12 Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives Working 100% 2023


Extratorrent platform is now one of the most popular Torrent sites globally, which provides free downloads of videos, TV shows, and other fantastic content. The unexpected shutdown of extra torrents (ET) by Kickass Torrents showed up on the Internet.

Extratorrents proxy has hosted a broad range of magnet links and torrent links with a wide range of content. Visitors to may upload a BitTorrent tracker to the website.

Any of the biggest reasons that you can visit is that they contain high-quality torrents and a very welcoming website and a lively community. It made consuming tons of material of diverse genres covering films, music, Tv shows, tech, video games, web series, eBooks, and video applications convenient for most people. The advanced search interface was one of the highlights of the Torrent Forum.

Extratorrents proxy is not with us anymore, one of the most common torrent sites. Torrent developers began to get wild and flocked to search engines to find the right solution for extra torrents.

History of Extra Torrent

ExtraTorrentExtratorrent was shut down by its owners officially in May 2017. Also, the https domain name:/ was taken down by its owners indefinitely. By typing into the extra torrents search box, you could not find anything. Finally, they started finding alternative methods of circumventing those websites, but they did not work. However, fantastic news came from extra torrent’ proxy and mirror pages to open the torrent platform.

It was only in 2006 that extra torrents made its existence known, as torrent sites such as Mininova and Torrent Spy dominated the ground. It was the 2nd biggest Torrent website only after Pirate Bay a few years ago, and it drew millions of users per day. There were movies and TV shows on the website. Consequently, several concerns were made about the website being excluded from registration for hosting firms and domain name providers.

However, the legal problem leading to the death of the torrent giant is not yet visible.

Why Did You Block Extra Torrent?

ExtraTorrents has a tremendous amount of copyright; content is powerful and requires access to it to be controlled. Often, because of where you live, you might get blocked geo from the site. Instead of wasting the bandwidth on request, some ISPs block your path or delay it. It’s a website, which might only be down for whatever reason.

In this case, it’s not blocked but still unavailable. You want to add some new music, but you don’t want to hear a tale.

Is it Illegal to Torrent?

Torrenting is a popular way of uploading the most recent movies, television shows, songs, books, and games.

The popularity of Torrenting is primarily attributed to its stability. The Internet and a laptop is everything you need to view and exchange information. The Torrent is not, in principle, unconstitutional. It requires ideal seeding and download of the copyrighted content in compliance with the statute.

These restrictions sadly also invade legal torrenting. If you wish to browse torrent sites in a country where they were blocked, you may have to use a VPN.

Here, though, are the perfect alternatives and proxy for ExtraTorrents to keep you entertained.

Extratorrents Proxy and Mirrors Sites


You don’t know the definition of a mirror link, let’s say it. Thus, a mirror site is merely a clone that behaves and works in the same way as the original ExtraTorrent website hosted on another platform and is often controlled by those that run the official site and their team a little bit.

Perhaps the locations of Mirror are mistaken with ExtraTorrent proxy, but each could not have the least. Extra Torrent proxy sites also serve as messages that allow you to access material on a specific website without ever needing any direct contact with the site. Both mirror pages and proxy may be used to circumvent censorship, but only if the original site operates. The latter performs. The Extra Torrent proxy original site is no longer available since it doesn’t work on all ExtraTorrents proxy. Therefore, we are all left at ExtraTorrents Mirror pages.

Extratorrents Proxy Mirror Sites 


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Best ExtraTorrents Proxy and Unblock ExtraTorrents Proxy Mirror Domains

When browsing for ExtraTorreent Proxy and Mirror Websites, you are in the right location. After checking, I find the following list of 100% functional ExtraTorrents Proxy and Mirror websites, so you don’t waste your time searching for Mirror sites.

  ExtraTorrents Proxy Mirror Sites

ExtraTorrents Mirror Sites

Status Working Working Working Working Working Working working Working Working Working

Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives In 2023



RARBG is a peer-to-peer file-sharing network that began in Bulgaria but has now spread globally owing to its popularity. The renowned torrent site is best known for its high-quality movies and TV series, but it also contains books and video games.

The architecture of the peer network is similar to that of ExtraTorrent and other torrent sites, making it easy to view popular downloads across numerous categories at the same time. It also boasts a high seed-to-peer ratio for new movies and TV episodes, allowing users to download them swiftly.

RARBG is prohibited in some countries, including India, Portugal, and Turkey. To access the torrent site from any of these countries, you’ll need a torrent VPN to circumvent any geo-restrictions.

2. YTS


YTS is the most straightforward and user-friendly torrent website. Because it only covers movies, it is straightforward. That’s true; there are no TV shows or video games here; only movies.

You may explore the most recent movies immediately on the site, filter by 4K, or click “browse movies” for more suggestions. The torrent files come in resolutions of 720p, 1080p, 2160p, and 4K. YTS became extremely popular since it gave top releases in modest file sizes, greatly lowering download times.

The torrent service is also useful for downloading timeless masterpieces like Casablanca in HD. Despite the fact that the site does not host advertisements, clicking a movie title launches it in a new tab.

But keep in mind that downloading copyrighted material for free, such as that posted on YTS, is prohibited. Furthermore, depending on where you live, this might result in significant fines or jail time. We strongly warn against downloading any unlicensed copyrighted media.

3. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is often regarded as the king of torrent sites. It has a vast music, book, movie, TV program, software, video, and anything in between library.

Because of the search tool and filtering choices, the site is simple to use and explore. You may, for example, filter material on the site by “Top 100,” which is handy for seeing what everyone is interested in, and you can even explore torrents by genre, such as movies.

The Pirate Bay stands out among popular ExtraTorrent rivals because it makes it simple to discover safe torrent downloads. Each file is assigned a color-coded skull. A green skull indicates trust, whereas a purple skull indicates VIP, suggesting that the torrent has been validated and is secure to download.

However, The Pirate Bay is still restricted in over 20 countries, including Brazil, Argentina, Belgium, and Italy. If you are unable to access the website, you can do so by using a VPN. NordVPN will let you alter your IP address and virtual location so you can effortlessly access The Pirate Bay.

4., like every peer-to-peer torrent site that has stood the test of time, has a lengthy history of controversy. has had its fair share of problems, from being blacklisted by search engines like Google to being infested with malware. Why then is it listed as a substitute for Extratorrent?

In October 2016, the site took a new turn; it was updated with a new appearance and feel, and all viruses were deleted. Currently, the torrent site has an easy-to-use layout, no ads, and a big collection of regularly updated content. This P2P torrent service is well-known for its recent releases.

But, unlike Pirate Bay, it lacks a direct identification for secure torrents. Nonetheless, real uploaders may still be identified by clicking on their username and reviewing their upload history.

The greater the upload history, the more real their uploads will be. Hence, as long as you use caution when downloading torrent files, you should have no trouble utilizing 1337X.


Anime aficionados, we’ve got you covered! Nyaa is one of the most prominent anime-related torrent websites on the internet. For its 46 million monthly visitors, it has a vast anime collection that is often updated. Download rates are quick due to a high seed-to-peer ratio.

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The anime episodes are divided into four categories based on color:

  • Red denotes an English translation.
  • Grey for anime-raw
  • Brown for live-action, English-translated
  • green for episodes that have not been translated into English.

As you may have guessed from the name, the website is headquartered in East Asia and so mostly serves torrents relevant to the region. Nevertheless, anime is typically copyright protected, so there is a lot of unauthorized information on the site. Go with caution, and only download what the law permits in your country.

6. Limetorrents


The user interface of Limetorrents is simple and straightforward to use. When you first arrive at the site, the homepage has a huge search bar to help you easily find what you’re searching for. If you’re not looking for something specific, there are categories such as games, movies, anime, and applications underneath the search box that you may click on to browse the many goods in that area.

The site also has a massive database, owing to the fact that it does not host its own torrents but rather connects to torrents on other websites. It takes pride in being a family-friendly website and does not contain pornographic content. Limetorrents is great for downloading new torrents, but it is unstable for older torrents due to a lack of a good seed-to-peer ratio.

7. Torlock


Torlock takes pride in being a no-fake torrent site. It supports this claim in part by paying users to report malware identified on the site. It now has over 9 million torrents, with many added per day. Fresh torrents are displayed on the main page, and you can also explore files by category or the top 100 ranks.

The site loads quickly, and most torrent categories are easily accessible from the home page. However, a recent upgrade made the site’s advertisements quite obnoxious. If this does not improve soon, we will consider replacing it with other ExtraTorrent options.



Although the Pirate Bay is the undisputed king of downloads, EZTV is the undisputed king of TV programming. The user interface is similar to ExtraTorrents, although a little more crowded. Nonetheless, it organizes its material in a unique and beneficial manner. For example, on the site, TV series are divided into three categories: newly added, full season packs, and the top 20 most seeded torrents, making it easy to locate what you’re searching for or something new.

The torrent service is well-known for uploading episodes as soon as they air. Needless to say, the download rates are rather fast. But remember to use a VPN for ExtraTorrents alternatives, especially if EZTV is unavailable in your area.

9. Torrentfunk


Torrentfunk’s user interface is attractive, detailed, and lime-green. The torrent site “verifies” safe torrents and rates files as good or harmful. This is beneficial since it ensures that consumers only download secure content.

Torrentfunk features a large selection of movies, TV series, books, video games, and other media, all of which are high quality and have a large number of seeds. The site includes dependable search capabilities that allow you to swiftly locate what you’re looking for.

Torrents are also classified by date added, size, seeds, uploader, and health. This makes it simple to locate the finest file to download as a direct download or magnet link.

10. Torrentz2


Torrentz2 is a reboot of the successful torrent search engine Torrentz, which debuted in 2003. Also, it is one of the top alternatives to BitTorrent. It is one of the largest torrent search engines, indexing over 31 million active torrents from over 125 million pages on 50 domains.

The site offers a simple user interface and a search bar similar to Google. It’s a quick method to locate what you’re searching for because it collects results from several sources and directs you to the site’s download page.

The disadvantage is that search results are occasionally incorrect and inconsistent with what you are looking for. As a result, the website is frequently used in conjunction with other torrent websites.


ExtraTorrent is certainly not anymore, but you might find from the list, as mentioned above, an option to ExtraTorrent. And if the ExtraTorrents Proxy Mirror Sites are 100 percent running, you don’t need to go anywhere to use VPN everywhere.

There are unofficial mirror pages of ExtraTorrents, but you should be vigilant as a lot of them have been able to spread ransomware, crypto-monetary mining, and malicious software.

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