21 Best Free GeoGuessr Alternatives Games To Play

GeoGuessr, which was released in 2013, is a popular educational game that allows you to put your geographical knowledge to the test. If you like educational games and applications, you’ve undoubtedly heard of them. While it was formerly free, it became a premium in 2019 because Google raised the cost of its Maps API. Following the increase, several developers migrated to Google Maps competitors such as OpenStreetMap; however, GeoGuessr has kept Google’s mapping services. However, because of the high price, many GeoGuessr gamers are looking for the finest free alternatives. If you’re one of them, here are the top 12 geography-based trivia games like GeoGuessr that you can play right now.

What exactly is GeoGuessr?

As previously stated, it is a geography-based game that will use Google Street View to test the players’ ability to recognise their surroundings in various parts of the world. Players may test out several modes in the game. Battle Royale, The Daily Challenge, Country Streak, and Explorer Mode are among the game modes available. Learn more about each of the GeoGuessr game modes listed below:

  • Battle Royale: In this game mode, players will compete against other online users. It might feature a random group of gamers or a room for pals. Players must find out where they are before time runs out or their lives expire. All players will be eliminated one by one until only one remain.
  • Daily Challenge: This game mode is only available once per day and will include a special challenge for players to complete in order to earn special rewards in the game.
  • Country Streak: This game mode can be played alone or against a random player or a friend in challenge mode. The goal of this game mode is for players to correctly predict two nations in a row. Players who get high scores win the game.
  • Explorer Mode: This mode allows players to select a country from a map that is provided to them. They must work hard in single-player mode to identify locations throughout the country and earn medals. In this game mode, they can track their overall progress, explore each region, and earn a gold medal for each.

21 Best Free GeoGuessr Alternatives Games To Play

This post will go over the top 21 free GeoGuessr alternatives for PC and mobile devices. They all test your geographical knowledge except they are free or provide a free version with a limited feature set. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at the list of games similar to GeoGuessr.

#1. Geotastic


It’s a flexible, free multiplayer geography trivia game that you may enjoy with your friends and family. There are several game modes to pick from, including random street views, popular locations, and a flag-guessing game. There’s also a nation-guessing mode in which you must determine the proper country based on clues and suggestions.

Geotastic is free, but you must create an account before you can log in and begin playing. In the single-player mode, players can either start a local game or join an online lobby for the multiplayer option.

 It’s a fun free game with endless replays, numerous settings, and a variety of difficulties. Overall, Geotastic is comparable to GeoGuessr, but without the price or the stringent limitations. It is, however, donation-ware, which means you must contribute to keep the game operating. One of the main drawbacks is that the difficulty mode only has 88 nations, which is more than enough for most gamers.


#2. GetLost


GetLost is yet another free GeoGuessr alternative, this one focusing on the United States and India. It is a geographic exploration game that employs randomised streetside maps with clues and suggestions to help players figure out where they are. The game has five rounds, and your score is determined by how close your estimate is to the real location depicted on Streetview. The current maximum score per round is 5,000. It, too, requires you to register an account before you can begin playing the game. You can sign up with your email address or log in with your Twitter or Google credentials.

GetLost lacks a multiplayer feature. The single-player gameplay, on the other hand, is rather engaging, and players may recognise the cities based on street signs, building names, and so on. The game includes locales from all over the world, although the emphasis appears to be on North America and India. Because of the absence of street signs, I had difficulty locating most of the destinations in India. The ones in the United States, on the other hand, were a little simpler, especially in the cities.

GetLost provides both free and premium pricing plans for serious geography enthusiasts. Free accounts are limited to one gaming session of five rounds each day; therefore, you’ll have to pay to play without limitations. The free experience, however, is still more gratifying than GeoGuessr because you get to play five games with no mapping limits.


#3. City Guesser

City Guesser

City Guesser is a browser game similar to its more famed version, except it employs video instead of the Google Maps API. It’s also completely free. The game displays a full-screen video of a random location in the world. When you’re done speculating, click the “Start Guessing” button at the bottom to bring up the map. Make your best estimate and click the green “Guess” button in the bottom-right corner to see how close you are. There’s also a multiplayer option where you may compete with your friends.

