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15 Free Alternatives to Storiesig for Downloading Instagram Stories

StoriesIG is a fantastic tool for watching stories and downloading material from your Instagram account. This technology allows you to watch all of the stories anonymously and free of charge from the public account. Simply go to the StoriesIG feature and input the username of the person you wish to view or download the images or other material from, then click view to see the results. Despite the fact that you can save images and videos from Instagram with a single click, You can view people’s stories, highlights, and posts without making an account.

Why Should You Utilize StoriesIG?

There are several reasons why you should utilize StoriesIG. Perhaps you’re interested in someone’s personal life but don’t want them to know you’re observing. Perhaps you want to see what a celebrity or influencer is up to without following them. Or perhaps you’re simply nosy!

Whatever your reason, StoriesIG provides a simple and straightforward method to read someone’s Instagram stories without their knowledge.

How Does StoriesIG Work?

StoriesIG is really easy to use. Simply go to the website and type in the Instagram username of the person whose stories you wish to see. If you press ‘enter,’ you’ll be transported to their story feed.

From here, you can go through and view all of their recent stories, just as if you were following them on Instagram. By selecting the ‘highlights’ option, you can also see their highlights.

It truly is that simple!

Is it safe to use StoriesIG?

Absolutely! StoriesIG is a 100% safe and secure way to anonymously see someone’s Instagram stories. The tool’s development team takes data security extremely seriously, so you can be confident that your information is always secure.

15 Alternatives to Storiesig for Downloading Ig Stories

Let’s take a look at the best alternatives to storiesig in 2023

#1. Pixwox


Pixwox is an outstanding Instagram Story viewer that allows you to save whatever you want from Instagram posts, including stories, images, and videos. Despite the fact that you can view the posts as you choose, The software allows you to download or browse public and private account posts and views offline. Common hashtags include “girl, life, sports, happy, beauty, love, fashion, art, food, and travel, among others. Just enter the username of the individual for whom you wish to access or download the tale before hitting the search button.

#2. Ingramer


Ingramer has changed its name to Inflact. It is a wonderful alternative to StoriesIG in that it allows you to not only see tales and download them but also view posts. If you are barred by an account or do not have an Instagram account, you can see a specific profile using the profile viewer feature.

Inflact also makes it simple to download Instagram photos and videos. If you wish to download a video, simply copy the URL and paste it into the tool; you will then be able to do so.

Nevertheless, you can do so using the Inflact Downloader Tool.

You may not only save any image, video, or IGTV video, but you can also download whole profiles in bulk if you subscribe to the premium plan. That can even be your own profile if you’re worried about getting your account blocked and losing your images and want to back up your account.

Inflact offers a fascinating feature that StoriesIG does not: every time you visit the website, you must manually input the profile you wish to spy on. It may get tedious.

On the other hand, Inflact allows you to automatically monitor and track several profiles; however, it is more expensive. This function guarantees that new stories from the accounts you monitor appear in your Inflact account every time you check in.

You will not need an Instagram account to use the automated monitoring tool, and it will not be linked to you in any way, so the person you are spying on will not be aware that you are watching them.

Because the information is received from public servers, no additional persons will appear on their articles’ “reader” lists; therefore, they will be unaffected.

#3. izoomYou


You may search for an Instagram profile and browse and download posts, stories, videos, photographs, and other media. This tool helps you view the profiles of Instagram users without any hassle. You may download information about individuals from Instagram without using any extensions or software. The programme allows you to browse your favourite individuals by entering their usernames and talking to them without doing anything. Yet there are no Instagram stories on iOS.

#4. Instadp


Instadp is one of my favourite tools for downloading Instagram stories, highlights, and photos. It features a highly user-friendly UI.

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To begin, type or search for a profile in the top-of-the-page search bar. When you see an account, it is stored in the search suggestion until you clear your cookies, at which point you can view it again.

There will be four parts:

Full-size Profile Stories Reels
What I enjoy most about Instagram is that when you go to the Stories tab, you will get not only stories from the past 24 hours but also story highlights. The article highlights will be organised exactly as they are on the profile page, with different highlight covers and categories.

In contrast, StoriesIG does not display Instagram highlights.

When you click on one of the story highlights, you won’t have to keep swiping left to see one story after another, as you would on Instagram. Instead, all of the article highlights beneath the cover you clicked on will be displayed on the page, and all you have to do to see them all is scroll down.

After you’re finished, just click the back button to return to the Stories page, where you may select another tale’s highlights.

You may download each tale and narrative highlight.

The reels area displays Instagram reels, while the full-size part displays an expanded version of the profile photo.

The disadvantage of Instapaper is that it does not display Instagram postings. Although it merely provides a link to their Instagram profile, it does display how many posts and followers each account has.

Additionally, Instagram now asks you to pass a two-step captcha before it will show you any results. The good news is that after you’ve completed the captcha, you may enter various accounts without having to retake it until your session expires.

#5. InstaStories


InstaStories allows you to browse the stories and posts of any public Instagram account without having to join up or create an account. Anybody may browse and download Instagram accounts’ stories, videos, and photographs to their computer, iPhone, or Android smartphone. To see and download the postings, put the username into the search area and press the search button to receive an instant result. is the third option.

Another favourite of mine is Unlike StoriesIG, it displays highlights as well as current stories, and it allows you to easily browse the specific highlights you wish to see.

When you first access a profile, you will view all of its tales. You may scroll down to see all of the tales and download them individually.

When you’ve scrolled down and seen all of the current stories, the highlights will show. To see a list of story highlights, go to the See Highlights section.

To view all of the covers, scroll down.

Then, just keep scrolling until you reach the end of the highlights to get to the next cover.

