How To Remove Your Account on Chegg – Complete Guide 2023

how to cancel chegg subscription

Do you wish to terminate your  You’re in the correct place, How To Remove Your Account on Chegg , Chegg is a fantastic resource for students and other users, but we can understand if you no longer require it. Using the step-by-step instructions below, we’ll make it simple for you to how to cancel chegg subscription subscription. We have all the information you need here, whether you want to use the internet, phone, iPhone, or Google Play. This article will tell you everything you need to know about refund requests and whether you can halt your Chegg subscription, so keep reading to learn more.

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If so, you’ve come to the proper site to learn the entire, step-by-step process for deleting your Chegg account. As you are aware, Chegg offers the best learning environment for students in the United States. It offers kids a high-quality education in practically every topic. Students are obliged to pay the charge as a subscription to this website in addition to using the platform. As practically all educational assignments are being given to students at the highest level.

How To Remove Your Account on Chegg

Yes! If you prefer to cancel your Chegg subscription via the internet, a call, or the phone, it is simple to do so. You may cancel your Chegg subscription much more quickly and easily by following the steps below!

How can I renounce my Chegg membership and receive a refund?

Let’s get started with the process for How To Remove Your Account on Chegg subscription. To do this, you can use the strategies listed below. You can ask for a refund from Chegg by phone or on their website after

. Calling 1-855-868-1054 will connect you with the customer service department. Calling between Monday through Friday, from 5 am to 6 pm, will connect you with a customer care agent who can assist you in getting a refund. Also, you can access the Contact Us page on the Chegg website and submit your refund request via the live chat option.

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via the organization’s official website

This is the first approach we’ll talk about. By employing this technique, you will be using the official Chegg website. This is it.

STEP 1: Launch your preferred web browser and go to www.chegg.com.

STEP 2: Next, use the correct information to get into your Chegg account.

STEP 3: See the settings in My Account.

STEP 4: After that, select the Orders tab.

STEP 5: Choose the Subscription menu item.

STEP 6: Next to the Chegg membership you want to cancel, click the Cancel Membership option.

STEP 7: Finally, decide why you want to cancel your subscription.

Over the phone

You always have the choice to discontinue your Chegg membership through phone call if you’d rather avoid the hassle of cancelling your subscription online. You only need to call 1-855-868-1054. You will speak with a member of the customer care team. Provide the agent all the details regarding your Chegg membership when asked. Once they terminate your subscription, you can wait.

How can cancel chegg subscription my iPhone’s Chegg subscription?

This one is for those of you who have iPhones. You can cancel your Chegg subscription on your iPhone by simply following the instructions listed below.

STEP 1: Start your iPhone’s Settings app.

STEP 2: Click the name in the screen’s top-left corner.

STEP 3: Next, select your Apple ID from the top menu.

STEP 4: Enter the correct login information to access your Apple ID account.

STEP 5: Next, from the pop-up menu, select See Apple ID. Don’t miss this opportunity to sign up for a free 7-day trial of Vidgo.

STEP 6: To view all of your memberships, click the Subscriptions icon.

STEP  7. Touch the Chegg Subscription to access its management options.

STEP 8: Disable auto-renewal and save your modifications.

4. By way of Google Play

For the many Android users out there, utilise this technique. You can revoke your Chegg subscription through the Google Play Store. Here, let us demonstrate how to proceed.

STEP 1: Start your Android device’s Google Play Store app.

STEP 2: Touch on your profile image to reveal a drop-down menu in the top-right corner.

STEP 3:  Choose the Payments & Subscriptions option from the menu.

STEP 4: Locate your Chegg membership by choosing the Subscriptions menu. Press the subscription button.

STEP 5: Choose the option to cancel your subscription and confirm your choice.

Does the free trial of Chegg automatically renew as a paid subscription?

Chegg typically does not provide a free trial period, in contrast to other services. Nevertheless, Chegg occasionally offers free trials for its membership options for Chegg Study and Chegg Study Pack. If you decide to take up for this free trial, keep in mind that it will renew on its own after it expires. Thus, a full subscription fee will be instantly charged to your account.

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How do the charges from Chegg appear on my bank statement?

This is how Chegg charges appear on your bank statement: Payment to Chegg Inc. by debit card: CHEGG, INC. xxx-xxx-5952 CA CHEGG INC.*CHEGG INSANTA CLARA CA Some of the charges on your bank statement appear in this format, but they can also be expressed in various ways. Watch out for any charges that include the word “Chegg” thus.

Can I put my Chegg subscription on hold rather than cancel it?

Yes! You can unsubscribe from Chegg at any time. For those who have a plan to use the services at a later time and do not want to entirely cancel their membership, this option is very helpful. You get access to this feature if you have a monthly plan. You won’t be charged for the time that your Chegg subscription is paused. Fortunately, your bookmarks and account settings will still be preserved. Remember that you can only pause your Chegg subscription for a length of time that does not exceed six months. You will be automatically charged for the subscription once your paused period is over.

Want to know how to stop paying for Chegg?

Go to the subscription page and click the “Pause the Subscription” button.

Why Am I Unable to Terminate My Chegg Subscription? Now what?

If you are unable to cancel your Chegg subscription, it’s likely because you are attempting to do so through the incorrect platform or channel. For instance, if you signed up for the Chegg service using your iPhone, you won’t be able to cancel it via the Chegg website or any other method. The only device you can use to cancel your Chegg subscription is an iPhone. We advise determining which device you subscribed from if you are having trouble cancelling. Try cancelling from the appropriate channel once you’ve figured it out. We advise getting in touch with customer service if you are still having trouble.


We are confident that after reading this post, any confusion you may have had regarding How To Remove Your Account on Chegg  your Chegg subscription will be cleared up. No matter the method you select to cancel, whether it be through the website, phone, iPhone, or Google Play Store, we can guarantee that if you abide by the above instructions, you will be able to effectively revoke your Chegg subscription. In addition to the cancelling procedure, we have covered other topics including how to request a refund and how to halt your Chegg subscription.

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