Top 10 Best Inventory Management Software for Business in 2021

inventory management software reviews

The best software for inventory management provides the organization with more than just a way to monitor your items. It will also empower you to track your clients and suppliers with the right framework, link your distribution networks, and generate purchase invoices and orders, and more. In the last, despite the initial expense involved, the actual inventory management software will save you money.

Every organization, of course, has specific inventory management demands. That’s why we have reviewed the best inventory management software reviews for various industries. Whatever the kind of small business, we want you to access the best tools for small businesses for inventory management software.

What is the best inventory management software?

An inventory management software is a series of various software tools to simplify the inventory management process and streamline it. It optimizes saves time, inventory software, reduces human error, improves performance, improves the team’s productivity, and lowers costs.

An Inventory management software is an innovative platform, a saviour, a solution to a business that searches to handle or control sells, buys, and stocks created by the company. Inventory software enables management to set track of all details, maintain the most productive inventory levels and simplify product pricing. To promote a logistical stock management software and automate a system that involves purchasing, transport, costing, assembling, distribution, storage, and shipping, and Inventory management system tell the right path to the organization.

Who wants Systems for Inventory Management?

Both small and big companies need management and Inventory optimization for the growth of their enterprises. The Inventory control and management software systems are particularly advantageous in the manufacturing, hospitality, e-commerce, and real estate industries.

A software or an automated free inventory management software is the need if you are a growing organization with bulk Inventory, experiencing human errors because of manual labour, encountering delays and stock-outs, and wanting to deliver better services to the consumers. An application for inventory management helps companies effectively handle, coordinate, monitor and maximize their Inventory. It provides a central forum for inventory control tracking, updating, and monitoring. It offers insights into market intelligence, produces reports, and predicts stock demand. The inventory software needs could vary for various industries and organizations, but in the overall process, inventory tracking software might help reduce inefficiencies and inaccuracies.

A guest of comprehensive, integrated inventory software can easily synchronize product-related information by purchasing inventory individuals, order teams, customer information personnel, and modern e-commerce and media networks.

We listed the top ten best free inventory management software in this post, so you don’t have to waste time doing it yourself. These top ten are leading tech solutions for inventory management pack cutting edge features, such as using artificial intelligence and better algorithms to find your items better and track them by any tag and handle of your choice.

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Top Ten best inventory management software for Business in 2021

Inflow inventory

This Inventory is the best inventory management software that helps to track inventory management software free for small and medium-sized companies. Other features include:

  • Reordering lists.
  • Filling customer orders.
  • Generating sales orders and invoices.
  • Producing barcodes and personalized reports.

The program comes with the standard desktop computer downloading kit, but it is not available for the cloud.

The program inFlow Inventory is designed to operate in various companies and sectors, such as wholesalers, distributors, suppliers, healthcare, e-commerce, and government. The software provides nearly most of the inventory management features available.

Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory is a cloud-based platform for inventory management software free that allows you to build and manage your sales and purchase orders and track your Inventory. Besides shopping carts like Shopify and many more, you can combine it with online sales platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. Here’s what we have in store: always keep up to date on your stock levels. To get instant updates on your inventory levels and be alerted wherever your stock falls below the level of reordering. Keep your stock organized with critical information such as sales, costs, availability and SKUs. The centralized system of Inventory for different online stores.

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Automate the entire sales process, from generating sales orders and delivering the items to monitoring delivery status and giving your customers invoices. From one single location, handle everything. You are using our comprehensive reports to make educated business choices. To get instant insight into your company, use our detailed dashboard reports. See can goods with sales reports are the best-sellers. You will also get information about your best clients and their payment background.

Brahmin Solutions

Brahmin Solutions has been developed for resellers, manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers as an enterprise-grade best inventory management software. It helps companies of any scale, using a single platform, to manage Inventory through multiple channels. It also automates order fulfillment, order administration, processes of return, and more.

It is also possible to seamlessly incorporate Brahmin Technologies with third-party solutions, such as e-commerce sites, such as marketplaces, accounting systems, 3PL and EDI. The pricing for a maximum of five users and 1,000 orders per month starts at $199/month. Brahmin Solutions’ excellent features are its inventory monitoring, expiration dates, and batch to ensure that perishable goods are distributed before they expire. Manufacturing and wholesale management, warehouse management, accounting, and analytics and monitoring are also included in its inventory management feature.

The stitch labs

It is a cloud best inventory management software that offers comprehensive retail reporting that helps with the future evaluation to display past stock, sales velocity and financial location. This multichannel network also updates distribution platforms, product transition, transit track units, and inbound areas. Stitch Labs provides control of purchase orders, distribution of prices, low stock warnings, bundling, and stocktakes. A company gets a clearer view of its reliable data and Inventory to make wise business and forecasting decisions by expanding into this system.

It might lack advanced features or limit your access when you use traditional inventory management software. This is when switching to the best inventory management software, such as Stitch Labs, which is more sophisticated and integrated. The heart of any commercial company is Inventory. With its advanced integrated features, a multichannel inventory software such as Stitch Labs is a saviour and manages many business epidemics.


Cin7, based in New Zealand, is a software for business inventory management software free providing an all-in-one solution with countless comprehensive advantages. The program’s high cost may put Cin7 out of the reach of smaller and startup outfits, but that is all right since Cin7 provides more than small companies usually demand. It is a flexible solution suitable for involved companies that sell in more than one place or on multiple networks.

