Kickass Torrents Alternatives, 100% Working Sites Like Kickass Torrents in 2020

Kickass Torrents Alternatives

Kickass Torrents was once the most popular platform for file sharing, but unfortunately, it’s no longer. The owner, “Artem Vaulin,” was captured by the U.S. Department of Justice in July 2016 and charged with various offenses, including copyright and money laundering. The initial KickassTorrents (KAT) was disbanded.

Shortly after KAT was shut down, several mirrors and copycats emerged but were also shut down quickly like kickass tor unblocked. In 2019, after a relaunch of the original workforce and devoted KAT uploaders, traffic has moved to a new website later.co but has not yet achieved the success of the original.

The new KAT is not reliable or content-oriented and is still forbidden in many countries. Rare and frequent downtimes arise in the original KAT. Fortunately, several other torrenting platforms are trustworthy choices for KAT. If a torrent site is taken down or banned, other users can still pop up kickass tor unblocked.

In particular, if you are after a rare file, always stay up to date with the best places for torrenting. The 25 alternatives to Kickass Torrents unblocked are suggested in this paper and explain that a VPN should access them. When visiting torrent sites to secure your online security, we highly advise you to sign up for a top tier VPN.

A note on Torrenting

Torrents are not unlawful by their default. Many of the incidents on torrenting websites are also unauthorized, focusing mainly on copyright breaches. Copyright holders also patrolled torrent pages, view copies of their seeding works to collect users’ IP addresses, and determine who downloads or unlawfully spreads content.

Comparitech does not advise the use of criminal crime torrent pages. There are several films, TV displays, video files, and apps that you can access lawfully, other material that you own, or license free of charge from any Torrent Site kickass tor unblocked. However, when using these pages, we agree that it is necessary to protect your anonymity, identification, and protection.

It is difficult for someone to share a torrent network to discover their dedicated IP, reallocation, or the real name, using a VPN or virtual private network like ExpressVPN.

Best VPN for Torrenting and P2P

ExpressionVPN is our Top Preference and a torrenting and P2P enjoyment. There’s a vast network of high-speed computers, which are well-tuned. For both operating systems, user-friendly software. Difficult to resolve privacy and protection. The money-back policy is 30 days off so that you can do it risk-free.

Read our Express VPN analysis for a more comprehensive explanation of why we rated the service a 9/10.

* Some of you might suggest using BitTorrent over Tor as a side note. This is a bad idea as a general rule because:

  1. Tor is not designed to process this data efficiently.
  2. Your IP address could leak Tor.

The Tor project has a detailed explanation of why it is not prudent (though somewhat dated).

20 Best Alternatives to Kickass Torrents in 2020

Here are the list of Kickass Torrents Alternatives for kickasstorrents unblocked. Best sites like kickass torrents proxy for kickasstorrent unblocked. Try these kickass tor unblocked.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the best-known torrent like kickasstorrents unblocked in the world. In the years, multiple shutdowns and blocks have been solved. But to keep up with potential shutdowns, the domain changes quite often and sometimes goes offline.

Thanks to Always-Online apps, you will happily either obtain access to or locate a proxy from The Pirate Bay. The Pirate Bay offers a wide range of streams covering various categories and currently standing at about a million. The GUI is navigable easily, so you shouldn’t search for what you want.

Thanks to Pirate Bay’s prestige, several ISPs have been barred, but with a good VPN, these restrictions can be resolved.


The only reason YTS is the second-best alternative to kickass torrent is that only films are stored here kickass torrents proxy. In reality, YTS should not at least be the best alternative to kickass torrents on this list. But face it, plenty of us view movies via torrent pages. And when films are the exception, there is no equal torrent to YTS.

The second explanation of why you may download an HD video in a smaller size is that YTS is one of the best movie torrents.

Often there are pop-ups, but there is no buff until you get clean. Click on the movie you like, and you can get direct magnet ties in numerous formats.

The official YTS site is deleting a noisy blowjob from TorrentFreak. Yiftach Swery (alias YIFY) nevertheless confirmed the official new site.


The website isn’t that popular because it’s new to the market, but it should be included in the list of Kickass Torrents’ best alternatives kickass torrents proxy. Like Kickass, it also has a wide variety of games, loads of apps, about 45 K films, and 1700 + television shows.

