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cyber security courses online

Cyber security courses online is becoming more of a concern for both organizations and individuals, and there is a growing need for free online cyber security courses with certificates. Would you wish to improve the security of your home or workplace? Perhaps you’re an employer that wants to improve your company’s security and educate your staff on the subject. Perhaps you’re thinking in pursuing a career in cyber security courses online free and aren’t sure where to begin. Beginners might benefit from an best cyber security courses online free course.

Whatever your motivation for wanting to learn more about government funded cyber security courses, there is bound to be an online course that will suit your needs. Accessibility, scope, appropriateness for various levels of skill, and, cyber security courses for beginners pricing all vary widely across teaching instruments. There are so many alternatives to pick from that it might be difficult to make a decision. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top seven online cybersecurity courses available.Before we dive into the details, here’s a quick rundown of the finest online cybersecurity courses.

Top Best Cyber Security Courses Online

These are the following best cyber security courses online :

1. The Complete Cyber Security Course (Udemy)

Udemy Online Courses






9 video previews on diverse themes, which is unusual on Udemy and allows you to know exactly what you’re getting into. If you’re an IT professional wanting to develop safe IT systems that can withstand current threats, you’ll need to know about the zero-trust approach. Privacy, pathing, and security are all covered across three main operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac.

2. Cybersecurity Certification by University of Maryland (Coursera)

Online Courses by University of Maryland





This is the best cyber security course online for gaining the job-ready abilities you need without prior experience for professional certification. An 8-course format that covers everything from fundamentals to sophisticated security testing technologies, delivering a high-value education. A seven-day free trial that you may cancel or suspend at any time. This sample provides you a thorough overview of the course to help you decide whether or not to join. Wireshark and IBM Q radar, among other technologies, have been used in applied learning projects.
These projects provide practical skills that may be applied in the workplace.

3. Cybersecurity for Business Specialization by University of Colorado (Coursera)

Online Courses by University of Colorado





If you’re studying information technology and want to obtain continuing professional education credits, this tutorial is for you. You’ll get the opportunity to learn about: NIST and COBIT 5 are two cyber security frameworks that can help you better identify and manage threats. This is the greatest cyber security course on LinkedIn Learning if you’re interested in financial services security since it protects card payment data. The international standard for excellent practise established by the ISF. By learning from prior information security issues, the teacher uses this guide to increase the practical depth of the course.

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4. Cybersecurity Training Online (Cybrary)

Cybrary Online Courses





This is the greatest cyber security course online for you if you’re concerned about the privacy risks you face when using public WiFi. Practicing with cutting-edge technologies such as Wireshark for effective network monitoring in order to better predict dangers that often go unnoticed. Wi-Fi security best practises, such as RF isolation, evil twins, and encryption, are used to provide the highest level of security on public networks. You’ll be able to gain an insider’s perspective on password cracking, as well as learn which password managers to trust and why. This is one of the greatest cyber security courses on Udemy to get working understanding of the business, thanks to the instructor’s 24 years of experience.

5. MicroMasters® Program in Cybersecurity by RIT (edX)

Online Courses by RIT





This NYU course covers all you need to know about current system security.  For all-around cyber security skills, this is one of the top cyber security courses on Coursera. It’s a four-in-one course that includes, among other things, infrastructure security, real-time cyber threat identification, and cyber-attack countermeasures. Stopping Denial-of-Service attacks and other common network risks with practical techniques. As a result, you’ll be able to ensure high system availability.

6. Introduction to Cyber Security Specialization from NYU (Coursera)

Online Courses by NYU





Cloud security protections such as logging and encryption are covered by cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services. As a result, you’ll be able to better fight against common SaaS and PaaS vulnerabilities. A list of the most important cloud security technologies. This includes the risks and advantages of each, allowing you to make educated judgments about which cloud infrastructure to utilise in different circumstances. An overview of cloud computing is provided. As a consequence, it’s one of the top cyber security courses for beginners on LinkedIn Learning.

7. MicroBachelors® Program in Cybersecurity Fundamentals by NYU (edX)

Online Courses by NYU






If you’re new to cyber security, this site has the greatest cyber security education online to help you understand difficult concepts, terminology, and hacking tactics. An good historical backdrop of the most significant hacking scandals, such as Stuxnet, is provided, allowing for a more effective mapping of hacking tactics and concepts. Proven honeypot-building techniques will help you better defend your company’s billing systems and other hacker hotspots, as well as discover would-be hackers more readily.

