UsPhoneBook: What is it? Alternatives, Opt Out & Reverse Lookup

UsPhoneBook: What is it? Alternatives, Opt Out & Reverse Lookup

Reverse phone lookups enable one to discover the proprietor of a given phone number, among other things. In response to a user entering a 10-digit phone number, searches billions of records and returns the name and location of the phone number. Additionally, offers it for free! Our database comprises landlines, mobile phones, commercial, and residential phone numbers and is routinely updated. The data vendor website, USPhoneBook, makes your personal information available online. This data consists of your present and previous residential addresses, contact numbers, email addresses, relatives, and business associates. This personal information is accessible to anyone for free via the US Phone Book; all they require is your name, phone number, or address. You can fortunately decide whether or not to have this information made public by opting out of USPhoneBook’s database.

The USPhoneBook is what?

USPhoneBook is a data broker website that provides a reverse phone number lookup, a feature that allows users to obtain information about a specific individual by inputting their phone number. Additionally, users can conduct searches for individuals using their complete name and/or address in the online directory.

Data brokers, such as USPhoneBook, may assist you in identifying unfamiliar callers and familiarizing yourself with the residents of your neighborhood; however, they also expose you to risks associated with targeted social engineering schemes, identity theft, and doxing.

The USPhoneBook report generally comprises the following data:

  • Complete name or company name.
  • Aniases (aliases).
  • Both the present and past addresses.
  • Present and past telephone numbers (including business and mobile phone numbers, as well as landline numbers that include area codes).
  • The use of email addresses.
  • Friends or confirmed relatives.

This information is publicly accessible and may be displayed on search engines such as Google Search when an individual conducts a query about your name. Each profile on USPhoneBook also contains a hyperlink to a comprehensive background report (including information on properties and assets, criminal records, and more) that can be acquired from an alternative data broker.

The USPhoneBook is what?

How do I delete information from USPhoneBook?

Follow these actions to have your information removed from USPhoneBook:

  • Scroll down the page at and select the “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” link.
  • Once you have entered your email address and completed the captcha, select “Begin Removal Process.”
  • Provide your telephone number.
  • Confirm that the displayed profile is yours. Navigate to “Remove Record.”
  • There will be a confirmation email from USPhoneBook. Select the “Click here to remove” link contained in the email.
  • Confirm the opt-out request you received.

Is USPhoneBook trustworthy?

The US Phone Book is legitimate in that it provides free access to the personal information of individuals who provide their name, phone number, and address. Nevertheless, similar to any data broker, the precision of this data may differ.

How does USPhoneBook obtain my data (including my name and phone number)?

USPhoneBook gathers your private information from a variety of sources. These encompass public records, social media platforms, and additional data brokers, among others. Users can request the removal of their personal information from US Phone Book and other data broker websites that publish said information by consulting our complimentary opt-out guides. Alternatively, you may subscribe to a data broker eradication service such as DeleteMe to have your data removed.

Is USPhoneBook authorized?

In its publication of your personal information online, USPhoneBook does not violate any laws, so it is lawful. This is because the overwhelming majority of the personal information it disseminates originates from publicly available records, which are not regarded as confidential.

However, using USPhoneBook information for specific objectives, such as employment vetting, is strictly prohibited. Such action would violate regulations such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

To what degree does USPhoneBook guarantee accuracy?

Approximately forty percent of personal information on data brokers is inaccurate or no longer precise. Thus, although a portion of the information on USPhoneBook is likely accurate, nearly half of it is likely to be inaccurate.

You can read about the hazards of inaccurate information on data broker websites in a previous issue of our leading privacy newsletter, Incognito, if you are pondering why this is significant.

To what degree does USPhoneBook guarantee accuracy?

Reverse phone directories are what?

By utilizing a reverse phone directory, one can acquire additional information regarding the persona associated with a given phone number. You can obtain the necessary information to make informed decisions, such as the phone owner’s name, address, and further contact details, through a straightforward search.

Numerous million phone numbers

  • Whether your objective is to reconnect with long-lost family members, old companions, or cherished acquaintances, our comprehensive database guarantees that no contact is unattainable.

Conduct Rapid and Private Searches

  • USPhonebook enables users to effortlessly locate individuals while maintaining complete confidentiality, space to reflect, and the ability to initiate contact at their convenience.

Current Information

  • Our primary objective is to provide you with the utmost dependable information so that you can reduce the amount of time you spend seeking and more into creating new memories with your loved ones.