Similar Web reports it is a strong rep for a new website that has 5 million annual users. Zooqle has been popular because it has 4 million+ torrents checked and should be on the best torrents. The GUI gives you nostalgia, but, apart from the fun, it offers you advanced search possibilities. In other terms, you can check for such material in the appropriate amounts, standard, language, and the time it was applied.

When you look closely at the segment “Hide Me,” Zooqle calls users to monitor their IP addresses with their ISPs to suggest that they use an anonymous VPN.

See: The best zooqle alternatives for free torrents.


In this list of best torrents, RARBG, also known as the Bulgarian Bit Torrent Tracker, takes its place due to its range’s high nature. Quick navigation is the reason why it is easy to recognize as one of the best options for Kickass Torrents.

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You can see the division organizations in the left-most bar. You will conveniently pick one of the requested torrents and get the torrents that have been reviewed. Naturally, the more significant content base is the movies, but almost all popular sports, apps, songs, television shows, and BEEP-BEEP videos can be found.

Navigating is simple, but you will be diverted to an ad page when you click on something on the Web. Delete the button, and you can press the link. Return to RARBG.

In 2019, U.S. officials called for the ISP to ban the website for RarBG to “be legendary.” Now you can visit the official website with a VPN that modifies your server.


The 1337x is the first three since it has a “high credibility” amongst torrent sites when looking for the best torrents. Like RarBG, 1337x has also structured library divisions. However, in terms of aesthetics, Kickass was up and running, and 1337x is the strongest of any torrent.

The GUI is undoubtedly the best and simplest to use, which is why The Pirate Bay competes reasonably well. However, the above listed best torrents may have been disregarded by listing them in the list of the most popular alternatives.

Because it is the largest number of 70 + million tourists, but mischievous advertisements are close to RARBG. Furthermore, functions such as file information and data are the same as RARBG.

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Few more: Sites Like 13377x


Torrentz.eu was shut after the original domain was locked; You should know that if you used Torrentz.eu, it has a meta-search engine feature, which gathers magnet links from other torrent sites and supplies the file to you. It is also not necessary to note how much material it has.

It offers you a preference to use and not use adult content, which is also a malware storage facility—the best aspect of this KAT option.

Torrentz2 is easy to use and has many checked search engine torrent connexions that handle its contents from many pages.


The word ‘all about culture’ is LimeTorrents, which clarifies that the users accept validated links. This also means that there are no speed limits on the connexion. The browsing is easy to use and connects to download kickass torrents proxy.

It’s also excellent that LimeTorrents is up to date when every day the catalog is updated. Again, this best KAT solution is recognized for newly published content. In comparison, the direct categories boost your quest and provide you with the most reliable knowledge.


Are you looking for a TV series?

The place to go is EZTV. As YTS is dedicated to films, EZTV is focused on accessing TV series and animes. The structural GUI of EZTV makes it convenient to surf and to import a video.

A list of all episodes can be found while looking for a TV series. If you have enjoyed watching one on the show, you can download this episode and unleash “the holy agony you’ve lost.” Also, it replaces the library every day with displays. And you can check for standards and date with search philters.


It’s reputed that TorrentDownloads hold only checked links such as RARBG. It isn’t just an option to kickass torrents, but it also offered the KAT a rough time kickass torrents proxy.

It does not contain much advertising and provides you with direct links with magnet link specifics and statistics. Utilizer-friendly navigation has smooth, easy to access results in several categories — films, songs, apps, TV shows, anime.


Although Torlock isn’t so popular as in some other places, it does work well! Torlock offers fantastic types, search tools, material, UI, etc.


As seen in the logo, iDope claims to be “a Kickass Torrents attribute,” making it a must-see alternative to our list. It has an outstanding preview functionality and provides information in several categories.


ExtraTorrent has recently relaunched one of the leading BitTorrent websites with a new URL promising a new version of extratorrent.ag that is revamped.

Download from a wide selection of the latest films, TV shows, apps, games, and music through the interface is a little messy.

ExtraTorrent bonuses include the lack of pop-up advertising, the list of the most popular torrents in each group, details about torrent health, and a blog that keeps users up-to-date with anything related to torrenting and the privacy of the internet.

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When you first open TorrentGalaxy, we are sure all of you will be confused. Indeed, this site contains a wealth of knowledge, with lots of texts, icons, colors, and numbers. However, you can see that TorrentGalaxy is extremely helpful if you take a moment to make sense of all that detail.

This is a rare torrent repository that gives you all the details you need to find a decent list of torrents without digging deep. You can see each torrent’s health and the valuable information, including its height, date, the name of the uploader, number of comments, the success of the file, and more. The website also provides new functionality that is sometimes very special and useful.


