Top 12 construction software For Projects in 2022

construction software

Financial accounting and operational features that are only for contractors are in construction software packages. Construction software can help you plan tasks and goals, make better estimates, and keep track of job costs, no matter what kind of project you’re working on. It might be difficult to pick which construction solution is best for you because there are so many possibilities (such as project management, ERP software, and construction accounting systems).

Top 12 construction software For Projects in 2022

Because construction software would prefer to spend their time managing project activities rather than researching and comparing products, construction software Connect has done the legwork and compiled a list of our top selections for construction management software. For small-to-medium contractors, Sage 100 Contractor is a common option. It covers everything from estimating to scheduling, project management, equipment management, and payroll. The integrated construction management solution also has accounting and tools.

Sage 100 Contractor

construction software

Sage 100 Contractor is the company’s flagship construction and contractor solution. Many former Peachtree or Sage 50c customers may be searching for more accurate work pricing or a better approach to managing their estimates. As a bonus, Sage 100 Contractor also comes with a wide network of suppliers who specialise in integrating the software into different types of contracting work, like plumbing and electrical services.

Contractor Foreman

construction software

Contractor Foreman was made for small and medium-sized businesses, whether they are residential or commercial, trade or general contractors. It was also made to be easy to use. Contractor Foreman, which is said to be an all-in-one solution, has more than 35 features available through its different plans.

Contractor Foreman understands how difficult it can be to change systems, which is why it’s best used as an add-on to your office software. QuickBooks, Zapier, MS Project, and other programmes are popular examples. This means you may keep using your existing accounting software for AP/AR/GL reporting while using Contractor Foreman for estimates, bid management, change orders, and purchase orders. Contractor Foreman has the right mix of power and savings when it comes to pricing and value. Their regular plan starts at $49 per month with a 25% discount if purchased yearly.

It also comes with a 100-day money-back guarantee, a 30-day free trial, and two hours of the free personalised help. Any fee paid is for the firm as a whole, not for each individual user (although you are capped at a certain number of users depending on which version you choose).

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construction softwareFieldwire is a construction field management technology that is used by 500,000 job sites throughout the world. It’s a place where you can work with your team, keep track of how well your work is going, and lower your total risk. Messaging, task lists, scheduling, and reporting are some of the features available.

Fieldwire’s free “Basic” edition is designed for small teams that want to check out some of the most important features. There are just 100 sheets and three projects available in this solution. Fieldwire’s free version is a great way to see if it’s right for you because of the many customization options and the ease of switching to a premium subscription.

Spectrum from Viewpoint

construction software

Spectrum from Viewpoint is a web-based construction ERP system that is simple to use. Accounting, project management, equipment and materials management, service, and HR/payroll are all part of its fully integrated set of tools. Reporting is also a part of it.

Prior to Viewpoint’s purchase in 2017, Spectrum was created by Dexter and Chaney. Since the solution has a long history of being a strong tool in and of itself, it has a lot of power. It is still available today as a strong tool in the Viewpoint product line.


construction softwareProcore’s expertise is in construction project management, but it also has a financial management component if you require something more comprehensive. There are a lot of things in the construction project management programme (BIM) that deal with quality and safety, design coordination, and building information modelling. The programme informs construction businesses about the tasks that must be completed in order to stay on schedule, as well as allows you to spot difficulties before they have an influence on your budget or schedule.

According to Procore, 75% of construction project managers use Procore’s software to reduce project duration by at least three days. If you don’t want to use the software’s construction accounting application, you may easily integrate it with alternative financial systems like Sage 100 Contractor and Viewpoint.


construction software

STACK is one of the most commonly used pre-construction estimating and takeoff tools. People who work for construction companies and subcontractors will be able to use the system to find the most profitable projects as well as how to interact with customers during the consideration phase of a deal. STACK’s centralised hub allows teams to collaborate to enhance efficiencies and generate revenue. STACK offers a restricted free edition (up to 10 takeoffs) that is ideal for smaller construction firms or bigger firms who want to try out the software.

1. Vista by Viewpoint

construction software

Construction software delivers comprehensive, flexible software programmes for all elements of construction management to construction professionals. Vista® by Viewpoint is a cutting-edge software suite with accounting, job costing, and faxing capabilities.

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2. Fieldwire

construction software

Fieldwire is a field management software solution for construction teams of all sizes. When you use Fieldwire, your team will be able to communicate effectively and work together in real-time. Fieldwire is a free app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

3. Procore

construction software

Procore is a full-featured online construction management programme. Construction professionals can use Procore’s cloud-based project management tools to make sure high-quality projects are done on time and under budget. Procore is a programme that combines traditional.

4. Jonas Enterprise

construction software

Jonas Enterprise is a software package for businesses in the construction and service management industries. It is completely integrated, very flexible, and built for mid-sized businesses. Jonas Construction Software is a company that specialises in offering full construction software solutions.

5. Buildertrend


Buildertrend is cutting-edge project management software that runs in the cloud. They provide the construction sector with a better way to build, with over 1 million users across the world. Construction experts may use the software to complete more jobs…

6. 123worx

construction software

123worx is a full-service construction management programme. It is the sole software that construction businesses will require to operate their entire operation. This comprises full project management, business management, and collaboration among workers, clients, and other stakeholders.


construction software

FOUNDATION® is the flagship product of Foundation Software’s comprehensive construction back-office solution and America’s #1 construction accounting software. FOUNDATION’s foundation modules are designed exclusively for the construction sector and combine basic

8. Ezelogs

construction softwareEzelogs is a project management programme that helps you get more done in less time. This app is available for Android and iOS devices, as well as an online site. The goal of this programme is to allow you to produce time logs, daily logs, safety logs, and hundreds of other Safety Toolbox chat topics.

9. Contractors Software Group Products

Contractors Software Group Products

Contractors Software Group (CSG) offers three series of integrated yet modular CRM, estimating, scheduling, and work cost accounting programmes that may be deployed on-premise or rented on a monthly basis in the cloud.

10. PlanGrid Build

PlanGrid Build

AutoDesk’s PlanGrid Build is a construction management software and blueprint app that provides real-time project information to field employees. PlanGrid allows you to add notes and photographs to your plans, as well as track issues that need to be fixed.

11. ComputerEase Construction Software

ComputerEase Construction Software

Regulate expenses on the project, develop more accurate estimates, enhance work profitability, control vendor and subcontractor costs, manage cash flow, and gain a better understanding of your organisation from a financial standpoint using ComputerEase.



PENTA is project management, financial management, equipment cost control, and labour management solution built on cutting-edge technology and an open ORACLE database. The Project Management Module from PENTA is a complete solution that allows you to.

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