administration process, recover time and money, and inspire your staff.

2. Risk Management by Management

When agreements contain errors, an organization is exposed to a variety of dangers since an agreement is only as effective as the data that was used to develop it. The right contract management software Microsoft, on the other hand, shows business leaders every risk that their contracts expose them to. This lets them focus on business opportunities instead of missed contract extensions, lost discount savings, and non-compliance due to unmet contract obligations. When choosing a contract management software legal for your company, you need to think about what the legal analytics department needs. The best CLM platform will use a unique, automated process to reduce risk by a lot and protect against it. Contracts with third parties can be watched and regulated, and legal teams may be given the power to choose which terms and conditions sales can use.

3. Options for Safe Transport and Storage

Contract management software may make manual contract management much less inefficient by letting customers see contracts and sign them securely online or in person. With the help of Conga Sign, businesses can offer safe, legal, and fully branded paperwork to be signed from a single platform.

#1. Avokaado


Avokaado is web-based contract lifecycle management software that makes it easier for businesses to keep track of contracts and the processes that go with them. Businesses can use Avokaado to store documents, make contracts, communicate, and handle all aspects of legal document management from a single platform.


  • A centrally located automated legal forms repository in the cloud.
  • powerful real-time collaboration tools, including the ability to share documents, talk within documents, set reminders, and use dynamic approval processes.
  • a mobile-friendly dashboard that tracks and visualizes all collaboration procedures in one place.

#2. PandaDoc


With PandaDoc, businesses can improve their document processes, analytics, and speed while still meeting customer needs. For creating, approving, and eSigning proposals, quotes, contracts, and other documents, PandaDoc offers all-in-one document software solutions.

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  • You can quickly make proposals, interactive quotes, and contracts by using the slide editor and fast uploads.
  • Cloud-based examiner cooperation with features for both local and international reviewers, including approval procedures, redlining, modification tracking, commenting, and general chat functionality.
  • When a document is accessed, viewed, or signed, or when a contract has to be updated, you’ll get fast mail and mobile app notifications.

#3. Gatekeeper


Gatekeeper is cloud-based contract management software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help businesses manage important information and contracts, keep track of workloads, store records, and handle risks well. The platform offers a single information hub where clients can securely store and manage data for their agreements and vendors in order to maintain contract management operations more efficiently.


  • Processes that are automated to manage contract procedures, improve them, and keep an auditable record of what was done.
  • Gatekeeper offers ENegotiate as a redlining application for MS Word that offers efficient and rapid contract negotiations.
  • eIDAS is a streamlined, integrated electronic signature solution that meets ESIGN, UETA, and European eIDAS criteria.

#4. ContractWorks


The execution, storage, and tracking of business contracts are made easier with the help of the online contract management platform, ContractWorks. ContractWorks makes contract management software available to businesses and teams of all sizes by making it easy to set up, easy to use, and affordable.


  • a centralized cloud-based repository with cutting-edge security features to keep your data organized, safe, and accessible — wherever and whenever you need it.
  • With the help of machine learning OCR and powerful search tools, you can find words and sentences quickly.
  • Customized reporting gives you a lot of information about your agreements by letting you make reports based on tags that you can save, organize, and share with many different people.

#5. Concord


Concord is an online platform for Contract management software that offers many tools that automate and combine the whole contract management process, from authoring to the final signature, all in one place.


  • By making templates, you can save already-approved terms for certain situations and make templates that can be used again and again from existing contracts.
  • A central repository for contracts that contains an endless number of scanned and electronically annotated contracts.
  • You may send contracts to the right people in the right order for rapid review and signing by using custom approval procedures.

#6. ContraxAware


ContraxAware is a web-based Contract management software that lets both small and large businesses make, change, and keep contracts, as well as react in the right way. Users of the platform can grant permission-based login and search contracts based on particular criteria thanks to the platform’s central database.


  • You may create an unlimited number of tender documentation templates in MS Word and upload them to the ContraxAware agreement library using a contract document template.
  • Users may set up alerts and receive a 360-degree view of their assigned tasks and workload thanks to the built-in regular follow-up, graphs, and statistics.
  • It is a secure cloud-based system with permission-based access rights that can be accessed at any time, from any place, and on any device.

#7. Contract Logix

Contract Logix

Contract Logix is a statistics-driven contract lifecycle Contract management software that can be used to automate and digitize the process of making, negotiating, approving, executing, and managing contracts. It covers every aspect of buy-side and sell-side contracts, from making the contracts to making sure they are carried out.


