What Does “HMU” Mean, and How Do You Use It?

what does hmu mean on snap

HMU is yet another acronym that you’ve definitely come across online and had to look up the meaning of.
what does hmu mean on instagram and other famous online abbreviations such as NSFW or SMH are used to express things that are beyond the scope of current language. Using these acronyms is a terrific method to swiftly and efficiently express your feelings online.

what does hit me up mean Are you still perplexed by it all? Learn what does hit me up mean stands for, where it came from, and how to properly use it on social media to avoid making a social media faux pas. There’s a lot of jargon on the internet. HMU is a term you may have come across. It’s everywhere: on social media, in chat rooms and texts, and even on dating apps. But what exactly does HMU stand for? We explain what HMU is and give examples of how what does hmu mean on snap , where, and when to utilize it in this article.

What Does the Term HMU Stand For?

HMU is an acronym for “Hit Me Up.” It’s an open invitation for someone to contact you. It is frequently not capitalized, as is the fashion these days. When saying “hit me up” to someone, the original meaning was to beg for something, usually money. “My brother called me because his business went bankrupt,” for example.

While it can still refer to that, the definition has been broadened to encourage interaction. As in, send me a message, contact me, or know where I am if you need me. If you see the acronym HMU on the internet, it’s most likely what people are referring to.

HMU stands for hold my unicorn, according to a joke popularized by Urban Dictionary in 2010, although this is not true. You could even say that user UnicornLover238 has a bias because that definition was submitted by them.

Where Can HMU Be Used?

HMU is mostly used on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as chat apps such as Snapchat and WhatsApp. While you may say “hit me up” out loud, the acronym hasn’t caught on yet, so use HMU solely online. HMU can be used in a number of different contexts.

Here are some examples to go along with them:

Suggestion for a meeting, either at a certain time or at a later date. As an example, “We should see that new film together! hmu when you get a chance.” You can make a request for something, such as recommendations or opinions. As an example, “I’m not sure where I should eat lunch. hmu with suggestions Flirting is a technique that can be employed on dating apps like Tinder or Bumble to generate discussion or a date. “hmu if you like animals, travel, and gingerbread cookies,” for example. Giving your contact information, such as your phone number or email address. “Hmu on [email protected] if you like to chat,” for example.

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HMU is an acronym for Harvard Medical School. Hmu is an abbreviation meaning “hit me up.” This is a request for someone to call or notify you when they have knowledge about or desire something.When you ask someone to contact you, you want them to do so.


Just HMU if you discover the t-shirt I misplaced at your apartment. If there’s going to be a party on Saturday, let me know. After the test, don’t forget to HMU. For a TBH meaning, HMU. HMU stands for “hit me up,” and TBH stands for “truthful.” When these two are joined into a TBH, the result is HMU. It signifies you want someone to tell you how they really feel about you. You might even ask the person for their honest opinion on someone else.


Lisa expressed her dissatisfaction with the way I conduct myself.
Later, HMU for a TBH on it. Do you know who Steven is? HMU for a TBH on him, at the very least.

What exactly does HMU with Plans imply?

When you’re creating plans with someone, you’ll use HMU with plans. When you’re not the one who makes all the plans, you enlist the help of someone else. Alternatively, if someone else is planning anything, you can ask them to share it with you.


I heard the squad has a game this weekend, and you’re without one player. I’m available to join an HMU with plans. We need to finish a presentation by tomorrow. HMU with plans because I’m free all day. Denise informed me that she will be in town today. If you’re heading somewhere, HMU with your plans.

Meaning of HMU with Plots

When plotting and strategizing, it’s common to have a target in mind. A plot is a comprehensive strategy for achieving a goal. You’re looking for solutions to reach your aims when you ask someone to HMU with plots.


Derek had to make amends for the trick he played on me the other day. HMU with graphs so that we can retaliate. The gang is encroaching on our turf. We need to retaliate.

HMU with plots is an HMU with plots

If you have anything on Melissa, HMU with plans. She’s a complete jerk. HMU with the meaning of Moves. Making movements refers to making preparations to attack someone or an organisation. It’s frequently related with criminal activity. When you invite someone to HMU with moves, you’re indicating that you want to join the strike.

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This street is being taken over by people from uptown. I’m down, HMU with moves. With moves, HMU. We should seize this opportunity while the iron is still hot. I believe we will be able to accommodate them. We need a game plan from HMU including manoeuvres.

Meaning of HMU to FT

HMU stands for “hit me up,” and FT stands for “Facetime.” When you ask someone for HMU for FT, you’re asking them to give you a Facetime call.


I haven’t seen you in a very long time. Later, HMU for FT. I’m unable to contact Jennifer. Could you please inform her to HMU for FT later today? I’m currently occupied, what does hmu mean on snapbut could you HMU for FT tomorrow?

Is HMU Attractive?

Using HMU isn’t necessarily flirtatious, but it may be if the situation calls for it. In general, it just signifies that you desire a call back. If it’s used flirtatiously what does hmu mean on snap, it’s to set up a date.

Flirty examples include:

What are your plans following your shift? We don’t have any plans, so what does hmu mean on snap and I can get a bite to eat. I’d be delighted to meet you again. I understand you’re busy, but HMU whenever you have the opportunity. Last night was a blast with you. When you feel like going out again, HMU.

HML vs. HMU (HML vs. HMU)

HMU stands for “hit me up,” while HML stands for “hit my line.” Both words have the same or similar meanings, making them synonyms. It doesn’t matter which one you use; what does hmu mean on snap they both mean the same thing. When you use HMU or HML, you’re requesting that someone contact you.

Make Acronyms a Part of Your Everyday Communication

When you talk to someone online, it’s frequently a different experience than when you talk to them in person.
So why not have some fun with it and include some intriguing abbreviations, emojis, GIFs, and other ways to convey your message? Have you ever heard of the abbreviation HMU? What other abbreviations do you use when communicating online what does hmu mean on snap? In the comments section below, tell us about your experiences using online slang.

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