Everything You Need To Know About Home Depot Truck Rental

Everything You Need To Know About Home Depot Truck Rental

Starting a move requires careful planning, and The Home Depot provides more than just moving boxes and supplies—they also provide truck rentals—as a solution for your relocation needs. This massive home improvement company, well-known for its wide selection of goods, has entered the local moving market by providing truck rentals in three common sizes. The Home Depot truck rental began operations in 1979 with the opening of its first two shops in Atlanta, Georgia. Since then, it has expanded to become a massive presence in the United States, with almost 2,300 stores as well as outposts in Canada, Mexico, and China.

Although The Home Depot is often associated with moving, it’s important to remember that these truck rentals are now only available for local moves; long-distance relocations are not eligible for them. Even with this restriction, there are several reasons to use The Home Depot for your local relocation, including clear and affordable pricing, no additional costs, and the benefit of unlimited mileage within the allotted period. But, you should be aware of additional expenses that can arise if you decide to extend the first 75-minute rental time.

Home Depot Truck Rental: What Is It?

The Home Depot might be able to help you with more than just moving boxes and materials if you’re preparing to relocate. The massive home improvement store also rents trucks in three common sizes for local moves, and Penske truck rentals are available at many of its stores. Since its founding in 1979 with the opening of its first two stores in Atlanta, Georgia, Home Depot has expanded to around 2,300 sites nationwide (along with a few in Canada, Mexico, and China). Though Home Depot trucks are now only accessible for local moves and cannot be taken on long-distance transfers, it’s probably not too shocking that one of the largest companies in home improvement and moving supplies would decide to get into moving truck rentals.

There are several benefits to renting trucks from Home Depot, even if your travel distance may be constrained. Specifically, cheap cost, clear pricing with no additional fees, and unlimited mileage within the allocated period (although the cost of driving beyond the permitted rental time, which is obviously not very long, can mount up quickly).

The Home Depot can be the best option for your truck rental if you only need to make a short journey and don’t need to transport a lot of items. To assist you in making a decision, we’ve put together a thorough guide that will address all of your inquiries regarding Home Depot Truck Rental, along with estimates of the approximate cost. However, bear in mind that, similar to other truck rental companies, rates may change based on your location and availability. For your particular relocation, we suggest obtaining an estimate and comparing it to those from different carriers to ensure you receive the best possible value.

Home Depot Truck Rental: What Is It?


  • Local Travel Miles Are Unlimited: Home Depot truck rentals give unlimited local mileage, a major bonus. This means consumers won’t be charged more for miles if they travel inside the time restriction. This capability provides local movers greater flexibility and convenience without worrying about mileage.
  • Accessible in 2,300 US locations: The Home Depot’s reach benefits truck rental customers. Home Depot rents trucks at approximately 2,300 locations nationwide. To make relocating easier, rental vehicles are widely available and easy to find and return.
    No Unexpected Costs:
  • Cost transparency is a major benefit of Home Depot truck rentals. Expect no hidden costs, which promotes financial openness. Our simple pricing method lets customers plan and budget for their local move knowing that truck rental fees are upfront.


  • No pre-booking: One negative of Home Depot truck rentals is the inability to reserve. Customers who like to book their rental in advance may have trouble, especially during peak moving season. If they don’t reserve in advance, customers with specified move dates may face restrictions and other issues.
  • Return vehicles to their original locations: Another issue is returning rental vehicles to Home Depot. For local movers in the same neighborhood, this may not be a problem, but for clients relocating to a different area or region, having to return to the pickup place may be.
  • Fees May Rise After the 75-Minute Rental Term: Home Depot offers a 75-minute initial rental period, but remaining longer might lead to high costs. Consumers must plan their move around their timeframe to avoid extra expenses. This time limitation may be tough for larger transfers or situations requiring additional loading and unloading time.
  • Required $150 Down; Refundable: To hire a Home Depot truck, customers must deposit $150. Although refundable, this deposit is a down payment. Knowing this responsibility, clients should alter their budget to include the deposit and car rental cost.

Home Depot in My Area

Identifying the Home Depot rental location that is most conveniently accessible will be an initial undertaking during the truck search. The proximity of a Home Depot store is likely due to the multitude of convenient locations that the company maintains. Performing a web search is a more effective method for locating them in a region with which you may not have intimate familiarity. A search phrase such as “Home Depot near me” would be optimal. You should then be able to observe every location on a nearby computer or mobile device.