  • Automated contract processes with workflows that can be changed based on how your business works and how the rules change.
  • You can always stay in the loop thanks to cloud-based technology, which lets you observe what’s happening from anywhere, at any time.
  • Keep a complete history in one place and seamlessly track internal and external edits, redlines, and comments throughout the negotiation process.

#8. Trackado


A cloud-based technology called Trackado helps businesses streamline and simplify the whole contract lifecycle. Trackado centralizes your contracts so you can access them from anywhere, get alerts automatically for important dates and events, and learn more about how financially sustainable your contracts are.


  • A cloud solution is a cloud solution that doesn’t require on-premise installations and can be accessed via a web browser from anywhere in the world.
  • Search parameters like category, department, business partner, or custom characteristics can be used to find, find, and get your contracts.
  • The business partner module puts all of your strategic partners in one place, lets you contact them, and keeps track of everything they do that has to do with contracts.
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#9. Onit


Onit Contract Lifecycle Monitoring is a cloud-based contract archive with automated features that help with all stages of the contract lifecycle, from capturing and creating contracts to discussing and approving them, putting them into action, and keeping track of them after they are done. By streamlining the whole contract lifecycle, Onit CLM lowers risk and makes it simpler for all parties to use.


  • No additional complicated programs need to be downloaded because Onit’s technology is cloud-based.
  • Teams may start using the platform straight away without further training thanks to how simple it is to use.
  • You may simply follow the whole contract lifetime with the help of automatic alerts of important dates and milestones.

#10. Ironclad


Ironclad’s software for managing information and records is made for in-house legal teams. It helps with the problems of clause-level cooperation and makes it easy for companies to carry out their own contracts.


  • Legal teams may manage contract redlining and changes in one spot with the help of the cloud-based system Ironclad Editor, which serves as a communication and negotiation tool.
  • With the drag-and-drop software Workflow Designer, users can quickly set up approval and contract processes.
  • A dynamic resource repository with user-friendly search and data reporting capabilities that takes contracts from wherever

#11. Contractbook


Contractbook is a platform for managing final contracts that offer data-driven contract automation and a single, simplified flow for managing your contracts for their entire lives.


  • To gain a deeper grasp of your legal issues, work together in various teams with set hierarchies. You may also invite outside guests and easily negotiate with other parties.
  • You can make contracts right away using the editor’s computer-based format so you can use the information and plan for what might happen.
  • The Activity Dashboard keeps track of both task processes and smart reminders to help you keep track of changes to contracts.

#12. ContractSafe 


ContractSafe makes secure web contract management software for businesses that want to organize their contracts better and make sure they don’t miss important dates. The easy-to-use platform has a centralized search engine, automatic OCR, and an alarm system that goes off when a contract date is getting close. This helps you manage your paperwork better.


  • Users at home and abroad can talk to each other through a common online gateway that includes chat.
  • The two-way DocuSign interface for electronic signatures makes it possible to digitally sign contracts in a matter of minutes.
  • The AI assistant in ContractSafe helps users get rid of manual work by giving them a wide range of search options and the ability to set up and arrange papers.

#13. Contract Hound 

Contract Hound

An online tool called Contract Hound organizes your contracts so that you can find information and remember renewal dates more easily. It is a Contract management software.


  • Using the Folders function, you can set up agreements and quickly look at important data by department, supplier, type, customer, or any other criteria you want.
  • Each contract has talks and actions from teammates stored.
  • Every contract in your company has a digital paper trail of proof that is maintained in the Activity Feed.
  • You can program expiry and other important event notifications and reminders to help your organization reduce the risk of overpaying and take advantage of savings.

#14. SpringCM


SpringCM, which is owned by DocuSign, uses the DocuSign CLM to create, automate, manage, and store your contracts and agreements in the cloud.


  • They create templates that are already configured to automatically populate contracts with data from other systems and appropriate language.
  • To enhance oversight and speed up contract discovery, contracts should be stored, categorized, and organized in a central repository with fine-grained permission limitations. Configurable AI models should be used to extract important clauses.
  • Contracts should be submitted for approval, changes should be tracked across many versions, and a central repository should be used to track who did what and how.

#15. Precisely


This allows you to precisely streamline the whole Contract management software, from the first application through the contract renewal. The cloud-based contract management system gives you all the tools you need to handle contracts in a legal and effective way.


  • It is a web-based central repository that enables you to keep all of your legal documents in one place and provides intelligent search.
  • Establish templates that enable the production of contracts in response to clever inquiries.
  • By using automated approval processes, you can keep all relevant data in one location and guarantee that all parties are informed when necessary.
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