Top 25 Picuki Alternatives: Best Instagram Story Viewer in 2024

Top 25 Picuki Alternatives: Best Instagram Story Viewer in 2024

You may use Picuki to discover trending topics, hashtags, and other stuff. You may then utilize it to stay ahead of your competitors. You may monitor the actions of your competitors while staying anonymous. It is possible to explore Instagram without making an account by using the well-known application Picuki. If you’re wondering how it manages to do that, you’ve come to the right place. This article will explain Picuki Instagram, including what it is, how to use it, and if it is safe.

Picuki Overview allows you to view and modify photographs from Instagram. You may see and edit Instagram profiles, stories, and followers at any time. Along with those of your friends and their followers, you may also peruse the postings of other individuals. You can look up any Instagram tag (like
You can look for any Instagram hashtag, like #happy. You can also see who liked and commented on each post. It’s a great idea to share with your friends on social media.

With the Picuki Instagram app, you can share your favorite people with people you don’t know. It also allows you to view Instagram anonymously. Users can upload photos online and edit them by adjusting brightness, contrast, color, cropping, or adding effects. You can even download the image and reupload it using the account.

Can I see the Instagram stories of people I’ve banned on Instagram?

Users who have blocked you anonymously allow you to view their Instagram stories by providing a link to their profile.

  • How to download and see Instagram Stories in private
  • Go to the website and click on “View Stories.”
  • Enter the account’s username in the search field and hit Enter.
  • After that, Picuki will show you the account’s most recent and older Instagram stories.
  • Save the file to your mobile device or laptop.

One of the most important and helpful networks for users is Instagram. In addition to sending and receiving private messages, comments, likes, and other features, you may browse photographs and videos. Some users may find themselves drawn to particular profiles because they are accountless.
Users can view all Instagram accounts on Picuki, including their location-tagged posts, stories, and hashtags; thus, there is a workaround.

  • Instagram does not allow you to watch any online activity without first registering for an account.
  • Picuki: How to see the complete Instagram profile
  • The ideal method for viewing Instagram stories
  • Picuki is particular.
  • Instagram does not allow you to watch any online activity without first registering for an account.

Can I see the Instagram stories of people I've banned on Instagram?

Picuki on Instagram is free

You can look up any profile you want on the website. Picuki gets its revenue from Google AdSense. Users do not need to register. You can view secret Instagram profiles with it without realizing it. Picuki is completely safe and an excellent way to hide your Instagram account.

Are the Picuki people anonymous?

Because it was created anonymously and without any restrictions, anyone may use it and remain completely private. You can read tales and photographs without leaving a trace or disclosing your name. As you are undoubtedly aware, Picuki is anonymous and protects all of your personal information, including your username and profile photo. If privacy is a concern, you may see and read Instagram without creating an account.

How can I utilize Instagram Picuki?

There are two applications available on Picuki Reddit. Picuki is free to use and does not require an account to access it.

Method No. 1: Look through your account for pictures

  • You may see the website on a smartphone or PC.
  • Enter the username of the account you’re looking for in the search box and press Enter.
  • After that, it will show you a list of all the Instagram accounts that are linked to the Instagram account. This allows you to search for and find the username you want from the results.
  • Picuki will then display every picture and screenshot from the account’s Instagram posts.
  • Select “Download” after clicking on any image to start the download.

Method No. 2: Search using hashtags

  • Hashtags are a big part of Instagram. They allow users to reach a wider audience and interact with more people. You may search for hashtags by clicking on the categories.
  • Proceed to the disputed site.
  • Enter a hashtag into the text area, then click the “search icon” button to get more information about it.
  • Select “Tags” from the menu located above the search results.
  • Unknown viewers of Instagram stories

Use Picuki to see Instagram stories anonymously

Picuki is a great tool for seeing Instagram stories of the people you care about in secret. Users may use Picuki to access Instagram Tales from any public account without having to register or log in. Alternatively, you can utilize Genyoutube Download Photo or It to download stories directly.

Is Picuki safe and legal?

Users might not think Picuki Instagram is safe or legal. It doesn’t have any contact information on it, like email addresses or contact forms. It was made anonymously so that anyone could access it without being recognized. If you have sensitive information on it, like your name, address, or credit card number, you shouldn’t trust it because thieves are probably looking for it and will try to steal it right away. It offers a plethora of functions when you browse through Instagram posts, stories, and profiles. Picuki has you covered if you want to secretly see someone’s story. It allows you the ability to save any photographs or videos that you’d like to preserve.