You can play “City Guesser” with places worldwide or focus on a certain nation, continent, or area. Major cities, bustling places, seaside cities, capital cities, snowy landscapes, and more categories are also included in City Guesser maps.

While some films may reveal your location (for example, car licence plates), others will require you to work a little more. Overall, the game is less difficult than GeoGuessr, but it is just as fascinating, making it the finest free game on our list.


#4. PlayGeography


PlayGeography, as the name suggests, is a geography-based game similar to GeoGuessr. It comes from TeachMe, an education company that provides family-friendly instructional games and applications. It’s a fun game for learning about world geography; however it doesn’t have 3D maps or films like City Guesser. Instead, you are given 2D maps on which you must estimate the city, state, nation, flags, and so on. It’s more of a “map quiz” game, and a very engaging one at that. PlayGeography, on the other hand, is completely free to play with no time limits.

Country, location, flags, capitals, and states or provinces are among the five-game types available in PlayGeography. Each game also has several levels with varying difficulty options. Each game has a timer, and the quicker you answer your question, the more points you receive. If you want to learn more about the planet in a fun way, PlayGeography is a great alternative to GeoGuessr.

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#5. Hide & Seek World

Hide & Seek World

Hide & Seek World is a fun geography trivia game with a terrific idea and a heavy emphasis on multiplayer. It consists of a few turns, with one hider choosing a place somewhere in the world and 1–5 seekers attempting to identify the location based on Google Street View photographs. Your aim as a hider is to choose a challenging place since the better the seekers predict your position, the fewer points you gain. You gain extra points as a seeker if you guess correctly.

Hide & Seek World is based on the famous children’s game, except instead of the actual world, players here enjoy a virtual playground. Having said that, the entire globe is now your playground, rather than simply your garden, closets, and attic. At the end of each game, you can view each player’s estimate and how far they were from the hiding spot. Two game modes are available in the game: satellite & street view. In Street View mode, you conceal by picking a street view location, but in Satellite mode, you hide by zooming in on a random place.

Hide & Seek World is available in both free and paid editions. The free version allows you to play only one game per day; however, the premium edition allows you to play endless rounds as well as in-game modifications and up to 20 participants in private mode. You may also invite friends to play in the top tier.


#6. Seterra



In 2022, Seterra will be one of the top free GeoGuessr options for users of uncommon languages. It offers enjoyable questions that will help you become acquainted with nations, capital cities, flags, rivers, lakes, and noteworthy geological features. There are nine distinct game modes to test your skills in various ways. Seterra Online also offers a “voice” option that helps you learn how to pronounce the names of nations, cities, and locations correctly. The game includes over 400 maps in over 40 languages, many of which are quite obscure.

Seterra includes an online version for PCs as well as Android and iOS mobile applications. All map quizzes are completely adjustable, so you may choose only the areas that interest you. Regions available include the United States, North and Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, and the rest of the world. Seterra not only has some of the top geographical trivia and quiz games, but it also has an “Anatomy and Science” quiz where you can learn more about human anatomy.


#7. Zoomtastic


Zoomtastic is a fun way to learn about different nations across the world. It is a browser-based game that begins by displaying a map of a randomly selected country. Once the map pans out slowly, giving you more information over time, players have 30 seconds to accurately estimate the location. After 10 seconds, four viable responses are display, from which you must select one. Each accurate answer is worth 100 points, but you only have 30 seconds to answer each question.

Zoomtastic is a fun game if you know your geography, but it’s easy to understand how it may be irritating for some. It also only has one game option, so you can only guess nations rather than cities, landmarks, or other locations. Furthermore, because the website is not mobile-friendly, you should play this GeoGuessr alternative on a computer.


#8. World Geography Games

World Geography Games

World Geography Games provides a fun and instructive quiz games for kids, students, adults, and elders interested in learning about the world. The quizzes cover all nations and are useful “whether (they) are preparing for an exam, seeking a free interactive whiteboard resource, or scouting for (their) next vacation location,” according to the creators. The game should also enable teachers in primary, secondary, homeschooling, and tutoring to engage their pupils in a pleasant way.

