What is Alteryx? 10 Best Alteryx Alternatives in 2023

An analytics automation software called Alteryx aids in data collection, preparation, and blending. This data may be used to streamline or automate procedures and offer useful business insights. Its goal is to assist businesses in confidently and swiftly responding to business inquiries. The solutions to these queries can aid in producing predictive modeling, automating procedures, and offering business insights.

What is the purpose of Alteryx?

Data operations are automated more rapidly and effectively with Alteryx. Data that would ordinarily take a lot of time or be difficult to integrate using other tools is gathered, prepared, and combined using this tool. By doing so, Alteryx offers solutions to challenging business queries and can assist in streamlining or automating data operations. This helps to avoid mistakes that would have happened if the procedure had been carried out manually, in addition to saving a large amount of time.

Who may utilize it?

Anybody! The brilliance of Alteryx lies in its ability to transform the average business user into an analyst. Although Excel is a useful tool, I have personally observed that it is frequently used in ways that are quite counterproductive. There is a use case for you, no matter what department you work in. Let’s examine a few instances:

HR and marketing

  • Teams deal with a lot of unstructured or inconsistent personal data.
  • assembling and organizing email addresses, phone numbers, and personal data. There is frequently little consistency because of the techniques of collection.
  • This data is stored in several places, making it challenging to locate what you want.

Possibly Solvable Alteryx Issues

  • In Alteryx Designer, you can connect to several data sources.
  • The data may be rearranged and gathered.
  • By just clicking a few boxes in a tool, you may clean this data by employing cleaning processes to get rid of trailing spaces and substitute nulls.
  • Tools can be used to replace certain data points.
  • You can separate out data; for instance, you could only want the first portion of an email address before the @ sign. Use Text to Columns and divide using the @ as the delimiter.

Accounting Reporting

  • Reports must be produced by teams every three months.
  • assembling and copying tables into Excel with financial data that has been gathered from various sources. making some graphs to illustrate this.
  • using pivot tables, vlookups, and other Excel computations and manipulations to produce different tables for your client’s PowerPoint presentation.
  • putting together and displaying Excel dashboards.

Negative effects of using Alteryx

The product summary makes Alteryx appear to be a competent BI solution. Having said that, it is still far from ideal. While we can say that about almost any solution, it’s possible that the shortcomings of this program in particular are significant problems for you.

For example, Alteryx performs below average in terms of map visualization. Another is that after processing a few billion records, the program seems to have hit its limit.

10 Best Alteryx Alternatives in 2023

1. Owler


Owler is a BI solution that may offer useful business insights to organizations of all sizes and from a variety of industries. They can also gain rapid and frequent access to crucial data analysis. It includes detailed company profiles for millions of companies throughout the world. The software also handles delivering daily updates, summaries, movements, and events pertaining to your target industry.

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Owler not only has a native integration with SalesLoft, Nimble, DataFire, and other systems, but it also has an API that can interact with other systems. Since the system relies on crowdsourcing intelligence for everyone, it does not present any innovative ideas. It is therefore free.

2. Salesforce Tableau

Salesforce Tableau

Salesforce-owned Tableau is a platform for visual analytics with features for collaboration, AI, and data management. Tableau is used by businesses of all sizes to enable analytics and support data-driven decision-making. Salesforce employed more than 73,500 people in 2022.

Tableau is a component of Salesforce Customer 360, a unified CRM platform that aids users in enhancing client interactions and operational procedures. Salesforce unveiled Tableau Cloud in May 2022, introducing new technologies to increase productivity and enable businesses to gain insights from data. The main rival to and substitute for Alteryx is Salesforce Tableau.

3. Jaspersoft


Over 15 million people utilize the BI platform Jaspersoft, which employs open-source commercial business models. It’s a straightforward and reliable solution for many company models. The system’s interactive dashboard, analytics, and reports enable users to make wiser decisions.

Jaspersoft can effectively give self-service capabilities to its clients since it supports cloud installations and big data. Additionally, it’s simple to construct unique dashboards that you may use privately or publicly.

The system is only accessible via quote-based pricing. To acquire a plan based on your demands, you must get in touch with the seller.

4. Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

A data and analytics reporting tool provided by Microsoft Corporation is called Microsoft Power BI. It is an interactive data visualization tool that creates reporting dashboards from several heterogeneous data sets. Over 122,000 people were employed at Microsoft in 2022.

Competitors to Alteryx Analytics Cloud include Power BI. However, since Power BI is a component of the Microsoft Power Platform and works with other Microsoft corporate productivity products, it offers a distinct edge. Microsoft introduced new backup features for Power BI in August 2021 to make managing vast amounts of data easier.

