Pokemon Sword Gym Leaders : Who They Are And How To Beat Them All

Pokemon Sword Gym Leaders

You’ve just been assigned a pokemon sword gym leaders partner, and there’s a beautiful new territory to discover as well as other places to visit. So, how does the newest Pokémon trainer get started? With a first step on the road to success, the Pokémon League prepares for a challenger who can finally dethrone Leon, the unstoppable champion.

You’ll have to prove yourself by defeating all eight of the Galar region’s Gym Leaders before you can even consider about taking the field to confront Leon. They’re all over the place, have a wide range of Pokémon under their belts, and are eager to see if you have what it takes to rise to the top.

Pokemon Sword Gym Leaders

What are Gym Battles and how do they work?

Gym Battles are one-of-a-kind battles that you’ll have to complete in order to proceed through the tale. The only way to earn Gym Badges and raise the level cap of the pokemon sword gym leaders you can capture and train is to do so. Here’s where you can learn how to catch Pokemon. Each gym has its own mission. Instead of simply putting you through a series of Pokemon battles, pokemon shield gym leaders has its own set of goals or challenges to keep things interesting. Solve and complete these mini-games as quickly as can to face the pokemon sword gym order and advance through the plot! To Increase Capture Level, Defeat Gym Leaders.

Hullbury Gym Leader Nessa

Hulbury is the next stop on the route to being the best like no one else has ever been. This Gym Leader, Nessa, is a master of Water-type pokemon sword gym leaders , and she won’t miss an opportunity to rain on your parade if you give her one. Turning a few valves and defeating Nessa’s resident gym trainers is a straightforward chore, but if you want to win, you’ll need to have some Grass, Flying, or Electric-type firepower in your team.

You don’t have much to worry about at this point in pokémon sword and shield gym leaders if you choose Grookey and have already evolved it into Thwackey. The hills, on the other hand, have lots of possibilities for you to explore if you need some form advantage muscle.
Bounsweet may be found throughout the Wild Area, and Shield players have unique access to wild Lotad on Route 2, while Sword players can pick up a Seedot in the same location.

Both pokemon sword gym leaders can evolve into powerful anti-Water forms, or you can get a Toxel from the Pokémon Nursery on Route 05. When you get Toxel to level 30, you’ll have a formidable counter to all three of Nessa’s Pokémon, especially when she Dynamaxes her Drednaw in combat.

The following is a list of her team members:

You’ll receive the Water Badge, the Water Uniform, the ability to catch Pokémon up to level 30, and TM36 Whirlpool after defeating Nessa. Back in Motostoke City, the clever Kabu awaits your arrival in the stadium for the next task.

Motostoke Gym Leader Kabu

The journey to the pokemon gym leaders Cup Challenge hasn’t been that difficult so far. That all changes when you face your third Gym challenge, for Kabu is ready to burn anybody who dares to stand in his way to ashes. Kabu is the final introduction challenge in Pokémon’s signature system of elemental rock-paper-scissors, and you better believe you’ll want a few Pokémon capable of dousing his flames after battling Gym Leaders who preferred Grass and Water.

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The gym challenge set by Kabu isn’t that demanding. You’ll be tasked with collecting or eliminating Pokémon: either wild ones in the grass around you, or gym trainers who send their own beasts onto the field to make your life a little more difficult. You’ll be allowed to keep any Pokémon you catch here as a bonus, including a useful Litwick that can evolve into a Chandelure or a Sizzlipede, whose ultimate form you’ll meet soon.

Water-types are the obvious solution to Kabu’s squad, and if you started with Sobble as your starter Pokémon, you already have a significant edge, especially if it has developed into Sizzile. Rolycoly, whose evolved form Carkol makes it a heavyweight bruiser versus Kabu’s team, is another possibility, as as other Rock and Ground-type Pokémon found in the Galar mine, like as Diglett. Otherwise, stick to Water-types discovered on fishing expeditions and you’ll be fine when Kabu gets to the field and burns out.

Centiskorch is a fire and bug-type monster with a level of 27. You’ll receive the Fire Badge, the Fire Uniform, the ability to catch Pokémon up to level 35, and TM38 Will-o-The-Wisp after extinguishing Kabu’s fire. In Stow-On-Side, past the dustiest hills and most ancient of ruins that foretold of the Darkest Day, you’ll face your next task.

Leader of the Stow-On-Side Gym, Bea

Your Gym Leader challenge is also digging into the idea of exclusivity dependent on which version of the catch-em-all game you purchased, which is a first for the Pokémon series.
Players who want to add a fourth badge to their collection will face off against Bea, a martial arts master and the resident Gym Leader of Stow-On-Side.

Because you’ll have to steer your vehicle through an easy obstacle course utilising the narrowest of analogue stick rotations, Bea’s gym has a liking for carnival rides. Alternatively, you could risk being smashed into a corner by a gigantic boxing glove, but hey, that’s life. You’ll find three of these parts, each with a gym trainer at the finish.

