What Is FollowLiker? 10 Best Alternatives To FollowLiker in 2023


FollowLiker is a multifaceted social media marketing tool that may assist you across several platforms. This is ideal if your brand is widely known. Today, though, we’ll concentrate on Instagram. We’ve all heard how crucial Instagram interaction is these days for standing out, and we’ve all heard how critical it is to locate the appropriate Instagram growth solution to keep you afloat.

While Followliker is a solid option, there are other outstanding alternatives that you should consider. It’s a volatile sector right now, and you never know when you’ll need to go elsewhere for assistance with your engagement. Let’s look at some genuine Followliker alternatives for your Instagram engagement.

You should use an Instagram proxy if you use a bot or service with two or more Instagram accounts since you risk getting banned otherwise.

What Is Followliker?

Followliker claims to be able to let you follow people on Instagram, unfollow them, post your stuff, like and dislike material, and so on. They are essentially an Instagram bot, but things haven’t been going well for these people lately.

They also claim to be able to assist you on Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter, but we believe they have lost favour with many of their clients since they are jeopardising their reputations and stepping outside the terms and conditions to get the job done.

FollowLiker Advantages

I said that FollowLiker is jam-packed with features. After all, the firm claims to be able to automate all of your Instagram chores. So, what exactly does this “all” entail? Let us investigate.


The tried-and-true “follow or unfollow” strategyThis action was automated by FollowLiker. Users of interest will be followed by your account based on their hashtags, location, and language.

Then, if the individuals you followed do not follow back within a certain period of time, it will unfollow them. You may prevent the application from unfollowing specific people by adding them to a “white list.”

Messages and Auto-Comments

FollowLiker may send you messages and comments automatically.Let’s face it: no one loves automated communications, so use this feature with caution.

Depending on how you use it, this function can be beneficial or detrimental.Sending welcome messages to new followers would be a horrible idea. The worst option is almost anything else.

The application can handle all of your preferences. Simply choose your target audience and fire away. If you choose, it can even dislike some posts. I’m not sure why someone would want to unlike posts, but perhaps you do.

Posts should be scheduled

Automated post scheduling is a feature that Instagram typically ignores. This is the safest option of the ones we discussed. Make a list of the posts you wish to upload and a timetable for them. The rest should be handled by FollowLiker.

Obtain Followers

Here’s another “positive” aspect of automation. FollowLiker can assist you in your search for individuals to follow. It conducts the search using keywords, hashtags, and geographical filters.

I’m not sure how successful it is or how compatible the users are with you. However, it is a secure function to use, which is critical.

Is it safe to use FollowLiker?

FollowLiker safe

The simple answer is no. Don’t get me wrong: the firm is unlikely to take your credit card information or critical data. Their website is secured with https, and their payment channels are verified.

However, it is risky because it may result in your suspension. It appears that Instagram’s algorithm may readily discover it, so trying it out is dangerous. Furthermore, if you are disappointed, which is quite likely, you may not receive a refund.

How much does FollowLiker cost?

For the sake of this study, we will be looking at Followliker’s Instagram pricing point. Followliker has divided their price points into several tiers based on which network you will be building.

They claim that their Instagram version will cost $97.99, but once you’ve paid that, you can expect to pay $5.99 each month after that. Thus, we think the initial purchase is good for one month, and then you can expect to pay a cheap rate once that one month is done.

They also offer an area where they can assist you in merging Twitter and Instagram, which we stated before, so you should certainly take advantage of this if you want to expand your business across the board and don’t want to leave any network behind for whatever reason.

Test outcomes for Followliker

We tested Followliker to see whether they were authentic. We do this with every firm we look at here to ensure that you are being suggested the top companies in the business to assist you with your Instagram development.

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We signed up for their Instagram package and thought it odd that we had to pay a one-time cost as well as continuous monthly expenses. We regret to inform you that the interaction we received was generic and did not cover our specialization or sector.

Furthermore, when we contacted them about it, we couldn’t find a simple way to speak with them. This made the entire situation quite aggravating.

Is FollowLiker a genuine website?

This is the crucial question. Can this firm be relied on? No, I’m afraid. According to evaluations, FollowLiker has a large number of unhappy consumers.

The majority of the complaints state that the bot does not operate and that they were unable to contact the firm. There is no effective means to reach them or email, chat, or phone number. They simply have a contact form on their website, but no one ever responds.

Another important concern was that many individuals were barred from using Instagram. The software’s FollowLiker Instagram edition received all of the negative feedback. I’m not sure how it works for other social media platforms, if it works at all.

Top 10 Best Alternative To Followliker In 2023

Here are some of the best alternatives to followliker.

#1. PT Distinction

PT Distinction

PT Distinction is a customer experience management solution designed for solo trainers and small to large coaching firms. The solution is intended to free up time spent on administrative tasks in your business so that you can devote it to offering higher-quality services to your clients.

It is a feature-rich solution that includes all of the industry’s best tools and features to provide a full experience. You may use this to present a professional online image to your customer. It lets you completely personalize its interface, allowing you to deliver branded and visually appealing mobile applications and websites.

#2. Chameleon


Chameleon is a market-leading product onboarding software solution that tailors its approach to each customer group and demand. It is a straightforward and simple solution that includes a WYSIWYG onboard editor that allows you to rapidly and simply design product campaigns and tours, as well as instantly publish them in hours or days.

Users may also alter them on the fly to offer new features or notify users of other changes. It also includes a feature that allows you to understand how audiences engage with your onboarding guides because it can link with your technological stack, particularly comprehensive analytic suites such as Google Analytics, Heap, and many more.