In March 2022, the firm improved the functionality, making Microsoft Power BI the best Alteryx substitute for Microsoft users. The enhancements increased backup performance by 22 times and decreased restore time by 30%.

5. Logi Analytics 

Logi Analytics 

Another top BI platform that enables companies to interact with people and provide them with the information they want is Logi Analytics. Programmers that develop intelligent services and apps for consumer and business usage can also benefit from the system. It assists your company in connecting all of the accessible data sources, simplifying the information retrieval procedure. Additionally, combining several data sources makes it simpler for programmers to develop intelligence applications with greater capability.

The system enables connections to Google Analytics, MySQL, Microsoft Excel, Oracle, and other data sources. Additionally, JavaScript embedding is supported via the system’s API for programmers. Quotes for Logi Analytics are available. To learn more about the vendor’s price, get in touch with them.

6. Qlik Technologies, Inc

Qlik Technologies, Inc

Qlik is a provider of QlikView and Qlik Sense, business analytics software. The data visualization market is dominated by Alteryx, but both products are competitors. More than 38,000 clients from more than 100 nations used Qlik in 2022.

A visual analytics and business intelligence (BI) software called Qlik Sense competes with Alteryx Analytics Cloud. QlikView is a tool that businesses may use to create dashboards and interactive analytics apps.

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Qlik was named a customer’s choice in the Gartner Peer Insights for analytics and BI solutions category in October 2022. One of the greatest Alteryx substitutes is Qlik.

7. Sisense


Sisense is a complete business intelligence tool that makes it possible to combine, analyze, and visualize data. This supports the development of effective company strategies and assists in decision-making. You can compile all the data you want with Sisense and then show it using interactive, drag-and-drop dashboards. This makes it simpler to gather important ideas and impart them to your partners or coworkers.

Sisense has a number of developer tools and APIs that let it communicate with other software programs. Salesforce, Oracle, Google Adwords, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Splunk, Hadoop Hive, and more systems are included in this. The system may be linked to social media sites and other CRM platforms using RSSBus as well. You can get a price from the seller to use the program.

8. IBM Cognos Analytics

IBM Cognos Analytics

The computer and technology corporation IBM provides the web-based integrated BI package known as IBM Cognos Analytics. It offers monitoring, scorecard, reporting, and analytics features. IBM exceeded its yearly revenue goal in 2022 as a result of rising demand for its products.

Data analytics and BI solutions are offered by IBM Cognos Analytics and Alteryx. IBM Cognos Analytics, like Alteryx, includes a number of components to fulfill the various demands of enterprises. IBM Cognos is one of the best Alteryx alternatives since businesses may utilize IBM Cognos Framework Manager, IBM Cognos Cube Designer, or IBM Cognos Transformer.

9. Looker


Looker is a business intelligence and data discovery system that provides a simple method of data exploration. Any user can access the interactive, web-based interface it offers to get company data. This platform is easily available anytime, anywhere, and is a web-based solution.

Additionally, Looker is useful for developing and distributing reports. Because of this, every kind of business may readily provide the vital data required for making wiser decisions. Additionally, it has a number of customizable options.

The platform has an API that enables you to integrate it with other third-party programs. Finally, you may ask the provider for price information.

10. SAP


Leading software provider SAP provides corporate software, cloud-engineered systems, and database solutions. Alteryx’s competitor is SAP Agile Data Preparation. SAP employed over 110,000 people in 2022.

Organizations may improve data acquired from various sources with the aid of SAP Agile Data Preparation. The integration of SAP Agile Data Preparation with other SAP solutions, such as SAP CRM, ERP, SCM, and HCM, is the solution’s primary competitive advantage.

SAP is a strong rival to Alteryx and was recognized as a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce and Data Integration in 2022.


What is the purpose of Alteryx?

A software platform called Alteryx makes it simpler for users to interact with data. Compared to Excel, SQL, Power Query, and comparable technologies, Alteryx makes accessing, cleaning, testing, merging, analyzing, and producing data much simpler.

Alteryx vs. Tableau: which is superior?

Data access, cleanup, blending, manipulation, Excel process automation, and process documentation are all areas where Alteryx excels. Tableau excels at data visualization, dashboards, online information consumption, and distribution.

Uses SQL Alteryx?

With Alteryx. In Alteryx, you drag and drop an input data tool into the canvas, find the database, and then just pick to retrieve the data. The Input Data Tool in this illustration enables you to connect to a SQL Server database.

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