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The most visited and famous places to watch free movies and T.V. shows online for free was 123Movies. This website has registered more than 98 million visits per month. The platform has a global Alexa rank of 559 and a U.S. local rank of 386. On March 19, 2018, when it was revealed that the 123 movies would shut down from the world of the Internet, viewers of this site heard disturbing news 123movies alternatives.

123movies new site name is an online streaming platform that lets you watch movies in all genres, including action, science fiction, comedy, animation, romantic, drama, history, music, adventure, horror, crime, war, family, biography, history, and education, to name a few. T.V. series, Asian dramas, and Japanese and Western cartoons are also available at sites like 123movies. In other words, for almost everybody, the platform has everything. By now, you’re still asking how websites like 123movies would deliver such a vast range of free content while a monthly subscription fee is paid by Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and other media service providers sites like 123 movies. The response is remarkably straightforward to 123movies alternatives.

Sites Like 123movies.to

123movies alternative and, for that matter, all other video streaming platforms do not hold the copyright to the content posted on their servers. How isn’t it unlawful? Oh, it’s hard to answer the question.

Copyright watchdogs claim that video entertainment services are unconstitutional and should vanish from the face of this world alternatives to 123movies. Internet service providers go where outsiders are blowing the breeze, and politicians are mostly undecided.

Best Alternatives to 123 movies

Here is the 15 best sites like 123movies which you can watch free streaming sites, Tv shows etc. 123movies alternatives, websites like 123movies which are working sites.

The sad truth of internet entertainment alternatives to 123movies is that, without warning, they come and go. And though 123 movies are alive and well right now, no one knows when tomorrow will change that. To discourage any nasty surprises to sites like 123 movies.



Niter is sites like 123movies arguably the best online media backup site available at the moment. We claim “backup” only because, relative to 123 movies, Niter’s content range is significantly lower, but only marginally. However, the look and feel of the web is completely spot on, and most users of 123movies can feel at home immediately.


Are you tired of seeing advertisements on streaming platforms that are distracting? If so, this websites like 123movies is right for you. Believe it or not, but without conventional advertising, GoStream lets you watch movies for free. Yeah, some connections connect to pages funded, but those are easy to prevent even without an AdBlock. GoStream 123movies alternative has everything from the new Hollywood blockbusters to childhood classics when it comes to video. All you need to do to discover anything fascinating is check the list of newly released alternatives to 123movies continuously updated or use the search bar to find something unique.


“If you’re still saying,” Yes! It will feel like a new home for a decent movie, Yesmovies. The sites like 123movies encourages people to rate videos, and scores are seen right on the front page; you could see at a glance which movies are worth checking out and which are most definitely just a massive waste of time. In H.D., most content is available, but you can come upon the occasional release of CAM rip or S.D. quality. Virtually all Yesmovies content is accessible from several 123movies alternative, convenient since the area hosts nothing on its servers.


Without FMovies websites like 123movies, the oldest and most respected streaming sites out there, our list of the best alternatives to 123Movies will not be complete. FMovies, which specializes in movies released since 2009, is a perfect place to find high-quality new films. The fact that the site’s movie player can be managed using keyboard shortcuts is what we like about FMovies. E.g., you can press space to pause your movie, use the F key to enter or exit fullscreen or scan back 60 seconds by pressing the J key to watch an exciting scene again.

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Watch Movies

As with most other streaming sites featured in this post, WatchFree is not as popular, but it’s still a decent alternative to 123Movies. About why? Since the websites like 123movies works smoothly and offers a wide variety of movies of all genres. Much before they appear on more popular sites, movies are sometimes available on WatchFree, which indicates that its administrators are committed to making the platform better. The only thing about WatchFree that we don’t like is the irritating pop-up windows that come up when you click on a 123movies alternative. There’s nothing simpler, luckily, than downloading a pop-up blocker alternatives to 123movies.


Since the site could urgently use a refresh, Primewire sites like 123movies occupies the top spot on our list. It would seem very old and unpolished, compared with many other streaming platforms. That said, some users appreciate the fact that, instead of updating it every few years, Primewire is still using the original style. Content is what matters most at the end of the day, and in this respect, Primewire does not disappoint. The site has also compiled playlists that contain everything from space movies to westerns to slavery movies and many more. You can also make your playlist if you like and share it with your mates alternatives to 123movies.

