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Rabbit alternatives

Do you want to find the top Rabbit alternatives? Do you want some fresh and updated websites similar to I realize the website is now down, but many people still want to utilize it. Hence, I’m sharing the 15 most popular alternative sites to Rabbit, which will satisfy all your Rabbit-related wants. Scroll down this page to view some new Rabbit menu options.

One thing that has changed dramatically in recent years is entertainment and, more significantly, how we consume it. Video streaming is no longer a buzzword; it is an absolute need. Video streaming applications appear to replace television sets, with anybody with an internet connection able to enjoy them. The availability of faster internet services is one key aspect that may be linked to this.

Consumers in several nations appear to have skipped desktops and laptops in favor of cell phones. It gained further traction due to some outstanding apps contributing to this value addition. These on-demand programming applications have made life easier. These apps make different types of content sharing considerably more accessible and entertaining.

What Exactly is ? (Rabbit) was a popular video streaming website that closed in 2019. Users reaped the benefits of its video streaming services. It was a web-based group chat program that allowed users to share anything that could be played in a browser.

This multiplatform video-sharing app allows you to share your favorite YouTube videos and Netflix material, have live chats with friends and even create chat groups. All of these services were provided at no cost. On July 31, 2019, Kast sold its software stack and patents, bringing this premium video streaming service to an end.

The initial software was a video-streaming web-based group chat tool. It allows sharing video feeds from Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and other comparable services as a virtual instance of Chrome or Opera. The Chrome extension, iOS app, and Android app were all accessible. You may use it as a Chrome extension to chat, conduct video and phone calls, and exchange photographs.

Is rabbit legal and safe to use?

Individuals have differing opinions on the legality of this platform. To begin with, sharing your device’s screen is a question of personal preference and is in no way the coercive screen is a question of personal preference and is in no way coercive. As a result, is legal since you were sharing your screen with others.

But when it comes to sharing copyrighted information, such as that from Netflix, you are subject to screening sharing limits. If you continue to share the screen with Rabbit, you are breaking the law in every way.

Screen sharing is only feasible with your consent, as far as safety is concerned. As a result, as long as you play it safe, the platform is safe for you. In contrast to an open link server, which connects you to all accessible devices, you may pick the linked devices.

Nevertheless, you have no protection from linked gadgets. Views cannot be restricted while the screen-sharing function is enabled. Other linked gadgets can readily infiltrate your device.

15 Best Rabbit Alternatives In 2023

These all are 100% working sites like You can use them as rabbit alternatives.

#1. Watch2gether



Watch2gether is the best rabbit alternative. Another popular choice for Rabbit is Watch2gether, listening to music, and shopping together on Amazon. Live sync replication is sufficient, and the playback of movies or shows does not take long.
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Besides this, the platform has an excellent GIF chat feature. Watch2gether is a fantastic forum for viewing content for a shared experience. Watch for who you want whatever. Only tap and build a virtual space with a press. Invite your friends and family into the room and enjoy movies, game shows, live events, music, and many more together. It’s like you’re lying side by side. Good luck! See and explore the world’s patterns. Check for common subjects, news break, viral videos, funny videos, and a lot more.

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#2. Kosmi


Kosmi is a free ERA smartphone and networking network offering voice, texts, and videos, along with SNES Party, NES Party, OpenArena, Poker, Interactive Cardtables, and Cowatch Game apps and software.

You will practically hang out with Kosmi ‘s friends. You don’t have to install or even log in. You can conveniently create a space for webcam and chat conversation. You can also open the page or screen of your browser and open everything that happens there.

Kosmi also helps you access coordinated Youtube and local video streaming sites such as Rabbit as an alternative to Rabbit. You can play NES and SNES Simulator, playmates, play Quake 3, Texas Holdem Poker, and several more games. Everybody may automatically add a URL to space. Also, strangers can ask for your room to enter.


#3. MetaStream


The system is used to offer better live broadcasting to many users with virtually no delays. Besides that, Metastream looks best with on-screen chat, queuing, and quick user administration. It funds other big platforms such as Netflix, Twitter, Prime Video, etc. Additionally. Also, nearly every big network, including Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, and so forth, supports Metastream. But the download devices, sound support, or support for a webcam is not easily streamed. Metastream is one of the great Rabbit alternatives if that’s all right with you.


#4. Togethr.TV



Togethr. TV a best rabbit alternatives enables you to easily create a room across all the community users with an interactive chat with synchronized replay. Chat and comment on your friends’ Synchronized Replay. You see what you see; the video is synced with each consumer (play, pause, and seek). Please speak to your friends through our chat and listen to them in real-time. Websites supported YouTube compliant, and many other websites are downloading.


#5. Airtime


Airtime is a Rabbit alternative for mobile phones. It fits well. Airtime helps its customers to view YouTube videos, listen to music, talk with friends using sticks, and submit sound, GIFs, and much more. Up to 10 users in one room are allowed by Airtime.