After you’ve overcome that stumbling block, it’s time to take on Bea. With Fighting-types at her disposal, you’ll want to make sure your team has a mix of Flying, Psychic, Fairy, and Poison-types ready to play. By now, the Toxel you picked up at the Route 5 Pokémon Day-Care should have evolved into a formidable Toxtricity, whose Poison-type abilities make it a logical counter to Bea’s team.

Due to its secondary Steel-type qualities, Rookiedee in its final evolved version of Corviknight should be a glass cannon on your adventure, but if it’s quick off the mark, it can still dole out some hefty damage with Flying-type strikes.

The best bet is to make sure you have a Fairy-Type ready to go, with a stop on Route 5 to capture a Swirlix being the apparent pick for a swift win. Even if it hasn’t evolved into Slurpuff (due to the fact that it requires a rare item and a trade from a friend to reach that higher state), it can still cause trouble for Bea’s Pangoro, keeping your Psychic-types fresh for when she summons Machamp and Dynamaxes it into its terrifying and titanic form.

To Increase Capture Levels, Defeat Gym Leaders

You must defeat Gym Leaders in Pokemon Sword and Shield in order to collect stronger Pokemon in the field.
To catch rarer and more powerful Pokemon, you must level up your Pokemon.

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Obtain Winning Gym Uniforms

When you defeat Gym Leaders, you will receive not only Badges, but also uniforms based on the gym’s theme.
Change into them in the Boutiques’ changing rooms!

Turffield Gym Leader Milo

Milo, the leader of Turffield Gym, is a Grass-type Pokemon expert. A Level 19 Gossifleur and a Level 20 Eldegloss are among his Pokemon (Dynamax). To deal huge damage to his Grass-type Pokemon, use Flying, Poison, Bug, Fire, or Ice-type Pokemon.

Hulbury Gym Leader Nessa

Hulbury Gym’s leader, Nessa, specialised in Water-type Pokemon. Her Pokemon are a Level 22 Goldeen, a Level 23 Arrokuda, and a Level 24 Drednaw (Dynamax), which can deal both Rock and Water damage. Make quick work of her Water animals with Grass or Electric assaults.

Motostoke Gym Leader Kabu

Kabu, the Gym Leader of Motostoke, is a Fire-type Pokemon expert. A Level 25 Ninetales, a Level 25 Arcanine, and a Level 27 Centiskorch are among his Pokemon (Gigantamax). To rapidly defeat his Fire Pokemon, use Ground, Rock, or Water-type techniques.

Stow-on-Side Gym Leader Bea (Pokemon Sword)

Bea is the head of the Stow-on-Side gym, which specialises in Pokemon of the Fighting type. A Level 34 Hitmontop, a Level 34 Pangoro, a Level 35 Sirfetch’d, and a Level 36 Machamp are among her Pokemon (Gigantamax). Against deal extra damage to her Fighting creatures, use Flying, Psychic, or Fairy-type attacks.

Leader of the Stow-on-Side Gym, Allister (Pokemon Shield)

Allister is the leader of the Stow-on-Side gym, which specialises on Pokemon of the Ghost type. A Level 34 Yamask, a Level 34 Mimikyu, a Level 35 Cursola, and a Level 36 Gengar are among his Pokemon (Gigantamax). To deal greater damage to his ghostly creatures, use Ghost or Dark-type techniques.

Ballonlea Gym Leader Opal

Opal is the leader of the allister gym leader , which specialises in Pokemon of the Fairy type. A Level 36 Weezing, a Level 36 Mawile, a Level 37 Togekiss, and a Level 38 Alcremie are among her 4th gym pokemon sword (Gigantamax). Make quick work of her Fairy-type creatures with Poison or Steel-type techniques.

Circhester Gym Leader Gordie (Pokemon Sword)

Gordie, the leader of the Circhester gym, is a Rock-type Pokemon expert. A Level 40 Barbaracle, a Level 40 Shuckle, a Level 41 Stonjourner, and a Level 42 Coalossal are among his pokemon sword gyms . To get rid of his Rock-type creatures, use Fighting, Ground, Steel, Water, or Grass-type techniques.

Circhester Gym Leader Melony (Pokemon Shield)

Melony, the leader of the Circhester gym, is an Ice-type pokemon sword gym leaders expert. A Level 40 Frosmouth, a Level 40 Darmanitan, a Level 41 Eiscue, and a Level 42 Lapras are among her pokémon sword and shield gym leaders bulbapedia (Gigantamax). To quickly dispatch her Ice-type animals, use Fighting, Rock, Steel, or Fire-type attacks.

Spikemuth Gym Leader, Pie

Piers is the pokemon sword gym leaders levels for the Spikemuth gym, which focuses on Dark-type pokemon sword gym leaders . A Level 44 Scrafty, a Level 45 Malamar, a Level 45 Skuntank, and a Level 46 Obstagoon are among his pokémon sword champion cup . To get rid of his obnoxious Dark-type creatures, use Fighting, Bug, or Fairy-type attacks.

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