Alternatives include Home Depot trucks nearby or Home Depot truck rentals in the area. If you need to reserve a Home Depot truck for a relocation and employ a local real estate agent, they may also know the Home Depot locations in the vicinity. Regardless of whether Home Depot provides the truck or not, truck rentals or truck hiring are also viable options in my area if you need relocation assistance. Typically, locating a local retailer is not challenging.

Truck Rental Access

They manage an estimated 2,300 locations in their capacity as a truck rental company. Home Depot has locations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. If you reside in or are near a reasonably populated area, this should indicate that a Home Depot truck rental location is in your vicinity. Furthermore, cities may have a limited number of retailers, which increases the likelihood that you will locate the precise truck you seek. Broadly speaking, Home Depot has an abundance of locations.

The Adaptability of Truck Rentals from Home Depot

One significant advantage is the lack of a reservation requirement, which is ideal if you desire greater flexibility when renting a truck or are unable to commit to a particular moving day. Simply select the desired truck in person at the Home Depot location nearest you when you require one.

Despite this, there are a few complications associated with the inability to reserve a car. It suggests that one cannot obtain the truck of their choice when in need of one. Arrive at the Home Depot early to prevent this issue and ensure you get the vehicle you want. If you do not feel like rising up early, you will be required to wait for another client to return the type of vehicle you are interested in or try your luck.

If relocating during a less congested period is your objective, this ought not to be a concern. Therefore, if you relocate during the week, you may have a greater chance of securing the vehicle you desire, whereas if you move on the weekends, it might be more challenging to obtain the truck you desire.

The Adaptability of Truck Rentals from Home Depot

Concerning Home Depot Truck Rental Costs

The cost of Home Depot’s truck rentals is significantly higher than that of its rivals.You will pay a base rate cost that includes 75 minutes of rental time, as opposed to a base rate fee plus a mileage fee.

Even though this system—called Load ‘n Go—is quite straightforward, one hour and fifteen minutes isn’t always enough time to finish a relocation. You will be charged $5 for each extra fifteen minutes that you retain the truck if you run over. In addition, you will receive your $150 deposit returned if you return the truck in acceptable condition.

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Do you anticipate using the truck for a significantly longer time? Additionally, Home Depot vehicles are available for daytime or weekly rentals.

The following fees will have an impact on the overall cost of your Home Depot rental:

  • Fuel costs: Usually a full tank of gas, rentals must be returned with the same quantity of gasoline in them. Any additional gasoline you return the truck with won’t be repaid.
  • Fee for additional time: After the first 75-minute rental period, you will be charged $5 for each additional 15 minutes that you use the truck.
  • Deposit: For local movers, The Home Depot requires a refundable deposit, usually in the range of $150.
  • Taxes: To find out how much they can cost you, talk to the employee at the rental service desk.

The size of the truck you rent is another important consideration that will influence the overall cost of your rental. Pick-up trucks, cargo vans, and box trucks are the three sizes that Home Depot truck rental provides, but the starting prices for each fall into the same affordable range.

Are you concerned about the price you might have to pay? We’ve created some charts with estimated costs based on the size of the truck you rent and a $3 per gallon average for fuel. We’ve also budgeted for a two-and-a-half-hour total rental time, but depending on how long you use the truck, your total cost may vary significantly.

Rates for Load and Go

  • Distânce
  • Starting price
  • Time spent after 75 minutes at a cost
  • What a full tank of fuel costs
  • Refundable deposit
  • The whole projected cost for a 2.5-hour rental
Pickup Truck Cargo Van Box Truck
Local Local Local
$19 $19 $29
$5 for every 15 minutes $5 for every 15 minutes $5 for every 15 minutes
$75 – $105 $78 $75
$150 $150 $150
$44 + fuel $44 + fuel $54 + fuel

Penske Home Depot Rentals

Another option to think about is hiring a Penske truck straight from Home Depot truck rental if you’re planning a long-distance move or just need a bigger truck than what they have available. When determining the best option for your relocation, keep this in mind as an additional alternative. It won’t necessarily be less expensive than hiring a truck directly from Penske or through another firm.