These are only a handful of the numerous benefits this tool offers; to truly understand its magnificence, utilize it on your own. However, before you do, make sure you read this instruction to find out whether using Picuki to access Instagram puts you at risk.

What is the Picuki Instagram Viewer?

You can use Instagram without ever visiting the official app or website by utilizing Picuki, an online application. All you have to do is open a web browser and go to to start reading and editing Instagram profiles, stories, posts, and other information. can be thought of as an easy-to-use editor and viewer for Instagram. Users can access many of Instagram’s features while navigating around the platform. You can browse Picuki and Instagram without having to create an account to view all of this information. Simply launch the tool and start using Instagram however you like. It should be noted that private Instagram accounts are not compatible with Picuki.

I read online that to view profiles, one must have an Instagram account. Why is this relevant?

The most recent posts are only visible when you are viewing a profile. If you stay on the site for more than a minute, it becomes difficult to see the activities of the user. A user’s profile may display both posts and stories. You can search for specific hashtags or locations. You can look through a profile by doing the following:

  • Visit the Picuki webpage.
  • You must enter the username associated with the profile you wish to view.
  • Before you start, choose the search parameters that interest you.
  • You can choose to choose all or only profiles.
  • When the search is finished, choose the relevant profile.
  • Viewing all of the profile’s images and videos is now possible.
  • Use Picuki to see Instagram stories, posts, and profiles in secret.

Instagram is a powerful tool that has the potential to have a big impact on our lives. We can use it to share and document the most important moments in our lives. We can use Instagram to share the most priceless memories through photos and other media, like a picture of our kids playing soccer or a stunning view we saw while traveling. Users can discreetly access all of their Instagram profiles on the Picuki Instagram page.

It allows you to view all of the images on your Instagram account online. Picuki is a service that operates independently of any third parties and is anonymous. Picuki allows you to save photos without having to register or log in.

I read online that to view profiles, one must have an Instagram account. Why is this relevant?

How can I use Picuki to surf Instagram?

  • You can access the Instagram viewer and editor using a web browser or its Android app, and it’s straightforward to use.
  • The It utility does not yet have an iOS app. Chrome is the recommended browser for the best possible online surfing experience.
  • Open Chrome and go to the Picuki website, where you can find out more about the editor and viewer you’re using for Instagram.
  • The search box sits in the middle of the screen; to access it, type in any Instagram username, location, profile link, or hashtag.
  • Below the search box, you have three options: Edit Instagram photographs, trend on Instagram, and browse without checking in. You may use all of these functions without having to sign up or register to use Instagram.
  • In addition to the well-liked categories, Picuki also displays a few Instagram accounts that are currently trending, which you may peruse. The user interface is easy to use and won’t cause you any trouble.
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And how does Picuki work on Instagram?

Picuki is an Instagram viewer and editor. It is an online tool that allows users to access Instagram content using an official API called the “Instagram Basic Display API.” With the use of this API, users may view the basic personal information, photographs, and videos associated with their Instagram accounts. Therefore, Picuki serves as a search engine for content published on Instagram. You may directly search Instagram users as well as their images, videos, stories, profiles, locations, tags, and other content using Picuki.

On Picuki, how can I block someone?

Blocking a user is possible in Picuki. All you have to do to block a user on Picuki is visit their profile page, click the three dots that appear in the upper-right corner of the screen, and choose “Block.”

Though Picuki claims to be anonymous, is this the case?

Indeed, Picuki is an anonymous app that allows you to browse Instagram without an account. You don’t need to make any new profiles or sign into your Instagram account. There is no way for your whole Instagram experience to be monitored or recorded.

You may even view every piece of information on a user’s publicly accessible Instagram profile using it. Without revealing your identity, you can view their postings and tales. Telling the users that you have read their stories won’t be possible. Thus, Picuki remains completely anonymous. It’s a great tool if you can utilize it correctly. What is your favorite aspect of it? Please use the comment box to let us know.

The primary advantages and functionalities of Picuki for Instagram

Picuki is a popular web tool that allows users to browse Instagram without logging into their accounts. It offers several features and tools, including the ability to explore and edit Instagram profiles, stories, followers, posts, tags, and locations for an unlimited amount of time without cost. It can also be used to look at any Instagram tag. For example, if you search for #london, the results will display relevant postings. You can also search for any person and see their profile, which allows you to see the likes and comments on their posts.

