Best Ways To See Your Twitch Chat Logs in 2021

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We’ll go through what twitch logs, why they need to be monitored, and how to inspect and manage them in this article. twitch logs 2021 is the most popular platform for gamers to watch live feeds of their favourite players. Twitch has grown in popularity after the outbreak of the 2021 pandemic. Especially when many people who have been stranded indoors due to the lockdown have turned to gaming for fun. It presently has over 26 million active users on a daily basis (DAUs).

Cbenni twitch logs thas also given gamers a way to develop engaging communities for their fans and watchers on the network. Viewers can use the chat feature to interact with other viewers as well as the streamer while watching a live stream. The chat window displays as a vertical bar next to the stream window, allowing users to converse while watching the live.

Twitch logs stalk has therefore created a platform for people to express realtime reactions to the video while also letting the streamer know what they’re thinking. If you’re a twitch chat logs xqc streamer, though, it’s critical to ensure that your chat isn’t contaminated with offensive or harmful comments, swear words, or hate speech. As a result, you must keep track of and manage your Twitch chat logs in order to provide a great chat experience for all of your viewers.

Checking your Twitch chat records for a variety of reasons

The ongoing engagement with their customers, both directly and indirectly, is one of the things that keeps so many brands afloat. The old adage “the customer is king” can be used here as well. As previously said, comments can be positive, negative, or even offensive. Comments can teach you how to improve your content and channels, but they can also expose you to trolls and bullies. Anyway, without further ado, here are some of the reasons why you should keep an eye on your Twitch conversation logs.

5 Easy Ways to Check Twitch Chat Logs with Steps

1. Possibilities

Yes, you can locate opportunities in your conversation logs, whether it’s from a large channel to yours (they’re fond of dropping these in the comments) or a type of promotion a firm requires.
You never know what strange offer is hiding in your chat logs, but unless you search, you’ll never know.

2. Take a look at the disciplinary actions that have been taken.

Twitch or your moderators will frequently unjustly ban individuals from your channel. If a user has made an appeal to you, it is not only right but also helpful for you to look for the statement that must have caused the ban. You can use this comment to contact Twitch to see if the ban was enforced, or you can contact your moderators to ensure they vetted the appropriate punishment. A brief time out rather than a full fletched ban is usually sufficient. You can also check here to see if your moderators are carrying out personal vendettas.
You will establish a rapport with your audience and demonstrate that you care by doing so.

3. Look for statements that aren’t appropriate.

The majority of the time, big channels are dealing with a large number of comments. Because these remarks are frequently from complete strangers, it’s easy to spot trolls and cyberbullies. Even though Twitch is doing everything it can to combat all of these offensive remarks, it still needs your help. Assume you continue to ignore negative comments on your YouTube channel. In that situation, you’ll not only risk losing viewers since they’ll assume you agree with those comments because you ignore them, but you’ll also risk losing your Twitch channel because most comments are in direct violation of Twitch’s Terms of Service (TOS).

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4. Collect feedback

They’re also the ones who leave a few helpful remarks on your Twitch feeds. You could find new ideas for improving your channel by going through your conversation logs.

5. Obtain Audience Information

This is comparable to receiving feedback, except that it is not always directed. You may learn more about how your audience reacts to what you put out by reading the comments. You’ll know which parts of your stream they found dull, which ones they appreciated the best, and what their thoughts were. Understanding how your audience reacts to your material is one of the most important things any Twitch content creator should think about.

6. Get to know your target audience’s language and memes

After you’ve had your Twitch channel up and running for a while, you’ll begin to create a loyal following of viewers. These folks will unwittingly create language, jokes, and memes that are unique to your channel. You’ll know when to use this “language” after you’ve been comfortable with it, and this rapport will help to boost loyalty and engagement.

7. Take action against spammers who use their usernames as a form of identification

When a user repeatedly violates Twitch’s Terms of Service or your channel’s regulations, they are frequently banned or punished in some way. When they run into this problem, some of them create new accounts and continue trolling or spamming. When you look at the chat log on Twitch, you can see when an account was established and what kind of remarks they leave. You can use this information to look for writing similarities and styles to see if a person is using a burner or spam account. There may be other reasons to monitor your Twitch chat logs, such as observing active users for prizes or other purposes.

