Free and easy-to-use alternatives of internet download manager

The Internet download manager is one of the most used downloader tools to grab downloadable videos from the internet. This download manager tool has some cool features which you would surely love. Some of the best features of IDM include:

  • Speed acceleration
  • Download resume
  • Scheduled download option
  • Browser integration
  • Video grabbing facility

There are many more IDM features, but the sad thing about it is you can only use it on Windows operating systems, and the manager comes only for a thirty-day free trial. After the trial expires, you must buy a license that comes for around 30 dollars per month. If you are looking for alternate options that are free and easy to use, then you are in the right place. In this post, we have discussed the free and easy-to-use alternatives of IDM.

Before you read about these free tools, we would like you to know that downloading videos from the web without the owner’s authorization is unethical and illegal. So we would recommend you use the saved video content for your personal use only.

Free alternatives of IDM in 2021!

Out of hundreds of free video downloader tools on the web, we have listed out the perfect choices for you guys:

  • Video downloader by smallseotools

The free video downloader tool by Small Seo Tools is one of the best alternatives to IDM. This utility is free and has no limitations in its use. As a web-based tool, you can use it on any device you want without any restrictions. You need a browser and a web connection to save your favorite video content from YouTube or any other source, for that matter. All you need is to insert the URL of the video in the tool’s input bar and press the ‘save video’ option. The tool would download the video in your local store in your desired quality in less than a minute.

  • JDownloader 2

This is another free alternative to IDM. It is an open-source tool, so you can use it anywhere you want without any trouble. This tool is the advanced version of the old JDownloader. When it comes to options and features, you would see that it is filled with them from top to bottom. Most of the features of this video downloader would resemble the ones that you might try in IDM. This video downloader works in more than twenty different languages, and therefore it is quite popular across the globe.

  • Eagle Get

This is another video downloader tool that is famous for its lightweight. This is a free service and can be used as a pro on window operating systems. This video grabber service also has some features that are identical to the ones offered by IDM so if you had been using IDM in the past, you would quite enjoy this tool. The best feature of this video downloader tool is that you can set video URLs in it that you want to save later. It is among the easiest to use tools listed on Google!

  • Youtube to Mp3

If you want to change the video format to mp3 then you can easily utilize the youtubetomp3converter youtubetomp3converter tool. The youtube to mp3 utility can easily help you tamper with the format of the downloaded video or you can also enter the URL of the video directly in the tool if you want to save content in mp3 directly from the source using this online downloader cum converter tool.

  • Free Download Manager 

The free download manager, which is also known as FDM, is also one of the best alternatives to IDM. Experts also say that FDM is far better than IDM, which is true to some extent. This download manager’s features are extravagant, and you can enjoy its use even if it’s your first time. The best feature of this download manager is that it can organize the videos efficiently. You can use the extension of this manager on Google Chrome, Firefox, and even Safari. It works perfectly fine on windows, android, and iOS devices.

  • Flash get

As the name of the tool tells us, it can download video clips in a flash. With this video downloader tool, you can save all sorts of video clips from the web, and the speed of the download is said to be ten times more than that of IDM, so this is a big plus. Flash Get also has similar features that IDM offers so that an IDM user would love it more. You can use this downloader for free online, and you can also install it on your windows operating systems.

  • Internet download accelerator

The internet download accelerator is also one of the best options you can consider for an IDM alternate. As the name of the tool tells us, it is famous for its speed and accelerated downloads. You can download videos with this tool, but you can also convert them to other formats that are a big plus. The free version of this video downloader has some limitations, and if you want to enjoy full-fledged services, you must connect with the paid packages.

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If you want to find details of other alternatives to IDM, we would suggest you stay close to us!

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