Another important feature is that you can use it to browse the stories of any Instagram user who has a public account. You may view and download the stories completely anonymously, and the person won’t know that you’ve done so. Picuki is a highly useful tool for learning more, undertaking market research, or saving Instagram content (such as photos or videos). It’s quite helpful when you want to browse Instagram without checking in.

Is it safe to use Picuki on Instagram?

It is safe to access and browse Instagram using Picuki, yes. It utilizes the official Instagram API to provide the data you’re looking for. It doesn’t ask for money, doesn’t infringe upon anyone’s rights, and doesn’t even need account registration. Launch the app to view Instagram posts privately. Using Picuki, you can view any user’s profile, photos, stories, locations, tags, and all other Instagram stuff. The inability to use private profiles is the primary disadvantage. Picuki has a high trust rating.

Furthermore, Trend Micro confirms that it is authentic. Picuki can therefore be utilized without any issues. However, you should always use Picuki with caution since some of the information you obtain through it may be copyright-protected.

Top 25 Picuki Alternatives in 2024

Recently, Instagram unveiled a brand-new feature called Instagram Stories. It functions as a substitute for Instagram’s initial features, images, and videos. Users may use it to make quick films that they can post on the network.

1. Imginn

2. Imginn

Through the Imginn website and app, users may see and download Instagram data without authorization. By serving as a go-between for the user and Instagram, Imginn enables access to material that would not otherwise be possible or would require authorization. The network is becoming more and more popular among users who respect their privacy and wish to read Instagram content without leaving any digital traces.

2. IzoomYou

1. IzoomYou

Users of the video-sharing and storing website izoomYou can share videos up to 60 seconds in length. IzoomYou also has several capabilities, such as the ability to make collections, post videos to social media with friends, and add extra effects and subtitles. Additionally, it is superior to Picuki.

3. StorySaver

Similar to Inflact, StorySaver is a free program that lets you see and download Instagram stories from any user. You may download crisp photos and movies to save in a more secure location. enables you to quickly and easily download Instagram stories in high definition. provides resources for making eye-catching films and visuals. offers a secure location for saving Instagram content.

4. FastSave

6. FastSave

Not to mention, you can see and download Instagram posts, stories, and IGTV videos using the free app FastSave. It functions similarly to the other two options in that it lets you download and store very high-quality pictures and videos. gives resources for making animated movies. There is no need to buy the upgraded version. enables the downloading of IGTV videos

5. VideoPress

8. VideoPress

Like Picuki, VideoPress is a digital picture editor that can be incorporated into social networking platforms. You may make and share videos with your friends and followers with ease with this application. VideoPress may also be used to create educational or promotional videos. VideoPress is available for free download and has a powerful editing suite. Apart from adding effects, music, and voiceovers, you can also edit videos. Additionally, you may post your films on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social networking websites. With a ton of built-in capabilities for generating video content, VideoPress is very user-friendly. VideoPress is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a simple approach to making movies that look professional. This is Imagine’s strongest opponent.

6.  Pixwox

9.  Pixwox

You may expand and save a high-resolution version of a user’s profile photo by using Pixwox for the Instagram app. Instagram stories, highlights, videos, pictures, and highlights can all be downloaded automatically using this program. With the help of this software, you may save images and videos that you can then publish again without logging into your Instagram account on your timeline or feed. Users who browse the profiles of their friends or favorite bands may find Instagram hashtags and account information. You may re-post your greatest videos or images on Instagram stories with original hashtags and captions by using the Pixwox app. The Pixwox for Instagram and Repost App’s advanced bubble service allows you to download full videos and photos, download stories quickly, copy links, and avoid switching between apps. It’s a component of one of the best alternatives to Picuki.

7. Inflact

2. Inflact

Like Picuki, Inflact is a free online app that lets you read and download posts, stories, IGTV movies, and other content from Instagram. It also offers downloads of high-quality images and videos. You may save social networking stuff in a safe place by using it as well. makes it simple for you to download Instagram posts and stories. the option to save Instagram images and videos in high definition. provides all the resources needed to make interesting movies right on the platform. gives you a safe place to save your Instagram photos.

8. DownloadGram

3. DownloadGram

Users may download free IGTV movies, images, and videos from public Instagram accounts by using DownloadGram, an online tool for downloading Instagram content. It’s a straightforward, user-friendly tool that doesn’t require registration or sign-in. These are just a few of the features that DownloadGram offers. It is free to use and doesn’t require signing up or registering. A straightforward, user-friendly tool that is accessible to anyone. allows the downloading of images, videos, and IGTV content in addition to MP4, MOV, and GIF file types. permits the downloading of films, photos, and IGTV videos in high quality.

