Top 16 Best Anonymous Texting App for Android

Annoymous texting app

here are a number of reasons why you would want to keep your number private while texting or calling someone. Maybe you don’t want them to track you down afterwards, or there is a security reason behind, it is always good to have anonymous texting app on your device. While I know that it may not be as commonly used as other texting apps for Android, there is certainly a need for this kind of app.

I’m also aware that a lot of people use these apps to harass other people, so I want to make one thing really clear here. If the authorities want in your country, they can easily track the number behind any kind of malicious call or text message.

If you’re anonymous texting app, there are several reasons why you might wish to keep your phone number private. For a variety of reasons, whether you don’t want them to be able to hunt you down afterward or for security reasons, having an anonymous messaging app for Android on your mobile is always a good idea. While I recognise that this type of software may not be as widely utilised as other Android texting apps, there is unquestionably a demand for this type of service.

I’m also aware that a large number of people use these applications to harass other people, so I’d like to be quite clear about one thing right now. If the authorities in your country so desire, they may easily track down the phone number that is responsible for any malicious call or text message.

Top 16 Best Anonymous Texting App for Android

1. Google Messages (also known as Gmail)

Google Messages is a anonymous texting app. Google Messages is the default texting application that comes pre-installed on many Android smartphones, including the Google Pixel and Android One. The texting application for Android offers a straightforward, uncluttered UI that also supports dark mode. You may send high-resolution photographs, videos, GIFs, stickers, and a variety of other types of media.

Messaging also supports RCS chats (Chat features), which enable WhatsApp-like functionality such as knowing whether or not a message has been received, as well as knowing whether or not a message has been read by the recipient. It is also possible to send high-resolution media and text messages via WiFi if the “Chat feature” has been enabled in the Messages settings.

Among the many advantages of Google Messages is that it is also accessible over the web and that text messages can be scheduled. Overall, it’s one of the greatest SMS apps available for Android users today.

2. SMS Organizer Must Have Android Apps


A must-have app for persons who receive a large number of promotional and confirmation messgags on a regular basis. Messages are organised into parts by the app in an intuitive manner. An additional Finance tab, which analyses payment confirmation messages and keeps track of your financial situation, is available.SMS Organizer is the best text messaging app that I’ve used for a long time and recommend to everyone. As the name implies, the SMS app is responsible for managing all of your text messages, and it does a terrific job at it.

You can also schedule SMS messages, make message reminders, change the theme of a message, and even set restrictions, such as instructing the app to delete promotional messages after a specific amount of time has passed, among other features. The finest feature of the programme is that it allows you to backup all of your communications to a cloud storage service.

3. Signal Singal messaging and SMS application

annoymous messaging app

Signal is primarily an internet messaging service, similar to WhatsApp, although it may also be used as a messaging app for Android devices. Signal’s inclusion on this list of the best SMS applications is due to the fact that it is one of the most private messaging apps available. After comparing Signal, Telegram, and WhatsApp, we discovered that the private app, Signal, acquired the least amount of personal information.
Signal is the finest texting software for Android if privacy is your top priority above anything else in your life.You will, however, need to manually enable the SMS/MMS feature from the settings menu.
While sending the Signal message, hold down the Send button for a lengthy period of time to select the SMS option. Images, GIFs, stickers, contacts, your location, and other data can be sent, as well as other types of files. You may also be interested in: 20 Best and Hidden Signal App Features

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4. QKSMS app for Android-min


QKSMS is an open-source texting application for Android, which means you can be confident in the security of your personal information. It offers a simple user interface and a large number of themes to pick from. There is a dark setting available, as well as a Pure black Night mode, which looks stunning when used with AMOLED panels.

You may also backup and schedule text messages, as well as transmit them at a later time using this feature. You will, however, need to purchase the QKSMS+ in order to gain access to these three features. This is a significant disadvantage because most of these capabilities are available for free on competing texting applications in this area.Despite the fact that the app supports sending GIFs and stickers, there is no dedicated option for doing so. QKSMS, on the other hand, is a solid SMS app for Android that is worth a try.

5. Silence SMS application (QKSMS 5)

Silence is an open-source Android best anonymous texting app that makes use of Singal’s encryption protocol to ensure that all conversations are encrypted from beginning to end. Silence, in contrast to the other messaging applications on this list, does not provide the opportunity to postpone or delay messages. It is also not possible to save messages as backups. Silence is only good at one thing, and that is keeping your data safe from unauthorised access.

By delivering the receiver a one-of-a-kind validation key, you can create a secure connection with them. Silence, on the other hand, should have been installed by both parties in order to hold private conversations. Additionally, you can lock a certain discussion with a passcode to prevent others from accessing it. Additionally, users are not permitted to snap screenshots while using Silence. Overall, Silence is the finest messaging app for Android if your primary concern is maintaining the privacy of your SMS messages.

