How to Setup a WordPress Website on Your Own Domain

Wordpress Website

Qhat is wordpress Website ? Your php installation appears to be missing the mysql extension which is required by wordpress.

There is no additional cost to you, and the revenue helps to maintain our website. Consult the Affiliate Disclaimer for further details. Over the years, many readers have written us about how to establish an RV travel blog, so in this piece I will outline the steps we took.

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Note that this material focuses on how to setup up a self-hosted WordPress website, which is distinct from a hosted website. The primary advantage of a self-hosted WordPress website is having complete control and the opportunity to personalise it as desired.

How to Setup a WordPress Site on Your Own Domain

When we initially created our website, we made the error of registering for a hosted WordPress site, but we immediately recognised that we preferred a self-hosted WordPress site and made the transition.

The procedures to setup up a self-hosted WordPress.org Login, WordPress site will take between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on your level of expertise. Your php installation appears to be missing the mysql extension which is required by wordpress.

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Point No. 5: Register Your Domain

Determine the blog’s name once you’ve decided to create one. Determine if the domain is accessible, then register it. There are several options available for registering a website domain. We utilise the services of GoDaddy.

Point No. 5: sign with a Website Hosting Service

A web hosting provider will provide the required services and technology to make your blog accessible over the online. There are several web hosting companies available, each with unique characteristics.
Consider the renewal cost of the hosting service and the features that are most essential to you. Bluehost, which offered a low introductory fee, was the first business we utilised.

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Point No. 3: Create a WordPress site

After signing up with a hosting provider, see their help section for instructions on how to construct a new WordPress site.Each hosting company will give WordPress installation instructions tailored to their service.

WPBeginner.com is one of the numerous websites that offer guidelines and how-tos on each stage of constructing a self-hosted WordPress website.

Point No. 4: Select a Theme

There are several free and premium WordPress themes available for self-hosted sites. Follow the steps on how to install your WordPress theme after selecting the desired theme.

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When we first built this website, we used WordPress’s free Twenty Eleven theme. Then, we transitioned to a MyThemeShop premium theme.

We’re pleased with our decision to migrate to GeneratePress. Additionally, the help section provides video tutorials on how to install GeneratePress.

Point No. 5: Content Creation

Determine a few pieces of material that will serve as the foundation of your blog.
This can contain your first blog post and a about page that describes who you are and what people can anticipate from you.

Perform a search query on “how much content do I need to start a blog?”

You’ll discover a plethora of articles that will assist you answer the topic. We used a “just do it” approach, which may not be optimal for your blogging objectives.

Point No. 6: Launch Your Website

When you’re ready to start your WordPress site, redirect your DNS to your web host. Your hosting provider ought to have instructions on how to do this action.

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