The best thing about Airtime is that the audio and multimedia replay that was a common aspect of Rabbit is preserved simultaneously. Essentially, Airtime is the most vital software that allows cell phone watchers to be streamed, and Rabbit’s functions are removed.


#6. is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives to, because it helps people to view videos together easily. Its portal has incorporated many video streaming sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion.

Users can play videos directly from the platform, and all room participants can display videos wholly coordinated. Also, users can exchange URLs from other websites and easily access video content together. You talk with emoji help on the interactivity front, so it’s great. Altogether, is a promising site where you can want to watch the content together.


#7. Rave


Rave is a smartphone application to exchange multimedia content seamlessly. Text or audio talk with Twitter, Netflix, Vimeo, Reddit, Google Drive … Viewing contents together Combine your telephones to create an instant speaker device for a foreign movie night. Rave sells unique smartphone iOS and Android apps. Basically, but even as a social networking hub, Rave is a web-based media network.


#8. Netflix


Filming night with a particular person from far away is Netflix Party, an extension for viewing Netflix with friends remotely. The video playscale is coordinated, and community chat is added. You will also talk with videos in real-time. This extension works with Netflix only, though, not with local videos or any other network. It is great rabbit alternatives, but it’s not an app such as Rabbit in several respects.


#9. ShareTube


Watch YouTube streaming, synced with the latter in partnership with others! Build a room for yourself and enter a room and invite others. ShareTube is one of Rabbit’s best options to quickly set up a chat room and invite your friends and family. They encourage you to watch synchronized YouTube videos, use Rabbit streaming services, and even build your playlist. It comes with one of the most accessible interfaces with which chat rooms can be set up and accessed without an account.

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It lacks most of Rabbit’s characteristics but provides a great video sharing experience for families and friends.


#10. Explorii


Watch for whoever you want whatever. Only tap and build a virtual space with press rabbit alternatives. Invite your friends and family into the room and enjoy movies, game shows, live events, music, and many more together. It’s like you’re lying side by side. Good luck! See and explore the world’s patterns. Check for common subjects, news breaks, viral videos, funny videos, and a lot more.


#11. Kast


We can’t keep it out of the list because Kast bought Rabbit, can we? This application which runs on Mac and Windows is a computer-based application. This replacement to Rabbit can also be found in your browser, and Kast will also be released for iOS phones.

 It also operates streaming platforms such as Bunny. More than 100 mates will also plan TV and movie events. Kast a complete Post, Video, E-mail, Voice sharing site, etc. It also helps you to enjoy and share games with your mates in real-time.


#12. Synaptop


Synaptop web-based technology, close to Bunny, enables you to access videos utilizing a remote link with your family and friends. Synatop is free to use for other choices, but you have to set up an account. You will connect updates to your account after you have built your account. You will watch videos, play sports, listen to music, and work together on your work.

You may use Synatop as a remote desktop portal to exchange all sorts of content. It operates video platforms such as Bunny. It’s entirely focused on the internet, so nothing has to be downloaded. However, it has a drawback to you that you can only see movies from the websites like rabbit titles.


#13. Parsec


Parsec is just like Rabbit, except you can also watch the footage. It helps you to invite your friends to post videos in real-time. You won’t have latency problems with Parsec, too. Your friends can comment in real-time, and you can communicate with them when you display images.

As video streaming is not developed, the videos can’t be regulated by another person. To do that, the critical function of Rabbit is superior synchronous playback. You can also do community chat, but there are no webcams or audio supports, and only one-way control is possible. It is one of Rabbit’s good choices.


#14. Animeparty


Animeparty is a rabbit alternatives that is only devoted to watching and sharing Anime content. You should build a space for your family and friends and then share it with them. It has an anime catalog from which to choose and display some material instantly.

In this app, you can also use its community chat functionality, such as Rabbit TV, to remain interactive. Besides that, it has an excellent sync replay, and you won’t have any vast problems streaming files. The forum for showing Anime is like rabbits.


#15. TogetherJS


TogetherJS is developed by Mozilla Labs and comes with features such as websites like rabbit and apps operating together in real-time with viewing movies and games. It helps you to connect a collaborative framework to your websites in real time quickly. This program is somewhat different from a collaborative network that is widely accessible in real-time. It’s one of Rabbit’s blogs.

TogetherJS also has a JavaScript open-source library to add interactive tools and frameworks to the users’ platform. It also allows you to watch together videos and films. You can give the connexion to your friends after you’ve installed it to enter the group and connect in real-time, close, and Rabbit.


Final Words

There are 23 alternatives for downloading and viewing content, listening to music with friends from any corner of the world, and family. Rabbit TV (aka

Though Rabbit was a unique tool, Rabbit has come up with so many solutions that consumers won’t miss it all too much. The wide range of websites like rabbit available, combined with each product’s different sales points and features, has allowed consumers to use the application that meets their wants and wants.

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