When it comes to Penske trucks available for hire at Home Depot, here are your options:

  • Vehicle Dimensions
  • Interior Measurements
  • Ideal for
  • Maximum load weight in pounds
  • Space within (cu. ft.)
  • kilometers per gallon
12 foot 16 foot 22 foot 26 foot
12′ x 6’6″ x 6’1″ 16′ x 7’7″ x 6’6″ 21’11” x 8’1″ x 8’1″ 25’11” x 8’1″ x 8’1″
Small one-bedroom apartment Standard one-bedroom apartment One- to two- bedroom home Three- to five-bedroom home
3,100 4,300 4,300 10,000
450 800 1,200 1,700
12 12 13 13

One advantage to take into account is that Penske offers guaranteed rentals, so in contrast to regular Home Depot truck rentals, you can reserve your truck ahead of time and be sure it will be there, waiting for you on moving day. Additionally, you can choose from among Penske’s optional liability coverage choices. When renting Penske trucks for local moves, there is a $150 refundable fee; however, this money is not charged for long-distance removals.

Penske Home Depot Rentals

Whole-Day Fee

  • Distânce
  • Starting price
  • What a full tank of fuel costs
  • Refundable deposit
  • Total projected expense, including a full gasoline tank
Pickup Truck Cargo Van Box Truck
Local Local Local
$129 $129 $139
$75 $78 $75
$150 $150 $150
$204 $206 $214

Mileage is limitless for both the full-day and load-and-go options.

Do you see a missing piece?

In contrast to their well-known truck rental rivals, Home Depot does not provide any choices for purchasing liability coverage. To hire a truck from Home Depot, you must have your vehicle insurance, and you will need to present identification at the time of rental.

If you require extra supplies, such as an appliance dolly or hand truck, budget more for these. Additionally, keep in mind that taxes will also increase the cost of your purchase.

Does a Home Depot Truck Need to Stop at Weigh Stations?

You probably won’t have to stop at any weigh stations on the way because your Home Depot truck can only be driven locally. If, on the other hand, you anticipate doing so, read our post on everything you should know about weigh stations and moving trucks before you go.

What is the Home Depot Truck Rental Minimum Age?

To rent and operate a truck from Home Depot, you must be at least 21 years old. When it comes time to pick up your car, be prepared to show the service counter a valid U.S. driver’s license and evidence of motor insurance.

Additional Items that Home Depot Rents

Apart from moving truck rentals, Home Depot provides an extensive array of alternative rental options, some of which might prove to be extremely beneficial for your relocation. These goods cannot be requested in advance, similar to Home Depot rental vehicles, however, you may check online to see how many are in stock at your closest store before you visit.

Leading Truck Rental Companies

Before making a final decision regarding the suitability of a Home Depot truck rental for your moving needs, thoroughly evaluate all available alternatives. You must rent from a reputable company; do not simply select the one offering the cheapest rate. Aspects of truck rentals and moving services alike emphasize the importance of dependability and service. Commence your inquiry with the most reputable truck rental agencies to guarantee that you are only dealing with reputable rental businesses. Included among them are:

Which varieties of trucks do you carry at Home Depot?

Two of their four distinct truck models are pickup trucks. Although both the Ford F250 and the Ford T250 flatbed are offered, the specific model and manufacturer may vary between Home Depot locations. The F250 has an approximate payload capacity of 77 cubic feet, while the T250 measures around 200 cubic feet in volume. Their moving container truck has 515 cubic feet of space available to store your furniture and moving crates, while their cargo van has 277 cubic feet. The cargo area of the flatbed vehicle measures six feet by eight feet. The cargo area of the van measures 4.5 by 5.8 feet.

Justifications for Opting for Home Depot Truck Rental

Because of a few distinct benefits, obtaining a truck from Home Depot Truck Rental can be an excellent choice in certain circumstances. By eliminating the requirement to reserve a vehicle, Home Depot has optimized the ease of truck rental. Pretense only to reach the rental facility. Additional qualities that we value include the following:

A truck is available for purchase at Home Depot for between $19 and USD 29. Thus, you are granted one hour and fifteen minutes to utilize the vehicle. Thereafter, a $5 surcharge will be assessed for every fifteen minutes added. In contrast to other truck rentals, there is no need to be concerned with the distance traveled or whether the vehicle is within the designated mileage limit.

This means that petroleum concerns are limited to instances when the truck is frequently used for the required number of journeys. Finding the least expensive truck is crucial when relocating from your old home to your new home. As a result, Home Depot’s truck rental rates are considerably transparent and economical in comparison to those of competing providers. Their pricing for truck rentals will not necessitate much speculation.