World Geography Games is completely free to play and will put your geography knowledge to the test. It allows you to take quizzes about nations, continents, cities, flags, mountains, seas, rivers, deserts, volcanoes, and islands, among other things. Overall, it has more game types than GeoGuessr, but it is notable for its lack of 3D mapping or movies.


#9. Ducksters


Ducksters is the final game on our list of the top free GeoGuessr alternatives. It is a trivia and quiz game centred on geography that includes numerous places throughout the world, including all continents, capitals, nation flags, and so on. It also includes capitals, state maps and flags for all 50 states. This website also has word hunts, mapping games, crossword puzzles, and other activities. The puzzles can be played online in active mode or printed for use in classrooms or at children’s parties.

Ducksters also have geography word searches in which you must locate all of the geographic keywords for an area buried within the word search grid. There is an online version of the game where you may compare your results to those of other players. If you like, you may also play with printed offline maps and charts. There are quizzes on seas, lakes, deserts, glaciers, islands, ecosystems, and other topics.

Along with geography, the game offers tests on history, biography, science, and other topics. There’s also an intriguing “Hangman” challenge in which you must guess the word before a stick figure gets hung. It’s a gruesome and needless addition to a game that’s supposed to help kids learn geography. Regardless, I highly recommend Ducksters for Kids as a fantastic free GeoGuessr alternative.


#10. GuessWhere Challenge

GuessWhere Challenge

The GuessWhere Challenge is an engaging geocaching game for Android devices. When you start the game, it will literally transfer you to any location on the planet. You’ll view a panorama and must determine where it is on a map. The more precise your estimate, the more points you will receive. Each session consists of five rounds in five distinct locations, with your goal being to reach the top of the scoreboard and unlock all achievements.

GuessWhere Challenge is a fantastic free GeoGuessr alternative for Android. It allows users to test their geography knowledge, virtually go to new locales, and accomplish various geo-challenges. Various game types feature a variety of location possibilities, such as cities, regions, and so on. Finding iconic monuments, landmarks, and isolated locations on a map is one of the challenges. Finally, there’s a multiplayer feature where you can challenge random gamers or your friends. Overall, GeoGuessr is a must-try mobile game for everyone seeking a free game.


#11. Lizardpoint


Lizardpoint contains a plethora of geography-related quizzes that you may take to test your knowledge of the world’s countries, continents, and geographical characteristics. The main page recommends some of the most popular quizzes for you to try. It now suggests European nations. There are, however, additional quizzes available, including one about the states of the United States (which may bring back memories of FRIENDS). There’s also a useful study mode where you can, well, study. This mode provides additional information on countries and US states that might assist you with your studies.

All of the games mentioned above are similar to GeoGuessr; however, some are more similar than others. What they all have in common is that they all put your knowledge of international geography to the test. So, try out these best free GeoGuessr alternatives and let us know which one you prefer and why.

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#12. Where Am I

Where Am I

Where Am I? is yet another location-guessing game that I enjoyed playing. It’s a simple game that places you at a random location anywhere on the globe. You only have a Google Streetview snapshot to work with to figure out where you are. In the inset, there is a global map that you may hover over to enlarge and then click on the place you believe the panoramic image is from. The app will immediately inform you how far your guess was from the picture’s true location.

I didn’t get anything correct (surprise, surprise), but it’s intriguing and harmless fun. To test it out for yourself, open your desktop browser and click on the link below. The game may also be played on mobile browsers; however, greater screen real estate aids in finding the location.

Overall, where am I? is a free geography trivia game that deserves to be included on this list of the top GeoGuessr substitutes. In case you’re wondering, it’s not only free to play, but it’s also ad-free.


#13. Fast Street View

Fast Street View

When you enter the website, you are sent to a random location, much like other GeoGuessr alternatives. However, there is a search box at the top that you may use to discover a certain destination.

Let’s imagine you’ve always wanted to visit a certain location; take the opportunity and get there using the rapid street-view platform. You may visit the various areas and share your discoveries with your friends and family. However, there are certain restrictions on where you may visit using 360-degree, panoramic, or street-level views. Fast Street View allows you to travel the world.