Watch Free

As with most other streaming sites featured in this post, WatchFree 123movies alternative is not as popular, but it’s still a decent alternative to 123Movies. About why? Since the website works quickly and offers a wide variety of movies of all genres. Much before they appear on more popular alternatives to 123movies, movies are sometimes available on WatchFree, which indicates that its administrators are committed to making the platform better. The only thing about WatchFree that we don’t like is the irritating pop-up windows that come up when you click on a movie. There’s nothing simpler, luckily, than downloading a pop-up blocker.

Solar Movies

We’re pretty positive SolarMovies sites like 123movies would get it if there was an award for the most polished streaming platform. Indeed, even though it doesn’t need even a single login, SolarMovies seems like a premium place. You should insert the name of the video that you want to watch, click the movie’s thumbnail, and then press Start. A short synopsis, IMDb ranking, length, and other statistics on each film to inspecting whether you have made the right decision. Similar content is also recommended by SolarMovies alternatives to 123movies, depending on what you’re watching, making it almost too tempting to end up with a binge lasting several hours.


The homepage of Vumoo 123movies alternatives can be quite direct, but the unassuming front hides one of the most significant collections of movies on the Internet. Many individuals have already found this great source of content, and traffic figures show that most keep coming back for more. Many people enjoy Vumoo because of its stability, aside from its broad collection of movies and T.V. shows. When you click on a video, you can be confident that it will start playing without long buffering and regular interruptions. The site itself is incredibly snappy and, even on handheld devices, loads quickly. The people behind Vumoo know what they’re doing.


Putlocker is 123movies alternative one of the leading alternatives to 123Movies, and the two pages share several links. To start with, through their green and grey color scheme and streamlined style, both Putlocker and 123Movies can be recognized. More notably, both pages do not have too many commercials that could otherwise spoil the customer’s experience. They include thousands of movies and T.V. shows, many of which are available from everywhere around the world with the press of a mouse. We like that Putlocker puts right in the middle of the website a trendy search bar, making it very easy to find fascinating videos to watch.

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If it’s movies, T.V. shows, or viral videos, Popcornflix is 123movies alternative all about visual entertainment. Viral images, indeed. The sites like 123movies features material from FailArmy, The Pet Community, and People Are Amazing, giving you something fun to enjoy, even for a single T.V. show episode, let alone a feature-length movie, if you don’t have time. Every day, Popcornflix changes its content and classifies everything according to the genre. New arrivals have their category, so without visiting IMDb first, you can quickly search what’s new and choose something exciting to watch.

Prime Video

Amazon Prime is 123movies alternative charged so that you can do it for a free 30-day trial. You have to pay $12.9 per month after 30 days, but you can cancel that due to your preference at any time.

If you want to stream movies online, T.V. shows, watch cartoons, read books, listen to music, and many more, Amazon Prime fulfills your every need. The GUI is well structured, the level of viewing is incredible, and I like most of the ad-free programs.

In addition to viewing T.V. programs, you have the facility to offer millions of items free of charge and even receive significant discounts and win prizes. Once you have it, for viewing T.V. shows, movies and songs or others, you’ll never need another outlet.


One of the closest websites like 123movies is Soap2Day. It offers a broad range of free films with high-quality graphics. As its name implies, it has the most comprehensive collection of everyday soaps. Yet it provides the right amount of premium movie material alongside it. Combat, Horror, Adventure, Fantasies, Musicals, Biography, Romance, Humor, and several more are various genres. The web architecture, with a dark color theme, is simply breathtaking. If you use a new OLED monitor to surf the Internet, the computing resources can be saved, and the view of your eye can be less stressful. The website has a light-colored touch that is very subtle and minimal, which makes it a luxury 123movies alternatives. Like other companion pages, there is a dedicated search bar for search purposes.



123GoStream 123movies alternatives includes different movie styles, T.V. Shows, and other materials for viewing video multimedia. It is not hosted any data on its servers, unlike other sites. Instead, to collect data from third-party websites, it is a source platform. That is the reason why it has a considerable amount of stuff that its servers do not load. The site is structured very well. Hence, discovering your favorite movies shouldn’t be any challenge.

Also, 123GoStream provides some philters to sort films by genre, year, language, and region. Undoubtedly, if you enjoy watching movies online, this could be your thing. However, as soon as you click somewhere on this websites like 123movies, lots of Popunder advertisements appear. Therefore, before accessing the site, be patient, and install an ad blocker on your computer if necessary.

Final Takeaway

Guys, I’ve been trying to provide you with the best websites like 123movies. Except for Amazon Prime, all the movie sites listed are open so that you can use this platform for free for 30 days.

My last recommendation is, without using good anti-virus and VPN Protection,, please do not use free movie streaming alternatives to 123movies because some free sites could damage your machine or steal your data.

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