A video-downloading application is also available on Just input the URL of the Instagram video you wish to save into the tool.

#6. Dumpor


If you’re seeking a location to watch Instagram stories anonymously, look no further. Then Dumpor is the ideal place to examine other people’s Instagram profiles without notifying them. This programme allows you to browse and save your Instagram profile without exposing your identity. You may anonymously examine the profiles of the people you wish to see and learn about their Instagram followers, stories, and tagged posts. Dumpor is also a platform for finding Instagram people, hashtags, profiles, and places by typing in the search field and hitting the search button. Simply go to the Dumpor tool to obtain the best Instagram viewing experience. It offers several fantastic features, such as the ability to effortlessly download content, browse discreetly, explore user profiles, leave comments and likes, and so on.

#7. Instalkr


Instalkr is an extremely nice website with several capabilities that StoriesIG does not have. To begin with, it allows you to view both recent news and posts.

Nevertheless, it goes far beyond that. If you create a free account, you may buy “tracking packages” starting at $9.99.

When you track an account, you will be able to see not just fresh updates but also stuff that the user uploaded and then erased.

You will also be shown information such as:

  • Instagram favourites of this account
  • The posts on which they are commenting, including deleted comments
  • Other accounts that like posts published by this account
  • Other accounts are commenting on the postings of this account.

StoriesIG does not have any of these characteristics.

Nevertheless, there was one thing I didn’t enjoy about Instalkr: I had to fill out a captcha for every activity. After a time, it became tedious and frustrating, and I had to fill out those captchas even though I was logged in to my account.

Also, the monitoring feature is rather limited in that you cannot track accounts with a large number of followers, especially prominent celebrities, because it would be too much effort for the programme.

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#8. 4K Stogram

4K Stogram

4K Stogram is a platform that allows you to easily download Instagram stories, images, and videos. The platform is very popular among users who use Instagram on a daily basis. This tool is completely free to use and requires no payment. You may download any media asset from the many Instagram profiles. Just enter the user’s name, location, and Instagram hashtags and click the download button. You may also store photos, videos, IGTV, and other data.

Bigbangram is a wonderful substitute for StoriesIG since it allows you to download a lot more content, including highlights and complete profiles! A complete list of their Instagram downloader tools can be found here.

There are two independent download tools:

Posts, Videos, Profile Pictures, and Stories
IGTV Complete Profiles

Just input the login into the relevant tool to get the whole profile. The full profile will then be displayed, and you may choose which images, articles, videos, and highlights to save.

Bigbangram is completely free to use and does not require you to establish an account. Downloading is simple, and while it may take a few moments for a whole profile to load, you won’t have to fill out any bothersome captchas.

#9. Instore


Instore is outstanding software for quickly downloading videos and photographs from Instagram’s public accounts. With IG Downloader, you may save stories, images, and videos from your favourite Instagram account for free. It has several wonderful features, such as suggesting descriptions and hashtags based on the photographs you post. You may utilise this platform to obtain free articles, photos, reels, and other stuff.

#10. Anon IG Viewer

Anon IG Viewer

Unlike StoriesIG, I prefer Anon IG Viewer for its ease of use and speedy loading times. It allows you to see and download both stories and posts.

Furthermore, when you put a name into the search field, it will immediately load suggestions of the top accounts linked to your search phrase, making it simple to get the exact material you’re looking for. That is not what StoriesIG does.

#11. Instasaved


Instasave is one of the finest Instagram downloader services, allowing you to free download all Instagram stuff such as pictures, videos, IG TV, albums, multimedia, and reels video. To download the content, you do not need to establish an account. Simply go to a website, input the URL of the IGTV snapshot, and hit the download button. Instasave is a popular photo-sharing website that allows you to download media assets instantaneously. Overall, a fantastic tool for downloading Instagram material.

#12. Apkun


Apkun is an excellent alternative to StoriesIG since it allows you to examine both posts and tales as well as post metrics, which StoriesIG does not. It does have quite a bit of advertising, but it works, so just be patient with the page.

Enter any name or hashtag to locate related profiles. Then, click on the profile to read postings and stories.

#13. Barinsta

Let’s be real. StoriesIG, like many other Instagram story or post downloader services, has a lot of advertising; also, some users may face difficulties or slowness when getting certain data at times.

Barinsta is something completely distinct. Unlike StoriesIG, it is a legitimate Instagram client rather than a simple downloader.

It is sleek and simple to use, with no irritating advertisements, and it does not require an Instagram account to use. Nevertheless, if you have an Instagram account and use it to log in to the app, you will be able to download your private stuff, something you cannot do when in public mode.

But you may always download public material without checking in or creating an account. You can access Instagram stories, hashtags, posts, and pretty much everything else without ever creating an account.

When logged in, you may also use the client to engage with postings and send direct messages (DMs). Nevertheless, you must first download the app on your device (it is available on F-Droid and GitHub).

#14. Storiesgrams

If you’re searching for an app that allows you to browse and save Instagram material, Storiesgrams is a terrific option. This is a simple and stylish tool that allows you to easily browse your Instagram account. You may view and download stories, IGTV, posts, reels, and other material without revealing your identity. You may download the information with a single click. Also, you may download the majority of items without making an account.

#15. Save Instagram

Save Instagram is a utility for downloading Instagram photographs, reels, videos, stories, and profile images. It can be a little finicky at times, so you may have to try a few times before loading anything you’re attempting to load, but it works and enables you to download a lot more than StoriesIG.


I would remain with Inflact since it is the most dependable of all the websites I have used. Although usually dependable, several of these websites are occasionally prone to server failures and can have latency when obtaining public information from Instagram.

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