20 Best Linux Project Management Software Tools for You

Linux Project Management Software

There are various linux project management software you may use to get work done, whether you are a single user with many duties, a startup firm, or an established corporation seeking for an efficient approach to plan your workflow and organise your open source project management software free. They’re modern, easy to manage, and, most importantly, simple to learn if you’re new to project management tools. Here is a list of the greatest linux project management software that you can use for free to boost your and your team’s productivity

20 Best Linux Project Management Software Tools for You

These are the following best free project management tools for you :

1. project management platform







It is one of the considerable well-known project management solutions on the market is It’s a new version of the well-known Dapulse with a slew of new features of project management software free download. This platform is easy to use and set up for project managers and small or large teams, thanks to its clear layout and color-coded capabilities. They also have a smartphone app that is easy to use.

2. ClickUp

ClickUp cover image

When it comes to solving many difficulties for a business, ClickUp is ideal. With capabilities for tasks, docs, chat, timelines, reminders, and more, they’re billed as “the one app to replace them all.” It’s also a very customizable tool, allowing you to construct your own unique views and task boards with team members and projects in progress, review, or completion, among other things.


Wrike Cover Page



It also helps with team collaboration and project management. They stand out for their extensive project management capabilities, which include team communication, staff availability tracking, and the opportunity to view at-risk projects. Team members can see new, in-progress, and completed projects all in one location with completely customized team sprint dashboards. To make faster decisions, teams can also schedule and share bespoke interactive reports.

4. Asana

Asana Cover Page
Asana is a popular SaaS-based linux project management software solution named after a yoga stance. Linux, Windows, Android, and iOS are all supported. It also supports a variety of languages, including French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.

5. Hive

Hive is a project management and collaboration tool that allows you to organize projects, automate workflow, measure progress, and more. By switching between several project views, your team can manage and monitor projects and tasks exactly how they want.

6. TimeCamp

Timecamp Homepage

TimeCamp is a powerful time tracking linux project management softwarefor teams and freelancers that is simple to use. One of the most widely used free project management tools simplifies daily workflow concerns. It keeps track of time and activities in the background so you can concentrate on what matters most at work. It is now free for unlimited users, with limitless projects and tasks included in the subscription.

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7. Teamwork Projects

Teamwork - Review 2021 - PCMag Australia

Teamwork Projects is a well-known linux project management software or software aimed at users who require enterprise management, single sign-on, HIPAA compliance, and premium support. Their subscription plans include a variety of team-specific features as well as a suite of tools such as billing and invoicing. Their free tier, on the other hand, is fairly limited. Many clients and teams will pay for advanced features, but if you don’t want to be trapped into a long-term price plan, it’s a risk. For example, the Pro plan includes numerous connections like as Dropbox and Slack, as well as significantly greater storage and up to 50 users.

8. Asana

Asana Cover Page

Asana is a popular project management software programme that is utilised by many organisations. Asana is popular among users because it is a visually appealing tool that uses projects and sections to keep work organised and provides team members with clarity about who is in charge of what in project planning. In comparison to most other project management software options, this project management software is simple to use. With their drag-and-drop capability, you can rapidly relocate your assignment and delegate labour.

9. Todoist

Todoist: To-Do List & Tasks - Apps on Google Play

It’s simple to rapidly collect thoughts and ideas on your phone with Todoist and then be reminded of them later.
You can set deadlines, such as paying bills in three days, and the open source project management github will remind you automatically. The basic free edition, however, does not have any real-time collaborative features. Did you know that Todoist was designed to be a personal task management app?

10. Airtable

Airtable - Apps on Google Play

Airtable is a table-meets-database solution with a stunning aesthetic.It combines the best features of Excel and Google Sheets with a modern web-based project. Consider Airtable to be a fancy spreadsheet that helps you keep track of inventory, reference objects, or a bootstrap CRM. Airtable is a user-friendly, non-threatening database for the twenty-first century, disrupting standard database linux project management software that rely on SQL or other complicated languages.

11. TeamGant

How to Make a Gantt Chart in 5 Minutes or Less | TeamGantt

It’s a free project management programme that focuses solely on Gantt charts. This software programme excels in creating and visualising Gantt charts, allowing you to understand where tasks overlap and who is responsible for what. It’s also a wonderful way to track team and individual progress toward project goals. The irony is that for a product that prides itself on its Gantt charts, the free plan only includes ONE Gantt chart.

12. Freedcamp

Freedcamp - What's New

Freedcamp has a number of different views, including a list, a Kanban board, and a Gantt chart. It also has white labelling for client spaces, invoicing, and CRM tools, as well as a wall for social communication and private activities.
However, the free plan is extremely limited, and subscription plans start at $1.49 per user per month.

13. Redbooth

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Do you want to help your staff focus on the most critical tasks by streamlining their work? You’re covered with Redbooth. It has a straightforward, user-friendly layout that makes teams feel at ease right immediately.Managers have a lot of leeway when it comes to changing workloads and resources. Redbooth, on the other hand, does not allow you to delegate tasks to several people.

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14. BaseCamp

BaseCamp online project management tool

Basecamp is a popular project management and team communication tool that makes it simple to work together as a team. Basecamp is a good choice if you want a simple best open source project management software with real-time communication options for your team members.

15. ActiveCollaboration

Workload Management Software · ActiveCollab

Take a look at ActiveCollab if you like basic design, Kanban boards, and a clean user interface.
An easy-to-use application for managing projects, communicating with colleagues, and collaborating with clients.
Divide projects into tasks with a variety of start dates and deadlines that you can allocate to the team or show to clients as needed.

16. Paymo

Paymo Review | PCMag

Paymo is a superb resource management tool for single users and team managers. It also has Kanban boards and time tracking, allowing freelancers to simply keep track of time spent on each customer.

17. Airtable


Airtable is a cloud collaboration solution that uses a spreadsheet-database hybrid to help users manage and track projects. Grid view, calendar, Kanban board, forms, apps for many platforms, real-time collaboration, and comments are some of the features. Airtable has a range of fees that you can pay annually or monthly to have access to more features. It’s completely free to use. Other free project management software, such as Todoist, Airtable, and Redbooth, may be useful depending on the size of your project and team.

18. Barvas

Barvas: Project and Task Management Software

Barvas is a simple but powerful project management programme that focuses on enhancing your workflow and team productivity by providing many tools for managing projects and increasing your team’s working relationships via a beautiful User Interface. You can utilise Kanban boards or Grant-style timelines, you and your team can use it remotely at any time because all documents are stored in a single location in the cloud, and you can use mind mapping techniques to break down projects, among other things. Barvas is completely free to use for a single user account and a single project.

19. actiTIME

actiTIME - Time Tracking & Scope Management Software

ActiTIME is a project management software that tracks time and analyses data using intelligent ways. It allows you to establish projects, scopes, tasks, and other items that you can delegate to users while keeping track of the project’s progress using a visually appealing interface. You may use the data collected by actiTIME to create charts and collaborate with other products via seamless integration, such as actiPLAN and QuickBooks. It is free for the first three users, after which you must pay $394.00 USD a year for a total of five users ($6.57 per month per user).

20. Kanban Tool

Kanban Tool

Kanban Tool is another online Kanban board designed to help organisations organise and track their projects more effectively. It is said to be used by 25,000+ firms, all of which have access to analytical statistics, real-time collaboration, and other features. Kanban Tool is a premium service that comes with a 14-day free trial for you to try out.


There is no best or worse option when it comes to selecting the ideal project management platform. It all boils down to your small business’s needs, the KPIs you utilise, and your budget, among other factors.

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