6. Smileys in Private Text Messages

Smiley Private Texting is one of the most popular anonymous texting app for the iPhone. This anonymous texting tool works in a similar way as Text Burner in that it allows you to receive and read messages that have been delivered to proxy mobile phone numbers.
This software is completely free, albeit it only provides phone numbers from the United States and Canada.
Beyond that, Smiley Private Texting is a powerful tool for sending texts secretly on the iPhone that is well worth exploring.

7. Smiley Private Texting

Second Texting Number is one of the most popular anonymous messaging applications for the iPhone. Using Second Texting Number, your true contact number will be concealed, and you will be provided with a second phone number to text from. What if you could trick your best buddy into thinking you’re someone you’re not?
If this is the case, Second Texting Number can assist you with it. All you have to do is input the phone number you want to text, type the message you want to send, and you’re ready to text anonymously. There is no registration required.

8. Second Texting Number


Text Burner is one of the most popular best apps for anonymous texting for the iPhone. Text Burner is unquestionably one of the most trusted anonymous texting apps for the iPhone and other iOS devices on the market today.
It provides you with a variety of phone numbers that you can use to communicate the information you wish to convey. One of the features that distinguishes Text Burner from the competition is the fact that you may also receive texts through the site. When it comes to posting ads on Craigslist, it is really the app that the majority of people choose to use.

9. Text Burner

annoymous messaging app

Pinstant is one of the greatest anonymous texting app iphone for the iPhone. In addition to being able to write texts on your iPhone anonymously, you will also be able to upload photographs and even videos on social media platforms without anybody knowing who you are thanks to Pinstant.
In reality, the images and videos that you upload to this app will be posted on your social media accounts as well as the app itself.

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10. Gliph

It is not just an free anonymous texting , but it is also a platform where you can trade Bitcoin and buy and sell things, in addition to being a Bitcoin trading platform. Gliph, on the other hand, is a safe app that you may use to send messages to other people while remaining anonymous.

11. Send me a text

You’re probably seeking for an app that allows you to send anonymous texting app. What if I told you that you will be able to not only text but also call? Would you believe me? Isn’t that something special? Yes, it very definitely would. That is not all, however! You may do it all for free, especially if you are sending it to the United States or Canada. That’s fantastic, isn’t it?
But hold just a minute, there is more!
As you can expect, the most thrilling element is that you receive a whole new phone number!
Yes, like a real-life numerical value. As you may have guessed, I’m referring about Text Me, which is the first app on our shortlist.

12 . FreeTone Unlimited Free Calls and Texting

Additionally, you can include it into your free unlimited anonymous texting or social network accounts (e. g. Facebook ).
Furthermore, the app has group best apps for anonymous texting and content sharing capabilities. Additionally, its crystal-clear voice and high-definition video calling will astound you. Additionally, it allows for simple access to all of your gadgets. In addition to the United States and Canada, it provides free or free anonymous texting app to 40 additional nations.

13. Yumi

annoymous messaging app

Despite the fact that Yumi does not require any user identification, files can still be uploaded. Yumi’s built-in photo editor allows you to cover or blur portions of your photograph. Another aspect of it is that it allows you to find local folks while being anonymous. You only have to flip your card once to find your match. Alternately, engage in a casual conversation or simply enjoy yourself. All of the content is entirely unrestricted. So, whomever you are, you have the opportunity to express yourself in this forum.

14. Dingtone

Free Phone Call App, Free Texting + Calling Number - Apps on Google Play

Dingtone, the fourth app on our list, allows you to make calls for free or at a very reasonable fee.
Despite this, the service is of the greatest possible quality. Communication is made extremely simple with the help of this extremely user-friendly app. It gives you with a genuine United States phone number with a local area code.
You can also select a variety of countries from across the world, including Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and others. As a result, you can now have a second or even third line essentially without having to purchase any more SIM cards.
You can make calls to any mobile or landline phone numbers in your area or around the world.

15.  Free phone calls, free text messages

4 reasons to include Instant Messaging in your marketing strategy |

You will be able to connect with your colleagues regardless of whether Dingtone is loaded on their smartphone or not. Everything is completely free if the software is installed. However, if you do not have a VPN, you can connect to over 200 countries or regions, with the majority of connections being free or quite reasonable. You can also use it as a Walkie-Talkie by displaying your caller identification number. Last but not least, you may hold group calls with up to 8 people and send group messages to up to 100 people.


Android Apps by ImNot.Me on Google Play

Aside from that, you can create a precise timetable for sending free anonymous texting app at a specific time. ‘ImNot.Me’ will send the message at the chosen time and will also alert you of the transmission. Not only can you examine the notification history, but you can also check the local message history.
It also includes message templates and examples, which you can use in your own messages. You can pick and choose which ones you want to use to make the perfect message. You will receive free credits upon installation, which you may use to send a text message. Later on, you will be able to purchase or receive credits for free once again.

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