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google chrome slow loading

The Internet has become an integral part of everyone’s life, and we use it for everything from paying bills to shopping to leisure. A Web browser is also required to use the Internet successfully. Without a doubt, Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser, with the majority of us using it to browse the web.

Google Chrome is a cross-platform web browser created, released, and supported by Google. It’s free to download and works on a variety of platforms, including Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. It’s also the centrepiece of Chrome OS, where it acts as a platform for web apps.The source code for google chrome slow loading is not available for personal use.

Because nothing is flawless and everything has flaws, Google Chrome is no exception. Despite the fact that Chrome is touted as one of the fastest online browsers, it appears that users are experiencing poor page loading speeds. And, on sometimes, the page does not even load, causing users to become upset.

Why is Chrome so slow?

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew everything? It may not be feasible to specify the specific reason because the topic may be different for different users, and each user has a different environment and configuration. However, viruses or malware, temporary files, conflicting browser extensions, corrupted bookmarks, hardware acceleration, obsolete Chrome versions, antivirus firewall settings, and other factors could all contribute to slow page loading in Chrome.

google chrome slow loading

Most of the time, Google Chrome is fairly dependable, but when it starts to have issues like slow website loading speeds and slow performance while switching tabs, users feel very frustrated. You can’t work on everything at the same time, which limits your productivity.If you’re one of the individuals who’s experiencing the same issue, don’t panic; there are a number of methods that can rejuvenate your Chrome and have it running like new again.

Why Does Google Chrome slow So Long to Load?

What is the source of google chrome slow loading ? This problem might be attributed to a variety of factors, including internet connectivity, hardware acceleration, browser extensions, and so on. Please have a look at the most likely causes now.

  • Failure to connect to the internet
  • Temporary data that is corrupt
  • There are much too many tabs, background programmes, and downloads open.
  • Extension issues
  • Hardware acceleration is enabled.
  • Lack of local storage and hardware support due to outdated software and system
  • When Google Chrome becomes slow, people are more concerned about how to effectively speed up the browser.
  • They should try each of the following solutions one at a time until the issue is resolved.

The Best Way to Fix Chrome slow on Windows 10 in 2021

Although Google Chrome is normally a dependable and speedy browser, it, like everything else, can slow down over time. If you do, the experience will likely be frustrating and will hinder your productivity. You may improve your speed and make your internet experiences more enjoyable again by following a few simple recommendations.
So, let’s get started.To learn how to fix chrome’s slowness on Windows 10.

Checking Resource Consumption

You must first determine whether the problem is a software or hardware issue before proceeding. Because everyone knows that Google Chrome uses a lot of RAM, we can rule this out as an issue. To do so, simply follow these steps:

Use Google Chrome on a daily basis till the “slowness” disappears.

Open the Task Manager by clicking CTRL + SHIFT + ESC, or CTRL + ALT + DEL, when you see google chrome slow loading. Look for the Google Chrome process in the Manager and see how much RAM it is using, as well as the overall amount of RAM on our system.

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If the column “Memory” is near 90 percent or above, I must conclude that you have a hardware issue and require extra RAM. On the other hand, if it’s less than 80%, it’s not a problem, even if your processor isn’t the fastest in the world. We should not have this difficulty if we have a standard processor (Ryzen 3 or Intel i3 or higher).

Clear Browsing Data

Relax, we’re not going to remove them; it’s only an introductory title. To arrive at a final solution, we will eliminate “suspects.” It’s a good idea to clear your cookies, cached files, settings, and hosted programmes first. It’s possible that they’re producing a disagreement, which explains why Chrome is slow.

Similarly, I advise removing download history, internet history, passwords, and other personal information. It’s best if you keep it clean. To get rid of this information, we’ll do the following:

To open the menu on Google Chrome, left-click on the three vertical dots in the right area. Then select “More tools,” followed by “Clear browsing data.”

There will be a new window open. You’ll notice a tab labelled “Advanced settings.” Select what you wish to clean by clicking on it. Cookies, Cached Images and Files, Website Settings, and Hosted Application Data should all be selected at the very least.Then select Clear data from the drop-down menu.