What is the operation of a reverse phone number lookup?

Curious as to who is dialing the phone number that continues to contact you? Commence your inquiry immediately at Our technological capabilities enable us to access billions of publicly accessible records, including both historical and new information, to identify the present proprietor of a phone number.

What Data Does a Reverse Phone Lookup Incorporate?

A reverse phone inquiry report comprises extensive information that provides you with the desired knowledge, including but not limited to:

  • Complete Name or Company Name
  • Present or Former Addresses
  • Previous and past telephone numbers assists in locating the proprietors of United States phone numbers. According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), does not function as a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA). Any purpose unrelated to employment, credit, or tenant screening is not permitted on this site.

What Data Does a Reverse Phone Lookup Incorporate?

USPhoneBook Opt-Out Review

To be removed from USPhoneBook, an online opt-out request must be submitted. Your information should subsequently be deleted within forty-eight hours.

  • USPhoneBook Listing Elimination Instructions
  • Eliminate the US Phone Book with six simple actions.

1. The opt-out form can be found on the USPhoneBook website.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the webpage located at
  • Accessing the US Phone Book opt-out page ( requires clicking “Do Not Sell My Personal Information.”

2. Click the captcha and enter your email address to initiate your removal request.

  • Provide an email address that USPhoneBook may utilize to validate the request (temporary email addresses are recommended).
  • After entering the captcha, select “Begin Removal Process.”

3. Locate your profile

  • Enter your telephone number.
  • USPhoneBook will exhibit the profile that follows the information provided.

4. Eliminate the record

  • Confirm that the displayed profile corresponds to your information.
  • Select the “Remove Record” link.

5. Verify the request

  • You will be notified via email containing a link that requests that you acknowledge your opt-out request by selecting “Click here to remove.”

6. Opt-out request confirmation received

  • You will be redirected to a page where verifies your request to opt out.
  • Within forty-eight hours, your profile ought to be removed from the US Phone Book.

How do I conceal my information on USPhoneBook?

To have your information concealed on USPhoneBook, you must submit an opt-out request. This requires locating your listing on USPhoneBook, confirming its authenticity, and executing the necessary procedures to delete the entry. To obtain detailed, sequential instructions, please refer to our guide. Expect to be required to recommence the opt-out procedure in a few months. After acquiring additional information about an individual, data brokers relist their profile.

Remember that not only USPhoneBook possesses your personal information. Additionally, other data brokers make your personal information available online. In addition to providing free opt-out guides for the majority of data broker websites, we also offer a subscription service through which our privacy specialists will remove you from these sites.

Top Phone Book Alternatives in the US

Although the alternatives listed below are comparable, they differ in the features they offer. While each option may be suitable, I strongly advise you to choose a phone book alternative that incorporates search-enhancing features.

1. BackgroundChecks

6. BackgroundChecks

BackgroundChecks serves as an ideal substitute for the US Phone Book for individuals seeking to acquire more information about those in their immediate vicinity and potential acquaintances. You may continue to use BackgroundChecks to locate the individuals you are seeking; however, the service’s primary advantage is that the background checks are of the highest quality. It functions as an ideal service that facilitates comprehensive verifications before employment while also serving as a commendable mechanism to ensure the accessibility of your information to enhance the likelihood of secure employment.

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Since the USPhoneBook is based solely on phone numbers, even with those numbers, you cannot obtain much information about individuals. BackgroundChecks is therefore a vastly superior alternative for obtaining a wealth of information in a single report. The wonderful thing about BackgroundChecks is that you can generate a list of all your candidates, from which the company will analyze their backgrounds and even assist you in making a decision. BackgroundChecks is an all-inclusive screening resource with three pricing tiers spanning from $29 to

2. FindOutTheTruth

7. FindOutTheTruth

FindOutTheTruth is a great option if you’re looking for a phone book substitute of such high caliber that private investigators use it. In addition to being an excellent platform for locating individuals, it supports investigator-assisted background checks and integrates personal and contact information with the background check. This includes criminal records, employment records, and virtually any other publicly accessible document to which you have access. By possessing this comprehensive information, your due diligence will mitigate potential risks and enhance the overall experience of locating, recruiting, or simply tracing individuals.

When compared to the US Phone Book, accessing significantly more information only requires a full name and does not require a phone number. The aspect of FindOutTheTruth that I appreciate the most is that there is no subscription model; instead, you only pay per search. Consequently, the cost of a single inquiry can range from $9.95 to $299.95, contingent upon the specific information sought.