#3. Ecrion Engage

Ecrion Engage

Ecrion Engage is a client communication management system that enables businesses to build relationships with customers at each stage of their journey. You receive access to engagement automation features with this software, which allow you to contact consumers at the ideal moment to influence their decisions.

The solution can also target consumers regardless of where they are on the web or which platform they prefer, thanks to its omnichannel flexibility, which you can leverage to improve dialogue and lower brand abandonment rates.

Furthermore, it enables large-scale customization through a variety of tools and features. It is more powerful than any other leading software solution and includes an advanced-level automatic engagement function that allows you to tap consumers at the correct moment.

#4. xSellco Feedback

xSellco Feedback

xSellco Feedback is a review and feedback management software that solicits feedback for the correct services from the most happy consumers at the right time.

Businesses can quickly transform their feedback into a lucrative product using this, thanks in part to the solution’s fantastic analytics and social proof rating but also because it immediately delivers alerts and encourages the most devoted consumers to share their experience with the world.

The programme is built with an extraordinary follow-up capability, allowing you to contact even the busiest of your consumers. Feedback from XSellco may increase both sales and income. In comparison to others, however, its product feedback requests are highly selective and will only target the satisfied consumer following their purchase of the product you’ve chosen.

#5. Review Camp

Review Camp

Review Camp is a robust customer experience management system created for businesses of all sizes, with a variety of features for supercharging online feedback and increasing exposure in order to gain more business. It gives businesses a simple and automatic approach to solicit feedback without being obtrusive.

Review Camp eliminates the unnecessary and assists your organisation in obtaining more stars while preventing the formation of a bad one. The programme is an alternative to Antlere and includes all of the key capabilities as well as several new tools and features.

It is the only tool that enables you to hand out customised review cards to consumers and even send branded emails. This method has been shown to produce 5-star reviews in less than 10 seconds.

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#6. MyFeelBack


MyFeelBack is the industry’s best customer experience management software, assisting you in capturing consumers through targeted surveys. It is an all-in-one solution that includes all of the essential features and capabilities that make it suitable for organisations of all sizes.

The programme is a clever approach to obtaining quality insights from consumers in order to understand their preferences, requirements, and problems, as well as suggest areas for improvement. MyFeelBack was specifically created for those looking to increase sales and revenue by providing high-quality products and services.

The programme includes a slew of new features meant to process and analyse datasets based on consumer survey responses in order to create robust indications. Unlike others, it also integrates with CRM programmes, allowing you to collect current CRM facts and combine them with contextual and behavioural data to create specialised and personalised surveys tailored to individual clients.

#7. iZooto


iZooto is a CMS solution that leverages web push notifications to help businesses retain existing customers, improve traffic, promote lead creation, and drive sales. It is appropriate for all sizes of organisations and provides a variety of critical features and tools that save time and money.

Businesses may use their desktop and mobile devices to develop and send customised notifications to their customers and online users. It is specifically developed to provide its consumers with a highly positive experience through maximum optimization and personalization.

iZooto greatly permits businesses to engage while taking user behaviour and affinity towards distinct segments into account. It has a slew of features that boost user engagement, allowing you to create delightful user experiences by sending customised event-based alerts.

#8. Antlere


Antlere is customer experience management software that assists retail establishments in harnessing the power of their customer feedback, identifying salable items, rewarding loyal customers, and so on.

It enables users to view and analyse consumer behaviour, as well as easily locate and recognise unsatisfied customers through surveys and efficiently target them to bring them back into the fold. The programme is designed to eventually assist businesses in creating and maintaining an army of devoted consumers who will act as ambassadors and advertise their brand to their circle of friends.

The solution can effectively engage corporate growth to greater heights with its powerful consumer insights and data.Antlere is a feature-rich customer experience management system that assists your company in making the most of its customers. It assists you in gathering real evaluations by allowing you to send out bulk survey requests to your clients via various methods such as SMS, email, and shareable links, among others.

#9. Reflektion


Reflektion is a platform for online customization that provides customers with a real-time buying experience. It provides a platform for customer interaction by delivering the most appropriate information and goods to your customers, resulting in a valued and gratifying experience that improves your brand’s quality outcomes.

Its catalogue inventory solution enables you to significantly enhance conversion. This programme allows for real-time access to develop profiles for each consumer as well as deep learning, resulting in an outstanding, individually tailored experience for each shopper. Its template service provides for automatic branding, eliminating the need for you to spend time on branding.

Its tools include data sheets, branding case studies, movies, blogs, and more. It provides a unified e-commerce customization platform, and you can also learn about the customer’s free time to purchase your goods. Reflektion currently offers a variety of modules, such as site search, email suite, content personalization, and other statistics, to study and make recommendations about your branding.

#10. MyTalk

MyTalk is a global online community builder designed for businesses of all sizes to provide assistance and build relationships with their customers.Companies may use this cloud-based service to increase brand recognition, answer frequently asked questions, give help, establish a community, gather feedback, enhance their SEO, and so on.

Companies may use this solution to build a truly branded online community that is readily linked to their website and social media profiles. By enabling self-service, MyTalk aims to improve the entire customer experience while also cutting support expenses.

It also enables organisations to construct any size online community and design the site with their logo, colour scheme, and style in order to provide a proper self-service gateway for support queries, concerns, or client involvement.


Finally, it’s evident that Instagram growth solutions that rely on automation, such as FollowLiker, can’t be effective given the constraints imposed by Instagram. Furthermore, FollowLiker is quite ambiguous about how their service works and does not provide total transparency or help in terms of producing outcomes. A service like Growthoid or Growthsilo is a much better choice. You may also try something new, such as Nitreo, and make use of Instagram’s powerful stories feature.

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