Close Chrome Processes

It’s possible that the Chrome processes are at odds. Because Google Chrome relies on a number of different processes, it’s normal if one of them fails. Let’s see what we can come up with:

  • Close all open windows and tabs in Google Chrome before closing the browser entirely.
  • By using CTRL + SHIFT + ESC, you may now access the “Task Manager.”
    Combining CTRL + ALT + DEL and then opening it is also an option.
  • Look for Google Chrome processes in the processes tab. Finish them all if you find them. The processes are divided into two categories by the Administrator: “Applications” and “Background processes.” If these processes aren’t included under “Applications,” look for them below. Restart Google Chrome To See if the problem has been resolved.
  • This technique is effective when google chrome slow loading sometimes, rather than on a regular basis.
    We do not feel that this is the solution if the problem persists.
  • Disable or uninstall some add-ons or extensions as a third option.
  • We’ll try to solve the problem in a more “light” manner before going on to the next option.
  • In this situation, we’ll “suspect” our extensions: some of them may be causing the browser to slow down.
  • Because we can install a lot of extensions, we’ll disable them one by one to identify which ones are causing the problem.
  • It has happened to me, and the fact that your google chrome slow loading could be a contributing factor.
    Perform the following actions:
  • Return to the three points by selecting “More tools,” but instead of “Delete data,” select “Extensions.”
  • To disable the extension, simply click the button.
  • Test to identify which one is to blame for the failure.
  • If the problem persists, you will need to uninstall the extensions to figure out what the issue is.
  • To do so, simply click the “Remove” button in the extension you want to remove.
    Whether he asks if you’re sure, just answer yes.
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Reset User Data

Let’s see whether this solution can help us get out of this problem. We’ll do the same thing we did before: shutdown Chrome and any other open processes.Then you must perform the following:

  • Open the Windows Explorer programme.
  • Copy and paste this into the explorer’s address bar, then type INTRO:
  • Find and rename the folder ” Default ” to ” Default backup “.
  • If that doesn’t work, move on to the next option.

 Install the latest version of Google Chrome.

We will select to check for updates if no solution has worked for you. Occasionally, a simple update is all that is required to resolve all issues. Simply follow these steps:

Select Update Chrome from the “3 dots” menu. This choice is at the top of the list. If it does not show, you are running the most recent version. As a result, this will not be an issue.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

Sometimes the solutions are straightforward, and we don’t have to travel as far. This option, which disables hardware acceleration, is an example of this. To do so, take these steps:

  • Go to “Settings” from the right-hand 3-point menu.
  • Left-click on ” advanced settings “ in the left column.
    Some options will be visible or shown.
  • Deactivate the option “Use hardware acceleration when available” under “System.”
  • To see if the issue has been resolved, restart Google Chrome.

Use your cleaning service

  • This “fatality” must be ruled out because our PC could be compromised with malware. As a result, we’ll go back to the setup menu, but this time we’ll seek for the choice because it’s not obvious.
  • Look for the option “Clean” and select it.
  • We hand it to ” search “ after we’ve gotten inside. Google chrome slow loading will begin searching for any potentially malicious software. Restart Google Chrome after it’s finished to check whether it’s still slow.

Update Network Card

  • We’ve ran out of options, so let’s go with plain and basic logic.
  • To update the drivers for your network card, you must first determine which one you have on your computer.
  • Normally, Windows Update handles these issues, but let’s see whether it “went missing.”
  • Look for ” Device Manager “ in the start menu.
    You have access to it.
  • “Network adapters” will be displayed.
  • The network card is usually the first device installed.
    We select it with the right-click menu and select “update driver.”
  • We choose “Search automatically updated driver software” in the new window. Close and reopen Chrome.


In every circumstance, I found these strategies to be effective. I have a Macbook Air, and these recommendations for improving Google Chrome browsing speed also apply to macOS. It enabled me to be more successful and efficient all of the time. I also came across the following query: Why is Google Chrome so slow? Please let me know what helped and how you resolved the Chrome browser’s slowness. Is it better to disable extensions or delete the storage cache?
I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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