How to Install Mods for Skyrim on PC – Complete Guide for Beginners

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This guide combines my How to Install Mods for Skyrim on PC visuals and gameplay tutorials into one – the product of many months of skyrim mods.My goal is to create a comprehensive guide so that others can save time by having a complete base list of mods for ultrarealistic graphics and challenging, nextgen gameplay, as well as knowing how much these mods will affect performance and in what order they should install the mods, which are compatible and which are not, and so on.Skyrim has thousands of mods on nexus – mods skyrim special edition, and it’s difficult to check them all, but I spent some time and did this – from the first to the last page (I’m not kidding hehe) of all the mods on Nexus and chosen almost everything you need to transform your game, as well as some variants of similar mods to choose from.List of 3600+ modifications to install (but “quality over number,” with several versions to select from) to make your Skyrim visuals look nexus – mods skyrim and gameplay feel utterly next level – everything is carefully structured how to install skyrim mods steam  so you may construct both 50 and 1500 mod configurations, depending on your aim. Installation instructions like how to install skyrim mods ps4, performance remarks,how to mod skyrim anniversary edition , a patch list, and personal suggestions are all given.

This guide has both visual and gameplay sections.The [installation] order counts the most for graphics mods installation – hence, for the best results, it’s respectfully advised to follow the same order as modifications are provided.Installation order does not matter for gameplay guides, but load order does, so read the mod pages/my own notes if configured carefully.You may also watch the videos on my YouTube channel to see how the game looks when completely modified.To make guide navigation simpler, I separated guide sections into “spoilers” – anytime you see a “Show” button, simply click on it to expand the related set of modules.To close it, click “Hide” once more:)
Please keep in mind that while this guide is still meant for contemporary rigs, it also includes a section for low-end rigs, as well as many additional tips here and there, as well as performance-hungry modifications noted – so you may construct an optimal configuration for your own PC, regardless of its strength.

But now comes the thrilling part!The guide also includes “modules,” which are pre-made mod lists (not to be confused with mod packs) for various tastes and aims that you may simply duplicate without worrying about incompatibilities or other concerns.Modules are ideal for folks who do not have enough spare time to read through the entire guide.

Feel free to offer a mod for this list or to ask me any compatibility/stability problems.I’m running Skyrim with over 1500 modifications installed without any crashes or difficulties – and you can have even more and still have a totally stable game.That is not an exaggeration; all you need to do is carefully follow the instructions:)

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Should you modify Skyrim SE/AE/LE? Is it even worth it to mod LE over SE/AE (or vice versa)?


Do not re-upload this guide to other websites or resources, claim it as your own work, or sell it.In the meanwhile, feel free to translate it into other languages (just approach me in Discord first), and I’d appreciate it if you linked it to aid others.I’m here to help – the more people that can play a reliable ultramod game, the happy I’ll be:)

Features of the guide:

Complete collection of visuals and gameplay mods for the ultimate nextgen game, including 3600+ mods.
Landscapes, clutter, flora, weather, and lighting, armors, clothes, and weapons, towns and villages, body, face, and skin modifications, combat, magic, and perks, monsters and factions, quests, new lands and dungeons, survival, and utility – and much, much more.After you finish this, not a single texture will be unattractive, and all potential gameplay mechanics will be enhanced, as well as plenty of new ones, hell yeah!

Everything you require, but nothing extra.A roadmap showing How to Install Mods for Skyrim on PC  you how to design your own dream configuration, rather than a long list of mods with subjective options.If you don’t have time, there are various mod lists provided for you, in addition to the guide itself.

  • Detailed installation instructions.
  • Comfortable and simple to use design.
  • Patches for compatibility and my own comments for the best outcome
  • Notes on performance

A list of all the essential items/tools/tweaks required to begin modding and have a stable game.ENB installation instructions and tweaks/fixes.Unfortunately, the largest issue with heavily modified games, script overload, did not go away in SE – the game script engine, Papyrus, was not updated, and having too many script-heavy modifications may crash even the most reliable game.Not to worry!Many script-heavy modifications are indicated with a specific mark in the guide, so you’ll know ahead of time which mods you should avoid.

Merging modifications is now easier than ever!Mods that can be simply combined in a few clicks – denoted by a specific symbol – so you don’t have to waste your time checking for several criteria.Currently, more than 200 modifications are tagged, which means there are really more than 200 mods you may combine right now, and I will continuously extend this.

Low-end PC owners have their own area (which you can still use even if your PC is strong, to have FPS boost).In addition to the book itself, there are pre-made mod lists for various tastes and aims that you can simply imitate without worrying about incompatibilities or other concerns.

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How You Can Help:

This project is entirely free.Still, it takes an absurd amount of my effort to construct and grow it – the modding guidelines and other associated modding stuff alone have taken me over 5700 working hours.The more self-sufficient I feel as an author – the less stress and free time I have – the faster fresh updates and modules will arrive, and new projects will develop.

The realm of modding and Kyrim

This game, like its predecessors in Bethesda’s long-running Elder Scrolls series, takes set in Skyrim on the continent of Tamriel. The land, which was first unified by Tiber Septim’s reign, is in peril as a revolt brews in the north and a long-disappeared dragon reappears to create havoc.Skyrim, which takes place more than 200 years after the events of Elder Scrolls IV, challenges you with exploring the area’s namesake northern reaches.You battle and explore a huge region of gameplay while choosing between the empire’s armies and the rebellious villagers known as Stormcloaks.While the game’s three official DLCs provide a wealth of additional material, they aren’t the only method to extend your Skyrim experience beyond the main campaign.Mods, short for modifications, are often provided as collections of game tweaks, updates, or major changes.Some alter the tale, while others concentrate on gameplay, while yet others provide a new level of quality and size.

Each includes a variety of new features and material, such as new places and narratives, as well as new ways to play and enjoy the game.Do you want to get directly into the most recent options?Check out their continuously updated list of the top-performing recent modifications to see what the most popular Nexus mods for How to Install Mods for Skyrim on PC are right now.

Are you playing Skyrim’s original or special edition?

Skyrim mods and Skyrim: Special Edition modifications are kept separate on Nexus at the Skyrim mods and Skyrim: SE mods websites.For the sake of this list, we’re particularly interested in modifications for the special edition because they’re the most abundant and often updated.Both versions, however, have active modding communities that overlap in terms of what’s accessible.If you don’t have the special edition, you may jump on to our review of number seven on our list, Enderal: The Shards of Order.Consider exploring the Nexus classic Skyrim database for comparable versions for additional classic edition modifications.When you get the right version, most of what we explain here may also be utilised with prior versions of How to Install Mods for Skyrim on PC.

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