8. IBM Cybersecurity Analyst Professional Certificate (Coursera)

Online Courses by IBM






Do you want to work in the field of cyber security? If so, this is one of the top cyber security courses available online to help you get started in the field. It prepares you for a range of responsibilities in the sector, as well as the hazards that come with them.An in-depth look at the most important cyber security tools for digital forensics, penetration testing, and cryptography. You’ll be able to comprehend crucial cyber security best practises for defending a wide range of networks by using incident response example testing.

9. Essentials of Cybersecurity Certificate by University of Washington (edX)

Online Courses by University of Washington




With relation to specialisation selection, transitioning to a profession in cyber security might be difficult. This is the greatest online cyber security course for removing these doubts. This session is ideal if you need to narrow down your expertise quickly. It is a brief crash course that teaches you how to investigate jobs. This is the greatest cyber security course on LinkedIn, with tried and true cyber security resumes and interview advice. Learning will help you perform better in interviews.

10. Cyber Security Certification Courses (Simplilearn)

Simplilearn Online Courses





This is one of the greatest cyber security courses you can take online for securely surfing the dark web. You’ll discover how to: TAILS and other secret operating systems may be used to explore the dark web invisibly and satisfy your curiosity without putting yourself in danger. Transfer Monero and Bitcoin anonymously to keep your digital trail hidden from hackers scouring digital currency exchanges for weak transactions. To protect your PII from opportunistic advertisers and ISPs, use the anonymizing network platform The Onion Router (Tor), which is the focus of the course.

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11. Cybersecurity: Developing a Program for Your Business Specialization by University System of Georgia (Coursera)

Online Courses by University System of Georgia





This is a great explanation of cyber security fundamentals and how to use them in real-world situations.  This course will help you earn the IBM cyber security analyst professional certification, which will save you time. For cyber security inquiry, this is Coursera’s top cyber security course. Actors, reasons, and ways to better understand the criminal mentality in order to avoid assaults are all discussed. There is a lot of supplemental course content that is based on real-world experience.

12. The Absolute Beginners Guide to Cyber Security 2021 – Part 1 (Udemy)

Udemy Online Courses





This is a good alternative for IT professionals searching for new methods to defend their networks against growing threats.The following are some of the highlights of the course: 4.4 ongoing professional education credit and 2 continuing education units toward CompTIA Security+ certification. As a result, it is the greatest cyber security course for professional development on LinkedIn Learning. On both Linux and Windows, Nmap is used to correctly identify and eradicate hidden network threats.

13. Cyber Security Classes & Courses (LinkedIn Learning)

LinkedIn Learning Online Courses





If you’re a hiring manager looking to include internet security into your employee onboarding process, this is one of the best cyber security courses available online. A guide to popular social engineering techniques, including a quiz and sample cases, so you can spot phishing schemes before they do harm. Following-up on data leaking techniques to avoid compliance issues in the case of a data breach. The teacher has a contagious enthusiasm for teaching, and it’s very gratifying to see how he incorporates practical examples from his professional experiences.

14. Online Courses in Cyber Security (FutureLearn)

FutureLearn Online Courses





This course from the University of Maryland is ideal for anybody looking for the greatest cyber security training online, regardless of their career or background. The following are some of the course’s advantages: A fantastic course presentation that shines in both simplicity and clarity. As a result, it’s a wonderful place to start learning about cyber security. After each week’s topic, there are seven chapter tests in total, which provides for an excellent applied learning formula for swiftly bringing you up to speed. An in-depth look into hacking procedures and strategies, as well as how the internet’s expansion has influenced cyber security. This manner, you’ll gain a new viewpoint on network security concepts.

15. Cyber Security Training Courses (Pluralsight)

Pluralsight Online Courses






Are you having problems acquiring project financial approvals? It might be due to poor risk management, which is why this is one of the top cyber security courses for IT managers online if you want to improve your project proposal success. You’ll get the opportunity to learn about: So you have a better knowledge of the critical aspects that make up successful risk assessment processes, you should familiarise yourself with the phrases and subtext used by executives. A actual case study with Amazon Web Services is useful because it provides actual context for the concepts addressed, making them more actionable.

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