How to Look at Twitch Logs

Twitch chat logs

1. Record and playback of video on demand

This is the only way to see the entire chat log in a secure manner. If a moderator deletes a comment, it will not appear in search or through third-party programmes.

2. Use the User Search Command to look up specific comments.

When you need to report or respond to a statement, this is the quickest approach to quickly discover a comment made by a specific viewer.
To access what they’ve stated using this approach, you’ll need to know their login.

3. Make use of third-party applications such as Chatty or Logviewer.

If you want to set up your channel to preserve a log of all chat, this is a long-term option. These logs will not show any comments that you or your mods erase.

How to Look at the Chat Logs on Twitch by User

By clicking on a username, streamers and mods can review logs and other information for each viewer. They can also use the (/user username) command.

Twitch login page displays on multiple languages "OAuth Security" page is not set in English as default - Game Development - Twitch Developer Forums

Mods and streamers can use this tool to observe the following:

The total number and substance of all messages sent through that channel by users. How many timeouts did they get? The total number of bans they’ve gotten. Any moderator comments explaining why they were banned or given timeouts are welcome. You can also see when the user created their account to verify if it’s another user attempting to circumvent the restrictions. As a moderator, here’s how to review Twitch chat logs. When you’re in Twitch’s moderator view, you may view the chat logs of a specific viewer on a channel by clicking on their name. Here’s how to do it:

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1st step

By tapping the sword icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen, you may access Twitch’s mod view.

2nd Step

Either click on a user’s name when they leave a comment or look for them in the channel’s list of watchers.
Select their name from the drop-down menu.

3rd step

To see what they’ve said in the past, scroll up through their messages.
This may make it easier for you to understand what they were attempting to communicate in context.

How to Save the History of Your Twitch Chats

Downloading Chatty, a third-party tool, is the simplest way to see your conversation log after a stream. Chatty is a free, open-source programme that provides streamers with a variety of chat-related features. One of these features is the option to save the database to your computer for future use.

A viewer-graph of your current session, auto-moderation assistance that approves or denies messages based on pre-set parameters, and a list of your most recent 100 followers and subscribers are among the other features. The software may also display Twitch emotes, badges, and the colour of user names. While these elements aren’t absolutely necessary, they do make it easier to read.

How can I get Twitch Chat Logs?

It’s convenient to have your Twitch chat history available offline or anytime you want it, therefore this section will show you how to download Twitch chat logs in as many different ways as possible.

Twitch keeps logging me out! How to fix - StreamDiag

1. chatty

You can download your chat logs twitch website if you use Chatty. Despite the fact that this software has a limit on how many comments you can scan at once, it nevertheless allows you to record your talks to an external file. Chatty makes your chat logs more readable by displaying Twitch badges, emotes, and username colours. Many other chatbots have characteristics that make this possible. Some people record and save a copy of your channel’s chats. Others let you save this data on their limited servers, which you may subsequently download to your local hard drive. Before selecting a chatbox, you should conduct a thorough investigation.

2. Free and open-source software

RechatTool and Twitch Chat Downloader are two open-source tools I recommend checking out. Is there a chat log on Twitch? No, that is the simple answer. You can, however, retrieve your conversation history by using any of the techniques listed above. The VOD option is the only thing that comes close to Twitch storing your chat history. Apart than that, Twitch does not save your chat history.

How do I check my Twitch chat rules?

Go to your Settings, then click the Channel & Videos choices to see the chat rules you created on your Twitch channel. You may set the rules you want your viewers to see, agree to, and follow from here. Twitch typically displays these rules to first-time users on your check chat logs twitch , and they won’t be able to make comments unless they agree to them.


I started by offering you some compelling reasons to check your twitch logs viewer on a regular basis. The five distinct ways to see your Twitch conversation history were then recorded, followed by a discussion of several ways to retrieve twitch logs reddit. I also answered a few queries, and I hope you found this essay useful. Thank you, and have a wonderful day. Please share which strategy worked for you in the comments below.

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