PEO Company: Top 25 PEO Company For Your Business

peo company

PEO company may be immensely beneficial administrative and organizational resources that support the efficient operation of your business. However, looking for and screening possible mates is a taxing procedure.

For your review, we have compiled a list of the top PEO and employee leasing companies. To locate the firm that is the perfect fit for your business, go through company profiles, previous clients, and significant projects.

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PEO Company: Top 25 PEO Company For Your Business

#1. Gini Talents

peo company

An HR firm is Gini Talent. Istanbul, Turkey, is home to their little squad. The PEO company business focuses on providing HR services. The business debuted in 2019.

#2. Remote Coworker

peo company

A virtual assistant outsourcing business called Remote CoWorker is a PEO company which was established in 2013 and is based in Hollywood, Florida. In addition to voice, finance and accounting outsourcing, and HR services, they also provide non-voice BPO/back office services with a staff of roughly 10 individuals. Small businesses in the real estate, business services, information technology, and telecommunications sectors make up their clientele.

#3. Bee Talents

bee talents

An PEO company called Bee Talents was established in Poznan, Poland, and is managed by more than ten experts. Since 2015, they have mostly worked in the IT services sector to provide corporate training and HR services to clients ranging from small businesses to major companies.

#4. Horizons

peo company

PEO and recruitment firm New Horizons Global Partners is situated in Shanghai, China. Their staff of about 25 people, which was founded in 2018, focuses on HR, tax preparation, and business counseling.

#5. JobTiger LTD

peo company

The headquarters of the human resources company JobTiger Ltd. are in Sofia, Bulgaria. The little PEO company was started in 2000. They offer business consultancy as well as HR services.

#6. Coderslink

peo company

More than 10 people work for the San Antonio-based PEO company CodersLink. Since its establishment in 2016, they have served clients ranging from small businesses to major companies in the industries of IT and consumer products by providing IT staff augmentation and HR services.

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#7. Booth & Partners


The offices of the human resources firm Booth & Partners are in Singapore and Makati, the Philippines. The midsize business was established in 2013. They offer HR services, contact center services, back office outsourcing, and outsourcing for customer support.

#8. Wexpand


Wexpand, a human resources PEO company, was established in 2019. The tiny workforce of the business specializes in back office outsourcing, IT managed services, marketing strategy, and more.

#9. ITFS


The small IT staff augmentation and human resources PEO company ITFS has offices in Roskilde, Denmark, Warszawa, Poland, and Gdynia, Poland. They were established in 2012 and offer HR and IT workforce augmentation services.

#10. Devire


The HR company Devire was established in 1987. They have a sizable crew and are situated in Warszawa, Katowice, Kraków, and Pozna in Poland. Devire specializes in IT workforce augmentation and HR services.

#11. Koisra Co., LTD

peo company

A business development, consultancy, and outsourcing PEO company called KOISRA Co., Ltd. with offices in Tel Aviv, Israel; Taipei, Taiwan; and Seoul, South Korea. They were established in 2009 and currently have 13 staff members with expertise in business solutions to assist start-ups, multinational enterprises, non-profit organizations, and governmental bodies in entering the South Korean market. Finding partners, managing a business, negotiating, recruiting, HR, legal help, and assistance with visas and migration are just a few of the services offered.

#12. Smart Solutions HR Providers

peo company

Smart Solutions BPO for IT, a non-voice back office services provider, was founded in 2008. The company has a small staff and offers non-voice bpo/back office services, HR services, and finance & accounting outsourcing (FAO).

#13. CoDigital, Inc.,

peo company

In 2022, CoDigital, Inc., a marketing PEO company, was established. The tiny team offers a variety of services, including social media marketing, digital strategy, market research, and advertising. Shibuya City, Japan, is home to the agency.

#14. PEO Focus

peo company

Charlotte, North Carolina-based PEO Focus is a PEO consultancy business. Less than 10 people work for the 2019-founded company, which offers payroll processing and HR services to small and midmarket companies.

#15. HirePlace.IT

peo company

The headquarters of the PEO company are in Pozna, Poland. The little group, established in 2021, provides HR services. For the platform of a SaaS firm, competent applicants are sourced through They support the hiring of React developers and QA engineers by helping with the selection process, contract negotiations, and job offers.

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#16. FullStack PEO


The Indianapolis-based FullStack PEO team of five was established in 2018. It offers HR services to the non-profit, marketing & advertising, and IT sectors.

#17. FNRCO

peo company

Saudi Arabia’s Riyadh, Dammam, Jubail, and Jeddah all have FNRCO in PEO company. They were established in 2013 and currently employ roughly 72 people to provide midmarket and small-enterprise clients with business services. Accounting and HR services are examples of services.

#18. Cyclad International

peo company
A non-voice back office/bpo services provider with offices in Villeneuve-Loubet, France; Casablanca, Morocco; and Warszawa, Poland, is called Cyclad International. The company has a midsize workforce and specializes on non-voice back office/bpo services, HR services, e-commerce development, mobile app development, and more. The organization was started in 2007.

#19. Abel HR


Abel HR is a professional employer PEO company with headquarters in Cranbury, New Jersey and operations in Santa Ana, California and New Rochelle, New York. They were established in 1992 and have a staff of roughly 30 who only work with people in the financial industry. They are experts in outsourcing and HR consultancy.

#20. Seeds

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Seeds is a human resources and IT staff augmentation PEO company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The midsize team was founded in 2018 and offers HR services and IT personnel augmentation.

#21. Profesio

peo company

A HR business is Profesio Employment Agency. The Zagreb, Croatia-based organization was established in 2018. The small group offers HR support.

#22. HR Business Solutions

peo company

The PEO company, HR Business Solutions is. The Pakistani company, situated in Islamabad, was established in 2019. The medium-sized team has expertise in document digitalization & management, business consultancy, corporate training, and HR services.

#23. HROne


In Shanghai, HROne was established in 2005 and currently employs over ten people. They are specialists in HR and accounting services for small- and medium-sized PEO companies.

#24. Ahead Human Resources

peo company

Ahead Human Resources is a Louisville, Kentucky-based provider of HR services. It was established in 1995 and today employs 23 people. It offers outsourcing and HR consulting services to clients in the commercial and financial sectors.

#25. Circa Logica Group

peo company

A training, advising, and human resources PEO company, Circa Logica Group has offices in Manila and Angeles City and is based in Mabalacat City, Philippines. The company, which was founded in 2015 with a staff of less than 250, offers clients ranging from small companies to corporations HR services, corporate training, and payroll processing solutions. Their HR services are concentrated on outsourcing, consulting, and hiring.

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