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sites like putlocker

One of the internet’s most popular video entertainment services is Putlocker. The Putlocker7 is so popular that it has forced many significant internet access providers to block access to it, depriving millions of its long-term fans of easy access to movies and TV shows. Here are some most popular putlocker mirror sites.

What happened to PutLocker?

The enormous success of Putlockers has captured the interest of governments and many Internet service providers (ISPs) and was identified by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) as a significant digital piracy threat. As a consequence, following the UK high court ruling, the website was blocked in late 2016. Since sites like putlocker are no longer in operation, so we will show you some more Putlocker alternatives to show every online video streamer needs to find free movie sites like Putlocker.

100% Working PutLocker Mirror Sites/ PutLocker Proxy Sites

S. No. Putlocker Proxy and Putlocker Mirror sites Status Speed
1. Online Very Fast
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13. US Proxy Online Very Fast
14. UK Proxy Online Very Fast
15. Online Very Fast
16. Online Very Fast
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21. Online Very Fast
22. Online Very Fast
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24. Online Very Fast
25. Online Very Fast

Seeking an excellent alternative to putlocker to the most powerful movie streaming platform, though, is not by any means a simple feat. To help you all of this, we have assembled a list of 16 of the best Putlocker alternatives so that you can watch free TV shows and videos anytime, wherever.

Alternatives to Putlocker

Here are Putlocker ‘s best alternative sites that give movie fans quick access to high-quality streaming video. Best Putlocker alternatives to entertain yourself in these vacations.


sites like putlocker

It is one of the market’s most accessible and free streaming sites currently available like putlocker alternative website. It boasts a large client base with its user-friendly interface and has a comprehensive library to sell. Use it, no registration required, to watch movies, and to stream TV shows for free, a working putlocker alternative website.

You can also stream various quality videos depending on internet speed. The use of subtitles is one of the most enjoyed aspects of this fantastic website. In addition, on both PCs and tablets, it runs very well.

123 Movies

sites like putlocker

With many streaming site such as Putlocker, the market is saturated, but only a few can be deemed legal and secure. 123 Movies is a world-famous streaming, free streaming sites currently available like putlocker alternative websitethat focuses on content, privacy, and comfort for consumers.

Is 123Movies a user-friendly site? Does it host the new movies?

Well, that’s what you could ask for from a decent streaming site for movies. A vast index list of films and TV shows is considered to be delivered, and options never fall short.

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It also has well-categorized parts that allow you to browse for new content quickly. Based on several parameters, including last added, release year, and most-watched, you can narrow your quest.

Popcorn Time

sites like putlocker

With other prominent streaming websites such as Netflix and Prime Video, Popcorn Time enjoys a comparable degree of success. In its library, you get a massive collection of TV shows and movies.

To replay them later, you can even use it to stream your favorite film and TV shows. It comes with a GUI and navigation mechanism that is easy to use.

Through its neatly classified pages, such as newly added, upcoming films, etc., you can easily access high-quality material. In addition, streaming is not limited because, instead of being a website, it has native applications for all major free streaming sites currently available like putlocker alternative website: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.


sites like putlocker

Although it is not the cleanest free streaming sites currently available like putlocker alternative websitefor video streaming, it is undoubtedly one of Putlocker’s better alternatives. With additional information, such as the actor’s name, you get a massive array of new and iconic shows. You can use it for streaming movie previews as well. The only drawback to this excellent website is that it’s not ad-free.


Fmovies is another best free movie streaming websites such as putlockers. Its new and elegant user interface differentiates it from its rivals.

You can quickly navigate and stream your favorite movies and shows for free through their different categories and genres. Consider using a VPN link to enjoy an uninterrupted viewing experience if you are experiencing any quality problems. Since it’s free of cost, you could have a few advertisements here and there before playing your video.


PopcornFlix Best SolarMovie Alternatives

With Popcornflix, enjoy your favorite movie. For quite some time, it has been on the market and is viewed as an effective alternative to Putlocker.

Much of the catalog comprises old and classic films, but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch the new content on it. To use Popcornflix, there is no need to sign up to build an account, which means you can watch your favorite movies easily. Both major operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS, are also fully compliant with Popcornflix.