Justifications for Opting for Home Depot Truck Rental

Dimensions and Sizes of Home Depot Trucks

For a local move, Home Depot truck rental offers three distinct truck sizes, all of which are on the smaller side. If you want a larger vehicle, you should go with one of their Penske truck alternatives, which may also be hired for one-way moves if you’re moving a lot.

  • Vehicle Dimensions
  • Ideal for
  • Maximum load weight in pounds
  • Space within (cu. ft.)
Flatbed pickup truck Cargo van Moving box truck
A small studio apartment or dorm room Small one-bedroom apartment Standard one-bedroom apartment
3,000 3,000 3,850
77.3 277.7 515

What is the fuel economy of Home Depot trucks?

Although Home Depot truck rental doesn’t specify on their website how many miles per gallon each of their rental trucks gets, the following estimates are probably reasonable given typical mileage for vehicles in this class. Always remember to include mileage and gasoline expenses when planning your moving budget.

  • Vehicle Dimensions
  • Miles per gallon estimate
Pickup truck Cargo van Box truck
12 12 12

Make sure to plan a stop at the gas station after you unload your cargo since you will need to return your rental truck with the same quantity of gasoline that it had when you picked it up in addition to paying for gasoline during your journey.

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What is contained in the rental?

  • Tow hitches are available for box trucks, several Penske truck sizes, and pick-up trucks from the latest model year.
  • Available on several sizes of Penske trucks and box trucks are loading ramps.

What add-ons are available to buy?

If additional moving equipment is required, consider renting one or more of the following items from Home Depot truck rental:

  • Manual trucks
  • Dollies for appliances
  • Dollies with four wheels
  • Pallet jacks
  • ramps for loading
  • Trailers with solid walls, channel frames, or lawn and garden

To rent any of these things, you will want a current picture ID. When it comes to buying moving goods, Home Depot has you covered there too. Moving boxes and moving box kits, specialized boxes, and packing materials (packing paper, packing foam, air-filled plastic wrap, packing tape, tie-down straps,, and other strapping equipment, etc.) are just a few of the moving items available at the home improvement shop. If you would prefer to buy rather than rent moving and lifting equipment, they also sell it.

Trailer Rentals at Home Depot

A Home Depot trailer could be a good option if you don’t need to transfer many products and you want to save money. These tool rental trailers made entirely of steel are available at Home Depot truck rentaland may be connected to a variety of car models. Additionally, they are far less expensive than the next smallest option—renting a pickup truck.

  • Specifications
  • Cost for a four-hour rental
  • The cost of a full-day rental
  • Refundable deposit
Lawn and garden trailer Channel frame trailer Solid wall trailer
3′ x 5′; load capacity of 1,450 pounds; open-side design 5′ x 8′; load capacity of 2,140 pounds; open-side design 5′ x 8′; load capacity not listed; solid high-wall design
$14 $27 $29
$20 $39 $42
$100 $100 $100

Rentable Home Depot Loading and Moving Tools

Home Depot truck rental offers hand trucks, appliance dollies, and 4-wheel dollies, as well as other loading and moving tool rentals that can help lighten the load if you’re relocating alone or are just concerned about all the heavy lifting necessary.

  • Perfect for
  • Loading Capability
  • Cost for a four-hour rental
  • The cost of a full-day rental
  • Refundable deposit
Hand trucks Appliance dollies 4-wheel dollies
Moving heavy-duty and high-stacking loads of boxes Transporting appliances and furniture; can help with moving loads up and down stairs Transporting large items like cabinets and pianos
800 pounds 800 pounds 1,000 pounds
$14 $14 $7
$20 $20 $10
$25 $25 $10

Rental Fleet Truck from Home Depot

Even though they only have four distinct varieties of vehicles available, they are ideal for local transfers and short-term rentals. Possibly, a pickup truck would be more suitable for transporting furniture that is somewhat atypical in shape and would be challenging to fit into a van. Whenever possible, an enclosed box truck or cargo van is preferable for relocating crates of belongings. One option for a minor relocation would be to utilize a moving vehicle. You will not experience traffic congestion on the expressway, as the majority of their vehicles are relatively new. They are routinely cleaned and maintained in excellent condition to ensure a hassle-free Home Depot truck rental experience.

