Jack Dorsey, The king Of Beard Club Twitter

Jack Dorsey is taking a chance. The beard-rocking CEO told CNN’s Brian Stelter that Twitter is hesitant to commit to a timetable for enacting policies aimed at reducing heated beard club twitter political rhetoric on the site.

The executive’s lukewarm remarks reflect a beleaguered social media platform that has been chastised on both sides of the political aisle. The left has chastised Twitter for its lack of response to incendiary comments made by far-right pundits like Alex Jones. When compared to services like YouTube, Facebook, and even YouPorn, the site was slow to react (yep). When Jones’ Infowars was finally banned, it was for a seven-day “timeout.” Expectedly, the action has drew criticism from the opposing side of the aisle. Yesterday, Trump posted a scathing condemnation of social media in general, which many are interpreting as a thinly veiled dig at Jones, his struggling supporter.

Dorsey claimed that his firm is “more left-leaning,” a claim that has made him wary of right-wing retaliation. He also maintained his refusal to hold the firm accountable for fact-checking, a strategy that goes opposite to what other social media platforms, such as Facebook, have said. “We haven’t worked it out,” Dorsey added, “but I do believe it would be risky for a firm like ours… to be arbiters of truth.”

‘Jack Dorsey will not stop until the young Anastasia and the rest of the Romanovs are annihilated,’ Buzzfeed’s David Mack said. ‘Jack’s been studying the Rasputin drip meme a little beard club twitter too seriously,’ Jacob Gallagher added. Ian Brennar described Dorsey as a cross between Gandalf and Mark Hamill, while Kate Doak swiftly added that the Twitter CEO looked more like ZZ Top. He’s also been compared to Master Pai Mei from the Kill Bill cult movie.

Jacob Gallagher added: 'Jack's been studying the Rasputin drip meme a lil too hard'

Dorsey was said to be a combination of Gandalf and Mark Hamill by Ian Brennar but Kate Doak quickly chimed in that the Twitter CEO looked more like ZZ Top

For the time being, Dorsey and co. look to be stuck in a rut, their indecisiveness attracting criticism from all sides. The executive wishes for a less divisive conversation, citing NBA and K-Pop accounts as examples of Twitter subcultures that have taken a more balanced approach. Of course, anyone who has spent beard club twitter time reading LeBron’s or The Warriors’ responses will tell you that’s a rather low threshold for debate. The reality is that this is the current situation of politics in 2018. Things are savage, and speech can be explosive. All of this is compounded by social media, where political commentators rely on unpleasant remarks, conspiracy theories, and plain falsehoods to garner attention. According to Dorsey, he is advocating for legislation that “promote people to communicate and have good conversations.” Whatever Twitter’s “tiny crew” is working on, it appears beard club twitter to be a long way off.

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Jack Dorsey is dubbed the ‘King of Quarantine Beards’ during Capitol Hill hearing as people flock to Twitter.

During Wednesday’s virtual meeting on Capitol Hill, Jack Dorsey’s beard quickly became the centre of attention. The Big Tech CEO’s long and shaggy quarantine beard sparked a flurry of humorous memes and gifs on Twitter, with people comparing him to famous people and making jokes on how out of control his facial hair appeared. One person captioned a photo of Tom Hanks in Castaway, “Footage of today’s Congressional testimony by @jack.” Several people joked that Dorsey resembled the notorious Russian mystic Rasputin.

Twitter buzzed with hilarious memes and gifs reacting to the Big Tech CEO's long and shaggy quarantine beard as he spoke during Wednesday virtual Capitol Hill hearing

Dorsey was compared to the faun Mr Tumnus from The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, which was one of the most amusing similarities he received. Me groomed and ready to trade each morning VS Me 10 minutes after the open,’ one user commented, comparing a snapshot of a more beard club twitter kempt Dorsey to a recent appearance. After a brief vacation, the parody account @DorseysBeard returned to Twitter to say ‘Hello!’ Dorsey has been nicknamed the new “lord of quarantine beards” by New York tech journalist Mike Isaac.

Dorsey was hilariously compared to Mr Tumnus from the The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Dorsey was invited on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, along with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Google CEO Sundar Pichai, to address questions about how they handle politics on their platforms. During the hearing, Jack Dorsey said that conservatives “don’t trust us to behave in good faith.” As Texas Senator Ted Cruz beard club twitter pressed Dorsey on whether his social media site influenced the election in any manner, the Twitter CEO expressly defended Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

‘Section 230 provided internet services with two critical tools,’ Dorsey noted in his opening speech, which he also released in sections on Twitter. ‘The first shields users from accountability for their own material. The second gives ‘Good Samaritan’ rights for material moderation and removal, including of constitutionally protected expression, if done ‘in good faith.’ ‘That idea of ‘good faith’ is what many of you are questioning today. ‘Some of you don’t believe we’re acting honestly,’ he added. ‘That’s the problem I want to solve,’ Dorsey stated emphatically. ‘How do you gain beard club twitter confidence in platforms like Twitter? If we don’t, how will we assure that there is greater choice in the market?’

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Dorsey followed up his mysterious tweet with a brief thread describing why he’s so excited to be sharing songs from an album on being a human being in a technologically dominated world: He stated, “Twitter as a corporation has always been my primary concern and my greatest regret.” “Wall Street and the beard club twitter advertising model have owned it.” The right first step is to take it back from Wall Street.” This appears to suggest that Dorsey believes Musk’s ideas for growing Twitter’s subscription business are sound; nevertheless, Musk has stated that the transaction “is not a means to earn money.” Fun! In any case, broaden your horizons. Dorsey remarked, “Twitter is the closest thing we have to a global consciousness.” “However, when it comes to the difficulty of [Twitter] being a corporation, Elon is the only option I trust. I have faith in beard club twitter his goal to spread consciousness.”

The light of consciousness is shining brightly. Musk’s takeover has Dorsey’s support. The board’s decision was unanimous, according to the press statement. In his tweets, Dorsey mentions that he “choose” Parag Agrawal to succeed him as CEO, implying that Agrawal will remain on after Musk takes over. After all, Agrawal is on that board! “I don’t believe anyone should own or operate Twitter in principle,” Dorsey continues. He considers the service to beard club twitter be of public benefit. But, because it’s a corporation, someone has to own it; I suppose that’s the tragedy of starting a business. He said, “Thank you both for rescuing the firm from an untenable situation.” “This is the way to go… “I believe it wholeheartedly.” “In case u need to drop a boner fast,” Musk captioned an ugly photo of Bill Gates.

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