9. SmiHub

Kicksta logo

SmiHub is an observer and analyst on Instagram. Thanks to its algorithm, Picuki Alternatives allows customers to browse through the Instagram data of your business or another brand. On services like Picuki, you may also browse and follow Instagram posts in private without logging in.

10. InstaStories

4. InstaStories

August 2018 saw the launch of InstaStories, an Instagram Stories substitute. Customers may use it to make 10-minute-long videos. InstaStories may be broadcast live, unlike Instagram Stories, which have a time restriction. This is Imagine’s strongest opponent. Additionally, it is superior to Picuki.

11. Instalkr

6. Instalkr

Using the Instalkr application, creating and managing Instagram stories is simple. It’s among the greatest Instagram Stories apps, and it differs from the competition in a few ways. Instalkr is a great free app with tons of options for controlling your Instagram stories. For instance, you may schedule videos, images, and text to be added to your story using Instalkr. You may also add a variety of filters and effects to Instalkr to further customize your story. One of the greatest apps for organizing your Instagram stories is Instalkr. Its many features make it simple to use, and it has some of the greatest filters and effects available. Installer is a program worth checking out if you’re seeking for anything to make maintaining and making Instagram stories easier. This is the greatest opponent to Picuki.

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12. StoriesDown

Instagram viewing service StoriesDown

You may input any Instagram username to find out about recent posts from that account and connected websites like Picuki Current Stories by using the free online application StoriesDown. This app is restricted to utilizing publicly available Instagram accounts, much like other Instagram viewer applications. You won’t be able to see any information about postings or articles if a profile is set to private.

13. Dumpor

12. Dumpor

Photos may be easily organized and shared with friends and family using the web-based picture management program Dumpor. You may add images, share them with friends and family, and arrange them chronologically using the built-in social networking features. Dumpor includes a built-in redundancy system for added security. It’s a component of one of the best alternatives to Picuki.

14. QuickSave

13. QuickSave

One of the most important tools for finding Instagram user IDs is reposted photo videos. Thanks to QuickSave, anybody on the globe can see and save photos and videos from their favorite Instagram users without having to pay any money. The application is called QuickSave. It works in a manner akin to Picuki.

You may use this program to view downloaded movies and photos even when you are not online. It merely takes a few mouse clicks to republish the entire image or video. It offers a straightforward surfing experience. heightened security standards. and a quick download speed for the desired files. You can handle everything professionally and store a ton of film and picture reels because of its lovely user interface. Additionally, you may choose to see or hide the downloaded images and videos as a slideshow. With this function, you may quickly and simply share, delete, view, or repost images or videos from within the app.

15. Instore

14. Instore

It’s simple to maintain storytelling from the people you want to hear from. In addition, instore is a fantastic tool that lets users save images and videos from publicly accessible Instagram profiles in a matter of seconds with only a few clicks. You may use any account to save an endless amount of images, videos, and stories using our Instagram downloader without having to pay extra. With the Instore app, users may post images and add remarks and hashtags, as well as download videos or stories. It works in a manner akin to Picuki.

You may also view the video to understand the overall structure. The Instore Video Downloader, Status, and Story Saver apps provide quick file downloads for millions of consumers worldwide. You can amuse yourself by downloading stories, pictures, videos, and other kinds of media for free from authors whose works are in the public domain. Its features include the Greatest Story Saver, DP Downloader, Hashtag Generator, Caption Generator, Collage Maker, and DP Resizer. There are a tonne of more variables.

16. Imkoa

10. Imkoa

You don’t need to use a personal account or log in to browse Instagram profiles, thanks to a powerful tool called Like Picuki Imkoa. You may easily delete reels, photos, videos, and stories from Instagram without leaving any evidence for the profile owner, thanks to Imkoa’s amazing help.

17. 4K Stogram

11. 4K Stogram

Like Picuki, 4K Stogram could help you download the stories, images, and videos that other Instagram users have posted. Thanks to the free software 4K Stogram, downloading Instagram stories, accounts, hashtags, and locations is now easier than ever.

