Entertain Yourself – 20 Best Ways To Entertain Yourself At Home

Winter will soon arrive, which means that because of the COVID-19 epidemic, we’ll probably be staying inside much more often this year. While we were able to use backyards and outside areas throughout the summer and the early fall, many of us will be going indoors as the temperatures drop, so it’s important to get ready sooner rather than later to avoid being locked indoors all the time with nothing to do. Here are the 20 different ways to entertain yourself at home during this time period.

Most of 2020 has been devoted to keeping you informed at Reviewed about all the greatest products to purchase (and where to get them) during the epidemic. We’ve compiled a list of 20 ways to entertain yourself when the weather turns chilly, whether you’re trying to stay sociable, occupy your children, or are just searching for ways to pass the time. Here are our best options, which include our preferred streaming gadget, a sushi-making kit, and any kind of craft you could possibly desire.

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How do you pass the time when there is nothing to do?

Try choreographing a dance or singing a song to amuse oneself without using any items. Alternately, you may try out some new hairdos like braids or a ponytail. As an alternative, you can massage your hands or extend your entire body to feel more at ease.

20 Best Ways To Entertain Yourself At Home

Here are the list of 20 ways to entertain yourself at home

#1. Read That Book (Series) You’ve Been Putting Off

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You should definitely start at the top of the list. Nothing makes me happier than losing myself in a book and focusing solely on it, its characters, and its plot without any other distractions. We now have that chance. Books help us think more clearly, expand our vocabulary, reduce stress, and foster our imagination. Buy some books for entertain yourse lf, whether you like fiction or non-fiction, and begin reading more this week. Since secondhand books can be purchased on Amazon for practically nothing, there is really no justification. Don’t forget that audiobooks can be the right choice for you if you enjoy audiobooks.

#2. Watch A Documentary Series On Netflix

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This activity might be a trap. Netflix is a great way to entertain yourself and spend the time while watching a fascinating TV show, but it can also be used in an unproductive way where you end up binge-viewing shows that don’t actually benefit you in any way other than wasting your spare time. Along with your regular TV viewing, I’d advise making time to watch documentaries and learn more about your favorite topics. It’s excellent if you decide to watch a Netflix documentary series that you have never been interested in before. A Netflix subscription is inexpensive, and there are plenty of factual shows you can binge watch while you’re in quarantine.

#3. Keep A Blog/Journal

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It’s always a good idea to keep track of your ideas, actions, and learnings—and it’s also a very productive notion to entertain yourself. When you reflect on this period in the past, you could analyze your recollections or even your thoughts for the day or week that has gone. On your computer, smartphone, or even better, in a notepad, you may accomplish this in privacy. Consider taking it a step further and starting a personal blog where you can transform your everyday experiences into weekly or monthly entries that you can share with others to help them learn. In any case, spending 15 minutes a day writing might be worthwhile.

#4. Enroll On A Free Course

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Your knowledge base and resume will both grow as a result of enrolling in a course and doing well on exams and assignments. For instance, The Open University provides a variety of foundation-level courses that anybody may enroll in for free and begin learning from, ranging from history and the arts to society, politics, and law. On the OpenLearn website, you may view your personal learning profile and a list of the accomplishments you’ve made while you’re a student by creating a free profile. You may study from a variety of other courses as well.

#5. Learn A New Skill

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Learning new skills may go along with upgrading your credentials entertaining yourself by registering for courses. This might be anything that takes time to master, such as learning the rules of a game (from my own list, Chess is an excellent example) or how to play an instrument. I believe that studying an instrument can be enjoyable and is a creative approach to keep oneself busy and learning new things. This is true while learning a new instrument or honing your abilities on one you may have played your entire life.

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#6. Set  Up A Workout Routine

work routine

How long have we been waiting for this activity to start? Regular exercisers are aware that consistency and effectiveness in a fitness regimen depend on routine. And you don’t need me to remind you of the advantages of exercising and being in shape. Can you procure any fundamental gym equipment? If you use some of the exercise videos on YouTube, you won’t even need such equipment.

#7. Complete A Daily Puzzle

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Another fantastic method to stimulate the mind in the morning. Similar to reading literature, solving puzzles has a number of advantages: Improvements in memory, problem-solving abilities, and IQ are only a few of them. Jigsaw puzzles, Sudoku puzzles, and crossword puzzles are just a few examples of this type of brain exercise that entertain yourself and can be simply and inexpensively obtained or purchased. Additionally, you may access a variety of mind-stimulating games by going to the App Store or Play Store on your mobile device. Every day, allot 30 minutes to solving a puzzle. You don’t even have to finish them; just set a deadline and try to finish the problem inside that time is sufficient.

#8. Meditate


When you’re in quarantine, it’s crucial to pay attention to your environment and to your health, and meditation may provide you some mental comfort when things are unclear. Find a calm area, light some candles, and listen to some relaxing meditation music to entertain yourself and relax. One of the finest things you can do right now to reduce stress and enhance wellness is meditation. If you’re new to meditation and mindfulness, both Aura and Headspace can assist.

#9. Keep In Touch With Family, Friends And Past Colleagues

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Although we are separated from the folks we normally hang out with, there are more ways than ever before for us to interact with them. Spend some time catching up and enjoying a virtual beverage with your loved ones to entertain yourself. Take advantage of the opportunity to catch up with family members you may not have seen in a while, and ask them about your great-great-grandparents who endured pandemics and wars.

Reestablishing contact with former coworkers, in my opinion, is a terrific idea. In past positions, you would have spent a lot of time with these individuals, and as your career progressed, you could have drifted away from them. But make the effort to locate folks you’d love to hook up with since they’re in your shoes and a virtual drink seems like a good idea for both of you.