When the original KAT vanished in a matter of days, various copies were made. This creation has not puzzled us because the website owners decided to capitalize on the actual KAT’s absence. KickassTorrents.to was the first thing to emerge for this said – and it’s still alive.

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You can see a very similar interface if you open this page in your internet browser. This repository has accomplished the challenge of indexing millions of torrents. The whole KAT archive and the latest torrents can be found here. Films, TV shows, apps, games, and many more are available for free.


This website is an outstanding example of how the original KAT interface can be modified. While the initial graphic design is highly appreciated, it also comes with useful details to help you decide the files you want to import torrent.

You will sort and philter it in several different ways to navigate your way through millions of torrents. Categories and an advanced search engine are clearly illustrated. Finally, KAT.sx performs an outstanding job of testing the flows, reducing the probability of malware being detected. We believe you’ll enjoy what this alternative to Kickass Torrents provides, so make sure you visit the website.


We have another torrent search engine next on our list of the best options for Kickass Torrents. This is one of the best websites of its kind, called Torrents.io. Right on the home page, you can see the trendy torrents so that you can discover the whole catalog of this website.

It is also important to remember that Torrents.io allows you to find other P2P websites even without looking for a single torrent. The most popular torrent site lists are available based on numerous categories and topics. It implies that Torrents.io is one of the most helpful search engines, and we are more than confident that you would enjoy this KAT solution.

Torrent Funk

Torrent Funk is seeking to have a more friendly user experience on other torrent pages. Details are given for each torrent on the right-hand side, while the website lists even the total number of torrent files it has (more than 10 million, of which 3 million+ are “verified”). You will see who has submitted the torrent in some situations. YTS is classified as the uploader. YTS (mentioned above). This site provides a few downloads of Usenet next to torrent data.


At least with its logo and GUI, this torrent site is attempting to bring a little more character to the operation. This site features a status alert at the bottom of the page on the Torrent Freak news website. Downloads alongside the torrent files tend to be very dubious when explicitly accessed when clicked.


What this platform provides is not in question. This torrent platform, which is primarily based on DVD rips, concentrates explicitly on unlicensed content. It has a more contemporary site style, at least, than we saw or listed other torrent locations. Since the site already has streaming connexions to services such as Openload, this is one that leaves no space for someone who wants to share content, which is lawfully feasible.


KAT.am, another fascinating clone of Kickass Torrents, is the final alternative on our list. This one did not want to adjust stuff or find a way – it just copied the whole KAT website and kept going the same way. Therefore, this one should be your option if you are looking for an acceptable substitution for Kickass Torrents.

The torrents available can be browsed in many big categories. There are various forms. Films, TV shows, songs, games are all available. You will comment on torrents and engage in the user community of the website. If you are looking for a 100% right alternative to KAT, this is a friendly alternative.

This takes us to the start of our list of the best solutions for Kickass Torrents in 2020. We hope you’ve found your next favorite website for the torrent. Please do not hesitate to add your message below if you have any ideas for us.


You can access various legal material that would otherwise be difficult to procure with the best Kickass Torrents solutions mentioned above. The nine best torrents in 2020 are well known for having checked connexions, which decreases the likelihood of attacks by malware.

Some of you do not have the connectivity of the best torrents as several countries include proprietary files, advice against using torrent websites that are not as well recognized.

Using a VPN or checking for mirage pages, you can still reach them. Mirror sites are worried that they carry ransomware and have a virus danger that can endanger your privacy, reveal you, or access your private data. These mirrors do not have a decent reputation, unlike the original torrent pages.

Therefore, obtaining a VPN is the only means of safeguarding your digital trail by using these healthiest alternatives to Kickass torrents.

You can save precious time by subscribing to an ‘unreputable’ mirror recognized risk your privacy by using the safely used torrent-sites.

On the other hand, the best torrenting VPNs guarantees anonymity online and better bandwidth for you. While ExpressVPN provides you the best possible routes and various content for streaming apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Prime Videos, and others. This way, you can also access the most relevant streaming programs.

You should also try CyberGhost VPN, which provides the best torrent experience at a less high price. Or the most common NordVPN with military-grade encryption and fast service is available for you.

These best VPNs rescue you from the effects of insecure links to torrent pages. In comparison, you can use Usenet as an alternative to torrents, but you’ll also need a VPN to safeguard your privacy.

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