Visit our website to obtain the stuff you desire from any Instagram account. This suggests that before selecting the “Download” option, you must copy the Instagram user’s name, location, and hashtag and paste them into the app. There is no other method to complete tasks. It is possible to store pictures, videos, IGTV, and other material forms instantly. You may even keep the corresponding subtitles. Instagram posts may be downloaded in bulk, and you may even choose to save every post on the network or just in certain categories.

18. Story Saver for Instagram

15. Story Saver for Instagram

An app that may be used more frequently but is still helpful for downloading movies and Instagram image stories. Users don’t even need to provide their IDs to save stories from Instagram public accounts to their phones. You may download Instagram stories on your phone directly from the Instagram app with just one button click. By downloading other people’s stories to your devices, you may utilize Instagram Tales to republish their stories. It makes it simpler to go through the news in your feed and locate certain people’s stories. You may add anyone to your list of favorite people and read their stories whenever and wherever you choose with the Story Saver app for Instagram. You may use your account’s Story Saver app to swiftly download Instagram stories. It works in a manner akin to Picuki.

19. InstaStoriesViewer

16. InstaStoriesViewerAn option to contemplate instead of Picuki would be Instagram Stories. You may download and view Instagram content anonymously here without logging in. Publications, articles, and other information can be read and downloaded from this website.

20. InstaSaved

17. InstaSaved

One of the best websites for downloading anything from Instagram is Instasaved. Getting the desired content out of the app is easy. In addition to downloading pictures, videos, albums, and IGTV, you can also take pleasure in getting user stories instantly. There are no login requirements or personal criteria. All you have to do is visit the website and begin downloading the content from the specified Instagram account. One of the biggest photo-sharing websites that allows media downloads is Instasaved. It works in a manner akin to Picuki.


With Instastory, an anonymous Instagram story viewer, users may save and view public story photographs. With our Instagram tool for Picuki alternatives, you may see Instagram stories, live-streaming videos, IGTV videos, and whole Instagram Picuki profiles.

22. Fullinsta.

fullinsta Instagram viewer

Using Fullinsta is an excellent method to view any Instagram profile, photograph, or video. You may use Fullinsta to browse Instagram in a manner akin to Picuki, which allows you to discover and make use of a sizable portion of the network. This online Instagram profile viewer displays content that users and viewers have chosen using the Instagram Picuki alternative API.

23. XYZGram

18. XYZGram

XYZGram is a well-liked substitute that is renowned for its capacity to improve pictures. It is a formidable challenge since users are so satisfied with its editing and filtering features. It’s a component of one of the best alternatives to Picuki.



SnapArt distinguishes itself with its special features and talents, such as its creative effects and AI-generated filters. Both specialists and casual users will find it to be an interesting choice due to its cost and affordability.

25. InstaBoost

20. InstaBoost

The specialty of InstaBoost is assisting customers in gaining more followers and likes through natural means. Instagram’s user-friendly design facilitates the process of creating an account. It works in a manner akin to Picuki.

In summary:

In conclusion, Picuki offers consumers an easy, private method to explore and engage with Instagram content without requiring an account. Picuki is a useful application for people who want to keep track of Instagram activity since it allows them to examine competing accounts, hashtags, and trends anonymously. Whether you’re looking to download and edit photographs, find fresh material, or keep an eye on your competition, Picuki offers an easy-to-use platform to make these chores simple.

FAQs about Picuki:

How do you define Picuki?

Without requiring an Instagram account, users may view, edit, and engage with Instagram material using the well-known online application Picuki. It offers anonymous services like browsing via hashtags, seeing profiles, and downloading photos.

Is using Picuki safe?

Through Instagram’s API, Picuki is a third-party program that retrieves material from the platform. Users do not need to use their Instagram login information to access it, but it is still important to take caution and make sure that personal information is secure while utilizing third-party services.

Can I use Picuki to see Instagram accounts anonymously?

Yes, Picuki enables users to browse Instagram accounts anonymously, letting you browse material without the owner of the profile knowing you were there. This function might be helpful for surreptitiously viewing content or keeping an eye on rivals.

How is Picuki used?

Picuki is easy to use and free. The Picuki website is available on any internet-connected device. Just type the desired username or hashtag into the search bar to discover Instagram content. After that, Picuki will show you related news, posts, and profiles to peruse.

Can I use Picuki to save pictures from Instagram?

Users can download photos from Instagram postings using Picuki. To save a picture to your device, just go to the appropriate image on Picuki, click on it to open it in full-size, and choose the “Download” option. Respecting copyright rules is crucial, so make sure you only download photographs for personal use or with the creator’s express consent.

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