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Smart Square Mercy

The Smart Square Mercy is a crucial resource for the hospital’s personnel since it is a user-friendly, easy-to-use portal. All employee registrations & applications are managed using this web platform. Its user interface aids in the smooth flow of data between both the employer and the candidate. Any internet-enabled device may simply access the site. Users can also use their existing credentials to log in.

Password and Network ID

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Your Network ID & password are required to access our Smart Square Mercy portal. If you forget your password, you have two options for resetting it. You’ll be redirected to My Notifications > Documents if you use the Classic Smart Square. Then, seeing the NEW UI advice sheet, select Self-Scheduling. In the identical spot, you’ll also discover a link to a self-scheduling paper.

To use the official portal, you must first log in using the Network ID and password. You may also utilise Smart Square’s “Forgot Password” tool to recover your password if you have forgotten it.Click the Home button and select Documents to access the Self-Scheduling document. After you’ve made your account, you may arrange your shifts using the Self-Scheduling paper.

Document for Self-Scheduling

Your Network ID and password are required to access our official St John Mercy Smart Square site. You might potentially have a password that has expired, is too old, or has been forgotten. Just use self-scheduling document to recover a lost or forgotten password. You’ll be taken to the Personal Notifications page if you utilise the Classic Smart Square. To view it, go to Documents and select Self-Scheduling.

You will be routed to the main Mercy Smart Square Portal page once you have provided your Network ID and password. You may view the Self-Scheduling paper and other materials after logging in. Visit your Smart-square website or follow the instructions below for further information on how to schedule your shifts. Also, don’t forget to provide feedback.

The Hospital’s Information

Every day from 1:00 a.m. until 2:00 a.m., the website is frequently inaccessible. However, maintenance may be performed on the site, which is normally planned between the hours of 1:00 am and 2:00 am. Enter your MyPay login and password to return to the site. It will be easier if you remember that your MyPay user name and Lawson ID are not the same as your network login ID and password.

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For more information about the Mercy hospital, go to its official website or its website. You can also pay your hospital costs using the MyPay website. It’s a safe site that lets you access your account from anywhere. Your MyPay user name will be distinct from your network login, in addition to your Lawson ID. You must be cautious while entering your Lawson ID since it prevents you from inadvertently connecting to the wrong network.

Continual Up keep Smart Square Mercy

The Mercy Hospital website may be inaccessible between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m. due to routine maintenance.If you’re having problems logging in, go to the hospital’s website right away. Mercy’s website may be unavailable at certain periods. You may continue shopping after logging in. You can also utilise the MyPay application after finishing the registration process.

“The current state of health care necessitates innovation in order to thrive,” said Chris Fox, senior vice president of innovation and growth at Avantas. “A strategic approach to efficient network presents a unique opportunity to realise quality improvements as well as cost savings across an enterprise.” “Mercy recognises this, and we’re thrilled that they’ve chosen Smart Square to help them match their resources with patient requirements and deliver the world-class care for which they’re recognised.”

Mercy will be able to take advantage of the economies of scale given by its local hospitals to strategically staff nurse units for developing patient needs across several locations thanks to the completely Web-hosted application.
Nursing leaders will encounter patients and much less time manning their units as a result of this.

“Mercy’s key aims are to provide a high-quality care environment and to maximise nurse resources. We can achieve those goals by integrating Avantas’ scheduling & staffing software with other essential information systems “Mercy’s senior vice president and head nursing officer, Jolene Goedken, stated. “Avantas is more than just a technology firm.
Its strategic guidance and assistance were critical to our software integration’s success. Smart Square is the perfect instrument for our requirements, and Avantas seems to be the right partner for Mercy, in my opinion.”

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Smart-Square Mercy

Both a username and a password are required. A other method of logging in is available. It’s difficult to conceive how anyone managed to get anything done before the internet. Almost every organisation nowadays uses a web-based portal to provide employees with access to critical job-related information. Employees of Mercy can acquire access to this information by providing a username and password into to the Mercy Smart-Square portal and then clicking the Sign In button. If you want to complete the account login procedure in a different way, click the Alternate Login option and input the required credentials in the Login and Password boxes (the standard login process can be completed by clicking the Continue to SmartSquare link).

Mercy in a Positive Light

Mercy Health System was formed in 1986 by the Sisters of Mercy. Mercy’s roots may be traced back to Dublin, Ireland, over 185 years. Truven Health Analytics has ranked us as one of the top five largest health systems in the United States. There are more than 700 medical offices and outpatient facilities in the area. There are 44 acute treatment and speciality hospitals in the system. Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas have ministries.

Avantas, a business that helps healthcare companies automate and streamline healthcare labour management methods, offered the technology that powers the Mercy Smart-Square site. Those interested in contacting Avantas can do so by dialling their toll-free line or writing and mailing a well-thought-out letter.


During maintenance times, the MyPay website is frequently inaccessible, especially between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m. It’s crucial to know that the user name you use to log into the your MyPay account is not the same as your network login. The website will be inaccessible during this time. Before checking in to the Mercy site, you must use the MyPay option for your convenience.

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