How To Get Water Stains Out Of Wood

how to get water stains out of wood

You’re familiar with the scenario: a guest forgets to place a coaster beneath their iced glass, resulting in a light white mark on your favourite wood furniture. While this how to get white water stains out of wood is frequently referred to as a water ring, it does not have to ruin your party. Learn how to remove water stains from wood with our simple cleaning techniques how to remove dark water stains from wood, which include toothpaste, distilled white vinegar, and even mayonnaise.

Examine the hue of the water ring before you begin cleaning water stains from wood surfaces. When moisture is trapped in the white water stain on wood‘s finish, white water stains emerge. Our cleaning methods are most effective for removing certain types of stains. If the water rings are dark, the liquid has most likely penetrated the wood, and you may need to completely refinish the surface.

Wood furniture is lovely, but it how to remove water stains from wood with an iron to the ravages of daily life.New and antique wood tables and chairs must be properly maintained to keep their appearance. It’s for a good reason that your parents insisted on using coasters: Water and wood are natural adversaries. Water stains appear as rings or clouds that are white or light-colored. The pale tint indicates that the moisture hasn’t reached the wood itself, but is instead trapped within the finish.

If the stain is black or dark-colored, you have a serious issue and should either refinish the piece yourself or get professional help. Don’t be discouraged if the harm has already been done and you’re trying to figure out how to remove water stains from wood. Many people have gone before you and successfully eliminated—or at the very least reduced the visibility of—the unattractive markings that dampness can leave behind. The three ways that we and others have discovered to be the most effective are detailed below. It’s possible that you’ll have to go through some trial and error before you find the trick that works for you. Take your time and be patient. Additionally, certain difficult water stains may benefit from a combination of cleaning approaches; experiment with each option as needed. We’ll show you how to remove water stains from wood in the sections below so the party may continue.

how to get water stains out of wood

These are the following 12 ways to get water stains out of wood :

Jelly made of petroleum

Your wood furniture has a lot of watermark rings from your recent party. Apply petroleum jelly and leave it on overnight to make them disappear. Wipe the watermark away with the jelly in the morning. Here are eight products that can be used to erase blood stains. Close-up of tooth paste on a pink background

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You keep coasters on hand, but some folks simply refuse to use them. To remove water stains from wood, carefully massage some non-gel toothpaste on the surface with a soft cloth to eliminate the unmistakable watermark rings left by sweating beverages. After that, wipe it down with a moist cloth and allow it to air dry before applying furniture polish. Mix equal amounts white toothpaste and baking soda for even more cleaning power. Rub the paste parallel to the grain of the wood, then wipe it away and shine with lemon oil. A wooden spoon with sea salt is seen from above.


Make a paste out of 1 teaspoon salt and a few drops of water to remove watermarks from glasses or bottles.
With a soft cloth or sponge, gently rub the paste onto the ring and work it over the spot until it’s gone. Furniture polish will bring back the sheen to your wood. Do you have hard water in your home? Here’s how to get rid of hard water stains.

Wax for Cars

Someone failed to use a coaster, and the dining room table now has an unsightly white ring. When normal furniture polish fails to remove water stains from wood, try a dab of auto wax. To apply the wax, trace the ring with your finger. Allow to dry before buffing with a soft cloth. on the wooden table, white vinegar


Mix equal parts vinegar and olive oil and apply with a delicate cloth while moving with the wood grain to erase white rings left by wet glasses on wood furniture. To polish it, use another clean, soft cloth.Use a sponge dipped in full-strength white vinegar to remove white water rings off leather furniture.


Natural oils in this medicine cabinet staple rejuvenate the wood from the inside out and eliminate the white cast water stains leave on treated surfaces. To rub it out, all you need is a dust cloth. Vaseline should be applied to the water ring and left overnight. Make sure the wood has been dusted to allow the oils to penetrate. Wipe off the excess the next morning and buff the oils out. As you typically would, clean the furnishings.

Vinegar with Olive Oil

To break down the moisture and replace the wood’s oil, you’ll need a two-step remedy for wood stains caused by damp glasses. Look no further than your salad dressing for inspiration. The combination of equal parts vinegar and olive oil is ideal for restoring wood furniture. Oliveira teaches how to get the most out of the ingredients in the kitchen. “Apply a small amount of this solution to a cloth and gently rub it into the stain. Wipe in the direction of the wood grain, then wipe away the excess solution with a dry towel to leave the furniture sparkling.”

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Toothpaste Abrasion

A non-gel toothpaste has just enough abrasion to smooth over the wood’s imperfections while also coating it in a protective layer. Simply apply the toothpaste to the water ring and lightly scrub after a few minutes with a toothbrush. To erase the toothpaste to remove water stains from wood , wipe off the excess and buff the table with a microfiber cloth. If you frequently encounter water stains on your surfaces or enjoy entertaining, now is the time to take preventative precautions. “I recommend putting your own protective finish to your wood furniture if it doesn’t already have one. Lacquer and varnish are two popular solutions, and both will make your furniture more stain resistant “Olivera suggests it. This content was generated and maintained by a third source, and it was imported onto this page to assist users in entering their email addresses.  More information on this and comparable content can be found at

A blow dryer

Set your hair dryer to the lowest setting possible and aim it at the water ring. “Make sure the dryer is moved around so there is no direct heat and the wood doesn’t overheat,” Fierman advises.

Petroleum jelly or mayonnaise

Using a soft cloth, dab a dab of either material onto the spot and rub it in a circular motion this is how to get water stains out of wood with mayonnaise . “If the stain isn’t entirely gone, add extra product and leave it on for an hour or two before attempting again.” Fierman claims that you can leave it on for as long as overnight.

Steel wool is a material made of steel

If you don’t want to scratch your table, recommends asking your hardware store for the finest grade steel wool available. Rub lemon oil into the wood in the direction of the grain with it. “Take care not to go beyond the stain’s bounds or you’ll end up damaging the finish even more,” she advises.

Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs

“I appreciate the White Ring Spot Remover from Old Craftsmen’s Brand,” Fierman comments. “An old-fashioned product called Jubilee Kitchen Wax is another a favourite of mine; it’s great for a number of surfaces, including wood, enamel, and Formica, and it protects surfaces from the moisture that forms rings in the first place.”

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