The 4 Types of People That Should Invest in Dual Screen Mobiles

For these people, two screens are undoubtedly better than just on.

Dual screen mobile phones made their first appearance in the American market back in the winter of 2015 when Android released their new, highly anticipated project, the Siam 7X, to enthusiastic consumers.

Since then, people all over the world have enjoyed the benefits of dual screens as the technology continues to evolve and advance in the modern day. Especially for a few types of mobile users in particular, these foldable smartphones seriously can come in handy.

If you occupy one or more of these groups, you may want to consider trading in your current mobile for one that is equipped with two shiny screens rather just one. Here’s why.


Mobile gaming has exploded into a multi-billion-dollar business with a target audience that is steadily expanding across the globe. As such, users are always looking for the best ways to make the most out of their gameplay and enhance their abilities.

Dual screens support mobile gaming more than any other smartphones for several reasons. Firstly, two screens allow players to dedicate the bottom one to being a controller and the top one to being a platform for viewing. This results in greater accuracy and mobility as the user has an experience similar to that of console gaming but with their mobile.

Additionally, these dual screen specific phones ensure that a player’s hands remain on the bottom screen or gamepad and do not block or come into contact with what is happening above.

Sports Fanatics

In the same way that gamers can play their favorite titles with ease, sports fans can also enjoy matchups in an even better way when they are owners of dual screen mobiles. Because supporters often enjoy watching the big game while navigating through other platforms simultaneously, this technology supports their desire to stay connected 24/7.

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Especially as virtual sportsbooks continue to expand their reach across the U.S. with deals for new sign ups like New Jersey free bets, enthusiasts around the country are interested in live wagering but don’t want it to interfere with gameplay. Therefore, dual screen mobiles are perfect for major sports fanatics that want to engage with their favorite teams and players in real-time.

On a normal mobile, this process can often be hectic as users don’t want to miss a second of the live action but may also want to place bets or review game stats. However, with dual mobiles, fans can review expert odds and predictions on one screen while watching the faceoff on the other.


Writing is both a job and a hobby enjoyed by millions around the world. People who hold this career will find dual screen mobiles useful because they eliminate the back-and-forth search that is often done while typing.

For example, someone who uses his or her mobile to write may often search for words in the dictionary or thesaurus and thus have to abandon their notes page or word document. However, on a device with two screens, the user can write freely on one side while navigating on the other.  This opens many doors for people in the profession of both writing and editing.

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By now it’s clear to see, whether you’re betting or streaming sports in real-time, practicing your aim in a FSP title, or simply working on an Instagram account, every action is made better with a dual screen mobile.

If this sounds like it would make your life easier, have a look at the top selections currently on the market to jumpstart your search! But first, there’s one more type of modern user that absolutely must invest in a dual screen mobile phone.

All working professionals that use two screens in the office will enjoy dual mobile screens that allow them to access work on-the-go in the same way

Social Media Influencers

Nowadays, thousands of tech-savvy mobile users have begun to make a living off social media. Those whose platforms earn them the most special attention are often contacted by big businesses to sponsor products or endorse various campaigns.

These individuals, known as social media influencers, practically live on their mobile phones as their job does not get done without them. Applications like Instagram are their main priorities as maintaining their pages with relevant content is often what gets them more work.

With that being said, dual screen mobiles are the ideal option for this group who must constantly use their devices to promote their brand. With two screens, users can filter photos for Instagram and chat with a client at the exact same time. This also enables them to navigate through multiple apps simultaneously so they can keep a better eye on all their accounts throughout the day.

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