Cin7 is one of the few companies with almost exclusively favourable and enthusiastic user feedback operating in this space. Cin7 packs quite a punch, with an incredible feature, supreme customizability, depth, and a long list of big-name integrations.

Lightspeed pos

Lightspeed POS is a tool that keeps on you updated about your consumers as well. Get the POS solution account, purchasing background, & user categories for clients. Also, Lightspeed offers additional assistance in satisfying customer special orders and demand, layaways, ensuring prompt delivery and management of work orders. Lightspeed offers 24/7 service via webinars, videos, and a completely free demo of a one-on-one boarding system. Lightspeed POS helps you manage sales on the go and monitor your Inventory, whatever you sell a vehicle, appliances, clothing, or sporting goods! It is an easy-to-use inventory tracking program that offers access to process streamlining inventory management software tools and expands the company to the next level.

It is a software for inventory management is a technology gift for every rising Business. Lightspeed is the just retail POS that allows the company to operate efficiently, control sales and maximize stock. Since its inception, luckily for its advanced features and user-friendly interface, Lightspeed has evolved more than four times.

HandiFox Online

Cloud-based applications for small business inventory management, which is closely integrated with QuickBooks Online. From your phone or tablet on the go, the app lets you navigate, monitor, and manage inventory across multiple locations from anywhere in the world. You can monitor purchases, collect payments, issue invoices and check your shipments by picking and packing using HandiFox Online. You can also create barcodes, scan barcodes, print barcode labels and more.

For self-employed and small business owners – primarily from retail, wholesale distribution, manufacturing, looking to increase their sales and Inventory – HandiFox Online is a great solution.

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Shopventory is a web-based application that combines the management of sales and Inventory into a single solution. This program is designed to give SMBs a real-time opportunity that monitor and track performance in these areas. Also, it enables users to track different locations of channel inventory and sales. This is the way, not only do you know what goods need to be replenished, but what places or warehouses they need too.

In addition, for both Android and iOS, Shopventory has native applications. It offers a barcode scanner’s versatility so that you can search on the go in more of stock quantities. The formula also fits well with other standard software, such as accounting platforms and payment gateways, which are essential for companies. Shopify, QuickBooks online, Stripe, and Amazon Alexa are included. Inventory features include purchase order management, vendor relationships, inventory monitoring, and invoicing, among others. Thanks to its monitoring and analytics module, it also offers revenue and inventory forecasting capabilities for users. These are located in a highly visual dashboard with an easy-to-understand menu that takes all the clutter away.


For inventory management, barcodes, order management, and business analytics, Acctivate offers seamless integration with QuickBooks. Companies can handle sales orders from different platforms, and Acctivate provides insight into the entire enterprise while experiencing above-average demand, enabling advanced inventory management with real-time visibility.

Acctivate is the best inventory management software for small and medium dealers, suppliers, and online retailers for the QuickBooks inventory management system. It expands QuickBooks Desktop’s inventory management software free and business management capabilities (Enterprise, Pro and Premier).


For online retailers, Orderhive is simple inventory management and shipping app. Integrate platforms to simplify inventory management and streamline the delivery process, such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Big Commerce, QuickBooks Online, Etsy, QuickBooks Online, Magneto, etc. With Orderhive, retailers can seamlessly handle Inventory through numerous warehouses and locations. The app integrates with leading shipping companies such as USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc., so that within one unified interface, you can check prices, print labels and monitor shipments. Get access to real-time analytics, company reports, and gauge which channel can quickly produce maximum revenue.

Inventory Management Applications The Changing Face

Suppose you assume that the technology of inventory management software has reached its apex. The entrance of emerging technology, which could further be extended to the entire supply chain, shapes the future of inventory management. These developments would overtake previous technology, which had previously concentrated on automation that streamlined procedures, reduced waste and reduced errors. The following patterns are seen to influence inventory management’s future:

  • Other technology and the cloud. One of the best advances in enterprise technology is undeniably exploiting the capacity of the cloud. It is become a staple between many businesses, enabling them to access their assets and data anywhere, anytime. This power is used to incorporate other technology with the cloud, such as the internet of things and machine-to-machine interactions. This configuration more increases automation; devices can just control features by themselves this time.
  • Data for Inventory. Real-time data inventory software, previously thought to look like a pie in the sky, is now a fact, although far from being ideal. Technology has allowed enterprises to gain efficiencies at a higher rate. In the same way, by expanding it to other facilities, you can improve efficiency. Likewise, all affected parties are offered a clear picture of the supply chain such that there is no one left behind.
  • Anywhere Experience store. Customers are taken to benefit from companies’ willingness to enhance customer service by giving them access to goods from any device or computer with the increased prevalence of mobile devices. This means that you can access shopping carts from desktops and mobiles by any customer.
  • Analytics for Info. Analytics, dubbed as the most powerful technology to polish the business world, helps change the way businesses conduct activities. For inventory management, this is also true, adding order to their entire supply chains.
  • Control of Order. Intelligent order inventory management software free could help organizations ensure that the correct goods are shipped on time, every time, to the right customer. They also ensure that, along with the incorrect shipment of goods not in stock, no duplicate procedures are carried out.


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