Internet Review : All-in-One Marketing Platform for Entrepreneurs

When you first start your internet business, you’ll see a slew of products fighting for your attention.That is correct.You’re besieged on all fronts to invest in technologies that promise to explode your fledgling firm, from website builders to email marketing services to marketing automation software.The only issue?The majority of early-stage firms and internet entrepreneurs operate on a tight budget.This is a problem that you can probably relate to if you’ve just launched your company.

You’d probably acquire all of the greatest marketing tools in each category if you had the option. All of these tools, however, come at a cost.And for some firms, that price can be prohibitively high.But what if there was an integrated platform that could handle all of the essential marketing operations, such as funnel creation, email marketing, marketing automation, and more, for a fraction of the price?Enter, a one-stop marketing shop for small businesses.

Continue reading to learn how this simple yet effective tool can help you streamline your marketing efforts and expand your business.You’ll learn about’s essential features, simplicity of use, customer service, and price plans in this in-depth study.You’ll know whether or not you should use to build your business by the end of this review.Let’s get this party started.


If you want to get the most out of this review, I strongly advise you to sign up for a free account.
The free plan on allows you access to all of the company’s essential features, which will be discussed later in this review.

Sign up for the free plan

Before we get started, take a look at my video evaluation and demonstration of video gives you a fast rundown of’s core features, price levels, and customer service.Scroll down to read the complete review if you want a more in-depth look at the tool.

What is the purpose of

For online entrepreneurs, is an all-in-one marketing platform.Several tools are included in the suite, including:

  • Builder of funnels
  • Software for email marketing
  • Course creator on the internet
  • Marketing automation is a term used to describe a
  • Management of affiliate programmes
  • Platform for blogging

You may use to promote and sell digital and physical things, develop membership sites, and offer evergreen webinars in addition to these fundamental functions.Normally, you would have to sign up for each of these services separately.To take use of the best features these tools have to offer, you’ll almost always have to pay up front.However, with, you gain access to the most important functions for free and can upgrade to one of the expensive plans only when necessary.

What’s the bottom line?

Entrepreneurs and small business owners who don’t have the time, resources, or income to invest in pricey marketing solutions will find to be a one-stop shop.All of the must-have marketing tools are available in one product, allowing you to optimise your business procedures without breaking the is completely free to use.

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Starting Points:

  • Getting up and running
  • Click here to sign up for a free account.
  • Log in to your dashboard and go to your settings after you’ve made your account.
  • Fill out all of the required information in your personal settings, then go to your account settings.
  • Subdomain, timezone, date format, and time format can all be customised.

Account Settings on

You can connect your Stripe or PayPal account under the payment gateway settings if you plan to use to promote and sell courses.However, you can do this at a later time, when your course is due to launch.The most critical step right now is to create your subdomain.After that, you’re ready to put systeme’s core features to the test.

How to Make the Most of


  • We’ll look at the primary features of in this part.I’ll also give you a quick breakdown of how each of these capabilities on works.
  • Sales Funnels are a type of sales funnel.
  • To generate leads and increase income, you’ll need a strong sales funnel.
  • A sales funnel, when properly established, allows you to guide your consumers through a logical, well-defined sales process.
  • The funnel builder on enables you to design high-converting landing pages that can be linked to your email list, payment system, and membership sites.
  • Setting up automation rules and A/B testing different landing page designs to determine what performs best might help you improve your conversion funnels even more. Review - Creating New Funnel
What’s the best part?

  • It’s incredibly simple to use and set up.
  • Let me show you how to use to create a funnel.
  • To get started, go to the “Funnels” page and select “Create+.” Review – New Funnel Creation

Let’s pretend that your goal for this review is to establish an email list for your blog.The simplest method to do this is to provide a free eBook that your target audience will find useful. Landing Page Templates

To market your eBook and collect email addresses, choose “Build an audience” as your funnel type and one of the squeeze page layouts. Custom Landing Page

Templates for landing pages on

  • The content on your squeeze page can then be customised using’s drag-and-drop editor.
  • Custom Landing Page by
  • Save your modifications and return to the step configuration after your squeeze page is complete.
  • Then, to allow downloads of your eBook, choose one of the thank you page layouts.
  • Thank You Page Templates from
  • You may define automation rules and even A/B test different designs once your pages are ready to optimise your conversion process.

Email Automation Rules in Systeme

After your funnel has been successfully deployed, go to the “Stats” tab to see the overall amount of pageviews and conversions for your landing pages.This is just a quick rundown of how’s funnel builder works.
There’s a lot more you can do.If you want to sell a product or service, for example, you may use to connect your membership sites and payment systems.

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Systeme Email Automation Rules

Marketing via email

One of the most effective ways for businesses to create meaningful relationships with their clients is through email marketing.For example, 81 percent of firms think email is the primary method for acquiring and retaining customers.The email marketing solution from includes complex capabilities such as list segmentation and automated email sequences.You can send unlimited emails to up to 1000 contacts with their freemium plan.You may also combine your email list with your sales funnel and website to make your email campaigns more efficient.

  • To begin, go to your dashboard’s “Emails” tab, pick “Newsletters” from the drop-down menu, and then click the “+Create a Newsletter” button.
  • Select the editor and hit the “Create” button after entering the subject line and sender name.
  • This will bring up the email editor, where you may add and amend your email’s content.
  • Save your modifications once you’ve completed your email template.
  • You can send yourself a test email and adjust other options on the next page. – Newsletter Scheduling

You can schedule the email to be delivered to your subscribers at a certain time once you’re pleased.Similarly, if you want to set up automatic emails, go to the Emails drop-down box and select “Campaigns,” then add additional emails to your series of automated campaigns.If you want to import your contacts from another email marketing service, you’ll need to get a CSV file from your old ESP and upload it to

This is done by going to the “Contacts” tab and choosing the “Import Contacts” button.To cut a long tale short, you can quickly set up autoresponders and run email campaigns to keep your email list interested and active.You can even migrate your email list from your current ESP to

Builder of Online Courses

  • You can also create online courses with
  • To use the course builder on, go to:
  • Add a new course in Product/Sales > Courses
  • This will allow you to access your course settings.
  • Fill in the required course information here.

Course Settings on

  • Save your edits once you’ve included all of the relevant details.
  • After that, you may begin adding modules and lecture material to your course.
  • Save your options after selecting text or video as your preferred page type.
  • This will launch the editor, which will allow you to begin adding content to your lectures.
  • To your course, add all of the essential modules and lectures.
  • Return to the course settings and attach your course to a sales funnel once you’re finished.Create a funnel particularly for the course if you haven’t already.
  • It will display in your course settings if you’ve created a funnel with a landing page to market your course.
  • All you have to do now is pick a funnel, choose a funnel stage, and save your changes.
  • That’s all there is to it; your online course is now available.
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