10 Tips for Landlords: How to Keep Your Place Safe

Keep Your Place Safe

Landlords have an integral role to play in keeping the wheel of society going. Not only do their tenants depend on them but the daily businesses of many individuals in society are somehow related to them.

The threats that are looming over the heads of landlords these days include illegal subleases, failure of tenants to pay regular rent, and liability disputes. Laws have been framed by the government to deal with these kinds of issues. However, the greatest threat to date for landlords is still keeping their place safe and secure.

The nature of danger varies from animals invading and damaging properties to rogue tenants becoming robbers when the opportunity presents itself. The safety of the place, therefore, becomes the number one priority of a landlord.

In the past, immense damage was caused due to the lack of taking safety precautions on the part of the landlords. Research has been made by credible authorities to find solutions to this growing problem. Therefore, let’s have a glance at those suggestions.

Here are 10 tips for landlords to make their places safe.

  1. Fencing the perimeter

Fencing the perimeter is of immense importance. It prevents the landlord’s setting from all kinds of dangers.

For example, the population of wild boars has grown exponentially in the USA. Their population is estimated at 6 million at the moment. It is a sign of great worry for landlords as boars have a reputation for laying waste on agricultural lands. Fences, therefore, are crucial in keeping wild boars at bay.

Raccoons are the most common infiltrators in urban settings. They eat pet food and have a reputation for tipping over trash cans. Fences can be the answer to this problem. Fences also protect gardens from invading herbivores.

Apart from that, fences mark the territory and provide security against burglars and thieves. Relatively high fences are required for this purpose as compared to the ones used against animal infiltrators.

  1. Checking For Rogue Tenants

Laws have been framed to maintain a healthy relationship between a tenant and his/her landlord. Interests of both are interlinked and taken into account. In the recent past, it has been observed that a criminal seeks refuge in far-off places after committing heinous acts. They tend to become tenants on low remittance. Landlords deem it suitable as they think they are beneficiaries of the deal.

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However, the nature of a man cannot be changed. So when an opportunity presents itself that tenant with a criminal background turns rogue. This results in serious repercussions for the landlord. He is deprived of his wealth and at worst of his life.

To verify the identities of tenants and to check their contact details, landlords can use Nuwber. If a tenant is a person having a serious criminal record then it’s not safe by any stretch of the imagination to trust him/her.

  1. Installing CCTV cameras for security

Cameras that were once considered a luxury that only some rich people could afford are now a normal reality. Nearly all types of shops are equipped with CCTV or other types of cameras. Their prices are now affordable and within the grasp of the masses.

So to ensure security, landlords should install cameras at their places. They can be used to prevent crimes such as burglary. Cameras on the outside can also be used to record street crimes and can be of great help to law enforcement agencies in tracking criminals. So, cameras are effective and also economically feasible.

  1. Dealing with emergency situations

Every building, whether residential or used for work purposes, needs an emergency plan of action. Buildings are equipped with electricity and gas which makes them prone to hazards such as fire outbreaks.

Landlords should take safety precautions in this regard including displaying a clearly visible property address, implanting smoke detectors and fire alarms, and having a clear emergency exit. Tenants should be made fully aware of these emergency provisions and how to react in such situations.

  1. Inspection at regular intervals

The property that is to be leased should be checked to the fullest before renting it. During the time of lease, inspections shall be made at regular intervals. If any damage is done it should be dealt with at the provided time.

If the damage is not severe then tenants shall be warned that if the mistake is repeated he/she will be made responsible through legal ways. Checking involves inspecting the chimneys, electrical systems, doors, windows, HVAC systems, and appliances. A thorough examination shall be done at the end of the contract.

  1. Employing a property manager

It has been observed that landlords are often busy with more important businesses and seldom find time to visit their place. In such circumstances, it is advised to hire a property manager. The property manager will assume the role of a caretaker and commit spot-on checks to make sure that the property is as safe as it is supposed to be.

  1. Documentation

To be on the safer side of things, everything shall be documented. You shall document all the items that your property contains. It will help you in contesting a case if something is damaged, misplaced, or stolen. This will also help in smoothing the process of insurance.

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The document needs to be placed somewhere safe and available for both parties as it contains the data regarding the possessions of properties.

  1. Window locks

Windows often come with built-in locks. The locks cannot easily be opened. However, thieves prefer breaking windows to enter properties. So it is deemed wise to equip windows with sensors that will alert the owners if they are tampered with.

  1. Illuminating the perimeter

Outdoor lights are often considered to be a waste of electricity. They are often used to beautify houses. However, it has a hidden use in keeping robbers and thieves at bay. Illuminating the exterior helps in making the CCTV footage more visible and clear. Lighting shall also be done in the alleyway and garden. It often scares the burglars away as it shows that area is watched at.

  1. Insurance

An important way of keeping your property safe and sound and the risk of unforeseen costs at bay is having an insurance policy that suits both landlord’s and tenant’s needs. Landlord insurance offers protection in case of rental dwelling or any other feud. Liability insurance shall also be in place to deal with any furnishing damage.


Securing the property is the number one priority for every landlord. It is a source of bread and butter for him and his family. So the above-mentioned tips shall be taken into account and put into practice if one needs to keep his/her property safe from a number of hazards.

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