Worcester Telegram & Gazette Guide: Everything About this Telegram

Worcester Telegram & Gazette Guide: Everything About Worcester

The media environment of Worcester and the surrounding areas has been greatly influenced by the Worcester Telegram & Gazette, a historic mainstay of journalism in central Massachusetts. The Telegram & Gazette, one of the country’s oldest newspapers, has a rich history spanning more than a century, documenting the successes, setbacks, and changes in the region. The Worcester Telegram and Worcester Evening Gazette were founded in 1886 and 1866, respectively, and until their merger in 1986, when they were combined into one magazine, the newspaper has consistently provided local news, information, and community involvement.

As the media environment changed over time, the Telegram & Gazette embraced new channels and remained dedicated to providing their readers with high-caliber content. This introduction explores the Worcester Telegram & Gazette’s historical significance, editorial development, and lasting influence, emphasizing the paper’s ongoing relevance at a time of rapid technological growth and shifting reader preferences.

The Worcester Telegram & Gazette: What is it?

Worcester, Massachusetts’s only daily newspaper is the Telegram & Gazette (as well as the Sunday Telegram). The newspaper, which has its main office at 100 Front Street and is referred to in the community as the Telegram or the T & G, covers all of Worcester County in addition to the neighboring areas of Western Massachusetts, the western suburbs of Boston, and a few towns in northeastern Connecticut’s Windham County. From 2000 to 2013, Worcester Telegram & Gazette Corp., the owning company, was a fully owned subsidiary of The New York Times Company, which is the publisher of The Boston Globe and The New York Times. John W. Henry, the owner of the Boston Red Sox, purchased the Globe and the T & G from the New York Times Company in 2013, despite Henry’s earlier announcement to the Worcester Daily that he planned to sell them as soon as possible. Henry sold the newspaper to Halifax Media Group in 2014. In 2015, New Media Investment Group purchased Halifax.

Worcester County’s recognized local news source has been The Telegram & Gazette and for 150 years. The Telegram & Gazette has always strived to be Central Massachusetts’ premier news source and corporate citizen, whether readers read it in print, online, or on mobile devices. Any digital device may obtain reliable news and information anytime, anywhere. By 6:30 a.m., Worcester County’s award-winning Telegram & Gazette is at your door. The T&G offers new content daily. The Sunday Telegram is New England’s award-winning Sunday newspaper. Local ads, coupons, inserts, parades, and cartoons are included. is the award-winning Telegram & Gazette news and information website. The T&G provides the most accurate local news, 24/7 updates, breaking news, slideshows, videos, blogs, and more.’s responsive design constantly adjusts content across all devices.

The Worcester Telegram & Gazette: What is it?


  • Initially called the Worcester Telegram, the Worcester Telegram & Gazette was established in 1866. Chronicle Publishing acquired the journal in 1986. The Worcester Telegram & Gazette was created in 1989 when the Telegram and Evening Gazette combined. The newspaper was bought by the New York Times in 1999, and then in 2013, it was sold to John Henry, the Red Sox owner.
  • The story “Thorpe with Professional Baseball Team Says Clancy” that appeared in the Worcester Telegram on January 22, 1913, was quickly picked up by other newspapers and resulted in Jim Thorpe losing his medals, championships, and trophies from the 1912 Olympics.
  • The same firm produced two newspapers, the Worcester Telegram in the morning and the Evening Gazette in the afternoon, with different editorial staffs in certain areas until the 1980s. After being purchased by Chronicle Publishing Company, the San Francisco Chronicle’s proprietors, in 1986, the two publications combined to become one Telegram & Gazette. In 1999, The Chronicle sold The New York Times Company the Telegram & Gazette.

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  • Receive news and job updates about Worcester Telegram & Gazette. Proceed now. Before selling it in 1987 following the newspaper’s divestiture, the paper’s former owners were also the proprietors of Worcester radio station WTAG. The proprietor of the alternative weekly Worcester Magazine, Holden Landmark Corporation, was purchased by owner GateHouse Media in 2018.
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  • 1999: 107,400
  • 74,563 (weekday) in 2012
  • 22,400 (weekday) in 2018

Essential Component

Let’s examine what makes this publication so important to the neighborhood:

1. Local Politics and News

  • The Worcester Telegram informs locals about concerns, events, and developments. The newspaper offers timely reporting on a variety of topics, including public safety updates, community projects, and decisions made by the city council.
  • Elections, policy discussions, and profiles of regional politicians are all included in the political coverage. Readers may remain informed about the choices that affect their lives.

2. Sports Reporting

  • Because Worcester is a sports-loving community, the Telegram makes sure that local sports teams and events are covered in-depth.
  • WooSox: Most notable has been the introduction of the Worcester Red Sox (WooSox). The Telegram tracks stadium developments, player biographies, and their games.
  • A good amount of attention is also paid to leisure leagues, collegiate athletics, and high school sports.

3. Amusement and Way of Life

  • The Telegram highlights Worcester’s thriving arts community with everything from restaurant reviews to cultural events.
  • Readers may gain insights into the creative ethos of the city by reading features on local musicians, artists, and theatrical shows.
  • Everything from cuisine and fashion to travel and home renovations is covered in the lifestyle sections.

4. Involvement with the Community

  • The Telegram is an active community member, participating in letters to the editor, opinion articles, and reader contributions.
  • It encourages communication among people by hosting talks on significant subjects.

5. Online Presence

  • Apart from its hard copy version, the Worcester Telegram stays active on the internet. The website provides interactive features, multimedia information, and breaking news.
  • Social media platforms provide readers with the opportunity to interact with the publication and express their opinions.