3. eVerify

8. eVerify

Verify is an excellent alternative to the US Phone Book if you’re searching for the most secure and accurate way to obtain information about your employees. It is a platform that the US Department of Homeland Security facilitates to help organizations gather thorough information about potential employees or business partners. Given that it is government-run, eVerify’s greatest advantage over the US Phone Book is the provision of the most accurate information.

Additionally, the self-check feature allows you to locate your information, which enhances your profile and increases the likelihood that others will hire you. eVerify assists employers in verifying the information prospective employees provide. It operates by verifying the information electronically and providing the employer with a report. You may only use this free platform to conduct background checks on your employees.

4. USA People Search

9. USA People Search

A highly dependable and expedient alternative to the USPhoneBook that resembles a search engine in appearance, USA People Search is an outstanding choice to contemplate. A search engine powered by an intelligent algorithm that USA People Search offers can assist you in discovering significantly more than a standard search engine. When compared to the US Phone Book, USA People Search exhibits superior search capabilities that facilitate the discovery of additional information and expedite the process of locating individuals.

It is primarily an alternative to the phone book for those who wish to locate individuals, learn more about those in their immediate vicinity, locate family members, and locate distant relatives. Additionally, USA People Search provides users with the capability to access criminal and public records. As long as you have a person’s complete identity, you can obtain information about them regardless of where they reside in the United States. You can obtain the address, contact information, and more from that location. An additional advantageous function is a reverse phone inquiry, which enables you to identify the caller on your cell phone without the need to answer the callback.

5. WhoEasy

10. WhoEasy

If you are unable to locate additional information about an individual and do not have their complete name, WhoEasy is an excellent alternative to the US Phone Book that you should consider utilizing. WhoEasy is a directory that functions as an intelligent search engine, enabling users to locate and monitor individuals by providing only their phone numbers. You can determine who the phone is registered to, the address, and additional contact information with the help of the phone number. WhoEasy’s compatibility with both landlines and cellphones is one of its many positive qualities; it can also save you scores of hours of searching through phone directories for additional information on a given number.

US Phone Book and WhoEasy are very similar; however, I’ve observed that searching for landline numbers on WhoEasy is significantly more efficient due to the use of a more recent search algorithm technology. With a phone number and a name or location, however, it is possible to conduct extremely precise searches.



US OneSEARCH is an excellent substitute for USPhoneBook due to its extensive feature set and greater emphasis on background checks and historical information. In light of this, US OneSEARCH is the most widely used alternative, as its directory contains more than 650 million criminal records from the United States. Considerably more information would be required than the complete name. Your complete name, date of birth, SSN, and state are required.

Nevertheless, with this knowledge, one can obtain a wealth of information that the United States Telephone Book is unable to divulge. Not everyone has access to this information, but US OneSEARCH is an excellent option if you are an employer or someone is prepared to provide it for your peace of mind. In addition to criminal and public records, you will also have access to an individual’s past, address history, and more. Utilizing US OneSEARCH incurs charges. A search incurs a fee of $23.95 per query.

7. PeopleLooker

2. PeopleLooker

PeopleLooker is an excellent alternative to the US Phone Book because it accomplishes the same function while also providing search-related features. In addition to phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses, PeopleLooker also allows you to locate family members through their family trees. This is PeopleLooker’s greatest advantage over the US Phone Book: multiple search queries are possible.

PeopleLooker also incorporates a background check functionality, enabling users to obtain fundamental details such as contact information and more regarding long-lost friends or distant family members they encounter. Additionally, I appreciate that PeopleLooker includes (where practicable) images of individuals, as well as their ages and social media profiles, which make it simple to locate and communicate with the appropriate contact. You may be granted access to criminal records and other public records in certain circumstances. PeopleLooker is accessible through a web browser and offers a trial period of $1. Following the completion of the trial, a monthly subscription will cost $22.86.

8. Instant Checkmate

3. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is one of the most user-friendly and highly effective alternatives to the USPhoneBook. One may initiate a search for an individual by entering their first and last name. Knowing the neighborhood in which they reside can be advantageous, as it can facilitate a more targeted search from the outset. By simply inputting the individual’s name, one can obtain access to public records, social media profiles, photographs, background investigations, and all accessible contact information. If you appreciate the straightforwardness of US Phone Book, you will adore the simplicity of Instant Checkmate’s setup. Instant Checkmate is not only a convenient tool for individuals seeking employment, but it is also a practical solution for organizations and businesses seeking to conduct background checks on prospective staff members.