#14. Random Streetview

Random Streetview

Do you enjoy travelling? Then try utilising the Random Street View website to travel. When you visit the website, you are sent to a random place. Then you may travel to your desired place. It has a massive library of geographical photos from all around the world. You can scan the region around your desired tourist site. This will make you more prepared when you get there. Money should not be a barrier to exploring the globe. You may also save any random views and share them on your social media networks.


#15. MapStreetView


Another excellent GeoGuessr option is MapStreetView. You may not only search for different regions, but you can also check what other places are nearby. This sets it apart from the best Geoguessr alternatives.

Furthermore, you may explore the world from the comfort of your own home to see various tourist destinations. As a result, even if you are unsure of where to go in the region, MapStreetView will direct you. In the map view, you may also receive instructions for a specific location.


#16. Instant Street View

Instant Street View

Instant Street View offers one of the most user-friendly interfaces that you will like. Simply enter a certain place and search for it on the map. The auto-complete tool is one of its finest features. Simply start typing in the location, and the Instant Street View platform will fill in the blanks for you. That way, you can explore new areas. The platform properly anticipates what you are looking for and returns the answer promptly. It is ultramodern, allowing you to travel the world in a matter of minutes. You may also share the places on social networks or bookmark them.


#17. Earth Scout

Earth Scout

Earth Scout is another tool for finding streets, squares, and locations. You will then be shown a street view of the particular region. It is offered in over 38 countries, and you can easily discover different locations. You may also search for prominent communities, information sites, and blogs on the platform. Earth Scout can be used to obtain precise position views.


#18. StreetViewFun


Streetviewfun is not like other map websites. It features a user interface that is similar to that of a blog. To use it, simply click on a certain choice, inspect the image, and determine where the exact spot is. It displays some fascinating and engaging visuals that will pique your curiosity. You may view stunning photographs produced by Google Maps using the site.

Some of the photographs are so amusing that you won’t be able to stop laughing. There are other categories and a section called “the Top 100” that features some of the most rated and watched photographs. You may even upload your own photographs to the portal. It should, however, not be menacing to anybody.


#19. Google Street View

Google Street View

This is one of the most well-known Geoguessr alternatives. With a single click, you can virtually travel the world. It is one of the world’s most popular street observation services. Most street-view websites use Google Street View data as well. As a result, it is a reliable website. You may also visit famous sites, natural marvels, parks, museums, transportation hubs, and much more. Travel to your destination from the comfort of your own home.


#20. Showmystreet


ShowMyStreet is one of the most user-friendly websites for locating certain places. You only need a starting point and can then browse the other regions. You may utilise the platform by either navigating through the map or searching for a certain spot.

Use the map’s pointer to navigate to different locations. If you enjoy discovering new places, this user-friendly website should not be overlooked. The street views and satellite photos are displayed directly on the screen. You may also share and save your favourite destinations for future reference.


#21. MapCrunch


Do you want to see other places? Then, using MapCrunch, you can see the various scenes. It may be used to view streets and other locales. You may even share the locations with your pals on various social networking networks after you’re satisfied.

While looking through the photographs, keep an eye out for additional landmarks in the surrounding area. This is useful if you want to vacation there but are unsure whether the hotel or place you have reserved is in a decent location. On the choices page, you may select a nation and then refine your search to a specific place. Explore the world in your spare time.



Why is GeoGuessr no longer free?

Because Geoguessr makes use of Google services such as Maps and Streetview, You might not realise it because you don’t have to pay anything to browse Google Maps, but it’s not free to use when you load their data on an external website like Geoguessr. Every time a map or a StreetView panorama is loaded, you must pay a price.

Is it possible to get banned from Geocities?

If you have several accounts, we may take action against them all. If you have been suspended or barred from participating: If you have gotten a competitive ban or suspension, you will receive a notice in your GeoGuessr account.

Is GeoGuessr a legal service?

It is, of course, legal. Because Google charges for the use of Street View and Maps data, GeoGuessr is not free. Using the Google Maps API, anybody may construct an application (including games). Loading data is not free, and the more you load, the more you pay.

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