Top Best SIEM Tools For 2022 For Real-Time Incident Response and Security

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The editors of Solutions Review are always researching the most popular and influential siem tools list in order to aid consumers in finding the right tools for their needs. Choosing the correct vendor and solution may be a difficult task; it necessitates ongoing market research and typically involves considerations other than the system’s technical capabilities. Security Event Management can help firms trying to fill their siem tools in cyber security teams bridge gaps in security and surveillance, attack detection, and siem tools examples response.

Top Best SIEM Tools For 2022

1. SolarWinds Security Event Manager


It is has an open design, which allows it to offer a few unique features. This solution can ingest data from more sources than many SIEM Tools, and its structured data may be used outside of System that is designed, which may be valuable for more experienced IT employees. Micro Focus has also just purchased Interset, a security analytics software firm, to expand its behavioural analytics and machine learning portfolio.

2. Micro Focus ArcSight ESM

Micro Focus ArcSight ESM

Threat Monitor is a security-focused SIEM Tools that analyses security log data from a variety of sources and compares abnormalities to a constantly updated global threat database. This technology provides comprehensive notifications as well as automatic, intelligent reactions to security situations.

3. SolarWinds Threat Monitor

SolarWinds Threat Monitor

The solution is accessible on-premises or in the cloud, and it includes a year’s worth of log preservation space as well as indexed log features for simpler SIEM Tools and search. It also includes a 14-day free trial, with the cloud version being a popular choice among MSPs.

4. Splunk Enterprise Security

Splunk Enterprise Security

Splunk Enterprise Security has been there for over a SIEM Tools is a popular choice. This is an enterprise-level alternative, which means the licence charges aren’t especially low – this tool may be prohibitively expensive for some. This tool is available as on-premises software or as a SaaS service (ideal for AWS users). Graphs and charts are among the dashboard’s helpful visuals. It can accommodate as many plugins and third-party integrations as you require. However, if you want to use the advanced analytics functions, the learning curve might be severe.

5. LogRhythm NextGen SIEM

LogRhythm NextGen SIEM

This is a reliable and quick SIEM Tools for managing essential logs on Windows. For qualified IT employees, the product is very simple to setup, and the dashboard helps streamline process. It’s simple to configure whatever reports you require if you have particular compliance criteria and know your queries. This tool offers AI and automation features that are always improving, which isn’t the case with many tools. All of this being said, this system doesn’t scale well for larger enterprises, and there’s minimal support if you need to go to the cloud.

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6. IBM QRadar

QRadar is likely to be trustworthy for businesses wishing to integrate a wide range of logs across their important systems. Furthermore, this SIEM tools offers intelligent characteristics that detect a wide range of constantly evolving threats. It isn’t the most user-friendly product because it has a sophisticated design to match its capabilities.
Setting alerts in QRadar, for example, can be time consuming. Of course, IBM solutions have a higher price tag, but businesses with a lot of log manager needs should think about this great alternative.

7. AlienVault Unified Security Management

AlienVault Unified Security Management

This is a good alternative for small businesses seeking for an entry-level SIEM Tools solution, and it works on both Mac and Windows. Although it recently introduced endpoint identification and new response capabilities, this solution does not have the feature set of top rivals. It’s worth noting that AT&T purchased AlienVault in 2018, however it’s unclear whether this will have an influence on this product so far.

8. Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic log management

This is a more recent cloud-based platform that is suitable for SMBs in terms of both cost and features.
Because the product is new, there isn’t much of a community behind it, but Sumo Logic argues that their solution covers holes in IT security that other solutions have ignored, especially when it comes to cloud deployments.
Note that the design aspects of this tool appear to be geared for a technical user, thus they aren’t as appealing.

9. RSA NetWitness Suite

RSA NetWitness Suite

Another good log management and threat intelligence alternative. With a maintenance and support agreement, you gain access to over two dozen RSA-populated intelligence feeds to supplement any data you provide into the system.
All of this enables thorough threat analysis. Indeed, with this SIEM solution, you can re-create whole sessions to understand exactly what happened during an attack and get insight into hackers’ strategies using automated behavioural analytics. It’s on the higher end of the price scale, therefore it could be better suited to businesses.

10. McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

This is a well-known choice, although other McAfee services have been unexpectedly terminated in the past.
Furthermore, the product’s log sharing with third-party programmes isn’t clear. If you’re currently using other McAfee products, such as their well-known antivirus software, a McAfee SIEM solution might help you optimise your operations. In any event, choosing this solution will provide you with the basic dashboard management and reporting features you want, so it’s worth looking into the pricing point to see if it’s a good fit for you.

11. AlienVault OSSIM


When it comes to threat detection, OSSIM does event collection, normalisation, and correlation, making it a comprehensive tool. Short-term logging and monitoring, long-term danger assessment, and built-in automatic responses are all included. The following are some of the tool’s advantages and disadvantages:

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12. SIEM Monster


SIEM Monster is a favourite of many firms since it can be customised to fit the demands of every size business, whether it’s a small, medium, or large corporation. It combines various open source solutions into a single centralised platform and delivers real-time threat information, safeguarding users from real-time threats.

13. Wazuh


Wazuh is a popular choice among businesses since it comes with comprehensive threat detection, integrity monitoring, incident response, and compliance capabilities. Wazuh gathers, aggregates, indexes, and analyses security data, allowing businesses to detect intrusions, identify dangers, and identify any behavioural anomalies that may develop.

14. Snort


Snort is a free and open-source intrusion detection and prevention system (IPS). It’s a fantastic solution for businesses looking for a real-time network traffic analysis tool. It also has log analysis capabilities, as well as the ability to show traffic and dump packet streams to log files. A user manual, FAQ file, and tips on how to find and utilise Oinkcode are available to users.



Is a host-based Intrusion Detection System that is scalable, multi-platform, and open-source.It is widely used because it is compatible with a wide range of operating systems, including Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, MacOS, Solaris, and Windows. This application is popular among security specialists in large corporations because it allows them to monitor several networks from a single location. You may also rely on the welcoming community of OSSEC developers and users to help you get the most out of this technology.

16. Sagan


Quadrant Information Security created Sagan as a high-performance open-source solution for real-time analysis and correlation. It is compatible with the operating systems Linux, FreeBSD, and OpenBSD.

17. Logit.io


Logit.io offers a cost-effective SIEM solution based on hosted ELK. ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana, and Beats make up the ELK Stack, which is made up of numerous complementary SIEM services. ELK is also used in the architecture of OSSEC, Apache Metron, SIEM Monster, and Wazuh, all of which are described in this blog. SIEM as a Service is Logit.io’s managed service, which includes all of the critical components needed to safeguard an organization’s operations at one of the most competitive prices in the market.

18. Prelude


Prelude is a global SIEM system that gathers, normalises, sorts, aggregates, correlates, and reports all security-related events, regardless of the product brand or licence that caused them. Auditd, OSSEC, Suricata, Kismet, and ClamAV are examples of third-party agents for this programme.


Look no farther than SolarWinds SIEM product Security Event Manager for the greatest all-around safety and log application framework for both Windows and Mac OS. It’s simple to use and has attractive dashboards that allow you to consolidate and simplify your operations without compromising in-depth information.

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