Safety Features of the Truck Rental from Home Depot

Furthermore, the subsequent safety features are installed on their vehicles to aid in reversing a sizable, unidentified vehicle:

  • The pickup truck’s alarm notifies bystanders of your impending backup maneuver.
  • A technological detection system in the cargo van that The Home Depot offers guards against unintentional reversal.
  • The rearview camera on the cargo truck makes reversing easier.

Moreover, cargo lights installed on certain vehicles may aid in preventing accidents during nighttime loading and offloading. Furthermore, certain automobiles are outfitted with cargo tie-downs as an additional precaution against burden damage. When you make an abrupt turn, the dreadful sound of something colliding should cease.

Safety Features of the Truck Rental from Home Depot

Is it feasible to rent additional items from Home Depot to aid in my relocation?

If you require the assistance of a trolley during your relocation, Home Depot truck rental provides an extensive selection of options. By utilizing their hand truck, it is possible to transport multiple crates simultaneously. Furthermore, an appliance trolley is provided to lift and transport sizable appliances or furniture. It should enhance the safety and convenience of loading large items into the truck bin as well as ascending and descending staircases. This has a weight capacity of 800 pounds.

A four-wheel wagon with an approximate 1,000-pound carrying capacity is available for purchase; it is ideal for transporting large, weighty objects such as pianos. There are numerous methods available for affixed trailers to one’s vehicle. These can be useful when relocating, particularly when transporting towering, weighty objects.

Upon retrieving the truck, you are permitted to acquire any supplementary items that may be required for the transfer. Moving blankets, cardboard boxes, and packaging materials are available for purchase to protect your possessions during the voyage. If you run out of packaging tape on the day of your relocation, you may purchase more at the truck stop.

Rentable Home Depot Jacks and Ramps

If you think you might have trouble lifting things onto the truck, or if you just want to make moving day simpler, you might want to think about hiring a loading ramp from Home Depot as not all rental trucks have one. However, if you’re moving extremely big and/or heavy things (like appliances) onto a Penske or Home Depot truck rental, a jack might come in handy.


  • 6,000 pounds of load capacity
  • $40 for a full-day rental; $28 for four hours
  • $50 refunded down payment is required via credit card

Ramps for loading

  • Capacity to load 1,200 pounds
  • $20 for a full-day rental; $14 for four hours
  • $20 refundable credit card deposit is required.

In summary:

Finally, by including truck rentals in its lineup of goods and services, Home Depot furthers their dedication to giving clients complete solutions. The Home Depot, which has long been recognized for its wide selection of home renovation goods, has branched out into the local moving industry by offering truck rentals in three basic sizes. Almost 2,300 The Home Depot shops may be found all across the United States, along with facilities in Canada, Mexico, and China, since the company’s founding in 1979.

There are some significant benefits for those moving locally, even if The Home Depot’s truck rentals are now only available for local moves and cannot be used for long-distance relocations. These consist of clear and affordable pricing, no additional costs, and the bonus of unlimited miles throughout the allotted period. Customers must, however, be aware of the possible expenses that might arise should they decide to keep the rental longer than the original 75 minutes. Home Depot truck rentals provide a more comprehensive option for individuals preparing to relocate than just moving boxes and supplies. The possibilities accessible to consumers are further enhanced with the addition of Penske truck rentals at several sites.


1. What is a truck rental from Home Depot?

Home Depot offers its clients who are getting ready to relocate a service called Home Depot truck rental. To enhance its wide array of goods and services, the home improvement behemoth provides three common sizes of truck rentals for local transfers.

2. What was the opening date of The Home Depot, and how has it expanded since then?

In Atlanta, Georgia, the first two Home Depot stores opened their doors in 1979. With other sites in Canada, Mexico, and China, The Home Depot has experienced substantial growth throughout the years, boasting almost 2,300 shops across the United States.

3. Are trucks from Home Depot accessible for long-distance moving?

No, at this time Home Depot trucks can only be used for local moves; they cannot be used for long-distance removals. Clients searching for alternatives to long-distance migration could consider these.

4. What are the benefits of using Home Depot’s truck rentals for local moves?

For a local relocation, renting a truck from Home Depot has several benefits, including clear and affordable pricing, no additional costs, and the benefit of unrestricted mileage during the allotted period.

5. What is the duration of the Home Depot truck rental, and are there any additional fees if it is not used during that time?

There is an initial 75-minute rental time for Home Depot vehicles. Even while there are benefits like unlimited mileage during this period, it’s important to keep in mind that if the rental period is extended, fees may quickly mount up.

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