While Instant Checkmate may require some of your time, if you are in a hurry, you can upgrade to an instant search to obtain results more rapidly. Additionally, it is advantageous that you can conduct a self-search, complete your profile with relevant information, and subsequently distribute it to others, including prospective employers. The cost for a 5-day trial is $1, whereas a monthly membership costs $22.86.

9. PeopleSmart

4. PeopleSmart

PeopleSmart is an ultra-simple alternative to the US Phone Book that is loaded with cutting-edge functionalities to assist users in locating acquaintances, relatives, and more recently introduced individuals. PeopleSmart therefore has a significant advantage over the US Phone Book because it caters to both individuals and businesses more effectively. Featuring a minimalistic interface, this research tool accommodates individuals with no prior experience, ensuring that comprehension of the findings is not a challenge. Although beginning your search with the first and last name is a good idea, you can also use the industry or profession to locate professionals on PeopleSmart.

By utilizing only these two characteristics, one can significantly refine their inquiry and approach the individual they are seeking. Once you have located the individual you were seeking, you will have access to their complete contact information, enabling you to be informed about the matter at hand. PeopleSmart provides a seven-day trial for $1. After that, a $29.99 monthly subscription model is available for purchase.

10. Ekata

5. Ekata

Ekata, formerly referred to as Whitepages Pro, has been enhanced to facilitate more intelligent identity verification. The entire search engine is built upon the closed-source, proprietary Ekata Identity Engine, which aids in the mitigation of fraudulent accounts, combats transaction and payment scams, and offers users a streamlined and user-friendly search experience. Although Ekata can be utilized to locate individuals of personal or former acquaintance, its exceptionally potent engine renders it an exceptionally valuable resource for enterprises endeavoring to enhance their security measures. This is a significant upgrade from the USPhoneBook and, therefore an excellent substitute.

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You need only provide your complete name to begin your search; however, having additional information would be advantageous. Although it is still possible to access Whitepages for basic information by providing a phone number or complete name, Ekata represents a significantly enhanced version compared to Whitepages Pro. Ekata can assist you in identifying company partners and locating all information contained in the public record of the individual you are investigating.



When searching for an individual in the United States, serves as an excellent substitute for the US Phone Book. A public records directory, the updated search engine facilitates effortless navigation. One advantageous feature of is the ability to locate individuals by name, phone number, or address. As you input the required information and the system searches the public directory, it also presents you with answerable queries designed to assist in refining the search and obtaining results more quickly.

Upon responding to a few inquiries, one will discern that the progress indicator accelerates in proximity to the anticipated outcomes. is an excellent substitute for the US Phone Book due to its provision of three distinct methods for conducting personal searches. Additionally, this approach offers the benefit of generating a limited number of potential results, with only one or two of them matching the given information. You can obtain not only personal information but also historical data, including work and location records, social media profiles, and much more.

12. Inteligator

12. Inteligator

If you sense the need to investigate and learn everything there is to know about a person, just as detectives do, Inteligator is an excellent alternative to the USPhoneBook. You can investigate an individual using Inteligator’s sophisticated search engine, which can locate anything from legal documents to arrest logs, marriages, criminal records, contact information, and court records. All you need to provide is the individual’s complete name and current location. While you wait, Inteligator will proceed from that point forward. One advantage of Inteligator is that it does not require the user to specify the state; rather, they can conduct a search using the full name while selecting the United States.

If you only have your full name and no phone number, this is an excellent alternative to the US Phone Book, as you will only need that to obtain a wealth of information. Additionally, by utilizing data from a few databases and public records, Inteligator enables users to access information about approximately 95% of the United States population. Inteligator has your back whether you’re attempting to locate a long-lost companion or keeping your expectations reasonable by researching your new acquaintances.

13. Spokeo

13. Spokeo

Spokeo can be regarded as a comprehensive directory that has already organized and prepared everything for your perusal. With the abundance of information available, it is effortless to find anything about an individual; all that is required to initiate the search is their complete name. Spokeo compiles all information gleaned from public records and white page listings, social media profiles, and telephone numbers into a single report for each search. Spokeo’s mission is to provide a straightforward, quick, and effective method for obtaining access to any information you may require to reconnect with an old acquaintance or learn more about new individuals in your life.