Moviewatcher ‘s essential highlights are its sturdy library along with a well-organized playlist. You can categorize your quest based on movie form, success, year of release, and genre.

Along with the search menu, the homepage of the site is organized correctly and facilitates effortless navigation. The new film, most-watched film, and movies currently in theatre, also hosts an entirely different portion. The web is entirely desktop and smartphone free streaming sites currently available like putlocker alternative website compliant.

Solar Movie

Another fantastic option to Putlocker platforms is the solar film, which offers a pretty good free streaming service. It has a broad range of permanently revamped movies and TV shows.

The solar movie is incredibly user-friendly and has a highly intuitive GUI that makes Putlocker one of the better substitutes. Also, both PCs and smartphones will stream/download your favorite content.


Moonline is a fantastic free video streaming free streaming sites currently available like putlocker alternative websitelike Putlockers, where you can quickly search through multiple categories for your content. As per your specifications, you can sort and philter out films.

The platform houses numerous films belonging to genres such as Horror, Anime, Action, Sci-Fi, and many more to pick from and watch. Unique features like Replay Video Capture, where you can capture and transform movies that have already been streamed, are available on this free streaming sites currently available like putlocker alternative website.

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You can find the new movies on this page that can be downloaded for free as well. This online service for movies is a somewhat useful site, making it a worthy competitor to Putlocker.

The movie categorization is completely fine, and without much effort, you can check for your videos. On the Android platform, this site is also available as a smartphone download. And unscripted TV drama shows and music recordings can be found on this web video free streaming sites currently available like sites like putlocker for film.


Due to its highly updated database that can enable online viewing of HD movies, web-based series and videos, and even free TV episodes, MoviesJoy has won a spot in our list of best alternatives to the Putlocker website.

With MoviesJoy, watching the new HD movies and shows is a breeze. There is a search bar at the top of the home page to enter the required film or display name and other helpful keywords to search for them quickly. You will watch movies and TV shows from all over the world, with a wide range of genres. There are several foreign language movies available with English subtitles on this free streaming sites currently available like putlocker alternative website.


Movie4u is a free video entertainment sites alternative to Putlockers, where you can watch movies and TV shows from various genres and eras. The website design is fundamental and easy to work through to discover your favorite shows and films.

There is a genre-wise list and a year-wise list as you scroll down the homepage. You can also scan for your films using the search bar tool at the top of the web page.


For all sorts of movie and TV show fans, Cmovies is the go-to spot for online sites like Putlocker.

The website brings to one location all the newly published movies, and full-length episodes of famous TV shows that you can access free of charge online without any hassle. With hundreds of various formats, including action, romance, suspense, horror, satire, biography, fantasy, and more, the site features an extensive film material database.


Another popular Putlocker alternate free streaming sites currently available like putlocker alternative website for viewing free films online is Yes Movies. Yes, Movies is the best place to fulfill your entertainment cravings with more than 9000 free HD movies, TV shows, & documentaries.

The website’s homepage has a beautifully crafted interface divided into numerous parts, such as Genre, Region, Movies, TV Series, and Top IMDb.


Although the films, television series, and documentaries available on this site are in English, there are various subtitle options available in different languages. It includes subtitle translations for all major languages, from Swedish and Albanian to Croatian, allowing non-native viewers to experience online movies comfortably.

The new release movies and most-watched TV shows are mostly available in full HD, and since they are accessible on the main page of the web, users can conveniently access them. If you have an ad blocker working on your machine, Los Movies’ built-in video player, which is known to be the biggest downside, will be disabled, but aside from that, the site functions reasonably well.


Putlocker was one of the best free streaming media for entertainment that went online in 2011. The original roots of the website come from the United Kingdom. One of the fastest websites to draw millions of regular users is Putlockers, which has become one of the UK’s most popular and trending websites.

Since the putlocker websites are blocked in many countries, it is imperative to find the right alternatives for putlockers. We have specifically listed the ideal and safest option for movie lovers here in this article.

To secure your computers from malware or viruses, we recommend that you use a good and healthy VPN. Finally, you can automatically move to another alternate website if you find your smartphone or laptop is not compliant with either streaming service. If you face any trouble accessing any of the alternatives to putlockers, we will help you out with a reply.

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