Essential Component

Parts and attributes

Along with local, state, and national news, the weekday Telegraph & Gazette also includes business, sports, and feature articles. Worcester Magazine, which features local artists and activities, is incorporated within the newspaper on Thursdays. Regular reporters for the newspaper also write recurring or sporadic pieces under titles like “City Hall Notebook,” “Barnstorming,” “Politics and the City,” and so on. Obituaries and local news articles can also be found in the local news section. The main news section’s regional opinion and op-ed pages feature all editorials and letters to the editor.

The Sunday Telegram features the largest classified ad listings in the county, as well as sections dedicated to business, cars, real estate, news, and editorial pages. It also features a tabloid-sized comic section, an arts, culture, and travel section, and a section on business matters. The latter section replaced sections that were previously reprinted in full from The Boston Globe. Coulter Press, which produces many weekly newspapers in suburban areas northeast and east of Worcester, is owned by the Worcester Telegram & Gazette Corporation. Additionally, the Worcester Living (formerly Worcester Quarterly) magazine is produced locally by the staff of the Telegram. The T&G also held the weekly publications Beacon Communications Corporation and the daily publications Hudson Sun and Marlboro Enterprise in western Middlesex County, Massachusetts, before their 1993 sale to Community Newspaper Company.

Forecasted Sales and Appraisal

  • The Worcester Telegram and Gazette now have an estimated $15 million in yearly income.
  • The expected revenue per employee for the Worcester Telegram and Gazette is $86,705.
    Workers’ Information
  • The Worcester Telegram and Gazette employ 173 people.
  • The Worcester Telegram and Gazette saw a 3% decrease in staff last year.

Worcester: Media Dynamics and Education

After Boston, Worcester, a city in central Massachusetts, is the second-biggest in New England. Worcester, a city of around 185,000 people, is renowned for its vibrant culture, lengthy history, and strong economy. The city was a major player in the industrial revolution and has subsequently developed into a biotechnology, healthcare, and education center. Worcester, one of the oldest cities in the country, is home to several well-known universities. Among them are Worcester State University, Clark University, the College of the Holy Cross, and the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). These prestigious schools and institutions add to Worcester’s intellectual life and provide a creatively stimulating atmosphere.

Worcester boasts a wide range of regional media outlets that serve a variety of interests and tastes when it comes to the media environment. In addition to the Worcester Telegram & Gazette, additional print media that cover local news and offer information on a range of subjects, including the arts, entertainment, lifestyle, and community activities, include Worcester Magazine and Bay State Parent.

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Worcester: Media Dynamics and Education

Worcester’s Media Dynamics: Moving From Television to Digital

There are several television stations available to Worcester locals. Regional news coverage is provided via cable news channels like Charter TV3 or NECN (New England Cable News), as well as local stations like WGBH-TV (PBS), WBZ-TV (CBS), and WCVB-TV (ABC). This allows locals to stay up to date on current events. Many local media outlets have increased their online presence in recent years as a result of the countrywide expansion of digital media platforms and online journalism. To accommodate changing reader preferences, the Worcester Telegram & Gazette newspaper also provides online versions in addition to its print edition.

Overall, the Worcester Telegram & Gazette daily has been a reliable source of journalism in Worcester and the surrounding areas for a long time thanks to its dedication to providing local news and information. The local media scene in Worcester is as active and varied as the city itself, guaranteeing that citizens have access to a range of sources to keep updated on their neighborhood.

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Contacts and Emails

Name of Company

  • The Worcester Telegram and Gazette.

Official Relationship

  • Call 1-800-922-8200.

Formal Address

  • United States of America / Worcester, Massachusetts

Type of Industry

  • Production of Media

Range of Employees

  • From 101 to 250

Income Spectrum

  • 51–100

Type of Company

  • Public Enterprise

Official internet page

Contacts and Emails

In summary:

To sum up, the Worcester Telegram & Gazette is a respected name in local media, acting as a liaison between the community and a source of information. The newspaper has a long history and has persevered in its goal of informing, educating, and empowering the people of Worcester and beyond, despite changes in technology, demography, and media consumption patterns. The Telegram & Gazette has evolved to suit the requirements of its readers while maintaining the highest standards of journalistic excellence and ethics, from its early print editions to its strong online presence. The newspaper is still an essential part of Worcester’s social, cultural, and civic life as the city develops and grows. The Worcester Telegram & Gazette is a valued companion, chronicler, and champion for the people it serves. It epitomizes the essence of community journalism with its unrelenting attention to local reporting and its ongoing commitment to serving the public interest.

Worcester Telegram and Gazette FAQs

What is the price for placing an obituary in the Worcester Telegram?

The Worcester Telegram & Gazette charges $75.90 for obituary placement.

The Worcester Telegram and Gazette’s editor is who?

Michael McMahon

How do I have my Worcester Telegram canceled?

How can my subscription be canceled? Contact customer service at 1-800-922-8200 to cancel at any time.

What is Worcester Telegram’s number?

1-800-922-8200: To subscribe to The Worcester Telegram & Gazette, please call our customer service department at 1-800-922-8200.

What is Worcester Telegram & Gazette’s yearly revenue?

In 2023, the Worcester Telegram & Gazette’s yearly income was $33 million.

What is the employee count of the Worcester Telegram & Gazette?

Worcester Telegram & Gazette employs 113 people.

What is the address of the Worcester Telegram & Gazette?

Worcester, Massachusetts, is home to the Worcester Telegram & Gazette.

What is the Worcester Gazette’s NAICS code?

Worcester Gazette’s NAICS codes are [51, 51112, 511110, 511120, 51111, 511, 5111].

What is the Worcester Gazette’s SIC code?

The Worcester Gazette’s SIC codes are [272, 27].

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