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Paladins content file locked – Complete Guide 2023

Paladins content file locked

Many folks may come upon something like this: When you upgrade Paladins content file locked or Counter-Strike on Steam, the following problem message appears on the steam list page: content file locked, please contact steam support for more information. Paladins is an online multiplayer game in which players compete against one another using their selected weapons.

It’s similar to League of Legends, but instead of fighting computer-controlled opponents, you face real people. There’s a lot going on here, but there’s also a lot of depth to it. The game features over 100 heroes, each with their own set of powers and play style. Most importantly, Paladins features one of the best communities for gamers that want to learn new things, better their game, and meet individuals from all over the world.

The game is currently available for PCs, PlayStation 4s, Xbox Ones, and Paladins content file locked. Although the game has received favorable reviews, some players have reported that it becomes stuck on the loading screen. If this happens to you, please refer to this guide. Evil Mojo did an excellent job with this title, and players seem to enjoy it based on the majority of positive Steam reviews. However, Paladins, like other PC games, gets stuck on the loading screen. Fortunately, we’ve identified a couple of viable workarounds that should assist you in resolving the Paladins stuck on loading screen.

How to Fix Paladins Content File Locked - DashTech

What Does Steam Content File Locked Mean?

This problem popup typically indicates that if you are interrupted midway through updating a game, the updated installation package cannot be downloaded to your local disk to complete the automatic update.

How Do I Unlock a Locked Steam Content File While Updating Games?

A common game fault is the steam error content file locked. When you update your Dota 2, CSGO, Garry’s Mod, Paladins, Smite, and other games on Steam, you may get a content file locked issue. To resolve this, follow the steps below. In general, you can cure many such problems by restarting the computer, uninstalling or reinstalling steam, but this will take a lot of time, and the steam and game installation packages will also take up a lot of disk space. So start with the next solutions.

Method 1: Reset the Winsock Directory

This is the simplest method of testing, with only three steps, and it has been used by many individuals. If you update Steam but still get the content file locked issue on the game list screen, try resetting the winsock directory.

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1. In the search box, type cmd, then right-click the Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator.

2. In the command window, run netsh winsock reset and then press the Enter key. After the command completes, you will be informed that the winsock reset was successful.

3. Reboot the computer.

Method 2: Run an anti-virus scan.

If you have avast, avg, McAfee, or other antivirus software installed on your computer, your game may appear to be content file locked. When you activate these antivirus programs and download or update new game packages, your computer’s security program may regard these packages as potential viruses, jeopardizing your computer’s security. To unlock the content file, you must temporarily disable certain antivirus programs.

Step 1: On your computer, disable, stop, or shut down your antivirus software.

Step 2: Restart your PC and relaunch Steam.

Step 3: Open the Properties box by selecting Library > Properties.

Step 4: Navigate to the Paladins content file locked tab, then click the Paladins content file locked OF GAME FILES button. Steam will begin scanning and verifying the game in a few minutes. After completing all of the preceding steps, you can try to update Mordhau, Stellaris, Dota 2, CSGo, and other games again, and the steam content file locked problem will be gone.

Method 3 : Relocate the Steam Install Folder and the Game Files

If method 2 does not work, you can attempt solution 3 to transfer the steam installation folder and game files.

1. Restart Steam.

2. Navigate to the following locations: Settings > Downloads > Steam Library Folders.

3. Select ADD LIBRARY FOLDER and navigate to the new directory where you want the Steam to be. This path will be utilized to install new games and software updates. You can now move the saved files to the new place.

4. Close the Steam client.

5. Navigate to the Steam directory. C:Program FilesSteam is the default path.

6. Remove all files and folders except SteamApps and UserData. Also, do not remove exe.

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7. Copy and paste all folders to the new place you specified above.

8. Relaunch Steam and log in again.

Steam content file locked problem persists

1. Turn off Steam.

2. Navigate to the new directory where you saved your Steam files.

3. Move the ‘SteamApps’ folder from there to your desktop.

4. Remove Steam from your computer. This will delete all previous Steam settings.

5. Re-download and install Steam to the original installation location.

6. Navigate to the new Steam directory and copy the SteamApps folder. This will duplicate your game material, saved games, and settings.

7. Launch Steam and log in using your credentials. You will be able to play if the integrity of the Steam game files is verified.

 Solution: Repair Corrupted Files

Corrupt files might cause content file locking on Steam, which you can resolve using this method.

1. Close Steam if you have it open. And then go to the Steam directory.

2. Navigate to the Logs folder and select Txt.

3. Scroll down to the bottom and search the text file for any problems. Close this txt file.

4. Go to the root folder.

5. Relaunch Steam and navigate to the downloads folder. You will see that Steam will request an update for the game. You’ll be fine after updating the essential files.

Option: Run as Administrator

If the game stops downloading in the Steam application and displays the content file locked error, it could be due to an account permission issue. You may play games like Dota 2, CSGO, and others with Administrator privileges.

1. Right-click your game on the desktop and select Properties.

2. Navigate to the Compatibility tab in the Properties window.

3. On the Compatibility tab, choose the Run this software as an administrator checkbox.

4. Press the Apply and OK buttons.Start Steam and see whether the content file locked issue persists.  If you encounter an error (Content file locked) while updating CSGo, Garry’s Mod, or other games, try the solutions listed above to resolve it.

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