Tips That You Need To Pass the Professional Scrum Master or PSM Assessment Test


The Professional Scrum Master or the PSM assessment is a test organized by which runs for a span of 60 minutes, where you are required to answer up to 80 multiple choice type questions in English. Getting a scrum master certification is very beneficial for companies to adopt Agile quickly. On another note, it also turns out to be beneficial to understand and learn the Scrum lifecycle even if an individual is not working as Scrum Master. When compared with a number of other professional certifications, the Professional Scrum Master certification exam is slightly easier. The PSM course fees are also low. Having a PSM certificate will help you enhance your skills and help in one’s career growth in any industry or organization that involves Agile values. This certificate will prove that the bearer has an Agile mindset and an understanding of Agile concepts.

The test taker gets one attempt to decide when and where they would like to take it. There is no given specific expiration date for the PSM course assessment test. Neither does the test taker have to physically go to an assessment center since the test can be taken right from the comfort of one’s home or workplace. In this article, we will further share with you a few tips which will help you to pass the PSM assessment test and become a certified Professional Scrum Master yourself!

1.      How to Learn the Subject Topics of the PSM Course?

  • The first and foremost step any student who wants to learn about a PSM needs to do is to attend a Professional Scrum Master or PSM certification online course given by a professional scrum master. Here the student will not only get all the required course materials as well as a thorough knowledge, but they will also get a firsthand experience about what will be the challenges and responsibilities that a Professional Scrum Master can expect and how to handle them properly.
  • A great tip to excel in the PSM test is to attend and go through the Scrum-based video courses that you will find easily on any video platform such as YouTube, side by side with your PSM online course.
  • Make sure that you have thoroughly read the Scrum guide since most of the major key points about the scrum framework are covered there. Additionally, most of the questions in the test come from this guide.
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2.      How To Prepare For The Test?

  • The website has a lot of key learning materials and resources, make sure that you have made proper use of them. These resources include the scrum glossary which contains all the key terms that one needs to keep in mind in reference to the scrum framework. There is also the scrum master learning path which has a vast number of valuable resources available for free.
  • Make sure that you take the scrum open assessment tests as many times as you need to until you score a perfect 100 percent.
  • org also offers a huge assortment of free Professional Scrum Master 1 or PSM 1 assessment test questions. All the questions from this resource have been derived from previously taken tests, hence it works as an additional opportunity for you to test how much knowledge you have in the sphere before you sit down to take the actual assessment.
  • To prepare for Professional Scrum Master exams, individuals need to study various Agile books. It might also help to take up a number of online courses that helps to cover and understand various Agile methodologies. There are a lot of sources for Scrum information present over the internet.
  • For the further polishing of your knowledge, you can also take the paid practice assessment tests for scrum masters and product owners. This contains more than 500 questions.
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Once an individual clears Professional Scrum Master exam, it is always recommended to take up advanced level PSM certifications exams to aid the candidate in handling complex situations that might come up along with Scrum management. PSM II helps you improve your knowledge on real-world complicated problems inorder to get an hands-on experience and PSM III will be very beneficial for experienced Scrum Masters to handle organizations efficiently and effectively.

We hope that this article helps you out!

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