TOP 5 Best Crypto Referral Programs in 2022

This article will be devoted to an overview of the most profitable and affordable referral programs on exchanges that provide an opportunity to trade digital currencies and tokens. After reading this article, you will receive information that you can use when earning Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Introduction Despite the market correction, the cryptocurrency industry continues to evolve. One of the most used resources are exchanges. These are the main platforms where users can buy, sell, and trade coins. In order to attract customers on trading platforms, referral programs are created that provide traders with more opportunities to earn money in the industry. The essence of such programs is to attract additional users for a reward from the exchange. In this article, we have collected the 5 best referral programs that will make your stay in the cryptocurrency industry even more profitable.

Exchange – Binance

Binance uses a fairly standard referral program. All registered users can get a personal referral link, invite new users to the platform and receive up to 40% of the commission paid by their referrals. The size of the commission depends on the number of BNB coins in your account, but its minimum size is 20. The program has no restrictions on the number of referrals a user can invite. Binance also strictly controls duplicate or fake accounts and excludes any user who breaks the rules.

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Exchange – CEX.IO

The referral program of the CEX exchange is very similar to the program of the Binance exchange, which we wrote about above. Each user has the opportunity to receive a personal link to attract customers. As a reward, you will receive 30% of the commission for transactions that were made by your referrals. You can withdraw the resulting profit from the exchange account 30 days after the accrual, which occurs daily.

Exchange – p2pb2b

At the moment, there is no p2pb2b review on our site, but it will appear soon. The developers of this trading platform with originality approached the creation of a referral program for their users. P2pb2b clients participate in the so-called Referral Games and “fight for the right” to receive a reward also can play Bitcoin Casino. The rules for participating in the RP on p2pb2b are as follows:

  • receiving an affiliate link;
  • users are engaged in attracting new customers;
  • receive points for this and a 50% discount on the trading commission.

The chances of winning the “war” increase with more points.

Exchange – LocalBitcoins

An overview of the LocalBitcoins exchange can be found here. The team of this exchange offers its users 20% of the trading commission from each attracted client. Rewards are paid to your LocalBitcoins wallet every day. If your referral is both a buyer and a seller, then you will receive a double reward – 40%. Only registered users can take part in the LocalBitcoins affiliate program.

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Exchange – Coinmama

Unfortunately, the overview of the Coinmama exchange has not yet been published on our website, but we are already working on it. The Coinmama trading platform provides users with the opportunity to receive rewards in bitcoins, subject to attracting customers to the exchange through a referral program. RP on Coinmama has no restrictions on the number of attracted clients.

Completion Friends, now you have information on how you can earn cryptocurrency through non-trading activities. We can also add LetsExchange crypto exchange referral program. Register on the above exchanges, get referral links and post them on thematic sites, forums and publics.

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