#10. Attend To The Garden


Yes, I’m afraid now is the proper time to do the tasks and duties in the garden. Normally, your hectic schedule prevents you from taking care of the garden, but that is no longer an excuse. I had to accept this fact, but after doing some little yard labor, I really began to like it. You may clean up your garden, paint your fences, and take care of any other garden-related tasks over a period of time when you feel like it and the weather is nice.

#11. Start A Diy Project

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Consider starting a DIY project if you find the idea of doing some gardening in your free time appealing. You could be content with only knowing how to repair basic household issues. Once that happens, it will be clear that more than just the lightbulb needs to be fixed. You’ll become more aware of how much work there is to accomplish the more time you spend at home. There is no better moment to begin sorting through those odd things that you simply never got around to doing than now to entertain yourself, when you have so much free time. Enroll in a DIY course to take on even greater tasks around your house if this is how you would prefer to spend your time.

#12. Get Artistic

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You’re not quite the DIY and gardening kind, but you’d want to do something artistic. Crafting and art are wonderful ways to express yourself, pick up new skills, open your eyes to the commonplace, and use your imagination. You can color in adult coloring books, sketch on a sketchpad, or paint on canvas. Take it a step further in this regard and learn to knit, make candles, or make jewelry to entertain yourself. Investigate the different websites that provide beginning kits and suggestions for creative projects you might perform during this time of heightened downtime.

#13. Experiment On Social Media

social experiment

Yes, you connect with friends and family on Facebook, and you maintain your professional network by using LinkedIn for your professional profile. Additionally, you could occasionally utilize Twitter and Instagram. However, there is much more you can do with the platforms at your disposal, including experimenting with them and interacting with others who share your interests.

Why not register with Pinterest, a social media site with 322 million active monthly users that has some of the most well-liked content, such as fashion, culinary, design, wedding, exercise, and DIY-related pins. Reddit, on the other hand, could be a better option for you as it has discussion forums where you can find and discuss fresh material and has 430 active monthly users. You could also like something a bit more entertaining and believe that Snapchat (360 active monthly users) is deserving of trying out and having access to user-generated content, behind-the-scenes films, exclusive deals, influencer takeovers, and interacting with other pals on the site.

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#14. Listen To More Music

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It’s possible that you would just listen to radio stations or no music at all in your typical working settings to entertain yourself. You don’t have this restriction when working from home or when in quarantine, so you may listen to whatever you choose. Why not spend some time flipping through music records and listening to fresh, even unheard music? You may check out brand-new albums in your favorite genres, compile a list of the top albums in each, or even go through Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list. As you go along, you could even rate each album in a spreadsheet (or on social media) and make your own Spotify playlists. I’d think about adding additional podcasts or audiobooks from option #1.

#15. Memorise The Periodic Table

periodic table

(An additional item on my own list.) Make it a goal to learn the elements’ periodic table by heart. This is a table-style representation of the chemical elements, which are ordered according to their atomic weight, electron configuration, and common chemical characteristics. The table as a whole illustrates periodic trends. There is a lot to take in and remember here, which is great!


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With many people on furlough or working fewer hours, volunteering could be the most fruitful and satisfying option for entertaining yourself. But because of the limits in place, you are unable to travel very far or interact with many people, which may make you feel as though your alternatives are limited. I suppose so. However, this does not imply that you have no options for voluntary work.

Currently, the NHS is hiring volunteers. Additionally, you may be watchful of your neighbors, assist them with their shopping and other tasks, or even offer to do errands for the NHS employees who are working really hard to keep us all safe. Governments and local authorities are collaborating with charities to provide methods for individuals to become involved. I personally want to thank you for thinking about taking this path, and if you decide it’s the right one for you, talk to your local health board or council to learn more about your options. As an alternative, you may think about doing some internet freelancing to supplement your income.

#17. Go Walk In The Country Side ( if you can)

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Use any surrounding landscape to your advantage. Daily exercise and exposure to the sun are two of the finest things you can do for your physical and mental health to entertain yourself, so make sure you include them in your daily routines while remaining within self-quarantining guidelines like walking in groups and keeping a distance of two meters from other people. Being in nature can really make you happier, which will strengthen your immune system, lessen anxiety, and enhance your physical performance.

#18. Learn A New Language

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How often have you expressed a desire to study a foreign language?  You now have the opportunity to accomplish that. You may do this quickly and for free with applications like Memrise and Duolingo, or you might think about hiring a private teacher through a website like Preply and its a good skill to entertain yourself.

#19. Catchup On Your Sleep

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Sometimes, the early mornings and late evenings that make up our daily routines wear on us. Make careful to get adequate sleep during this time of greater downtime on your own. You’ll fall asleep more easily if you engage in some of the things on this list, but make sure you get to bed on time and aren’t binge-watching Netflix as suggested in item #2. Now is the time to make sure you receive 8 hours a night of sleep; you’ll feel energised as a result.

#20. Review Or Create Your Personal Development Plan

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The majority of what was just said focuses on things you can do that are both work- and non-work-related and yet be productive. In the long run, it makes more sense to focus on your professional qualities and skills that you can give your current job and potential employers. The length of the lockdown or even the pandemic in its current form is unknown. When this occurs, working settings could resemble quite different things, thus it’s critical that your talents and abilities match the industry and position you play. Keep your personal growth plan close at all times and endeavor to enhance both your personal and professional circumstances. Perhaps just reading books and taking a course will do… In any event, remember this at all times in case something unexpected happens later.



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