I appreciate Spokeo’s provision of a smartphone application, which facilitates information retrieval while on the move. While both Spokeo and US Phone Book can be used to look up phone numbers, Spokeo offers the unique and difficult-to-find capability of searching for individuals by their email address. This is by far Spokeo’s most advantageous feature in comparison to the US Phone Book. Reverse phone number lookup is currently a feature that is included as standard in phone book alternatives. Spokeo, in contrast to the majority of comparable tools, distinguishes itself by providing users with the ability to report dubious telephone numbers or telemarketers.

14. Pipl

14. Pipl

If you are having difficulty locating someone on a global scale, Pipl is an ideal alternative to the phone directory and an excellent solution. Consider Pipl to be an international phone directory that provides access to additional information about individuals, irrespective of their location on the planet. Pipl originated as a solution designed to assist organizations in enhancing their security measures by obtaining additional information regarding the identities of their business partners. Nevertheless, as one of the few international phone book alternatives, Pipl quickly gained significant popularity as a platform for locating former acquaintances who may have relocated to another country from the United States.

Therefore, if you are uncertain as to whether an old acquaintance still resides in the United States, Pipl is a superior substitute for the USPhoneBook due to its capability to search global databases. You are thus able to select between information intended for individuals and information intended for organizations. You are then granted access to the exceedingly potent engine, which is interconnected with hundreds of databases across the globe. Although only your complete name and country of domicile are required to initiate a search, including additional information will improve and expedite the results.

15. Infotracer

15. Infotracer

Infotracer is a comprehensive alternative to the US Phone Book that is ideal for those who wish to discover a great deal more than just contact details. Using this alternative to the US Phone Book, you can locate and learn virtually any detail in the public record about an individual residing in the United States. One can expedite the search process with Infotracer by inputting the complete name or a phone number. You’ll receive reports on a minimum of two potentially pertinent results in exchange. Every report will encompass a wide range of information, including but not limited to personal assets, criminal records, details from police reports, probation information, and contact details.

Infotracer is a feature-rich alternative to the US Phone Book that is technologically advanced. Infotracer’s enormous amount of information necessitates that it be as precise as possible, which is a significant benefit for anyone conducting in-depth research on an individual they are acquainted with or unfamiliar with.

In closing,

In summary, USPhoneBook, a reverse phone search service, provides a practical means of ascertaining the proprietorship of a phone number and acquiring supplementary data. USPhoneBook distinguishes itself by offering an extensive and complimentary search across billions of records, encompassing residential, commercial, and landline telephones. Nevertheless, it is imperative to acknowledge that USPhoneBook functions as a data broker website, showcasing personal information such as addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, relatives, and acquaintances.

Although USPhoneBook may serve as a valuable instrument for valid objectives, the exposure of personal information carries substantial risk. This information is freely retrievable by anyone with a phone number, name, or address, according to the blog. Fortunately, the conclusion additionally emphasizes a precautionary action that individuals may take to safeguard their personal information: declining to be included in USPhoneBook’s database.


1. How does one conduct a reverse phone inquiry and what is it?

The purpose of a reverse phone inquiry is to discover the identity of the person who owns a given phone number. By inputting a 10-digit phone number into USPhoneBook, the website conducts an exhaustive search across billions of records to furnish the name and location associated with that particular number.

2. What types of data are available on USPhoneBook?

USPhoneBook provides an extensive collection of data, encompassing present and previous residential locations, telephone numbers, email addresses, relatives, and business associates. Operating as an all-encompassing data broker website, it grants public access to a multitude of personal information.

3. Does USPhoneBook provide a complimentary service?

Indeed, USPhoneBook offers a reverse phone search service at no cost. Information regarding the phone number’s proprietor will be displayed on the website in response to a user-entered phone number. Nevertheless, the potential dangers associated with the public disclosure of personal information must be noted.

4. What privacy protections do I have against USPhoneBook?

To prevent USPhoneBook from providing public access to your personal information, you may choose to withdraw from their database. This requires them to take measures to remove your information from their records, thereby protecting your privacy.

5. What risks are associated with websites that function as data brokers, such as USPhoneBook?

USPhoneBook, like other data broker websites, is susceptible to threats including doxing, identity theft, and targeted social engineering schemes. Although personal information may serve specific purposes of assistance, users ought to exercise prudence regarding the possible misuse of such data and implement measures to safeguard their privacy.

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